The Jarome Iginla Trade Watch – Tuesday, March 26, 2013.

A roundup of the latest trade rumors involving Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla. Enjoy!

Are the Bruins the likely destination for Jarome Iginla?

Are the Bruins the likely destination for Jarome Iginla?

CALGARY HERALD: George Johnson considers the Boston Bruins the most likely destination for Flames captain Jarome Iginla, suggesting the other teams on his supposed list of preferred destinations (Chicago Blackhawks, LA Kings, Pittsburgh Penguins) don’t make much sense.

Johnson dismissed the notion of Bruins goalie prospect Malcolm Subban or rookie defenseman Dougie Hamilton heading to the Flames as part of the return.  He also believes the Penguins and Blackhawks have enough scoring depth, while the Kings aren’t keen to part with goalie Jonathan Bernier, Iginla’s age doesn’t work with their abrasive style, and Kings coach Darryl Sutter (and former Flames GM and coach) isn’t one for nostalgia. Johnson also suggested the possibility a trade is unable to be done by the deadline.

CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson reports Flames management are maintaining silence regarding a possible Iginla trade, while there’s rumors Iginla’s trade wish list changing constantly. Some pundits allege there’s five teams, with the Detroit Red Wings among the suitors, while others have expanded it to include the Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks.

RDS.CA: Renaud Lavoie reports rumors of a widening list are false, maintaining only four teams (Blackhawks, Kings, Bruins and Penguins) are on it. He also reports the Penguins, despite their recent acquisitions of Brenden Morrow and Douglas Murray, aren’t out of the Iginla sweepstakes.

ESPN/CSNNE.COM/BOSTON HERALD: all report the Bruins are eyeing other trade targets besides Iginla. Dallas’ Derek Roy and Jaromir Jagr, San Jose’s Ryane Clowe, and Iginla’s teammate Curtis Glencross were mentioned as possible trade targets for the Bruins.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES/CSNCHICAGO: The Blackhawks might be on Jarome Iginla’s wish list, but they might not be interested in him. The cost of return, plus the fact he’s not a center, works against shipping him to Chicago.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins do appear the more likely destination, as TSN’s Bob McKenzie last night reported they’re very interested in his services, but of course it’s not a certainty. Much depends upon the Flames asking price, which seems to fluctuate from pundit to pundit. I agree that seeking Dougie Hamilton as part of the return won’t wash with Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, and I’m not sure he’d be willing to part with Subban.  I don’t see the Kings and Blackhawks having any need for Iginla. The Penguins have plenty of cap space to take on the remainder of Iginla’s salary, but he reportedly isn’t interested in just being a rental player. If so, that could be a significant stumbling block.


  1. I’m curious why the Leafs call up Jesse Blacker, just insurance while Liles is out or maybe to showcase him for an interested party?

    • Oh man you are going to roast for making a Leaf comment when there was nothing in todays rumours about them. Hopefully I have headed it off at the pass. lol

    • Considering he wasn’t slated to play, it was just an insurance move.

      I think Pittsburgh remains a very viable possible location for Iginla to land in, despite them already acquiring Morrow and Murray. They only gave up a project defenseman and a 5th rounder for Morrow, and a couple of 2nd rounders for Murray. Whether they have the right mix of prospects to add to their 2013 1st rounder is the question. They don’t have the young goalie that Calgary wants, but the Flames could possibly net one in a deal for Cammalleri, Kiprusoff, Giordano or Bouwmeester. It will be interesting to see how far teams like Calgary and Dallas will go in their dismantling/rebuilding in the next week, and how many other teams will join the party in the summer.

    • Random Leafsfan thoughts: “Why isn’t this article about me????”, or “Leafs aren’t on Iginla’s list, so why write about it, let’s get Spector back on track!”

  2. The Bruins are deep in net …..Khudobin is going to be very good and Rask is right there….but Subban isnt enough to broker a deal for Iginla IMO !!!

    It has to be more significant than that …Jerome is still potting 30 goals a year and his pedigree and talent is still top notch on the right team !!! He is far from washed up ….its just that Calgary hasn’t given him the support over the years by bad management!!

    Id say that LA still makes the most sense ( becuase of Sutter ) and Lombardi likes to make a splash going into the playoffs as he did last year with Carter and that paid off in spades ….so this would be a no brainer for the Kings IMO ( western team close to home) ….if I was a team competeing for the cup id want to get Iginla for the sole purpose that another team doesn”t get him and he kills my team on the score sheet in a long series !!! On the right team in the playoffs he will be that much of a threat …..why wouldnt he be he has a legit shot at the cup now and he always plays big in big games ….!!!
    Jerome is far from done on the right team !!

  3. Well IMO he isn’t going to Chicago period, end of story. The Hawks just don’t have room or need and want to pick up a 2nd line center. I also don’t see the Kings getting him as they have one of the most shallow prospect pools in all the NHL, so it would have to go into major roster dealings and I don’t feel like musing on that. However with cap space/current contracts they might be the most likely to retain Iginla long term if he moved.

    To Pittsburgh: Iginla
    To Calgary: Kennedy, Harrington, 1st rounder

    A roster player that moves some cap space, a solid top 4 defensive prospect and a 1st round pick. With some discounts being signed and the right moves, the Penguins can actually retain Iginla, Morrow, and Murray at end of season.

    To Boston: Iginla
    To Calgary: Peverly, Subban, 1st round

    Roster player, future #1 goalie allowing a move of Kipper and a 1st round pick. Boston could also retain Iggy longer term if so desired.

    • Kennedy? lol

  4. Hey Lyle

    When a team agrees to retain some of a players salary in a trade does it include the cap space too or is it just the actual cash they pay out to the player?

    • Cap Space according to the CBA I believe.

      • Yes, it’s also my understanding it’s cap space.

  5. Agree Iginla would do better on a more talented team. Boston has to give to get and Subban has to go but I would only make a trade for him if he’s willing to sign extension. Solely as a rental price will be lower.

  6. Flames don’t need a goalie prospect, they have Ramo, Brossoit, Gillies and Ortio.

  7. Spooner, Peverly and a 1st would be a fair return.