Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – March 11, 2012.

Latest from the Ottawa Sun, an update on Alexander Radulov, the decisions facing the Blue Jackets this summer, and the deadline deals which have paid off so far this season.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke faces the most important summer of his tenure, as he needs to land a franchise forward and top-flight goaltender. Garrioch suggests targeting Canucks netminder Cory Schneider, and is either going to have to get back into the Rick Nash sweepstakes, or try to find a way to pry Ryan Getzlaf out of Anaheim…Garrioch also wondered if a new GM in Columbus might convince Rick Nash to stay, but Nash is apparently tired of losing…He also suggests possible candidates for Canadiens GM: Marc Bergevin, Julien Brisebois, or Claude Loiselle. For head coach: Patrick Roy or Pascal Vincent…Contract talks haven’t begun yet between Erik Karlsson and the Senators. Starting price could be $5.5 million and possibly go as high as $7 million per season…The NY Rangers apparently weren’t please with how Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson handled trade talks regarding Nash. Some observers would be surprised if the Rangers try to bid for him again…Garrioch expects Alexander Semin to end up in the KHL, as the Capitals won’t re-sign him and there was no interest in him at the trade deadline…Islanders P.A. Parenteau could seek a long-term deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the bad blood between the Leafs and Canucks management, Schneider might be unavailable to the Leafs. Good luck landing Getzlaf, as I doubt the Ducks are ready to give up on him, especially given the lack of quality first line centers in the league… While it’s possible Nash might remain with the Jackets, it appears more likely he’ll get moved this summer if the right return can be had…Remains to be seen what the Habs do with management, but it certainly seems a safe bet they’ll have a new head coach next season…The Rangers might not have liked how trade talks went for Nash, but I could see them revisiting them this summer, especially if they fall short in the playoffs…Semin could end up in the KHL, but never underestimate the ability of an NHL GM to overpay for a free agent…Michael Grabner last season signed a five-year deal with the Isles, so I could see Parenteau getting a four-or-five year contract from them.

YAHOO! SPORTS: “Puck Daddy” columnist/blogger Dmitry Chesnokov provided an update on Alexander Radulov’s status with his KHL team, Salavat Yulaev Ufa. Radulov’s Russian agent claimed KHL contracts don’t expire until April 30th, suggesting it would be up to a mutual agreement between Radulov and the team to allow him to return to Nashville this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It remains to be seen how this situation plays out. The Predators would welcome him back if he does return, and by playing the final month of this season, he’ll have fulfilled the contractual obligation of the final season of his entry level deal with them. 

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance recently examined the critical choices facing the Blue Jackets this summer, the most obvious being the trade status of team captain Rick Nash.  Management hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Nash remaining with the club if they don’t find the right deal this summer. If the club gets the first overall pick this year, it’s imperative this make the right choice with the pick. Despite their recent bad luck with Russian picks Nikolay Zherdev and Nikita Filatov, GM Scott Howson said that wouldn’t prevent him from selecting another Russian player. Nail Yakupov is considered the consensus number one in this year’s draft.  The Jackets must also acquire a quality starting goalie and bring in the right head coach.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of big decisions coming this summer for the Blue Jackets. While they didn’t find the right offer at the trade deadline, the odds should improve this summer, especially near the entry draft weekend. Yakupov may be the consensus for first overall, but he’s already suffered a knee injury this season and was recently sidelined with an apparent concussion in a recent OHL game. The Jackets must get improved goaltending this summer, either as part of the return for Nash, or in a separate deal. 

USATODAY.COM: Kevin Allen recently looked at the deadline deals which have panned out this season. Among them: Steve Downie and Jamie McGinn to Colorado, and Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville.


  1. Seriously….who names their kid Nail???

  2. Russian version of Neil I believe….Japanese people ask that of folks named Garry….which gets pronounced Gerri….which means diarrhea…..

  3. Hahaha! When you’re sliding into first and you feel a sudden burst it’s Gerri! …doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  4. My manager’s name at work is Garry. You just made my day, Habsfan1.

