The Doan Watch – July 11, 2012.

Check out the latest Shane Doan free agent speculations.


Doan could start making up his “short list” of destinations soon.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Dan Bickley believes Shane Doan should make the most of his opportunity on what is surely his final contract and sign with a Stanley Cup contender.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen reports Doan’s agent believes his client will probably whittle down his list of suitors to “four, five, or six clubs” as he weighs his options. Agent Terry Bross, who was slated to meet with prospective Coyotes owner Greg Jamison Tuesday evening regarding the sale of the club, said nothing was imminent regarding Doan and doesn’t expect anything will happen over the next 48 hours. Doan’s preference is to re-sign with the Coyotes, but only if he feels confident the team will remain in its current location. Allen lists the LA Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins, Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings among the teams believed to have interest in Doan.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Dejan Kovacevic reports Penguins coach Dan Bylsma named Doan and former Capitals winger Alexander Semin among the “possibilities” management was looking at. Kovacevic’s understanding is the Pens aren’t too keen on Semin, but Doan is a different matter, suggesting him as a suitable short-term option while management seeks another James Neal.

VANCOUVER SUN: Elliott Pap lists the pros and cons for the Canucks in landing Doan, citing their location (Doan is from Alberta, his wife is from BC, and he has part ownership in a WHL team) and their status as a contender, but also pointing out the potential salary cap complications, the unknown factors of a new CBA, and the fact Doan is “trending downward” in his career.

WINNIPEG SUN (VIA TORONTO SUN): Ken Wiebe reports Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews has been trying to recruit some free agents he knows, including Doan, to sign with his club.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Doan has a history with all four Rangers coaches.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports the Hurricanes are among several teams playing “wait-and-see” with Doan. Others reportedly include the Rangers, Canadiens and Red Wings.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater, responding to a reader’s e-mail, reports the Colorado Avalanche aren’t believed on Doan’s short list of preferred destinations. He also doubts the Avs pursue Alexander Semin, citing his reputation as a “selfish teammate”.

TVA SPORTS’ L.A. Lariviere reports via Twitter ” I can confirm 100% #SJSharks are in on the Shane Doan derby. #Habs (4 the record) have NOT made any offer.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Perhaps Doan’s best chance to win a Stanley Cup lies elsewhere, but all indications so far suggest he would prefer to finish his career with the Coyotes, provided they’re not going to move. I expect Doan will field offers, and if he’s satisfied the sale of the Coyotes to the Jamison group goes through, will negotiate with GM Don Maloney. If not, he’ll start negotiating in earnest with those “four, five or six teams” on his short list.

That, however, might not happen for another couple of weeks. as it appears Doan wants more time to determine the status of the Coyotes sale. He’s currently the best available player (no offense, Semin fans, I understand your complaints about the criticism he’s receiving, but Doan is obviously more attractive to NHL teams right now) and given the high volume of interest in his services, can afford to take his time.


  1. Larry Brooks amazes me everyday. Everyone LOVES NY and wants to play for the Rangers. Give it a rest already. He’s just brutal.

  2. If I had to list the cup contenders, I say:
    Boston, NJ, NYR, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Vancouver, Nashville (with Weber), LA, and St, Louis. When Edmonton picks up two 2nd pairing d with a goalie, they’ll be cup contenders as well.

    Philly’s goaltending is average and their D is in question, Detroit lost Rafalski and Lidstrom in the last two years and are set back right now, and San Jose’s depth is dry and their goaltending is average.

  3. Vinnie, I couldn’t agree more about Brooks. His sense of NY entitlement is incredible.

    MJR, nice list of contenders. Has Vancouver’s window passed? Have the Rangers added the depth they clearly didn’t have last year? Is Nashville still a contender w/o Suter and is Jersey w/o Parise? Is Boston a contender if Horton remains sidelined with the concussion?

    I guess just about every team has questions.

    I agree about Detroit, Philly, and SJ.

    • Brodeur is a hundred years old, Parise is gone and last year’s run was more to the perfect matchups than anything else ..NJ is not a legit contender.

      • Nashville’s fine without Suter because Weber is a legitimate (the best) first d-man and they still have depth. Vancouver had a hickup year in the playoffs WITHOUT D. Sedin for three games to the eventual cup winners, they’re not passed. Rangers’ achilles heel last year was the Devils because the Devils had the league’s best fourth line in the playoffs. And though Horton was a loss for Boston, guys like Seguin are a year better, plus they also have depth.

