Sunday NHL Rumour Roundup – July 21, 2013.

Updates on Jaromir Jagr, Tim Thomas and Ilya Bryzgalov on an otherwise quiet late-July Sunday.

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis cited reports out of the Czech Republic claiming the New Jersey Devils are pursuing unrestricted free agent winger Jaromir Jagr. One of the reports claimed there’s a “99 percent” chance of Jagr signing with the Devils, while another report claimed Jagr was in Newark last week checking out the Prudential Center, the Devils home arena.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jagr’s agent, who was quick to deny recent rumors linking his client to the Buffalo Sabres, wouldn’t confirm or deny if the winger was indeed in New Jersey last week. At least the “Where Will Jagr Sign?” guessing game has provided a bit of excitement in what’s becoming a dull off-season for free agent news.

No market for Tim Thomas?

No market for Tim Thomas?

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont reports Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli acknowledged how quiet it’s  become over the past two weeks in the UFA market, citing the reduction of the salary cap, but suggesting things could pick up late in the summer when training camps are close to opening. Chiarelli insists he’s not looking to add any more players via trade or free agency.

Tim Thomas’ agent confirmed he’s spoken with several teams trying to find the right fit for his client. If a team does come calling, Thomas might only get a training camp tryout at this point. The Flyers and Islanders were rumored to have interest in Thomas. It was thought the Columbus Blue Jackets might also have interest but they now appear set with Sergei Bobrovsky and Curtis McElhinney.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets are indeed set with the 2013 Vezina winner as their starter. The Flyers are also set with Steve Mason and Ray Emery. That leaves the Islanders, but they’ve decided to stick with Evgeni Nabokov and Kevin Poulin. The Panthers appear to be going with Jacob Markstrom and Scott Clemmensen. The Oilers will stick with  Devan Dubnyk and Jason LaBarbera, and if Miikka Kiprusoff retires, the Flames will apparently go with Karri Ramo and Joey MacDonald. At this point, the only clubs where Thomas could be a fit right now are the Islanders, Panthers and Flames, but only if their respective tandems struggle through preseason or the start of the new season.

YAHOO! SPORTS Dmitry Chesnokov reports via Twitter: “Ilya Bryzgalov visited #KHL‘s CSKA today, but GM Sergei Fedorov denies the club and the player are talking.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Speaking of goalies without many potential NHL destinations…


  1. Would really like to see the oilers try and pursue Tim Thomas he would’ve great working and mentoring dubnyk of all the available goalies he has the best creadential of all of them and dubnyk just isn’t good enough yet

    • Jeff Petry for James Reimer? :-)

      • LMAO

      • I would be fine with that deal but riemer is about as proven as dubnyk together could be a descent tandom

        • I beg to differ. Reimer’s numbers are far better (better win-loss ratio, save %) and Reimer has proven to carry his team and can handle the weight. He has also shown himself as playing his best in the playoffs – something Dubnyk has yet to do.

          • Yeah riemer looked. Great in game 7 lol I watched riemer for a few years in red deer for the rebels wasn’t good then either and he wouldn’t be a starter on 85% of the teams he still hasn’t proved anything yet

        • I much prefer the Reimer-Bernier tandem. They could be scary good.

          • Scary Good belongs to the sabres 😉

            As for Reimer vs Dubnyk…. Reimer takes the cake but not by much. The West is much harder plus the Oilers have absolutely no defense. So once they get that squared away I’m 99% sure those numbers will be a lot similar maybe even tilted in Dubnyk’s favor

          • @ Jes_SabresFan

            “Scary Good belongs to the sabres…”

            Coming from a fan of a teams goalie who has and never will be the same since that so called concussion. Reimer had a concussion and came back even better.

      • that’s got to be a joke right….lol

    • Tea Party Tim Thomas working in what Tea Partiers consider socialist Canada with their socialist medical system. That would be funny. The most conservatives in Canada are considered liberals here in the good O’l USA.

    • the oilers do not need this wingnut

      • @gord

        agreed. oilers are my favorite NHL Canadian team ( Not my favorite, the sabres) and I don’t want to see him in an Oilers uniform. Hell if I had it my way I’d rather him not be in the NHL ever again. Guys seems like a total douche.

