The Rick Nash Rumor Watch – February 14, 2012.

Looks like the Rick Nash trade watch is officially on…or is it? Read on for the latest!

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports “NHL sources — from Columbus and beyond — took issue with the suggestion that Nash is “on the block”, but only the terminology. He is not being shopped by the Blue Jackets, they insist, and the club is not intent on moving him, as it is with Jeff Carter and perhaps others.” He adds, however, the Jackets management may have reached the point where they’re ready to consider all options, which includes Nash. He noted until recently the Jackets management wouldn’t consider trading Nash, and while that might still be the case, the next 12 days leading up to the trade deadline could get chaotic. Portzline also interviewed Nash today, and he said “as of right now, he’s a Blue Jacket”. A source claimed Nash has not requested a trade.  The club’s front office recently decided to explore the option of trading Nash, and the plan was subsequently present to him and/or his agent.

TSN.CA: Bob McKenzie suggested the Jackets wouldn’t be exploring trade options regarding Nash with the winger’s permission, since Nash has a “no-movement” clause and the ultimate decision if he’ll accept a trade or stay put. It’s believed up to last week Nash wasn’t available but over the weekend the club decided to listen to offers. McKenzie also said that doesn’t necessarily mean Nash is available or will be moved by the trade deadline, though this news does represent a significant shift on management’s part that they’re at least willing to consider the option. Darren Dreger, meanwhile, tweeted the Blue Jackets would insist on young rosters players as prominent pieces of a deal, with Nash making the ultimate decision on his destination.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun and Scott Burnside discussed potential trade partners, listing the NY Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, LA Kings, Vancouver Canucks, San Jose Sharks and Philadelphia Flyers as possibile destinations.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos reporting Nash provided a list of teams he’d accept being dealt to Blue Jackets management, and it’s believed a very short list.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: Dave Pollak wondered if the Sharks might have interest in Nash.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: To summarize: Until last week, the Blue Jackets had no intention of trading Nash, and his name never came up in trade talks because rival teams knew he wasn’t available. The Jackets management decided over the weekend to consider all options to improve the club, including listening to offers for Nash. He’s not being “shopped”, nor has he demanded a trade, but he has allowed management to at least entertain offers. That’s where we’re at at this point. Again, they’re not actively shopping Nash, only listening to offers, and Nash hasn’t demanded a trade, but is willing to allow management to field offers.

We also know that any rumors of the Blue Jackets trading Nash prior to this week was nonsense, and there weren’t any teams contacting the Blue Jackets prior to this week inquiring into Nash’s availability.

It’s certainly possible Nash could be traded by the trade deadline, but it won’t be easy. The asking price for Nash will be expensive, and the Jackets aren’t going to just accept untested young players, prospects and draft picks in return. They want help for now and the future. That means they’ll want one or two, good, established young players as part of the return.

Don’t forget, Nash carries an average annual cap hit of $7.8 million per season until the end of the 2017-18 season, so that means ensuring you’ve got the cap space, for the remainder of this season and going forward, to comfortably absorb that salary.

Finally, giving up at least two good players for Nash could have an adverse effect upon team chemistry for the club acquiring him. I’m not saying he’s a problem, but rather giving up some depth for him could hurt a team’s depth. If you’re the Rangers, currently dominating the Eastern Conference standings, it might not be wise to make such a significant move which has the potential to upset the strong chemistry that roster presently enjoys.

At the very least, we’ve now got a big name floating in the mill which could make things spicy leading up to the trade deadline, regardless of whether he’s dealt or not.


  1. I get the feeling Doug Wilson could have packaged Heatley with something to acquire Nash. Oh well.

  2. I see that LA might be possible.

    Could LA be willing to deal Richards with Bernier in a deal for Nash and Mason? Mason has lost favor in Columbus who would be looknig for a starting goalie and Bernier might be wanting a starting position. Mason could work as a platoon goalie with Quick. Re-united Richards with Carter might be good for both players. Now I would think that more would be coming from LA than just the two, maybe a decent young Defenseman in there too. This is just a thought.

    Vancouver could be interested, but not sure what they would give up. Would have to start with Schneider. Again in this one, Mason could go back to Vancouver.

    If your going to get wild, you could throw in Crosby’s name into the mix. Penguins don’t need Crosby to win, they are doing it without him. Columbus could use a bigger name star, injury prone or not. Personally, I don’t want to see him, the master diver, in my division.

