The Bobby Ryan Trade Watch – December 1, 2011.

Could Bobby Ryan be dealt soon? Will he go to the Flyers? Rangers?  Sabres? Read on for the latest.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli yesterday reported on the speculation the Flyers might be interested in Anaheim Ducks forward Bobby Ryan, suggesting the Flyers couldn’t acquire him without moving significant salary to absorb his $5.1 million per season salary, pointing out the Flyers need defense, not offense, right now.

CSNPHILLY.COM: John Boruk last night reported he’d been tipped to a possible trade of Ryan a week ago, with a source suggesting a deal could be completed by the end of this week, citing the NY Rangers as – for now – the frontrunners.

NEW YORK POST: reported on the possibility the Rangers could be among the teams Ryan might be dealt to, noting “the Rangers consider Ryan Callahan, Derek Stepan, Marc Staal (who has begun skating on his own), Dan Girardi, Ryan McDonagh and Michael Sauer to be untouchables within the organization regarding this particular scenario.” The Post’s Larry Brooks last night “tweeted” if Ryan were dealt last night, he wouldn’t be going to New York.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reported Sabres GM Darcy Regier declined to comment on reports he’s spoken with Ducks GM Bob Murray earlier in the week, dismissing rumors “as just that: rumors”. The Ducks are reportedly believed to have interest in Sabres winger Drew Stafford, plus are looking at adding a top-four defenseman. Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, whom the Edmonton Journal recently claimed “wouldn’t mind a trade”, perhaps to a California-based club to be closer to his actress wife, laughed off the report, saying he’s never spoken to anyone about his status with the Sabres.

NEW YORK TIMES: Chris Botta listed the Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers, Montreal Canadiens and Carolina Hurricanes among the teams believed to have interest in Ryan. Botta also took to Twitter last night to report, “It may not lead to a Bobby Ryan deal, but I can confirm the Ducks and Sabres are discussing a possible trade.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I could get into a lengthy spiel here looking at each team and whether or not they have what it takes to land Ryan, but all of these reports were made before the news of the Ducks sacking their coaching staff and hiring former Capitals bench boss Bruce Boudreau. That, I believe, could put a damper on the Ryan trade talk – or of any other Duck being dealt – for a while.


  1. The only move I can see Montreal making is at the head coach position, hopefully.

  2. I hope Boston isn’t interested.
    I heard Krejci going, he has more points than Ryan now.
    With the way we are playing no moves is the right move.
    We should resign all RFA and UFA.

  3. Carlyle being fired should stop or at least slow the Ryan rumors for a while but if the Ducks continue to struggle I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about Ryan closer to the trade deadline.

  4. The Flyers do need a defensemen but Bobby Ryan to Philly wouldn’t be that hard to do. Let’s be realistic, JVR’s contract is almost enough and I’m pretty sure any Flyer fan would take that trade is a heartbeat. However, more would be needed but the Flyers have enough prospects to pry him out of Anahiem and still keep the defensemen on the agenda.

  5. You have to appreciate the humor in the whole Carlyle thing.

    (Management to Randy Carlyle after the Game)

    “He Randy, two things real quick. First, really good game against Montreal. Excellent win. You really turned it around. Second, get the f..k out.”

  6. Montreal simply does not have enough to give Anaheim to acquire Ryan. The Ducks would want to be able to solidify secondary scoring and/or defence byt trading Ryan. The habs dont have defense to trade (you could argue they dont even have 6 NHL defenseman to begin with), and I certainly do not see them having enough secondary scoring to trade for Ryan… unless Cammi is part of that deal- and that would be a moot point to trade him for Ryan.

    Buffalo, Toronto, and the Flyers have enough assets to get a deal done… but not sure any of those teams will overpay for a right winger.

    I am suprised that Ottawa, Washington, and Winnipeg are not in the talks.

    Dave, I think Krejci for Ryan (straight up.. no other assetschanging hads) is a very fair deal. Boston can deal from a position of strength at centre, and get a top flight scoring winger. Seguin can move to centre behind Bergeron giving them a lethat 1-2 line comnbination.

  7. I could see him going to the kings. I know people will say that they are division rivals but it wouldn’t be the first time teams in the same division made a deal. I say penner, voynov and a first rounder for ryan.

