The Latest on Kyle Turris.

The Calgary Flames and Ottawa Senators have interest in Phoenix Coyotes holdout center Kyle Turris, but Coyotes management insists he’s not going anywhere.

CALGARY HERALD: Vicki Hall recently reported the Flames woes has GM Jay Feaster ready to deal if the club’s struggles continue. Feaster admitted having interest in Phoenix Coyotes holdout center Kyle Turris, but said Coyotes GM Don Maloney has made it very clear to him Turris isn’t available.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Bryan Murray has spoken to Maloney about Turris, but he was told the same thing as Feaster: “Under no circumstances whatsoever — and I’m not sure what language I have to (use). We will not trade Kyle Turris this season,” said Maloney, during an interview on Hockey Night in Canada last Saturday. “We want him back and if he wants to play in the NHL, he’ll sign with us.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been speculated Maloney’s stance was merely posturing for the media, and that he’s merely trying to drive up Turris’ trade value, but his recent comments pretty much makes it clear he has no intention at all of trading the young holdout. That’s not likely to stop the trade rumors, but after reading Maloney’s comment, I’m convinced Turris won’t be dealt.



  1. That’ll be really awkward for Turis and 2,000 Pheonix fans if he ends up signing before December 1.

  2. Just trade the kid. Phoenix won’t be around that much longer anyway, so get what you can. He’s proven nothing, why take sh*t from a kid who thinks like that. Let it be another team’s problem.

  3. It may be awkward for Turris and 2000 of the fans , but the vast majority won’t think twice and just figure that Kyle Turris needs to suck it up and play like he deserves the ice time he is crying about. Saying he wants out of Phoenix because he only average a little over 11 minutes last season and is willing to not play seems hypocritical to me. Especially after earning more ice time during the 4 games against the Red Wings during last season’s Stanley Cup playoffs and was expected 1st line duty this year.
    Maloney is not the type of person that uses the media for “posturing”.

  4. I like the stance here, “you’ll either wear a Coyotes jersey or no jersey”…..the guy is only 22 years old, pretty sure he hasn’t earned this stance….hats off to Maloney.

  5. @ WHS

    I agree. Turris isn’t helping his value by holding out. He doesn’t have the numbers or the stroke. While I wasn’t a fan of Doughty’s holdout, at least Doughty had the points and was a Norris finalist. Turris doesn’t have the stroke to be asking for much. He’s also probably cementing a reputation as a Lindros-esque head case who is going to be a problem in every negotiation.

  6. Trade him to Minnesota for Dany Heatley. One spoiled brat for another.

  7. @VanCanFan good idea but PHX cannot afford the Heatly. Turris needs to swallow his pride and fire the idiot telling him to hold out. If he had shut his mouth and come to play he’d be in the NHL somewhere else by now.
    right now all he you can say is he is an unemployed idiot.

  8. Even if Maloney wanted to trade him, you know who he works for (NHL), and with the CBA about to expire, they have every intention of trying to show who wears the pants in these cases.

  9. @Durt

    I read your post and Laughed out Loud.

    Additionally, I’m unsure why the Flames or Sens want this kind of player. He hasn’t worked for his stance yet, only 4 kids from ’07 have any kind of leverage, and only a couple should be making 4mil+, Patty Kane and Jamie Benn (Arguably PK).

    I know Maloney is trying to prove a point here, play in Pheonix or play for no one… but I mean, this kid doesn’t want to play there; why lose out on a potential positive addition to your team, especially is Calgary or Ottawa are throwing decent players at you. May as well take advantage.

  10. Wonder if the owners of the Coyotes have something to say about this… to show players who is boss – so it would not surprise me to see young Turris be the one to take the heat on this topic.

  11. Sign him for lowest possible salary and highest possible incentives, then trade his *ss out of here (Phx). We’re doing just fine without him, and you’ll not find a single one of us 2000 fans on Turris’ side.

  12. Kids got all balls but no brain!!!!!
    NO way he plays this season, even if he signs…..
    He isn’t in NHL shape, has not practiced with the team and if he rushes to come back, he will probably heh injured!!!
    My question is what happens next year??
    Is it the same situation all over again?

  13. So what happens if he signs after December 1st and isn’t eligible to play in the NHL? Does he still get to play in the minors, or over-seas? Or is it just a year long vacation for him? Can he even practice with the Coyotes if he does sign?

    He does have a pair on him, that’s for sure. Too bad he’s letting them do all his talking and they’re shoved straight up his…

  14. sleedog39: If he signs after December 1, the contract won’t begin until the following season. He’ll be ineligible to play in the NHL this season after that date.

  15. @Dan
    Signing him to the lowest salary and the highest incentive would be counter productive this year. As the CBA is expiring this season all bonuses and incentives count against the cap. No team would consider picking him up if they had to take a hit of more than 2 million (pro-rated for time missed) plus give up the kind of package Maloney (or more specifically Bettman since he is running PHX) is asking for.

  16. As a Flames fan, I’m a little dissapointed that Feaster wants to go after a headcase and a problem like this. I’m sure the kid wants to get out of there and all, but, when you pull stunts like this…it doesn’t say much about the player/agent you are dealing with. There should be red flags everywhere and the last thing Calgary needs is an over-paid Matt Stajan.

  17. On another note, I am slowly loosing my patience with the Feaster take-over. Between all the “near misses” on getting top level players and having the “let’s wait and see” stance so far, I as a fan am getting super nervous and am not buying into the fact that we are on the right track. Don’t get me wrong, I like most of our line-up and believe we can be competitive but not in a long term scenerio. However, I have been known to be wrong before. Funny thing is- google our team in 2003-04 (the year we should of won) and look at that line-up… you would never think in a hundred years that team would of made it to the finals.
    What this team needs to be competitive is a few surprises- and I hope it happens if Feaster can’t find any trade partners.