        As for Jersey, they’re always a surprise team and Lou Lamoriello is a premium GM that makes sure that they’re competitive every year.

        The list is all teams with cup caliber goaltending (added Tampa because Lindback may be the real deal) and defense paired with strong first lines and/or team depth.

      • “Brodeur is a hundred years old, Parise is gone and last year’s run was more to the perfect matchups than anything else ..NJ is not a legit contender.”

        This has to be the stupidest comment Ive ever read. Something this dumb can only come from a Rangers fan, if your not Robert..I apologize but not for my response to what you said.

        100 yrs old? Perfect matchups, what kind of drugs are you on? Going thru Philly and the Rangers has got to be the worst matchups to fight thru for the Devils. Not a legit contender…ROFL…really.

  4. Hmm cup contenders?? Lets look back to last year. Who picked LA to win the cup??? Nobody!!

    Picking a cup winner is a crap shoot. No one can predict it, there are too many possible variables.

    I think the best bet is to pick a city you want to be in and go from there.

    • i did

    • I did and threw a bet in Vegas on them last summer and got rewarded nicely.


    Since this post is aboput Doan AGAIN!!!

    Ive decided to post about the idiotic comments yesterday and dissagreements that came about from a certain poster yesterday accussing Lyle about being bias and SNUBBING a certain team again …

    First off this is LYLES site !! Secondly Lyle has been unbias in every situation possible , thirdly this conversation is about HOCKEY …not your first born so get over it …its about Hockey …its about fun here …its about good hoackey talk and opinions …which we all have right or wrong ….if you dont beilev in something your rebuttle doesnt have to derogatory …it needs to factual aqnd with a smart opinion …but in the end you can say what you want ….its some people on here that are disrespectful twords the fun and imaginative aspects that can unfold ..thats whay its called a discussion and topics … means that there are various scenarios that can unfold and truthfuly any of those are possible even as remote as some of the posts are ..they may be wishful thinking or just to drumb up conversation …

    SO guys allow this site to be fun …informative , a place for opinions and what an arm chair GM would do …just keep it smart …non abbrasive and polite and a;llow people the right to have an open opinion …..

    And everyone on the WEST COAST north of Seattle ….fricken chill out …..before you actaully do get snubbed …by the posters here not LYLE …that should be your main concern because JERKS are not welcome …and if you want to be involved in conversatiuon here whoich LYLE has granted you by having this site the RELAXX!!!

    In Conclusion about Doan from yesterday !!!!

    I am sure in all areas and corners of the Hockey world and to the many posters here the knowledge of Shane Doan going to the Canucks is as remote as him going to my team the LEAFS ….its not a SNUB …its called reality ….as dissappointing as it may be that neither of those teams can land superstar UFAs this year or are unable to trade for quality guys there reasons for that by the players and the GMs ….and the main reason is …is that there are better options for that player …your team isnt the only team in the league ….DOAN would most likely not go to the Canucks …..

    and just an FYI to Canucks fans ….Your team is on the brink of a rebuild …Kessler has had two major injuries and surgeries in the last 2 years ..your # 1 Goalie is on the way out to be replaced by a younger goalie …your high quality defenceman are over paid and are underachievers …you have not sewn in youth into your club …you traded away a legit # 1 center in Hodgson because hes a problem …????? ok !!!
    You have the most hated team in the NHL becuase you fall down all over the ice like soccer players and cant drop the gloves in a legit fashion …your star players get punched in the face 6 timnes in a Stanley cup winnig game and cant even defend themselves ….dont blame this on LYLE …..take it up with GILLIS and sedn him and your team a message becuase its a mess and you will be on the decline from here on in ….and I like the Canucks lived in Whistler for 7 years and have seen many games there …but the ship has sailed and thats why Doan wont go there ….its his choice not yours !!!

    • thanks slap & shot for the novel, I hope to finish it in the next few weeks.

      If your overall point is that Vancouver is on the way down, then I tend to agree.

  6. Well Slap shot, if the type of fan Lyle wants is you more power to him.

    • Other than trolls, all are welcome, rune_74, including yourself. You have to expect to be called out, however, when you level baseless accusations toward me.