  3. crosby is on LTIR, don’t think u can trade him if that is the case

  4. Ted…If La lands Nash it will be for Bernier, Johnson and a 1st rounder or something similar. There is no way LA would trade Richards, plus if Nash goes the other way then you have to think BJ’s are rebuilding, and would want prospects and picks and maybe a roster player.

  5. LA is possible and likely a front runner… Dustin Brown or Mike Richards going back the other direction, likely Mike Richards.

    The other teams they listed just doesn’t make sense. He’d not fit anywhere on Vancouver… the Sedins would be the absolute wrong place for him and playing with Ryan Kesler who plays just like he does (puck possession) doesn’t make sense either.

    Florida, Colorado, and Winnipeg could all enlist him and actually help their team.

    Who’s Detroit going to deal to get him? And being in the same division? The Rangers? Are they giving up on Gaborik? SJ giving up on Marleau, Philly on Giroux? And the Leafs giving up on Kessel and Lupul as their top two cuz Nash won’t play well with them… No… none of this even makes sense. He’ll be playing second line on these teams.

    He didn’t “thrive” in the Olympics either, in fact, he couldn’t play with Sid the Kid whatsoever until Babcock finally woke up to that realization and put Crosby with Iginla instead. Those kinds of guys play well with puck support and if he could learn how to be a playmaker, he’d be just as good as Evgeni Malkin is. Until then, I pity the team that thinks they’re improving if they trade off some roster players for him.

  6. Anyone who thinks that Richards would be going the other way for Nash is completely nuts, the Kings didn’t give up Schenn & Simmonds to get Richards just to trade him for Nash. They would just be creating a hole to fill at #2 Center. the Kings need a #1 LW and have the pcs needed to land Nash.

  7. I don’t see LA sending Richards away. Richards is the type of player that can win a series through hard checking and leadership – sort of like Chris Pronger. Nash is a good player but has proven nothing. And I don’t see them trading Brown either, trading your captain for a playoff push would be awful for the room.

    Vancouver, Detroit and the Rangers?? Don’t see it – when is the last time you saw a top tier team make a huge splash at the deadline? I can’t remember.

  8. Go figure with what looked like to be another flop come deadline day this happens…. wow what a coincidence!

  9. Nashville could become a player here with the amount of good young defensemen they got in the system plus a few picks

  10. @ Donnybrook

    Maybe TSN sent Columbus some cash and a promise to show more games if management would let slip a few rumours to drive up viewers for the 12 hour trade deadline show…

  11. Huge La fan here.. richards in a deal for nash is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. I agree with the guy who said Johnson, Bernier and a 1st rounder. probably even another guy like martinez for Nash and mason. That sounds a little more appropriate. Richards would be one of the reasons why nash would waive his NTC to go to LA. @TeamCanada success

  12. @trev

    So okay let’s see if this makes sense
    To Toronto
    Nash + Brassard

    To Columbus
    1st 2nd 3rd
    Kulemin franson
    Komisarek Holzer

  13. If LA picks up Nash…it will be a package of something like: Bernier, Johnson or Voynov, maybe a guy like Loktionov, Toffoli, and a 1st for something like Nash and Mason. Don’t know if this works with the cap…but can see Columbus liking the return of Bernier, Voynov, Loktionov, Toffoli, and a 1st.

  14. I feel that it’s going to be a 3-way trade with the B.J.’s- Kings-Leafs.. Either Nash or Carter to Kings,Bernier to B.J.’s with a roster player and a pick.. Penner and a pick and a prospect from Kings to the Leafs.. Actually Penner goes to the B.J.’s then gets traded to the Leafs for a D-man…. Maybe with the B.J.’s and Leaf’s swapping picks or prospects?…………….. Richards will not be traded..

  15. To toronto NASH and Carter and to columbus Schenn, komiserk,kadri macarthur as a base offer. Columbus wants rid of carters contract. Toronto if possible should try to swing this if possible. Pairse would definately be interested next yr in signing on giving the leafs a top six of kessel, carter, lupul, pairse ,grabovski, nash, with a young defense core of phaneuf, aullie, franzen, gardnier, gunnarsen, and liles. OMG boy am I dreamin, lol. Forgive me people i couldn’t help myself. Good God we leaf fans have been suffering such a long time. Please forgive this paragragh of self indulgent fantasy. I’ll be alright in a minute! LOL

  16. if the vancouver do add nash to the mix they will surely win the cup

  17. Burke won’t take Carter’s contract or he ends up looking like the biggest hypocrite in the league after ragging about these long term deals for the past two years to anyone that would listen.

