The Latest on Luongo.

The NHL may be in the midst of a lockout, but the Roberto Luongo rumors float on.


Could the Oilers have interest in Luongo?

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford recently reported Roberto Luongo had  come to the realization his hopes of returning to the Florida Panthers were growing slim, and there weren’t many trade options open to him before the lockout.

“Toronto has already made a solid offer for Luongo, and when asked about a deal to the Leafs, GM Mike Gillis said there were several assets the Buds have which can get it done.

Gillis was also asked recently about his relationship with Burke, and said they get along “well enough” to pull the trigger on this thing.”

Botchford wondered, however, how keen Luongo would be to go to a dysfunctional club like the Maple Leafs. He also claimed a “mystery team” or two may have entered the Luongo sweepstakes prior to the lockout, and speculated the Edmonton Oilers may have been one of them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I’ll admit anything is possible, I don’t see the Canucks moving Luongo to a division rival, or that he’d agree to be dealt to Edmonton. I also have strong doubts he’d want to go to the Maple Leafs, though it must be remembered Dave Nonis, the GM who brought Luongo to Vancouver, is now assistant GM in Toronto, so he might be able to sell Luongo on the Leafs, though at this point, that could prove a tough sell.

What I will suggest, however, is that a season-killing lockout could result in more trade options for the Canucks regarding Luongo  when a new CBA is implemented. If this season is salvaged, the Panthers are willing to start this season with Jose Theodore and Scott Clemmensen, but if they get off to a poor start, jeopardizing the momentum they built up by making the playoffs last season, it could make them amenable to a Luongo trade.


  1. I think your Vancouver link isn’t working.

  2. Why is it always Toronto that has the rumors and even during a lock out. I guess the hits TSN hasn’t even said much about anything in rumors figure that out

    • These were rumors that surfaced in the days leading up to the lockout. Once the lockout went into effect, teams were/are prohibited from talking to one another regarding trades, as per league lockout rules.

  3. As an Oiler fan and an Edmontonian, no way Luongo comes to the Oilers. I am not saying he isnt a talented hockey player, but the Lou stigma would go completely against the whole rebuild and run the risk of poisoning the locker room.

    Sorry, whatever the stats, I would take Dubnyk for now over Luongo.

  4. As a Canuck fan, there would have to be a pretty good return to trade in the division anyways. The Oil will be good enough, soon enough, we don’t need to help them unless they help us stay younger.

    I doubt Loo would waive it to go there anyways.

    Or the Leafs for that matter.

  5. hard to understand all the animosity towards Luongo and his contract. when you look at his performance over the 6 years he spent in Vancouver he’s Averaged 37 wins and 5 shutouts, for those of you saying it’s because of a very good Canuck team in front of him i’d say they weren’t when he first got here and he won 47 games that year without much offense in front of him. he’s been a Vezina finalist (multiple times), won an Olympic Gold medal (after replacing a shaky Martin Brodeur), and almost led his team to the Stanley Cup (won 4 OT games, posted 4 shutouts and in the 3 wins he got in the final he only allowed 2 goals … a badly injured Canucks team was only able to score 8 goals in the series). Florida, Toronto or whoever ends up getting him will get an upgrade in net and if they’d had him last year the Leafs would’ve made the playoffs (considering how badly their goaltending let them down in the later half of the season) and the Panthers likely would’ve made it past the Devils (New Jersey had to win the last 2 games of the series in OT to get past Florida) and perhaps to the Finals with better goaltending.

    • The animosity is strictly related to his contract. Nobody says Luongo is not a top-notch goalie, even passive hockey fans can tell you he is.
      However when you have a $5.3 Million cap hit up until and including 2022 you have to really think about other options. Every potential trade partner will be asking themselves if Luongo will be effective 10 years from now at the age of 43….?

      • You won’t have the cap hit till 2022 because he’ll be retired before then and the cap will come off the books.

    • Eddie is the greatest is correct. Lui signed the contract before the age of 35. If he retires at any point no team will be stuck with a 5.3 mil cap hit.

      • And Aside from that, there is Provisions for a “buy-out ” of sorts

        He’s good value when you look at it objectivley – check it out for yourself

    • I’m a huge Canuck fan, and I’ve been trying to tell people this for the longest time. Another thing they’ve brought up is his playoff consistency. Unfortunately, the playoffs have been his achillies heel, and what is definitely scaring fans away

  6. I have long thought that from the outset of these rumours that it will not be one of the “main” documented suitors that acquire Luongo. With many big name players its very often an unmentioned team that acquires the player in the end.

    With that said I firmly think one of two teams will acquire him, those being Washington Capitals and New York Islanders. I do not seem the Canucks dealing Luongo to a team in the West, just does not make sense despite the lack of claimed overall interest.

    Now before you criticize, are 2 young unproven goalies really an answer to a potential contender in Wash that is quite loaded with talent? They just had Semin cleaned off their books, so cap space is a non-issue. I am sure Luongo could also tutor one of the two as he did with a young Schneider over several season.

    Islanders…well they have long needed a star goalie, and with their load of young talent they could sure use a veteran star goalie backstopping them. Nabokov is not a long term solution and didn’t even want to re-sign there until was convinced otherwise.

    Both of these teams have young assets that could make a deal work.

    Thoughts on this?

  7. Just to add my two cents worth:
    Hi Old_Soldier:
    While I don’t totally agree with your reasoning, I do agree with you that I don’t see Luongo going to the Oilers. But if he did he would be a valuable addition and mentor for Dubniyk. He would steal the Oilers much needed wins, as he did for the Canucks every year he has played for them. He is not the much maligned dressing room pariah that he is made out to be by people who don’t know what they are talking about. I predict that whatever team Lou goes to makes the playoffs, and as far as the garbage about his contract being too big and for too long…what is a dependable goalie worth that gets your team into the playoffs every year?….and he will be long gone and off the books before the end of his contract.