    • It’s easiest to skip over his stuff if you don’t care for it rune_74. I stopped reading him a while ago because the grammar, spelling and endless “…” were literally causing me headaches. I sincerely hope that English isn’t his first language. (I hope this is considered factual and not derogatory)

      • And now is the time that I see other comments in other threads by rune_74. YIKES! I thought you were just saying you didn’t care for what Slap&Shot had to say, not realizing you’re just trolling and bashing for the sake of doing it. Guess I’ve added another name to my list of commenters to skip.

  7. LOL..@Slap & Shot, spoken like a true Leafs fan….the fact is the exact things you named wrong with the Canucks are the same things wrong with the Leafs, except the winning, Sure maybe the chance of Doan coming to Vancouver is remote but not as remote as ANY player going to the Leafs..You say that the Canucks are a “mess” and on the “decline” then where does that leave the Leafs??? ..Oh how the mighty have fallen!!! Sure you might say The Canucks are the most hated team in the league..but I traveled to a few games last year to different arena’s and saw ALOT of Canuck fans at those games as well. I’m thinkin that may be another reason people hate the Canucks cause the fans are passionite enough to travel to see the team..And anyone who is a Leaf fan calling other teams players “UNDERACHEIVERS” WOW!! one game from a Stanley Cup and that is what you come up with in the so-called centre of the universe?? Get over yourself dude..just because you lived in Whistler doesn’t make you an authority on the Canucks or their just makes you BANDWAGON…and thats the worst.

  8. J.H.- I am not saying I agree with Slap & Shot BUT the reason the Canucks are not a very well liked team has more to do with the character of some of their players. They talk a lot of crap and try to get away with the cheap stuff but won’t drop the gloves when confronted. That will obviously change a little having Kassian on the Canucks but he’s going to be fighting a lot of other peoples battles.

    I remember before the start of the finals and after they won the cup Bruins players were getting text messages from Canadiens players wishing them luck and congratulating them. Mind you this is their biggest rival and a team that took them to seven games in round one. Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference was asked about it he said it was fact just because they disliked the Canucks. Also Montreal wasn’t the only team that had players expressing that sentiment.

    Plus no more punks like Burrows and Lapierre. Now with saying that we have Marchand here in Boston who I also feel is a punk and it wouldn’t break my heart if they shipped him out so it does go both ways. But on the whole I’d say at least teams like the Bruins will drop them and deal with whatever needs to be dealt with. Canucks aren’t as willing.

    • I watched Kassian play for most of the year – yes, he had a couple of dust ups – and there were one or two exciting battles, but he is frustrating to watch as he holds onto the puck too long and is essentially an underachiever. I would like to see the Canucks go after someone like Brad Marchand, or sign someone like Dominic Moore and Daniel Winnek – add a little sandpaper to their lineup.

    • Yes thats true, Burrows and La pierre do there jobs very well, from our point of view anyway. That being said so does Marchand, We were very unfortunate when we lost Rick Rypien and he is going to be hard to replace..but when we did have him there wasn’t any players he didnt go after..he was a very well respected fighter in the league..I hope Kassian does get into some dust ups this year..then we can get more focused on the task at hand.

  9. basically the same rumours as yesterday but the posts keep getting longer and longer…

  10. The Pens already have the next James Neal and his name is Beau Bennett. He is only 1 inch shorter than Neal and 1 lb lighter than Neal.

    • Beau Bennett came in at 180 on the prospect camp roster. A little more than a pound off of 208. It’s a little premature to be calling him the next James Neal when he hasn’t even played an NHL game yet.

    • Bennett has a legit shot but who is going to protect the skills guys when Boston comes in with Lucic & Thornton? Buffalo with Ott? Montreal with Moen & Prust? Rangers with Asham & Rupp? Devils with Barch & Janssen? The only softer team in the conference would be the Caps. Unfair to ask Engelland to do it all. Shero needs to address this deficiency as well.

  11. I can’t see how the Habs would have interest in Doan, because I highly doubt he’s got interest in them. Going from a quiet personal life into a huge hockey hot bed, where there’s little chance of a cup within the next couple years just doesn’t add up.

    You have to wonder where ‘Chip Alexander’ gets this stuff from.

