The Latest Kaberle News – May 19, 2011.

Tomas Kaberle’s poor playoff performance has drawn considerable criticism, but could he be a good fit with another team, like the Red Wings? 

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons recently posted a scathing critique of Tomas Kaberle’s performance, not just during his limited tenure with the Boston Bruins, but also during his long career with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

ESPN.COM: Scott Burnside recently suggested Kaberle’s tepid play remains one of the most puzzling stories of this post-season and makes the Bruins efforts to advance to the Stanley Cup Final that much more difficult, as well as throw his own future into doubt.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ryan Dixon however argued Kaberle’s offensive skills might be a better fit on a puck possession team like the Detroit Red Wings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Red Wings will be looking to tweak their lineup this summer, and do have to think long-term regarding their blueline given Nicklas Lidstrom and Brian Rafalski are in the final years of their respective careers. I realize there will be Wings fans who’ll reject the notion of Kaberle playing for the Wings, but they’re also forgetting their club has a history of picking up defensemen who stumbled on one team only to see them shine when they came to Detroit. Larry Murphy (two Cup championships with the Red Wings) is one example, Brad Stuart is another. Still, Kaberle despite his stumbles as a Bruin won’t be an affordable signing, and his asking price could prove too steep for the Wings.


  1. dont want him, to old to soft, we need mid 26-28 range for a dman

  2. Tomas Kaberle is a tremendously skilled athlete. That is enough to get him signed to another contract in Boston or elsewhere. How many times have we seen free agents and trades of players take place where it takes a year or more for the player to adjust to a new coach and system. It happens all the time. Part of the problem is the Toronto media who can only see the things that ex-Toronto and current Toronto players do and only provide negative commentary. I also feel Kaberle would fit well with Detroit.

  3. Hated his game with the Leafs, hate it even more with the Bruins.

    He has some skills certainly, but his overall game is far less than the sum of his skills.

  4. I see him fitting with the Wings, although I saw him fitting in well with Boston untill it happened. I just hope someone signs him long term so we don’t have to talk about him anymore. Kaberle makes a good platform for retarded Leaf bashers.

  5. You still think he can negotiate steep terms for his contract after this year? I’m surprised. I think his play is going to land him a contract to the end of his career for around 3 mill or a shorter term deal at max 4-mill. I remember earlier this year when he was still a Leaf people were saying he was going to demand a pay increase, but really? The guy is a liability on the blueline and although hes regarded as a powerplay quarterback, he’s not; the Bruins powerplay got worse when they acquired him and the Leafs got better when they moved him, maybe he’s just past his prime. If you need a better transition game, I think he’s that type of player but he’s definitely overvalued and it pays off for the Leafs. Hopefully Seguin can lead them to the Finals so we can pry an extra 2nd round pick from the Bruins this draft. 4 picks in the first 2 rounds, not bad Burkie!

  6. please no wings! only dman i want thats a ufa is bieksa and only guy i wanna trade for is burns or bogosion

  7. They are better off paying Bieska so the teams in Mid-America can leranr to hate him a little more, Ha!

  8. The 3 B’s are who everyone wants and are hence not available. I like this move for Detroit, but i don’t see him taking the necessary discount.

  9. Boston payed a ‘ransom’ for him to the Leafs. He was definitely not worth it at all.
    Boston should have kept their pick + prospect.. they would have been much better off.

    Burke did a real sales job on that one.

  10. I think Kaberle ends up with Washington, Buffalo, Tampa or the Rangers. Too expensive for Montreal , Detroit and other teams phsically located on the East coast which is where he wants to play. Washington because he could help mentor Greene out of his funk and allow Ovechkin to not have to come back and carry the puck out of his own end all the time. Buffalo because they could use his skills and can now afford him.Tampa because he complements their style of play and they might be able to afford him if they can spend to the cap and tweak the roster a bit. The Rangers cause they need him, he may again compliment McCabe, and when they buy out Chris Drury and sign Richards they may still be able to afford him. His game with the Bruins is improving, and he is one of the few guys in the league that can still feather a pass 150 feet onto the hands of Tyler Seguin, so I would not be surprised if they hang on to him.

