The Doan Watch – July 10, 2012.

Coyotes captain Shane Doan has received interest from several teams, but he’s no closer to deciding where he’ll play. Read on to find out which teams are in the running for Doan, and which ones aren’t.


Considerable interest in Doan, but where will he sign?

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports little clarity has emerged regarding the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to the Jamison group, leaving the future of Coyotes captain and UFA Shane Doan unresolved. Doan is rumored to have interest in several teams,” including Los Angeles, San Jose, Detroit, Chicago and Vancouver”, but his agent, Terry Bross, declined to confirm those reports. Doan isn’t ruling out returning to the Coyotes, but his agent rules out his signing a one-year deal.

DETROIT FREE PRESS/MLIVE.COM: reports Bross believes Doan would have interest in joining the Red Wings.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak reports there’s what Bross called “strong mutual interest” between Doan and the San Jose Sharks.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports the Canucks contacted Doan earlier this month to express their interest, which Doan told them was mutual. The “Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, L.A Kings and Detroit Red Wings” are also believed interested in the Coyotes captain.

TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran reports the Maple Leafs are among a dozen teams to have made exploratory calls to Doan. “Chicago, Detroit and Vancouver” are  believed the front-runners. Other teams believed to have made a pitch include “St. Louis, Montreal, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, the New York Rangers, Winnipeg and Los Angeles.”

TVASPORTS.CA: Bross confirmed the Canadiens are among the teams interested in Doan, though they haven’t sent any offer. Though Doan remains focused on staying with the Coyotes, the Canadiens are apparently one of the teams he’d be willing to continue his career.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE’S Chris Kuc reported via Twitter “Shane Doan’s agent, Terry Bross, said not only have #Blackhawks contacted them, but also that Doan has interest in joining Hawks.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports Bross confirmed the Blues have interest in his client.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Luke DeCock reports Bross confirmed the Hurricanes also have contacted the Doan camp to express interest.

KUKLA’S KORNER: Dave Davis reports Bross told him the Buffalo Sabres have shown interest in Doan.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater believes the Colorado Avalanche should get into the bidding for Doan.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports a source “close to the situation” claims Doan isn’t interested in joining the Bruins, adding he’d prefer to stay in the Western Conference to remain close to his family, who reside in Arizona.

CSNWASHINGTON.COM: Chuck Gormley reports the Capitals aren’t on Doan’s list of preferred destinations, adding he has just three teams beside the Coyotes – Penguins, Kings and Red Wings – he’d prefer to play for, though the Canucks might also make the list.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As expected, plenty of interest in Doan, whose experience, leadership and consistency make him the best available player in the UFA market. There’s also plenty of conflicting reports over where he’d prefer to play if he decides to move on from the Coyotes, but I could see him staying as close to Arizona as possible, which could make Western Conference clubs his preference, and could make the Kings and Sharks the front-runners for his services.

Despite the high number of teams interested in Doan, he still hopes to remain with the Coyotes, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he waits a little longer to determine if the sale of the club to the Jamison group (who want to keep the team in Glendale) is finalized. I don’t expect Doan to reach a decision this week or next, and could see him waiting until August. It won’t hurt his market value, as the lack of quality depth in UFA talent this summer means those dozen clubs with interest in him could be willing to wait for his decision.



    Pitt is crazy to sign Semin absolutely crazy!!!
    Bad apple as an opponent he critisized the Captain..this is disrespectfull to Crosby and a black mark on the organization, and I like Pitts team !!


    Will end up in LA or San Jose …if he really wants to win the CUP and be close to home….LA is his best and smartest choice!


    Burke cant sign a QUALITY Free Agent for $150 million no one wants to play for him …cant draft well and no one wants to trade for his sub par tier 2 quality propects….please FIRE BURKE….lets move on from this none sense and build a quality team through the draft ..FUCK…. ANOTHER 5 YEARS!!!!
    The best two years of high quality players available through draft UUFAs and trades …and Burke will loose out on all three ..ti finish last yet again !!!
    Every team in his division and confrence has gotten better where as hes spinning his wheels trying to make a deal with the Devil!

    • Could do without the profanity. Pretend you have a little class.