    • The Habs have interest in Doan because he offers so much more than Bourques has shown. That said, as I’ve posted before and y ou have said, Doan has no interest in the Habs/Quebec. Bergevin, though, would not be doing his job if he did not at least kick the tires and tell Doan the Habs are willing to talk. I’m reasonably sure the conversation went no further than an expresion of interest.
      That said, I think the Habs roster is frozen until PK is signed and Bergevin knows that cap space he has left.
      Any thoguhts, anyone, on Arnott for the 4th line center of the Habs???

      • Not a habs fan, but Arnott on the 4th line couldn’t hurt. The guy has alot to teach the younger guys, and he may be perfect for Subbans growth and how not to act in the NHL.

  12. @ Slap Shot- I’m not a Canucks fan, but that was a pretty childish rant from a Leafs fan. How do you know where Doan will go? While true that the Canucks are indeed a hated team, the Leafs are not far behind, well maybe not the team, but the fan base and the city definitely are. Toronto and it’s fans have long came across as a having a sense of entitlement, which alienates everyone outside the GTA. Canucks may be the mosted hated team, but from all the people I have talked to and articles and such I have read, the Leafs fans are the most annoying in sports.

  13. Hi. I don’t bother to comment much here, but this little skirmish has led me to poke my head out. I have been reading this site for years because I value Lyle’s opinion, and I enjoy his professional and respectful approach to the sport, the writers and to his readers. Unfortunately, as with any open forum, there are some contributions that fall short of that level of good-natured communication.

    With that said, though, there is only one commenter whose posts I routinely avoid (though, regrettably, a catchy all-caps sentence did manage to grab my eye today). Most of it is because of the almost completely unreadable nature of the writing style, but I would be able to get past that if it weren’t for the unbearable stench of omniscience and condescension that virtually wafts off the screen and poisons the air like the emissions from some unholy combination of abattoir and chlorine gas facility. Which makes the irony of this commenter’s current post particularly striking. Not gonna say who it is, but no matter how valid or informed an opinion is, bad presentation and a know-it-all attitude does little to make anyone take it seriously.

    • I think he means Slap & Shot.

      • +1 to both of the above.

        I’ve read Lyle’s site for years and comment occasionally, but the comments here are brutal. Outside of today I’ve basically stopped reading at the end of Lyle’s posts because the comments are, for the vast majority, tasteless and moronic, and very.. err.. Eastern-centric.

    • useless ranting is what he brings… his posts rarely have anything to do with Spector’s topic in any case. The dude probably had his own blog but nobody cared to read it so he came here and is commenting on every post trying to get an audience

    • After reading your blowharded drivel I wouldn’t be so quick to call another commenter’s message poison.

  14. I think that Doan may end up with the Wings. Seems to be the best fit for him, and aside from that, I would not be surprised to see him got to the West Coast with the Canucks.

    • I respectfully diasagree with you. Personally I think the best place for him is in LA. Not only are they a legit cup contender with their whole stanley cup winning team intact, but LA is the closest city to his ranch/family outside Phoenix.

  15. I almost forgot, I am not a Van fan either, but Dynamo hit the nail on the head in reference to Slap Shot. Anyone who feels the need to type in Capitals, should never be taken seriously.

  16. I didn’t get past slaps part about abrasiveness without remembering his dropping of the f bomb the other day.

  17. hahah eddie i agree

  18. I wonder if the hate for Slap & Shot is so thick on this site that you all actually missed that he clearly stated that the Leafs ARE NOT getting him either. As a matter of fact no where in that post were the Leafs even put on a high horse (for once). I don’t agree with most of what the guy says when he talks hockey, but at the same time I agree with him regarding the post about Lyles here and I also agree with him that the ‘Nucks (nor the Leafs) are getting Doan.

    As a matter of fact the only team getting Shane Doan is in Phoenix and that will happen by the 20th of this month.

    • Agreed about Slap. He has been trashing the Leaf’s (his team) for about a year now. So I don’t see why he shouldn’t be able to trash talk other teams he feels suck too.

  19. I have been reading this site for years Lyle has been class all the way, every once and awhile there is a reader who tries to dominate the posts with their point of view as if it were law.

    Or as if they had inside information the reporters who cover these teams dont have.

    Anyway get the feeling Doan ends up with Van or Det.