  18. @Ziffles

    That’s roughly $52.0M for 12 players kessel, carter, lupul, pairse ,grabovski, nash, phaneuf, aullie, franzen, gardnier, gunnarsen, and liles. That leaves $12.0M of cap space for the remaining 12 players. Somehow I don’t see that working very well. lol

  19. Well usually that type of player is traded during the summer. Ican see Nash being traded during the draft, but now or February 27th?

    And that Dubinsky + 1rst round choice rumour is ridiculous.

    I could see Nash getting traded for Couturier and Van Riemdyk. Sorry Rangers fans! Flyers have way better assets.

  20. steckel , crabb, brown, bozak, kulemin,colbourne, riemer gustavsen = $ 8 million leaving 4 million for 4 players. Now were closer.

  21. @ firewilson. I’ starting to see your point about getting rid of wilson. Meaning to say that probably all coaches in the nhl know what to do in order to win. But what separtes the great ones is the ability to motivate. I look at guys like pat burns and the Rangers tortarella. I Mean if you don’t give it your all. You are afraid to face those guys. That and those types of coaches hate losing so bad that they would rather knaw off thier own hand than lose. Wilson doesn’t have that not many do. After The loss to the habs. I know the leafs are nothing but an average team with upside of youth. We have aways to go to reach the level of maybe 6 teams in the league i consider contenders. Whan and if a coach comes available that has blood in his eye. Burke should make a change in coaching. Do you know any coaches like that?

  22. The flyers problem is keeping the puck out of the net. Defense and still goal tending problems.

  23. Keep NASH !! If I’m Burke I don’t want 7.8 mill on the books for 6yrs. If I’m gonna give up the assets it would take, I’m calling Anaheim on Ryan or Getzlaf. Younger, and better contracts with more upside. Persoally, I say leave the team alone. We aren’t going to the show this year anyway. Lets see how Colborne and others develop and then make the splash

  24. Grabovski, Kulemin, Franson, 2012 first rounder and a conditional pick (incase Grabovski doesn’t resign, but he probably will for the right price especially if he can stay with Kule) That package would hurt to give and might upset chemistry short term, but Lupul, Bozak, Kessel, Nash, Connolly, Mac would be a good balanced attack.
    I seriously think IF Nash has Vancouver or LA on his “list” they will eventually outbid anyone. The Jackets are in need of a goalie, Schneider and Bernier would be an integral part of any deal for Nash.

  25. Nash for Luongo straight up?

  26. @trev

    Done. Do it now. Im in

  27. If torontos involved it isn’t happening without Kessel or lupul. The jackets are horrible drafters, not absolute idiots.

    Just looking at nashs stats and I must say, not worth the contract really. He would thrive with a elite center man but I don’t think the Pens can make the deal without major sacrifices.

    Right now the bernier, Johnson, penner, 1st sounds like what will happen. Mason is probably included too from the jackets. Then they may keep carter if they make a deal like that, unless he has asked to be dealt. Then they will prob try to get a similar cost contract and a pick for him if they take care of the goalie and D with the LA trade.

    Or this is all smoke and no fire. Interesting hockey talk though. The only thing I would like to know is the list of teams he would accept a trade to. Then we could break down every teams available assets and throw together trades on these message threads. Maybe someone will get it before the deadline.

  28. Lupul or Kessel For Nash?? Are you nuts?? Columbus is not getting players like that back in a trade for Nash. They are rebuilding.Toronto is not trading Lupul or Kessel. A more likely offer is: Schenn, Kadri, Kulemin/MacArthur, Komisarek and a high draft pick FOR Nash And Brassard. You could even swap like Mason for Gustavsson so Columbus could dump Mason’s salary.

  29. Krejci, Rask and a first rounder.
    Rask want’s more playing time.
    Boston has too many centers can move Seguin to center.
    Rask won’t play in the playoffs and won’t help this year.
    I know he’s the goalie of the future but is he really.
    Have the cap space with Savard on LTIR.
    Need a replacement if Horton is done for the year.

  30. Many of us in Columbus would like to see Carter here next year. He has been out for two lengthy spells, and we’d like to see him get a good chance to try to blend in. Remember he HAS NOT asked to be traded!
    As for Nash, trade him, and there will probably be a mass exodus of already disgruntled season ticket holders. Go ahead Howson, trade away the franchise player and most popular Jacket and show us how incompetent you really are.

  31. @ Trev

    Luongo for Nash straight up?

    Please tell me you are kidding!