  8. The sabres are overstocked on wingers, and short on centers.

    Only thing I could really see the Sabres getting in on is George Parros. The Sabres are being viewed as a soft bunch. Adding Parros to their lineup changes that.

  9. Murry will likely give Boudreau at least 10-15 games to see if he has any turnaround effect on the team before he considers moving anybody so I wouldn’t expect Ryan to be going anywhere just yet as the Xmas trade freeze deadline approaches.

  10. For once Brooks and I agree. A little part of me has died. And I think I hear the end of the world coming.

  11. I can understand if the Ducks think they need to shake things up, or consider trading for some secondary scoring. They have slowly been on the decline. As a Leaf fan, I would be excited for Ryan to join the Leafs. That being said, I do not understand why they would trade Ryan, even though the return would likely be great. They should allow things to follow course, and allow themselves to get into the best possible spot for the next Draft.
    Here is why:
    Their “prospects” in the system, save for a few in my opinion, are not as deep as other teams and they need to stock up.
    Secondly, they have $20 million dollars coming off the cap next year for players who will be UFA’s, that they for the most part would be crazy to try to re-sign, or sign for anything near what they make now.
    That $20 million includes:Dan Ellis, Kurtis Foster,Jason Blake, Teemu Selanne,Saku Koivu,Niklas Hagman, Francois Beauchemin. Dropping that bunch makes them a lot younger by July 1st.
    Lets not forget they also need to re-up Perry and Getzlaf the year after that. So as much as I would love to see Ryan, to Toronto, if I were the Ducks I would tank and dump. The days of back to back Stanley Cups and Dynasty Teams are pretty much over. I would submit that a Stanley cup every ten years is now respectable given the parity in todays NHL. they Ducks need to rebuild properly with youth and keep the core of Getzlaf perry and Ryan.

  12. Loyal2oil, if you think that pennet , voynov and a first rounder will get Ryan, you are out of your mind. There are so many reports that the Ducks wanted so much for Ryan that the only thing was to fire Carlyle. If they were to trade him to the Kings, it would require Jack Johnson, Brown and a pick. That would be the insane price to pay for Bobby Ryan… No one is going to do that… In reality, that is why buffalo didnt pull the trigger in my mind. I think the ducks wanted Myers, Stafford and a pick for Ryan.

    The Ducks arent just going to give Ryan away…

  13. Sending Dubinsky+ more players or picks for Ryan would be good for both players and teams. Dubinsky looks lost this season. He does not have the offensive upside as Ryan but has skills for 25 a year. Would be hard for NYR to find ice time for Gabby, Callahan and Ryan on RW …

  14. @puckhead

    for JVR straight up I do it but that makes no sense for the ducks because they are not saving much money with the extension JVR got. It doesn’t make much sense for the Flyers to add prospects because of JVR’s growth. JVR is on pace for 32 goals not a big difference then Ryan. Its all really a non issue cause for the Ducks this is about Money so they will want picks and prospects.

  15. Jersey needs Ryan; Kovalchuk for Ryan. Heck, maybe Parise for Ryan. Jersey’s stocked on LW and weak on the RW.

  16. @Ducksfan93 and Loyal2oil

    I don’t see any way the Kings and Ducks make a trade outright for Ryan. Even if the deal was perfect, nobody in the Ducks organization is going to want to get burned by Ryan for the next 5 to 10 years in a deal they made directly. They’ll want to have a third team in the mix for a sort of escape clause.

    Now that said, the Kings would be a good destination for Ryan. The Kings seem like they’re a top 6 forward short of being an elite team. If a trade were to happen, it would have to be a three-way trade and Bernier could be the piece that makes the deal work. A team like Columbus might want Bernier and might be willing to part with Nash or Carter.

  17. I can not believe that someone came up with penner being part of a trade back to ANA for Ryan. Give your head a shake. Ryan will not be moved unless someone vastly overpays for him.

  18. @Ducksfan93 and Loyal2oil

    Good Point JDBGiGC …That would work I also see kings trading away J.Johnson & D. Penner For Ryan thats a fair deal

  19. @Ducksfan93 and Loyal2oil and JDBGiGC
    Remember the KIngs have a lot of Talent on Defense players like Voynov, Hickey, Forbert we can include Johnson in a deal to land Ryan !