  2. The Oil needs to play Dubbie a ton because Babs is downright scary (not good scary) in net. Thomas would be a good choice.

    • Bryzgalov would be a better choice but he didn’t have kind words for the weather in Winnipeg not sure how he would react to the Edmonton weather. Maybe the weather isn’t as important now that he can’t find NHL work.

    • What makes you think Tim will be at 38 after taking a year off? Again Tim is an attention whore who I do not want being a distraction on my young team. Even more so now that he may not be as good as he was previously, He may get a try out somewhere but I cant see anyone signing him up front.

      • Oh I agree he definitely is a huge attention whore and yes he is 38 but what was he when he finally made it to the NHL he was in his 30 s and I know the game has changed big-time but Johnny bower was doing it and he is a proven winner I don’t care of he’s an attention whore great take it from the young guys as. Long as he. Puts wins up and stops the Puck wins make people forgive and forget

        • If I were the Oilers I look the other way. Why would I consider, no matter how good he is, a guy who could influence a team full of young players. Goalies usually march to their own drummer but Thomas seems to be doing his own drumming. He seems to be more dedicated to his causes than being a good team mate. I really can’t understand why he thinks at his age(or any age for that matter) he can just disappear for a year and come back like nothing has changed.

    • As a longtime Kings fan, I can’t believe NHL teams still continue to hire LaBarbera.

  3. I want Ryan Miller to come to the Washington Capitals or the NY Islanders! I am Ryan Miller’s # 1 fan, he is my idol / favorite player!

    But where ever Miller ends up I will be following to be a fan of his new team with that teams jersey’s with his name and # on them!

    • I remember a movie with De Nero in it called The Fan. Scary stuff. If I were Miller I’d be afraid, very afraid. LMAO.

      • LOL OMG Drew I just watched it yesterday. Next thing we know Holtby will be murdered in a sauna. LOL jk of course

  4. Who cares if Thomas blew off the White House I’m sure Obama isn’t even a hockey fan. I think Thomas would be a good teacher for any club with a young starting goalie

    • The White House, Chick-fil-a and other facebook rants and associations that I wouldnt want to be associated with plus taking the focus off hockey and my hockey team, plus the fact that he retired already and now is coming back which would make anyone and think really question if hockey and the team was in his heart or is it just to further his own profile…no I would not touch Thomas with a 10 foot pole if I was the GM of an up and coming young team.

      • Hockey is a business it is never a good business strategy to have Homo-phoebes and those with strong political agendas as part of the face of your business it limits your market and makes little sense, it may kinda work in some states but in Canada would be a bad move from a business point of view. Not to mention the hockey side of it.

  5. Thomas still has game,Kevin Paul Dupont sleeps with Jeremy Jacobs’ whoreses and Obama is not my president.

    • You’ve seen him on the ice?

    • How in the world do you know he still has game? That’s like saying Hasek still has game Sure they may be average goalies and may be a good mentors but in a salary cap era it’s simply not worth it. A lot changes in a year guy. Plus the guy is 40 years old. Let me say that again HE IS 40 YEARS OLD. Add that to the fact that he took a year off, wonder what type of condition he’s in? Not that great I bet.

  6. I cannot believe Kevin Paul Dupont is taken seriously by any hockey related site.He has the credibility of Whitey Bulger,Fluto Shinzawa and Joe Haggerty are the Bruins’ spoke persons.The only breaking news Dupont knows about is the buffet table fixins’ at TDBanknorth. Total brown nose Jacobs’ style.Even the sports’ radio in Boston does not bother with this hack on draft deadline day.He married that cute blonde from Montreal who used to do the NECN interviews years back and he has been retired ever since.Nice to be like the past 3 Massachusetts Speaker of The Houses,IRRELEVENT!!!!!

    • Timmy???…is that you??

  7. Boston should bring him back to be Rask’s backup. He’s very odd but Boston fans will always love him for bringing the cup. I would do it for a low one year deal.