    Howson to his coaching staff- ” I bet Roberto cannot get on the plane fast enough to join our team. He is so looking forward to playing with us here in Columbus!”


    @dave-b’s fan

    Your deal makes sense, but they might have to add a Defenseman or a prospect to get a deal through. The key issues to consider though are: Is Boston good enough to get through as they are, and, what is it going to take for Thomas to fast track himself out of Boston. And if he does piss off the owner enough ( if he has not already), they will need Rask, because I do not think they have any rising superstar goalies on the farm.

  32. Luongo for Nash straight up Part 2

    After being advised of the Trade, Roberto promptly rides a bicycle in front of a speeding bus, so he can remain on IR for the balance of his contract……..

    Sorry Trev….on the surface the values are not far off, but I just cannot see Mr Ego playing for Columbus. I honestly think he would prefer to play out the balance of his contract in the minors than play for Columbus.
    Not trying to dis you, it just seems preposterous to me that’s all.

  33. How about vancouver. BJ wants prospects how about Hodson and Schnieder and and perhaps a 2nd rounder for nash and a D-man.

    I figure Vancouver is one or two players away from the big prize. Schnieder looks as good as loungo and hodson looks like he can be great in one or two years

  34. as far as the NY rangers go i would lovre to have nash on my team but the deal would have to be a big one and the way the rangers are playing right now you just can not break up this team right now . this is a deal that would have to wait for the off season for the rangers and im sure glen sather has his eye on zac parise hoping he dos not sign an extention with devils and becomes a free agent

  35. Smyth or Iginla fit better for Rangers than Nash. they need PP net presence and a shot from point better than McCabe overall. I could see Slats sending some AHL+draft picks for depth. As few goals as Dubi has this season he is still a big part of the team

  36. Makes me laugh all the NHL 12 Fantasy GM’s on here. Lets trade three castoffs, a decent prospect, and first round pick. Yea makes sense lets do it. If it’s the Kings it will take Voynov, Lokoitinov, Bernier, Williams, and first round pick minimum. Kings were just an example. But my point is three good young players an established proven 25+ year old player and a first round pick. Just because you throw in an overpaid Penner as was the rumor yesterday with Bernier and Hunter doesn’t make it a good deal. Nash will not going anywhere at the trade deadline and if there were a contending team willing to acquire him it would instantly make them non contenders for the future because they would give up the farm to get him and be saddled with an unreal cap hit for six more seasons. That being said, I can’t understand why the Rangers haven’t pulled the trigger. History shows Sather is not shy about acquiring or handing out fat contracts.

  37. @Ziffles

    Let’s see what Chicago does with Joel Quenneville in the off season. He would be a great replacement for Wilson. If the Leafs want to take a flyer on a young coach they can try Eakins or go dig Bob Boughner out of the OHL from the Windsor Spits. He’s an unbelievable coach and he would coach the Marlies or the Leaf’s in a heart beat.

  38. Amazing that Howson gets to absolutely cripple the franchise with one final head shot if he indeed does trade Nash (with ownership’s blessing – that’s the only way this makes sense).

    The teams that have NHL-ready goaltending depth and defensive depth that is young and cost-controlled has the best shot at Nash. I also agree with SmielMan in one sense – Nash hasn’t really earned that contract statistically, but how much of that is his team versus his skill. Do you bank on him improving around better players or is he a very good complimentary piece?

    Looking at the cap numbers on, Vancouver, New York Rangers, Toronto and LA would have to move roster players to accommodate Nash’s cap hit, while Boston could take it on with no issue or moving roster players. LA needs the offense and they would lose Penner’s cap hit (4.25 mil) plus Willie Mitchell (3.5 mil) after the season that rather nicely makes them cap compliant with Nash’s deal. There is no significant RFA that needs a new contract after this season.

    A deal of Bernier, Penner (solely for cap purposes) and prospects such as Toffoli or Voynov and picks puts LA in the driver’s seat if they want Nash. I don’t see a need for LA to take back Mason, either – Zatkoff and Jones are good enough to carry the water for the season and Mason’s contract means more roster players coming off the roster for LA.

  39. Quick add – Penner almost has to go Columbus to make any deal with LA work. It’s an expiring contract, so there is no long term impact to Columbus. Yes, he has no value other than as a cap balancer.