  20. Anaheim had scouts at the Sabres game on Tuesday – and Buffalo (due to injuries) has been rotating their D rookies in the lineup for the past few games (Brennen, McNabb) and we also have Sekera, Gragnani and a pretty good stable of D down in Rochester to choose from. I can see a trade being done that involves Stafford and a young D man – one that could even include Ennis or involve Roy for Ryan. The numbers work, different conferences and a change of scenary for both might just get them going. I know Miller was high on Ryan after the Olympics and I really don’t see Miller going anywhere.

  21. I don’t want the Sens to go after Ryan… it would cost too much of their youth. It would start with one of Karlsson, Cowen or Rundblad going the other way + a 1st round pick + something else.

    With the Sens most likely finishing in the lottery pick position this year… I, as a fan, would not want that to go with this next draft being talented and deep.

    Teams would have to give up a lot to get him…. and in 3 yrs he could walk away as a UFA.

    Sens are re-building…. it would screw it up big time.

  22. I can’t see the Ducks dealing with a division foe that would be rare…The Hurricanes have jumped in and have more young forwards and Dmen than any other team + an extra 2nd round pick ,and the Ducks would prefer to have Ryan in the east…This may be the best option for the Ducks right now.

  23. JDBGiGC, great post man. I litterally LOLed!

    Nick, good point on Parros. Buffalo could definitely use him.

    NikK, Anaheim would definitely want more than a good second line center. I think he just resigned for three more years so it’s probably moot now, but I think it would have to be Krejci, Hamilton and a pick (or possibly Caron) I’m no GM, but from everything I’ve heard, teams who are interested in Bobby can expect to overpay.

    All in all, I agree with Joey. 10-15 games to find out what Beudreau can do. If they still suck, I would expect the Bobby Ryan talk to pick up in Jan/Feb.

  24. I still don’t understand why the Ducks feel shipping out one of the best power forwards in the league (who is on a reasonable 5.1M/yr cap hit) would somehow improve the team. If it’s a money dump issue they should look at Getzlaf who will likely be looking at close to 8M when his contract is up in a couple years. He can probably bring a better return than Ryan as well.

  25. Anyone see a trend here? We no longer like the coach so lets all suck and he will get fired. Its hard not to believe in this theory. Hire a new coach and suddenly the guys play better, hmmm. You could say the new coach brought in a new system but it usually takes time to adjust and lose old habits. What does management do, fire the coach(s) or get rid of 20 players? As far as Anahiem is concerned they would be foolish to trade Ryan unless he starts to really blow. His linemates havent exactly been on fire either. Ride it out for this year, get into the free agent market, let some UFA s go and bring in some youth. Re-build from the 2nd line down, and maybe find a new goaltender. Hiller has not been the same since his verdigo problem. Getting rid of your best players just doesnt make any sense unless your getting better players in return. Getting prospects and picks is a big gamble unless you are in complete rebuild. Dont worry Randy you will be coaching before years end.

  26. Guys, I am a Ducks fan, but lets not overrate Bobby Ryan…. teams are not going to give you all of their best players (Brown, Johnson, + as suggested above for a 30 goal scorer.

  27. Nikk.. That isnt what I am expecting out of a deal.. I am saying that is what I would want if a rival GM is asking about my star player. How can you not overrate Bobby Ryan… He is 24 and has 3 seasons of atleast 30+ goals. But that is the only way the ducks fans will be happy with parting with Ryan is for the extreme… Especially if they would ever trade him to the Kings.

  28. As I said this morning Bruins should sign all their RFA and UFA.
    Chia listened and signed Krejci.
    Now for Rask,Campbell,Kelly and Boychuk.
    Hope its not a sign and trade.
    NikK I would do Krejci for Ryan straight up but not right now and Ana will want more than that.
    I read Krejci,Hamilton and 2nd rounder.
    Way too much for me.

  29. Carter to Anaheim! Wouldn’t that be just hilarious! Would Getzlaf have to come talk him down off the ledge of his Columbus apartment?