  2. Normally i don’t really care what a player decides to do, it’s their life not mine, but for some reason i really want doan to man up and take a shot at the cup.

    yeah, it’s been nice hiding in the desert with his ranch and horses and stuff, but now you got to go try to win a cup like all good canadian hockey players should, no matter where that takes you.

  3. If/when the Pens sign Semin, will they still go after Doan? They still have enough cap space, since Semin will only get about $5 million per. I read somewhere that they were going to try that, and I thought “Well, I guess defense isn’t important to them.”

    • The Fantasy Island Gazette?

  4. Did somebody say Doan? He seems to have mutual interest in everybody at this point. He’s doing nothing more than politicing to stay in Arizona. If not then I’ll guess it’ll be close by somewhere, LA or Dallas.

  5. Many conflicting reports but Doan would prefer to stay out west, so scratch any team on the east coast off the list. He would also like a chance to win, so scratch any of those teams off the list (Sorry TO but Doan won’t be playing there). What you can dissect out of this is that there is mutual interest between Doan and teams such as Detroit, Chicago, San Jose and Vancouver. I can see him playing with a west coast team such as San Jose, LA or Vancouver. He would be a great asset to the Canucks as he brings in that veteran leadership they have been lacking. Hopefully Mike Gillis can convince him to leave the sunny confines of Phoenix or southern California.

  6. Pittsburgh

    Pitt should look long and hard at Bobby Ryan and or Selanne for 1 year before they go down the Semin route!

    You have to wander if the Wild would be up to signing Doan and just take a run at the cup this year balls out ..they have a plethra of young talent and could easily trade for Tim Thomas as well sending back Heatley and Backstrum with a defender like Zanon maybe even taking on Nathan Hortons deal as well to even it out !! Tim Thomas has a hoistory with team USA and Parise and Suter there ..why wouldnt he?

    that would be fantastic for the Wild !!!
    This is a serious possibility and the money would work as well!

    • Slap, from what I’ve read Semin may be leaning to signing with Pittsburgh.

      Doan would benefit anybody he goes too, but everyone he does have “mutual” interest in is 2nd choice for him right now.

    • You know that Thomas isn’t playing this season right?

      Semin is going to be a great signing wherever he goes, that I a guarantee.Don’t know how many more articles, talk shows, and analysts have to dismiss the biased rumours about him.

      Doan stays in Phoenix.

      • I agree. I hope he signs with the pens. With all the hard workers they have it will push semin, otherwise it will show even more. He’s going to have a stellar year.

      • JJB: Thomas SAYS he isn’t playing this season, but he also waived his no-trade clause. So it would seem that what he ISN’T saying is more important than what he IS saying. Why would he waive his no-trade clause in a contract season if he was just planning to sit in his bomb shelter all year? That said…

        Slap: Minnesota will NOT trade for Thomas to be a $5M back-up to Backstrom, not to mention they just re-upped with Josh Harding. They signed Parise in order to augment last season’s pop-gun offense, why would they ship out Heatley for an old nutjob rental like Thomas when they have a perfectly good goalie in Backstrom?
        Additionally, Zanon was with Minnesota for three years and they liked him enough to trade him to Boston at last year’s deadline.
        Come on man, you were making some sense for a while, but now you’re back to making wild-ass proposals like half of the Calgary Flames to Philadelphia for Bryzgalov. =\

        I could see Doan with LA, San Jose or Vancouver as both teams offer a legitimate chance at the Cup as well as relatively close proximity to his ranch. However, both have the drawbacks of being large cities. If he wanted to be an anonymous citizen off the ice, LA and the Sharks are the two best options; LA’s too big for people to notice him and San Jose doesn’t give a crap about hockey. It’s a shame that he’s limiting himself to the West Coast though, he would make the Flyers, Rangers and Penguins much more dangerous offensively given his blend of scoring, physicality and leadership.

        For anyone harping on Brian Burke for not signing any UFA’s or trading for Luongo, you’re not wrong for blaming him, but it’s not entirely up to him either. Unrestricted free agents can choose any team they want, Toronto would be in the bottom third of nearly any player’s wish list. Luongo has a No-Trade Clause that he will only waive to go to Florida, so again, Toronto has no shot. I think Luongo gets sent to Florida for Theodore and perhaps a draft pick, but any Canuck fan hoping for a stellar return is SOL. Luongo has Gillis over a barrel and Dale Tallon knows it. The return for Bobby Lou will be far from spectacular.

