The Doan Watch – July 17, 2012.

Several teams have reportedly sent contract offers to Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports Shane Doan’s agent hopes there’ll be some clarity later this week regarding his client’s future. The Detroit Red Wings understand Doan’s first choice is to re-sign with the Phoenix Coyotes, but are aggressively pursuing him. It’s believed “Los Angeles, San Jose, Vancouver, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and the New York Rangers” are among those interested in Doan.

Doan received several contract offers.

DETROIT NEWS: Gregg Krupa reports it “looks like” the bidding for Doan might start at $7.5 million per season for four years, which would be too expensive for the Red Wings. Krupa also doubts the Wings would have interest in Calgary Flames defenseman Jay Bouwmeester, noting he’s not physical and his offensive game is in decline. He also suggests the Wings won’t have interest in Alexander Semin unless he’s willing to accept less money, and if the coaching staff believe they can work with him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Krupa is referring to a rumor an Eastern Conference club made that offer, though there’s been nothing over the last several days to suggest that offer was a valid one. As for Bouwmeester, the only reason his offensive numbers are down is because he’s been playing for the Calgary Flames, one of the lowest scoring teams in the league. He may not be physical, but the Red Wings have done well with those kind of skilled defensemen (Lidstrom, Murphy, Rafalski) in the past. If the Flames shop “Jay Bo”, I believe the Wings will be interested.  

WGR550: yesterday cited a ‘tweet’ from John Gambadoro of KTAR in Phoenix claiming the Buffalo Sabres have made an offer to Doan, as have the Red Wings, while the NY Rangers have “real interest”. He also claimed the LA Kings, San Jose Sharks, Pittsburgh Penguins and Vancouver Canucks had made offers.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE’s Shelly Anderson confirmed via Twitter the Penguins have made an offer to Doan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gambadoro was also the source for the unnamed Eastern Conference team supposedly offering Doan four years at over $30 million. All of these offers, however, will sit on the backburner as Doan continues to wait for clarity on the Coyotes ownership situation. If it appears the sale of the Coyotes to the Jamison group will go through, I believe he’ll re-sign with the Coyotes and finish his career with them.


  1. Shane Doan: I’m sure the Wings have made a flat offer to Doan. As much as they would like to have him, they have an over abundance of wingers on the roster. “IF” he decides to leave Phoenix for Detroit then Ken would be forced to trade some of those bodies.

    Jay Bouwmeester: A trade for him right now would be right in Holland’s wheelhouse. Wings have got extra prospects at forward and need a defenseman. He’s got the style that Detroit always seems to want, but was somewhat misused in Calgary and may want out. Just because Holland has said he has no interest doesn’t mean he doesn’t, outside of the asking price & Bouwmeester’s salary. This would seem like a deal that would be taylor-made for the Wings assuming the Flames don’t want a top-line prospect, or two, in return.

    Alex Semin: It seems the offers to Semin are the same league-wide; 1-2 years max length & not too much money. The CBA uncertainty could really delay his signing too, it seems nobody wants to risk it too much money now.

  2. I can see the Wings making a play for Bouwmeester, but only if they give up next to nothing in return. Boumeester may flourish again in Detroit with the system they have, but in Calgary, he is just another extremely overpaid player.. Flames really dropped the ball on Bouwmeester’s contract and should consider them selves lucky if someone takes it on for a 4th round pick

  3. @ 2line pass
    Are you nutz? Jbow for a 4th round pick? Now i’m biased since i’m a flames fan, but a guy that averages 25-28 minutes a game playing against the opponents top line is certainly worth a lot more than that.
    With all these absurd contracts being thrown around this year Jbows contract isn’t looking too bad. Matt Carle getting 5yrs @ 5.5mil? He is at best a 3rd defense man and guaranteed TB will be regretting that contract in about 2yrs. I’ll stick with Jbow @ 6.8mil for only 2 yrs left.