    Hi tj:
    I totally agree about Edmonton being good enough, soon enough and I would hate to be in the same division as the once they get all their gears meshing.

    Hi gameon63:
    Agree 100%. You are right on the money and have the stats to back you up.

    Hi Konstantine:
    As I stated Luongo will be long gone and playing poker in Florida before the end of his contract comes around.

    Hi Eddie is the greatest:
    Well said.

  8. Old Soldier..i agree Lou will not end up in Edmonton, but I think that is too bad. He could really give those young guys a solid performance to steal games, and provide confidence for a young talented group of forwards, and a weak defence.

    Eddie is the Greatest,

    Quite correct, and besides, 5.3 million today..what is that going to be comparable to in 10 years? Perhaps not even worth talking about if he still played and collected.

    LR…There are many teams that could or would use him, including Washington and the Islanders. But the key question is..will he waive his NTC to go there? While he would be a great pickup for either team, I do not think he would go.

    IMO here is his thought process. Islanders. been there, done that. Some young talent, GM is former goalie, owner is nuts, and I don’t want to be his son’s best friend. Arena and team on shaky ground. No thanks. Florida. Yes I live there, yada yada, but they don’t want me yet, and or cannot afford me. Washington. Ovechkin is a one man show, and I could help, but I want to be the star. He and I cannot carry the team.That will not work. Edmonton. That could work, but we could crush Canucks then. Not going to happen if Mike Gillis is GM. Leafs. Quick flight to Florida. I could drive to see the folks in Montreal if and when I want.Centre of the Hockey Universe. Hey, I could play the Habs on a regular basis!The spotlight is mine if I want it. Nonis and Burke will treat me (and protect me) like Royalty. Chance to show Canucks what I can do, and maybe meet them in the big one in a few years. Now THAT could be interesting….

    • The Leafs as the only option? They have 0 chance at a Cup and anytime before Luongo retires, he will not waive NTC to go to a team with no chance to win.

      Agreed NYI has issues but huge upside with the young talent they have amassed.

      Washington a one man show? They are very deep and with Oates there to build a two way game with guys like Backstrom, Carlson, Green, Alzner, Laich, Kuznetsov (1-2 years away), and many role players that are needed in playoffs Laich Ward, Knuble, etc.

      I respect your thoughts but to say the Leafs are the only option yet they have 0 chance to win is difficult to understand.

  9. All good thoughts, it should be an interesting transaction if and when it ever happens.

    I donlt mind trading to a Team like the Oil, even though I am a Canucks fan. That would be a hockey trade, vancouver gets’s younger and stays relevant for longer, the Oil p/u a guy that could make the difference .

    Normally I’d say no, but let;s be honest, 3 #1’s in the Last few years, gonna make it tough to pay everyone if your the Oilers. The timeline could be just what they need.

    Washington has very little to offer in return. Everything you;d like to have they’d likely not deal, and the Isle, I just can’t comment on them. Lot;s of youth, still going no place quick. They’ll mortgage their future again for a quick fix that will fail.

    I personally wouldn;t mind knowing if the Av’s were interested and what they may be willing to part with.

    The oil and the Av’s are the 2 young teams the West should be looking out for in years to come, and both could use Loo……Stastny anyone???

  10. Now if I understand the hole Lubomir Visnovsky thing. If Luongo waves his no trade clause to go to say Toronto, then Toronto can turnaround and trade him to where ever because his no trade clause is no longer valid. Right?

  11. cant see Lou going to wash , Holtby proved he is ready in last years playoffs ,and they traded away Varlamov last year to colorado because they knew holtby was their future .

    colorado gave up a first to get varlamov so not sure they are looking for a tender but luongo would be a upgrade .

    the market for Lou is soft and Gillis is looking for the best return , i dont think a deal gets done until well into the season ( this year ,next or year after that )

    leafs might make the playoffs with him in net and help burke keep his job . but as a leaf fan i would rather see them play the guys they have and take a shot at the first overall pick . but there most likely wont be a season this year and the leafs should have a chance at the # 1 pick in a lottery ( edm will probably win that…again)
    i could see the buds go after tim thomas after a year long lockout
    and the market for luongo might be greater too next summer .
    he is definitely in the top 10 goalies in the nhl right now

  12. LR,
    Respectfully, I was not saying that Toronto was the only option. Just saying if you are a star goalie, and as “Eddie is the Greatest” likes to point out, all goalies are a bit weird with a side of crazy, and you are out to prove something to a team that in essence dropped you in a heartbeat, and you are out to prove something to a fan base that thinks you wither under the pressure and glare of a major market, you might pick a team to go to that gives you one of the the biggest spotlights in hockey, to a team that needs you more than anything, and right now, one that without you is the least likely to succeed, who have not made the playoffs in (Oh, I have lost count now)and who otherwise appear to be heading into their next season (whenever that is) with the only change to the roster being the addition of Jay McClement ( no offense Jay), which effectively makes David Steckel your 4th line centre instead of your third. Just sayin..going to TO and turning things around might get a guy who does not suffer from a lack of ego or a point to make noticed, and some respect ..that’s all I was trying to put forth.

  13. moegillnee

    Sorry I disagree about Thomas. As a goalie I am all for it, as he is fun to watch and a game/team changer. However I cannot see American Brian Burke begging someone who embarrassed his President, Owners and Teammates to play on his team. Burke puts a lot of emphasis on loyalty and character, and right or wrong defends his guys, and expects the same. Tim’s antics defy Burkies moral code. Whether you agree with his code or not, he is not changing it for anyone.