        • You have to be the biggest moron if you think SJ doesn’t care about their team or their players. And we also sell out every game and have one of probably the top 3 loudest crowds in the NHL. If you don’t know what your talking about don’t post it.

        • WOW…San Jose doesn’t give a crap about hockey?! I stopped reading your essay of a post after this nonsense. Go anywhere in Norcal and you just might get a clue, the fans who have been there for 20 years are currently shaking their head at your extensive knowledge of hockey markets!

      • Agreed 100%. I’m sick and tired of the character assassination and the bad raps dogging Alex Semin. He doesn’t deserve any of it. He should have asked to be traded and got out of Washington a long time ago. THEY were the problem IMO. The guy is a superstar with awesome talent. Put him on a good line and he will being amazing to watch. I hope the N.H.L. doesn’t lose Semin to Russia. Sad day if fans lose the opportunity to be entertained by his incredible hockey abilities.

        • This was a reply to JJB and to others who appreciate Alex Semin’s talent and don’t buy into the crap said about him following along like sheep believing everything they hear or read. He is easily one of the few elite players in the N.H.L..

    • You’re forgetting about the Wild’s best player, (and still best player) Backstrom.

  7. @Tom
    The pens can’t upgrade defense in free agency now so might as well improve the offensive. After all there are no defenders better then what they have in the minors so you better off going with the younger and cheaper.

  8. Its my understanding that Selanne will only play for Anaheim or retire. Perhaps Doane should check out the Avs or Dallas – he can have horses and buy a ranch there. It’s nice that Doan is giving Phoenix the opportunity to resign him – seems he is applying the same principals as Parisi and Suter – wants to play near family. His loyalty to Phoenix speaks volumes.

    I’d love for Doan to play in Buffalo, but he is not a center and that is what we need. I would rather package a deal with any of the following Vanek, Leopold, Sekera,Pardy, Weber, Adam, even Gerbe or Kaleta to get us a center. Shoot, we could even add Stafford to a package and pick up Peter Mueller with an incentive type of contrace. We could also sign Arnott and that would give us a veteran presence – size, grit, leadership.

    With the Sharks signing Larry Robinson as Asst. Coach, I still think they need a D man – someone to really replace Murray. They also need a RW and I know they are looking for more scoring – I think they can also use a LW. For the most part, I think teams are just evaluating what they have and waiting for the final piece or two to fall (Doan and Semin).

  9. I have alredy posted on this but Doan will not choose Montreal, even if the make a better offer than others, I truely believe he would take a lesser deal anywhere else. The TVA report is a reflection of a player keeping his options open and playing fair.

    I’m unsure if Detroit is the place to be if he wants the Cup…at least for this year. They have a great organisation but have taken a serious hit in terms of personel. We’ll see, can’t really totally count them out but I do not think they are there yet.

  10. I think Doan wants to win a cup but I think Doan loves the warm weather now more then anything :p I can’t blame him.

  11. Doan would be dumb to go to LA; that team already has too much leadership as it is. Sharks very similar. Red Wings need him badly. Where do you think he’s going to go?

    Doan’s going to the Red Wings. Staying around Arizona is redundant, whether it’s a four hour car ride or a four hour plane ride won’t matter.

    • there’s nothing worse than “too much leadership”!

  12. Everyone’s worried about his horses I’m not sure but I think I’ve seen horses from Mexico to northern Ontario, think his horses will be fine lol.
    Only way I see him on a team like Canadians or Leafs is if they overpay, I don’t even know what he would be worth 6 per year? He might actually be a perfect fit for one sat run in SJ, give that team some grit and heart.

    • He has a 200+ horses. I don’t think he wants to relocate them.

  13. Hmmm. It’s smart of Doans agent to tell the teams of his interest in them. Gets the bidding up. Smart play. Also puts pressure on the yotes to try and get things done before losing their heart, soul, and captain. Here’s hoping he goes to play with his relative…. Carey Price

  14. really surprised dallas isn’t really listed as a possible destination. maybe jagr’s signing has taken doan’s slot. then again if he wanted to go there i’m guessing they’d make a position for him if not because of the player he is then because of who he knows (gaglardi).

    i think the kings might have the edge in signing doan of all the possible destinations for reason’s listed before (location, Cup-contenders, etc) but also because they can afford to wait as long as he’d like. if he wants to wait until the mid-september to see how the ‘yotes are doing they can wait as they’d surely like him but don’t really “need” him.

