The Latest Jagr Rumors – May 16, 2011.

Recent comments by Jaromir Jagr suggesting he might consider a return to the NHL has led to speculation over possible destinations. Read on for the latest.

CTV MONTREAL: Arpon Basu reported former NHL star Jaromir Jagr recently told Dan Barnes of the Edmonton Journal he wouldn’t rule out a possible return to the NHL, suggesting Pittsburgh, Montreal or the NY Rangers as possibilities, though he quickly followed up by saying “I don’t know”. Basu however wondered if this isn’t a negotiating tactic by Jagr to land another contract with one of the KHL teams he’s believing to be talking to for next season. There’s a rumor Jagr supposedly offered up his services for $2 million for next season to Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier, who turned him down but supposedly hasn’t fully shut the door on the possibility of signing Jagr.

PITTSBURGHLIVE.COM: Rob Rossi reports the Penguins hope to reconnect with Jagr but for legacy purposes only. The club does lack depth at right wing apart from impending free agent Tyler Kennedy, whom they’re believed to be planning to negotiate a new contract with his representative soon. Several NHL agents have expressed doubt Jagr will ever play in the NHL again, while his US-based agent Pat Brisson said he’s not sure of Jagr’s intentions for next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I won’t fully dismiss the possiblity of Jagr returning to the NHL, I believe the odds are very much against it. Canadiens, Penguins and Rangers fans certainly shouldn’t get their hopes up. Like Basu, I believe Jagr’s musings about a possible return to the NHL is just his way of trying to leverage another deal out of another KHL team.



  1. Give him 1.5 for a year or two. Get it done Gauthier

  2. He may have lost a step, but considering he was so dominant in the mid-90s, it don’t don’t make him that liable on a team. He’d be a perfect fit in Montreal; Gauthier would be a fool not to take a chance on this guy. It’s like saying that Selanne or Lidstrom lost a step… maybe, but Jagr, from what I’ve seen in international play, still plays heavy and hard like he’s always done and could still be one of the best secondary scorers in the league.

  3. I don’t know if he has anything left or not. However, if someone signs him, they might consider acquiring Nylander, as the two had great chemistry with the Rangers. I’m not sure how much Nylander has left either; I just know that his style of play doesn’t fit with Boudreau’s.

  4. Nylander’s shattered vertebrae isn’t helping.
    The hit Ovie laid on Jagr at the Olymipics was probably the last nail in the coffin of hope for Jagr’s return.

  5. I’m both intrigued and frightened by any talk of Jagr coming to the Habs. I think 2 million or even 1.5 is too much for him at this stage. That being said, when compared to Pouliot and AK46, who made 1.3 and 3.25 million respectively, 1.5 does not sound so bad. I am still surprised no has hyped the who Pleks/Jagr connection to bolster their articles…at least not in the ones I’ve seen.

  6. Hey habsfan, we could bring back the Tomas Jagr shirts from the 09-10 playoffs!!! Lol.

  7. Like the penguins need another enigma, please….

  8. I suppose Kovalev will be gone soon enough but still two in a short span of time? Come on Shero, please tell me you aren’t THAT dumb!

  9. Jagr was in his prime in 1991 and 92 when him and Mario were winning cups for Pittsburgh..that was then and this now..Almost 20 years later, what does Jagr have left to give people? Please, he’s 40, how much left do you really think he has to offer anybody?

  10. Jagr was in his prime in ’91 and ’92??? Jagr was a rookie in ’91…. I don’t think any player in the NHL was in their prime in their first two seasons in the NHL. Jagr has been a point per game player his whole career, and had a 123 pt season for the New York Rangers in 2005-06. He has more hardware than Home Depot, and is one of two players from the Czech Republic to be a part of the triple gold club. (Stanley Cup, Olympic Gold, and World Championship Gold). If you watched the IIHF World Championships this year, you would see that Jagr still has the skill to play wing on a second or third line, and led the Czech Republic to a respectable Bronze. I do admit Jagr is aging, and his career is slowly declining over the years, but I do feel he has a short NHL contract left in him. Do I think he will be back in the NHL next season?? No, I really doubt it.. I would however love to see him back on the Pens, playing wing to Malkin. Could you imagine Crosby, Jagr, and Malkin on the PP??? In the end, I’d just like to see Jagr retire in the NHL and in a Pens jersey.

  11. I’d say that about Selanne too who dazzled this year, or the Recching Ball who has fit into a solid role with the Bruins. Jagr coming back would not be and should not be expected to walk in and reclaim the Art Ross again like 10 years ago. But I think it IS reasonable to expect him to come back (again, assuming this actually happens) and be a role player for a club. He’s slower, but still has great hands which is very useful on the PP. Maybe this can be a liability 5 on 5, but then Bill Guerin was slow as hell and managed to play a role with the Penguins cup team amazingly well. Jagr still can bring something to the table, but the question should be more about what do you expect of him vs what he can still do.

  12. yeah i’d say his prime was the 4 Art Ross trophies in a row.

  13. good point by AJ as people should curb their expectations of what Jagr can do…..but with that being said, thank you to Darkhorse for calling out Joey on one of the worst comments i have ever read on this site. Jagr was one of the most dominant players of our generation, and to think that he only had 2 good years is ridiculous!!!!!!!! I would say the only knock on him were the teams he chose to play for in the later stages of his career, as new york and washington paid him the most, but certainly were not the most talented……imagine for a second if jagr had chosen to play for the red wings instead of the other teams… god I just droooled on my keyboard!!

  14. It’s amazing that Jagr still wants $2 Million Remember when the Caps were paying him the max salary? 11.5 million—–
    I kno its Jagr but…………..

  15. Much appreciated mb4. Jagr was on the top end, if not the top of the heap in the 90’s, early 2000’s until he left the Pens for money (for the record I’m still pissed off about that). Having Mario around helped elevate his game, but also allowed him to grow outside of the spot light, which he then adjusted to very well during the Art Ross years (you know someone is dominate when you can refer to his “Art Ross Years”) when Mario had retired the first time. To say he had only 2 years is ignoring the accomplishments of the other 13 including the pair of cups and numerous 100 pt seasons much less how iconic he was in relation to the late 1990’s.
    Incidentally, had Jagr decided to play for a cup rather than cash and signed with Detroit as you mentioned, that could have made one of the better teams of all time turn into on the the elite teams (right up with the 80’s Oilers, 90’s Pens, 70’s Flyer’s, etc). Not a Detroit fan by any means (respect what they’ve done as an org) but it would be interesting nonetheless.