    If Feaster is shopping Jbow, he better be wanting much more in return than a 4th. Flames give up there number 1 Dman with nothing to show for it…it’ll be a long season for kipper

  4. If the Flames were able to unload JayBo, the cap flexibility they would gain moving forward would be the most significant return they could garnish. Feaster inherited a mess of a franchise, handcuffed by some bad contracts and only a handful of prospects that are actually expected to be NHL contributors at some point in their careers. It will take time and patience for the Flames to become relevant in the West again, but gaining cap space and drafting wisely are of the utmost importance for Feaster moving forward.

    Alex Semin will definitely have to settle if he wants to stay in the NHL. The KHL will offer him money and security, but I don’t think there are many NHL teams that will offer him more than 2 years at a moderately affordable cap hit.

    With the Phoenix citizens’ failure to block the sale of the Coyotes to Greg Jamison, it could bring more clarity to the Doan picture by later this week. If a sale is moving closer to being finalized, I could see Doan spending at least the next two years with the Coyotes at a reasonable cap hit.

    I know I will not be the first to think or mention this, and I fully realize that it is a long shot at best if Doan is vying for a Cup before retiring, but how great would it be to see Doan return to Winnipeg for the last few years of his contract?

    • The KHL will offer him money and security???

      Really? Where players are payed cash in brown paper bags? Threatened with guns? With a lower living standard? and so on and so on.

      • The top teams in the KHL (Dynamo & CSKA Moscow for example) can offer tax-free salary and average-at-worst living conditions. Would you turn down being paid millions in cash, even if it was in a brown bag? I didn’t think so. Something tells me the Russian oligarchs wouldn’t let Semin “slum it” as a prestigious signing away from the NHL’s “evil empire”.

        Drew brings up a good point however. If Semin was truly just chasing the biggest paycheque, chances are he would have likely signed in the KHL already. I just think that at this juncture, GM’s are wary of 1) Semin’s alleged reputation, and 2) the new CBA’s framework, when considering investing $5M+ in him.

        • It’s not american dollars or euro’s they’re being paid in. You do know this right?

          • Yes it is American dollars! I’d be much more worried if it was euros.

    • @THewes It’s actually Glendale citizens rather than Phoenix. The arena and all the mechinations are in Glendale.

  5. I don’t understand why Doan couldn’t sign in Phoenix with the stipulation that he become an unrestricted free agent if they move from Phoenix. I can only assume that there is a stipulation in CBA that prevents this.

    If Doan wants $7.5M for 4 years, you can count several teams out. I can’t see the Kings committing that much for that long. The Kings already have 7 top 6 forwards and Doan would make 8.

    The Sharks also don’t have room. They’d have to move somebody. Chicago doesn’t have much cap space and they have a goalie problem, not a forward problem. The Rangers are always interested in every big name UFA that ever hits the market. There is a player who isn’t born yet, but in 2038 the Rangers will be interested in him should he become a free agent.

  6. One thing to consider. I wouldn’t rule out Doan signing a one year deal with the Kings. Los Angeles is geographically the closest NHL city to Phoenix and they have the cap space to squeeze him in for a year. Doan would be playing on a contender and wouldn’t have to uproot his family. If the Phoenix situation gets resolved and the Coyotes stay in Phoenix, he could sign back with Phoenix next summer. Then again, he could just sign in Phoenix for one year and accomplish the same thing.

    • Don’t think Doan is the guy. Kings have leadership and Kings have grit. I would not
      change anything. If they lack anything it is another top 6 SCORER. I’d offer Semin a one year deal at 5.5 million and if he can put 30 pucks in the net he would give the Kings what they need.
      Richards gave the kings a lot but not goals, Penner is iffy risk in goal scoring department and Gagne is a big risk because he has been injured a lot the past few years. Spend 5-6 million for one year and get the scoring potential.

      • and doan could be the top 6 scorer the kings may be missing. because penner may be awful again, and because gagne could miss the whole season again, doan would be a great addition.

        but beyond that he adds a drive to a team that could very easily rest on their laurels. with so little change in to the roster there is a very real risk of a Stanley Cup hangover. but if you add a gritty leader and a player that most around the league respect and admire and create that bourque-in-colorado “let’s win it for…” feel to the team it would go a long way to avoid the hangover.