  11. @murph – I would be surprised if Kaberle resigns with the Bruins from watching him play IMO he doesnt like it there and probably is regretting allowing the trade to go through i could honestly see this guy pull a Leafs or nothing attitude in the summer.

    But then again i could be totally wrong and way of base it has happened before.

  12. @ Dino – I am only going by what he has said about the fit in Boston, and that he liked it, but maybe it will depend on whether Boston still does or not. As for the Leafs or nothing attitude, I agree I could see him want to do that but I am not sure if Burke would entertain that or not.

  13. Sean, I’m pretty positive the conditional 2nd was for the 2012 draft. I’d rather have it then anyway, early reports are saying 2012 is gonna be a really good draft class.

  14. No matter what Kaberle wants or wishes for, I doubt he’s coming back to Toronto as an UFA. The team, coincidentally or not, played better without him than with him as he was the last of the Muskoka 5; so let’s close the book on Kaberle’s Maple Leaf career. Some team in the Eastern Conference will sign him to a 2-3 year contract with that one likely being his last in the NHL.

  15. I’m surprised Simmons is calling out Kaberle’s play over the years and being highly critical. Let’s look at someone else’s track record over the years and be critical of them. I seem to remember a time period when Kaberle played with a team called the Leafs who happened to be in the same city that Simmons writes in with the Toronto Sun. Interestingly enough I don’t recall him ever being critical of Kaberle or his play during this time when both of these men called the same city home. I no Leafs fan by any means. but I can’t help but wonder if there is a correlation between these two time lines over the last decade or so when they shared some common ground. How convenient.

  16. The problem for the Bruins’ power play was the forwards. There was very little movement in the forwards, one guy could cover both in front of the net and the other three could play man to man. Not very hard to see where that gets you. Unfortunately things got stagnant and the coaches decided to do nothing. Pretty big mistake, but that ship has sailed.

    Instead of moving forwards around, they picked up Kaberle, who was marketed as the end-all be-all of power play success, the savior of the Bruins’ power play. That was the effect of the media, more hype than anything else. Kaberle is a good power play quarterback, he’s not going to score a million goals or deke through six players. His job was to be the setup man so Chara could be the trigger man. The problem still remained, the forwards weren’t moving. So now instead of someone else being covered with the puck, it’s Kaberle. And Chara’s still covered too. Things finally turned around when they started playing guys like Peverley on the power play.

    Kaberle certainly has faults. His defensive game is atrocious, and he has a habit of giving up (that goal in game one where he lost the puck coming around the net and then stopped playing comes to mind). But the power play problem shouldn’t be his burden to bear alone.

    As far as relocating, any run and gun offense-based team would do well to take a stab at him. Just don’t expect much on the defensive side of the puck.

  17. Well put chaas. I’ve often felt the same way about the Bruins PP all season, however its become that much more obvious in the playoffs (first round especially). The Lightning are the most penalized team in this years playoffs and average 5 PK’s per game (to this point). Given the struggles on the PP for the Bruins, you would think that this would be the best avenue to exploit since you can easily win games by only making the most of the PP opportunities afforded to you given the quality goal tending of Thomas and having the team play a more defensive game once grabbing the lead. I’m a Pens fan and I know that the reason Tampa came back to knock us off in 7 was that our PP was sad. All excuses aside, we didn’t get it done on the PP and played similar to the Bruins where there was little movement of players. I remember numerous times where Tampa would rush the points and forced mistakes to be made on the back end where we couldn’t set up properly and wasted opportunities. Boston should be learning from these mistakes since Tampa is too aggressive. Kaberle meanwhile is not a factor since Boston is not letting him be, much as you said. Too hard to do something when someone is on you the second you get the puck.

  18. Sandy you’ve nailed it as usual. The Toronto media circus, fed by rabid Leaf fan’s had this mediocre d-man built up as the next Bobby Orr. Burke, to his credit, pulled off a major robbery in that trade which will help offset the Phil Kessel debacle. If Boston goes to the cup and wins it won’t be because of Kaberle addition.