  15. Word is Nash won’t come to Toronto because he doesn’t want to be under the microscope. Is that the real reason Nash and Luongo don’t want to come to Toronto or is it because they don’t see a contender here under Burke’s rule?

    Going to Toronto would be equivalent to going to the Yankees, not from a winning perspective obviously, but from living and breathing their respective sport day in and day out (the proverbial fish bowl). Many players flock to the Yankees under these same terms and conditions because at the end of the day when you are a winner in these cities you are a god. So is it really the fact they don’t want to be under a microscope day in and day out in Toronto or is it because they know the Leaf’s past competitiveness has been on the loosing side of things which makes being under the microscope a huge negative impact on their living their lives and their families well being.

    • It is one thing to play there on a good team. Sure the fan base is behind you then. To play on a bad team in Toronto or Montreal I’m sure is hell. Those players probably have a hard time going out in public as well. It doesn’t sound too attractive.

    • Any player that wouldnt want to to play for the Leafs/Habs/Rangers is a player I wouldnt want…Nash made his decision 3 years ago to live in obscurity and sell out- hoep he rots there…compare him to Stamkos who was dying to get out and made sure he could on his deal….

  16. I would love to see him on the sharks. He could take Pavelski’s spot on Jumbo Joe’s right wing, as he is a natural winger, and a right handed shot (Jumbo’s preference). This would allow Pavelski to slot into the #3 Center role, and give leadership and grit to a team that sorely lacks it. Sharks have the cap space to get it done, and Wilson certainly has no problems giving out contracts with good term (2-3 years). Make it happen Doug Wilson!

  17. Seriously,

    Shane Doan at 35 is stirring all this up..who cares…and for the record we need to stop mentioning Detroit as an elite team. Look at that roster outside of Datsyuk and Zetterberg what do you see- either really old and injured or young with limited potential…everyone takes shots at the leafs defenseman- but with good ole Nick gone wghat does Detroit have…Kronwall…and thats all …they have a good system and great coach but lets stop the Holland love in already…living off lucky draft picks of Lidstrom and Dats and Zetts for too long now…

    • after 3 surprise picks,looks more like good drafting than luck…

  18. I think the Sharks are going to go after Doan as strong as they can. Exactly the kind of player they need. With Roninson and Doan to drive the team hard, I think these boys could go all the way.

    And I don’t think the Sharks will let Murray go…

  19. Apparently Nash (or Mrs. Nash) wants to go to NYRangers. Apparently she wants the bright lights of the big city.

    He gets a chance to be on a contender… Question is.. how much of their depth would the Rangers have to trade to get him?

    I think the price is just too high right now.. and Nash stays in Columbus in the short term.

  20. If Doan wants to win a Cup, he shouldn’t even consider San Jose. That team is aging, and their “stars” have absolutely no heart. Guys sign with San Jose to make money, and play in a city where there is no pressure to win, and they’re relatively anonymous.

  21. @Tom

    Where exactly are you hearing these reports of Pittsburgh’s going to sign both Semin and Doan?

    I honestly think you are full of it.

    Pens will only get Semin, if that at all. He’d get way more money in khl then he would in NHL. Doan’s staying in the western conference and that’s the end of that story. Most likely Phoenix or LA. San Jose and Vancouver have outside chances but ultimately I believe it’ll be LA or PHX

  22. Semin to Pitts or Det. Solid centermen passing to Semin leads to many goals, keeps ego happy.

    Doan really wants to stay in Phx although Col might work. Can’t rule out LA it’s a hour by plane. ( Steve Nash ) Where would he fit best…if he has to be the aplha male probably Col, otherwise, LA.

  23. Im just throwing this out there a little off topic

    To San Jose – J-BO
    To Calgary – Patrick Marleau

    Money and term are about the same, the sharks could use a dman like J-Bo, and i always thought Iggy would play well with Marleau

    Maybe the Flames have to throw in a pick or something.