  20. Slap Shot before u open your big mouth and say anything about the Canucks and the character of the team and in particularly about the twins think of TWO things.
    1. BB went all the way to Sweden a few years ago in hopes he could sign them (with no luck) and ofcourse now TO fans bash them.
    2. If you want to know the character of the Sedin (which in my books NO other hockey players has done) is they donated 25% of there income to Vancouver Childrens Hospital.
    Maybe when all those other NHL players are sitting there twiting and saying bad things about the Canucks What they should do is look in the mirror first and judge themselves.

    • I’m a Leafs fan and I would never bash the Sedin twins. I dealt Spezza for D.Sedin in my keeper pool this past year (right before Danny’s injury, oops), and I’m hoping to bring in Henrik.

      Don’t generalize, boys.

      Having said that there were certain issues with the Canucks that were preventing them from winning and most of those issues will be gone once they get rid of Luongo, so I don’t know, maybe the Canucks will be contenders again.

    • Enough already, for starters there are lots of NHL’ers who do just as much if not more than the Sedins do, so quit trying to make them look like the only charitable ones. Dustin Brown does tonnes of work in LA for lots charities. In fact he has won the NHL Foundation Award and was a runner up because of it, which the Sedins have never won. Its one thing to give money but its completely different when you give your precious time and money. I’m not trying to bash the Sedins cause I do have respect them for their donation but It bugs the hell out of me that you say they are the only ones that do it, when in fact there alot of players that do head and shoulders more.

      • Cdn King u r so wrong Dustin Brown and many other NHL players and celebrities go out and show there faces and call that charity work. But how many have donated 8 million bucks and tried really hard to keep there names out of the papers. hmmmm
        So my friend Cdn King the crown does go to the twins if u like it or not and thats why many players look to see the character of the Canuck team and want to play here. Including Nash who wants to come to Vancouver but the price tag is too high.

  21. If Doan wants a Cup contender… he should look to LA. They say it is hard to repeat.. but LA has depth throughout the lineup.. and are for the most part a young team.

    But nothing is guaranteed in the NHL.

    Ask Marian Hossa. Took him 3 teams before he got to his Stanley Cup…

  22. Hey Lyle are you going to turn this site into an app? i think it would be great if you did

    • romck: We looked into it earlier this year, but it costs around five grand to get it done cheap, $10 grand to get it done well. Right now, I don’t have that kind of money laying around to get it done. One day, hopefully, when it becomes more affordable.

  23. I wonder if bickley realize that the Coyotes did make it to the Western Conference Finals?

  24. as a Sharks fan i think Doan would be a great fit in San Jose, his size grit and leadership would help us in a big way “IMO”

    im not a homer,just a lover of this beautiful game!
    (i dont live in SJ,i live just south of Ottawa ont)

    i realize Doan might not end up in SJ but Pheonix isnt that far away and yes i realize there are other suitors near by but what have we learned this off season about players, they want to be close to their families,just sayin.

    remember this is all “in my own opinion” and i think some of us forget that from time to time reading each other thoughts and views.

    • As a Kings fan I would hate to see Doan land in SJ, but I must agree with you he would be a great fit in SJ. I think the California teams (maybe not Anaheim) have the best shot at landing him for geographic and cup contending reasons. So in the spirit of competition, go Kings and lets steal Doan from under under the Sharks noses.

    • Obviously Doan wants badly to stay in Phoenix. That is why I think this will drag on a long time. He won’t want to make a mistake of going somewhere else and the Coyotes end up staying anyways. My feeling is he will wait as long as it takes to get clarity on the situation.

      Now if he does sign elsewhere, I would think it will be between San Jose and L.A. if it is true he doesn’t want to move his family.

      If he is looking for a 2 or 3 years maybe he decides it is worth moving to open up options with other contenders in the east. In that case it is anybody’s guess. Pittburgh, Washington, Philly, Tampa…etc

  25. You know you guys can comment all you want …I take the most critisism here obviously…and with that have never called out anyone to the point to say thet you arent welcome or what you are posting is stupid ….

    You all or most of you missed what the tryu emeaning of my post was today….the mongrals on this site are worse than me and my posts by how they treat other people and what your accuse them of being ….This is a Hockey blogg and you guys treat each other like animals in how you repond …like someone is attacking you and everythiong you stand for ….fricken relax …its a fricken hockey blog for goodness sakes ….everyone here is wrong and everyone here is right ….thats how it works !!!