  40. I find increasingly funny, but agree with SmielmaN , because as much as i love TSN and the guy’s there esp Bob Mac, why the Leafs are always involved is crazy, Just because Nash is from Brampton does not mean he want’s to play in Toronto. The leafs also do not have assets to acquire Nash without Kessel leaving to go the other way and the goal tending tandem is not good enough, look for LA or St Louis to place great offers on the Table, Leaf fans can now relax because there is no way they Get Nash unless B. Burke beat Scott H into giving him Nash and Kulimen and Grabs and a 1st is not enough to get Nash, try Schenn, Kessel Colburne and a 1st, for Nash and another player and a 2nd. Leftovers will not get you a Top line player!

  41. I will reveal my allegiance lol. Blues fan here. NO WAY does St Louis make an offer for Nash. Strict budget, ownership transition, and after five years of restocking the cupboard as the saying goes we will not blow it now strictly on Nash.

  42. mikeg, typical Leaf hater. Ya, the only asset the Burke has to offer is Kessel. The rest are cast offs. Arghh. Watch a game will you?

  43. @Durt

    Totally agree mikeg has no idea what he’s talking about. I would think even Gardiner and this years first would get it done for Nash. Hope the Leafs don’t bite on this Nash thing though.

  44. @ Fire Wilson,

    If you watched last nights game against Calgary you will see that the Leafs Defence were pathetic, the forwards had no puck luck despite getting 42 shots on net, with about 10% being decent chances. Old Kipper was standing on his head. Other than stepping in and playing D himself, there is not much more a coach can do. Well except for one thing. Why the hell did they pair Phaneuf with Komisarek? They have never ever played together, and it totally messed up the rest of the D pairs. When Tyler Bozak ends up being the guy in front of the net trying to prevent Olli Jokinen from gaining position, the wheels are off the wagon.I would rather have seen # 8 sit for another game and put Aulie on the ice, Assistant Captain or not. Dion has been so lethargic lately with tons of giveaways and lack of intensity. Fire Rob Zettler.

  45. Why the heck would anyone want to be traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs — a team with possibly the worst GM-Coaching tandem in the NHL and very few prospects of making a bid for the cup for another 20 years?

    It seems every time a big name player becomes available the rose coloured glasses come out and the Toronto hopeful all line up and say yay, a big name is coming to town! The bottom line is as well that Toronto has nothing anyone wants to offer in return.

    In the case of Nash, the smart money would go to either New York, Anaheim or San Jose. Also, look to Buffalo — a team looking to dump Miller at some point in some kind of trade as well.

  46. I could see the Sharks moving Pavelski, Braun/Demers, + pic for Nash. He would look good on the first line with Thornton, and give him a natural winger. Hate to lose Pav’s, but you gota give to get!

  47. To all you fools that say that kessel would be a start for nash give your head a shake! Number don’t lie so you can say I think kess is worth more that what he is but the bottom line is his
    Numbers are better he is younger and Nash has not played to his potential or the last few seasons. He had also not shown the ability to make the players around him better. So ya kessel would be a
    Good start but in my eyes Cbj would have I give users back then overrated Rick Nash. Jesus were not talking about Crosby here…

  48. Stupid phone! Lol I ment to say they would have to give us back more then overrated Rick Nash

  49. What would it take for the Leafs to get Nash, and yes we want him badly.

    First off, start with Lupul (we won’t be able to resign him anyway), and our 1st round pick.

    Next, you have to give them a good young defensman, and although I would offer Aulie, it will probably take Gunnarson, Franson or Shenn (and it will probably be Coiumbus’ choice – I would NOT trade Gardiner).

    And to sweeten the deal and make sure I get Nash, I would offer any one player from the Marlies (I would hope they’d take Kadri, because I think Frattin and Colborne are better prospects), and the rights to any unsigned prospect.

  50. DurtMCHurt | Wednesday, 15 February 2012 at 2:57 pm

    mikeg, typical Leaf hater. Ya, the only asset the Burke has to offer is Kessel. The rest are cast offs. Arghh. Watch a game will you?
    Dude I have watched more NHL games in my life time then you can even imagine. I did not say they were casts offs, I said Kessel has to go the other way, Columbus will not takes draft picks and unknowns if they want that Franchise to survive. I have watched the leafs a lot this year and so to tell ya, you over value your teams players, Period!
    It will take a top six forward a defenseman on the roster and a prospect and 1st round pick. The Jackets then would offer Nash and a pick or and other player,
    Leaf Hater no just providing a reality check for you! Your teams is playing decent hockey this year because of your coach, you do not have a lot to offer the jackets period, Hell Montreal could offer Pleks and AK-46 and a draft pick and that would be better than anything the leafs could offer, get a grip on reality!


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