  24. Doan is a premier leader and any team would be lucky to have him.
    -I don’t think LA needs to upgrade their forward core with a non-scorer like Doan.
    -San Jose needs to get rid of old guys and bring in youth… and a goalie.
    -Doan wants to stay close to home (nobody can or shoudl blame him for that).
    -I see: Dallas, Colorado, Anaheim, Edmonton, Vancouver as best options.
    -I also throw in Toronto, becasue they may SIGNIFICANTLY overpay to bring in what they desperately need: a respected player.
    -NYR is always a wildcard, because everyody wants to live in NYC when they are young (35 isn’t an old man!!)

    Semin would be a great fit in Pittsburgh. they whole organization is based around solid teamwork and roles. Semin will have to learn. He’s also going to sign a 1-year deal anywhere. Jim Rutherford was ont eh radio yesterday and says he has a standing 1-year offer to Semin. Money is not the issue as he could go to the KHL and earn $50Million for the rest of his career, tax free, perks galore. The guy wants to be in the NHL (as far as I can tell so far).

    • You completely contradict yourself. First you say he wants to stay close to home (which I agree with), then you mention edmonton and Vancouver. If he wants to stay close to home he will be Choosing and California team or Dallas, and Colorado. Also YES LA would love to add Doan to there core as they try to repeat. Oh and I wouldn’t call a guy with 22 goals last year and 91 goals over the last 4 years a non-scorer. He is a power forward that can score and has GREAT leadership, who wouldn’t want him. My guess says the Kings DO land him.

      • Oh and add NYR and Tor to the list of teams he won’t be going to due to geography.

        • Vancouver and Edmonton are in the same time-zone… an extra 1.5 hours on a plane isnt a huge deal.

          NYR and Toronto are wild cards, as I mentioned- but are unlikely choices.

          As for Doan being a scorer:
          he isnt a premier goal scorer, and doens’t fit into their top-6 He has 91 goals in 4 seasons (far from elite) playing top-line minutes in Pheonix… on the 3rd line in LA??? wont get the minutes, or PP time he has had in the past and will be very hard pressed to hit 20 goals. They arent looking at him for scoring. Wil lhe want to go play or a team where he isn’t a top-6 forward?

          • How are Vancouver and Edmonton in the same time zone?

            Edmonton is in Mountain time

            Vancouver is in Pacific time

  25. @ Thewes

    Backstrum would not be the back up ..hes a UFA next year at 37 years old.
    Id take Thomas any day of the week any time what the heck as Backstrum done ..nothing Thomas has broken save % records a vezina and cup …come on cant be serious abiuyt keeping Backstrum …trade him for Thaoms staright up and hes gone the next year to UFA ..Iam sure that the Wild would trade heatley and Backstrum for thomas and a bad contract in Horton who has concussion problems makes very good sense to me really does …Boston would be stuck without an NHL Goalie if they trade Thomas and Rask gets hurt works buddy …Boston can dump two big contracts and not have to worry about Hortons health take on 30 plus goals in Heatley and a good Goalie that you can let go at seasons end !!

  26. @Sam…

    While I can’t say Zetterberg was a lucky pick, I definitely will agree with you about Datsyuk; I have been trying to tell my friends for the longest time that the drafting of Datsyuk late was more a product of uncertainty about a player leaving home than other teams simply “not knowing”. Its absurd to think that only Detroit’s scouting staff knew about Datsyuk at the time… but most teams probably were not willing to use an earlier pick to draft a player who they thought may never come over, and not to mention was undersized. It worked out, and yes, in retrospect, it looks like a great pick… but hindsight is 20/20. I’m sure if you talked to most scouts on the day he was drafted, they would have placed his slot value at a mid to late round pick given the circumstances. For every Datsyuk drafted, there’s a Radulov or Kuznetsov too – and that’s why there’s still apprehensiveness from teams to draft Russian born players… and I hate to group them all under that stereotype, because Datsyuk is all class.

    • Detroit’s European Scout was the only one who ever watched datsyuk play. He was scheduled to go with the St. Louis Blues scout together, but bad weather cancelled their plans. The Detroit scout made it another time- the only one to see him.

      Not a lucky pick… but lucky circumstances.

      Its an easy Google search to find these articles.

  27. The White House has reported that Bross has confirmed that President Obama and Doan have mutual interest

    Any one else?