Sweatt Retires.

OTTAWA SUN: reported yesterday the agent for recently acquired Senators defenseman Lee Sweatt, 26, confirms his client has decided to retire to pursue business opportunities.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This surprising move will undoubtedly puzzle some hockey fans, who probably can’t understand why a young man with a reasonable shot of eking out an NHL playing career would choose instead to retire and consider business opportunities.  Sweatt probably concluded his odds of having an NHL career weren’t that great, and his interest in opportunities outside hockey was stronger than playing the game itself. Best of luck to him in his new endeavours. 


  1. great guy he doesnt wanna be cripple like crosby lol.

  2. Each player knows where they stand and Lee made the decision that was best for him.

    As for Crosby his extended family wants him to retire especially his grandma and uncle.

    Sidney has not gotten better and he is seriously considering his future or lack there of one in the NHL.

    If there is a lockout it will greatly help Sid with the proper time he requires AWAY FROM THE GAME.

  3. delvecchio: First, stop highjacking the thread and stick on topic. And second, you don’t know a damn thing when it comes to Crosby, and especially his family. I know for a fact no one in his family, immediate, extended or otherwise, wants him to retire. Everyone is hoping he makes a full recovery because they know how much hockey means to him. It’s his whole damn life. The man lives and breathes it, but he and the Penguins are taking this carefully to ensure he’s made a full recovery.

    I’ve warned you about posting BS posts like you’ve done here,, and in a couple of others over the past 24 hours, suggesting to be an “insider”. You’re not. It’s one thing to speculate as a fan, it’s another to pass yourself off as someone with insider knowledge. Do it again, and you’re banned.

  4. Boo yah!