    I give kudos to good posters and believ in what everyone says has some level of validation because each scenario is a possibility on any level ….and for the canucks fans here or any ANTI Slap & Shot fans …Ive put down my team and ist management one thousand times more than ive ever said a single thing about any one blogger or there passion for ther team …Ive been the first to admitt all downfalls of Brian Burke and MLSE and the ACC ….all the time !!!

    My post was that you guys are way to sensitive to a simple discussion and a posters rebuttle some of treat people with a view of there own like a NAZI camp and that what they say is not valid and tell them that they are a sore to society in your own little fancy way !!!

    my scenario and in defens of this sight and the fact that everyone here has an opinion …its an open forum …if you all didnt enjoy that conversation and a rebuttle from someone elkse you wouldnt comment here ….so when you do post expect a comment but its not a personal attack to just comment …..its a persoanl attack when you guys simply call people jerks for what they post …..all I was saying was be thank full you have this forum …nobody forces you to be a jerk …so try being nice and have fun and enjoy someone elses comments and maybe you will learn something.
    Its just a hockey blog!!!!

    • Two words for you …

      Proof Read!

      • +1

        • +1

    • This is an ESL teacher’s wet dream.

      • +1

  26. The funny thing is that the scenarios that everyone here has a an issue with is trades and scenarios bewtween teams that bloggers post that other think that are so far out ….lets just think about this for a second …really!

    Nash is on the the block
    Ryan is on the block
    Perry and Getzlag may have been on the block
    Iginla may have been shopped

    along with countless others around the league ….and the funny thing is that Howson is asking for almost 6 players for Nash including draft picks and who the heck knows what kind of scenarios have been offered for other top end talent that Ive mentioned …that means there must have been countless offers with CRAZY scenarios and players in packages that were put together as an offer to Howson , Murray and other GMs for that talent ….all of which would probably be 100% no different then the trade scenarios posted by bloggers on this site …Imean come on …you have to realize that each GM is throwing out crazy trades to other GMs just like what is happening here …some are good trades and some ar the so called “ANCHORS” …non the less they are all the same as what is posted here …the only difference is that they dont get mentions as per privacy to the teams and players ….BUT the were talked about just like they were discussed here as well …..even to the dismay of the people here who think that the blogger is an IDIOT!
    Worse deals have happened and worse deals were discussed in a professional forum with real NHL GMs !!!

  27. Per a Pens scout who tweeted me (you can see for yourself)- He thinks Semin is talented and would do well in an envirnoment, like the Pens’, where “everyone cares about one another”.

    I think Semin’s definately like plan D for the Pens. (In order: Doan, Ryan, nobody, or Semin.)

    But Dejan has been wrong on the overall tone of inside the team before.

  28. Doan will stay in phx

  29. @Canadian King
    congrats on the cup win, i was rooting for the Kings even before the playoffs began,they have alot of talent, old and young and i have been saying for years that they will be a cup contender,just give them time, well look what happend!
    well as for Doan may tude!he best team win LOL! seriously great fit for both of our teams

    Cheers dude!

  30. Am I the only one who thinks Semin could help a team out a lot? Since the lockout he has averaged more goals, assists and a higher +/- than parise. I really think Detroit is a good fit for him playing along Pav. Detroit however have a lot of forwards already. Im afraid to say Kenny H has let me down thus far this summer.

  31. There is no team in the league that isn’t made better by adding Doan. Glendale voters will be giving some lucky city a very nice present – Christmas in July.

  32. I think Doan stays in Phoenix, but if he isn’t sure of stability he will look hard at teams like Detroit that have a stable ownership, a strong fanbase, and a legitimate chance at the cup each year, LA would be another team he may like just due to the area. Semin can be a good player, he strikes me as a Federov type, where if he wants to he can be among the best on most teams, but seems content with being mediocre, now he sees what the fans say, and will either start trying to prove people wrong, or will only prove them right, and he leaves for the KHL in a short time frame

  33. All this talk about Doan being a good fit with “their” team is stupid.

    Name me a team that he doesn’t fit with and I’ll show you a team that does want to win.

    He’s a class act and (from what I read) he’s a great teammate.

    The only reason a team would refuse him is because of the money it would take to keep him. There are still plenty of Harold Ballards in this league.