        • True

          Doan is a better all around hockey player BUT 4 years and 7.5 million ? Nope, rather have Semin one year at 6 million.

          • Except both of those contracts, dollars and terms, are ficticious.

        • @ Bickleton

          “Win one for the Doaner” is exaclty why I think the Kings may sign him (or want to sign him). In the last 20 years, only two teams have repeated as Stanley Cup Champions(Pittsburgh and Detroit), and they both had something to rally around.

          For Pittsburgh is was Badger Bob and for Detroit it was Konstantinov.

          Besides, Doan is a classy guy that you have to respect. Doan has stuck with a bankrupt team that has been on the rocks for several years, and he’s still holding out to re-sign with the team. I suspect many other players would have turned their back on Phoenix and chased the dollars somewhere else.

          And if you want proof that this type of motivational ploy works, go watch Colorado play the year that they won the cup with Bourque (2001 I believe). You can tell in words and deeds that the players were hell bent on getting Bourque that cup win.

  7. The Hockey news is getting thin, real thin – football must be right around the corner. Ducks are still under Floor Cap and the pickings are getting slim, someone please wake up Boob Murray maybe he can trade next years #1 draft choice for Scott Gomez or Rick DiPietro or Mike Komisarek so that he can get up to cap floor.

    Next big trade will be Rick Nash for Bobby Ryan cause I am so tired of reading about Nash & Ryan but wait Nash doesn’t want to play in Anaheim and Ryan won’t want to play in Columbus and poor old Burkie won’t know what the hell to do.

    • there’s no point in making a trade to reach the cap floor until the new cba comes out. i’m sure the gomez’s of the nhl will still be around to help a team make their minimum salary requirement, if need be, but why move now if it might go down?

  8. 1) 7+ million for 4+ years for Shane Doan???? Am I missing something here? yeah he’s a nice player to add to your team, but is he worth “superstar Money”??

  9. Doan has been a good soldier for his entire career and it would be nice for him to finish his career with one team. However, if he desires to get his name on the Stanley Cup he will have to change teams as Phoenix will most likely not win one in the next couple of years for sure. He would be a fool not to move and make the money rumoured to be offered with a chance to win it all. He is a leader and could give a good team that extra push but to pay him that kind of coin is bordering on ludicrous.

    Speaking of ludicrous, look at Bouwmeester’s contract. As mentioned above if they could dump that albatross contract the flames management would throw the party of the year. Jay is a good player but could never really get on track in Calgary. A change of scenery will do him some good but the team getting him had better not think he will become an offensive dynamo. Personally I believe he will end up being picked up by a team trying to reach the cap floor like the Islanders.

    I always figured Semin would end up in the KHL. However I have to give Semin some credit because if it was all about the money for him he would have done so by now. He will have to take somewhere between 3 and 4 mil per on a one or two year deal to prove he can contribute in a positive way. For some reason Detroit seems to be the logical destination.

  10. suter parise doan some of the reasons the free agent rules need to be changed

  11. “As for Bouwmeester, the only reason his offensive numbers are down is because he’s been playing for the Calgary Flames, one of the lowest scoring teams in the league.” Spoken with such certainty Lyle, is there some insight no-one else in the league has? So you are guaranteeing that his play would improve markedly on any other team?

    Doan has made it clear that money is not a sticking point for him, and now that the Glendale situation seems to be resolving itself, its hard to imagine Doan leaving family, ranch, behind for a big contract.

    The Semin situation is starting to look like high school confidential. His numbers compare favourably to anyone in this years FA market, but the rumour mill about his attitude and desire seem to make him untouchable.

    • It’s a confident comment made by Lyle, but not sure where you’re getting a “guarantee” that his play would improve markedly. Seems like an unfair shot.

      As for Doan, I honestly don’t believe that 7.5 mil number being thrown around. I have a hard time believing anyone is offering that, but I suppose it’s possible considering how many teams have missed out on big free agent forwards.

      • I also agree that on a different team, one with any offense j-Bo would likely do well again

        • I don’t and think J-bo is seriously overrated.