  5. Garry reminds me of Sponge bobs square pants pet snail ….LMAO

    You could tell in the pst trade deadline interview with nash he has been hung out to dry and this was the attempt of Howson to try and get him to expand his reams so Howson could soak another club for his ridiculous asking price …I had a feeling that some GMs or teams would be pissed at this as I wrote in a previous post …poor nash all this guy has done is give 150% all the time and has been the face of a lossing franchise for his tenure …its time for hime to go as he knows and management knows …Howson is acting like a chic in a bad break up who thinks there is a way they can get back together and calls like a psycjo at all hours of the night and follows you around……..LOL ……I really dont see how Howson can manipulate any team in the off season or at tye draft when he had the most power at the deadline IMO ….sure teams might give up on some players over the playoffs and be willing to part with them in a new season but truthfully I really think hes been exposed ….unless my gut feeling about him having a pre arranged trade for the offseason is true so that the team can play trough the playoffs with those guys in tact for a cup run then at the end of the season do the trade !!!! I wander if Nashs list gets longer ….I doubt it …..!

    On the Radulov front it should be illegal in the NHL to have someone come over from another league when ever he feels fit to be a supprting player in the playoffs ….who does this guy think he is …..not only is it unfair that other teams donet have hidden players to draw from in other leagues ….its completely unfair to that poor player who has been fighting for his team and tea mates all season long and now has to ride the pines ….thats a situation which should be addressed at the next CBA meetings ..totaly unfair …..

    If this is a rule then teams should sign a number of players and play them overseas just incase the use up all there emergency recalls here and are looking to add depth after the tread deadline …does not make sense… at that point you can sedn down 5 guys you dont like that you couldnet get at the deadline and then just insert them into the line up when ever you like …..Ottawa should call over Mika Zibinajad for the playoffs ??
    Really why not !!!

    cant wait until the best player in the world suits up and shows everyone whos got talent ……hope no one takes his head off …..crosby needs to just play clean hockey and stay out of shit….hes only 24 for petes sake what a carrer this guy would have ghad in points if he had not missed a combined 2 seasons with injuries….

    Good on Jonas Gustavson on the shut out hois 4th in the season …see what happens when you let a goalie play through his struggle instead of screwing him in the head every day ….

    WOW Ron Wilson was a terrible coach …

    Final note …..

    .I cant see vancouver keeping Luongo after this season …its time to move him after seasons end ……before something really goes wrong and they are stuck with his contract …have to keep Schnieder…hes the only legit 1A goalie that is NHL ready as a back up …stupid to let him go ….

    Heres to a couple of pops on the deck today !!!



    Sunday March 11th Noon Salavat Yulaev’s head coach tells @plysenkov that he does not expect to see
    Radulov back when the team gets together on March 19.

    12:30pm Team Russia starts its camp for the IIHF World Championships on March
    20. It’s either that or the #Preds for Radulov.!/dchesnokov

  8. The Radulov situation is pretty much a one off. He left while still under contract. He was never assigned or loaned to the KHL. He left in breach of his contract which he is still being held to. So there had never really been a rule for this because it just never happened.

    Now I do believe that the NHL and the KHL have an agreement that they will not sign players under contract so its not something that would happen again. So its really not going to be high on the list for CBA stuff.

    I do agree though that it sucks for the guy who loses his spot. However if he met the games played requirement during the season he’ll still get his name on the cup if the Preds win it, so that is a slight bonus.

  9. Hey Lyle do you see the sabres making a pitch for Nash mabe a package of Roy stafford sekera enroth and one of their first rounders for Nash and brassard

  10. @Innovator – no need for anything dealing with the Radulov situation in the next CBA. It is already covered. What needs to be better enforced are the working agreements between the KHL and NHL, which is governed by the IIHF. If a player skips out on his contract, he should not be allowed to play in another league, whether that is going to or from Europe. Radulov and the KHL simply ignored the proper transfer provisions.

  11. If Radulov and the KHL can set the precedent of ignoring contractual obligations of players that leaves the NHL to go into its league, then Radulov can simply decide to leave and the KHL would have nothing to say about it.