The Rick Nash Trade Watch – February 16, 2012.

Get the latest on possible destinations for Columbus Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash.


Nash will be an expensive acquisition.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline on what the Blue Jackets could seek in return for trading Rick Nash. “The Blue Jackets are said to want at least one young roster player along with a combination of top prospects and quality draft picks.” Portzline noted a report in the NY Post claiming the Blue Jackets and NY Rangers have had preliminary discussions. While the Rangers are loaded with young talent, the LA Kings could offer up goalie Jonathan Bernier as part of a return.

USA TODAY: Kevin Allen is puzzled over the Blue Jackets dangling Nash at the trade deadline,  believing they could get a better return, especially from  from potential Cup contenders, if they shopped him near the June Entry Draft weekend. He believes the Jackets could get offers from up to 20 teams this summer, but considerably less at this time of year.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts looked at potential suitors for Nash, listing the Bruins, Red Wings, Kings, Rangers, Flyers, Sharks, Maple Leafs and Canucks.

BOSTON GLOBE/CSNNE.COM: Fluto Shinzawa and Joe Haggerty weighed in on the possibility of Nash coming to Boston, believing he’d cost too much (Tuukka Rask, prospect defenseman Dougie Hamilton, a first round pick, perhaps David Krejci or Milan Lucic) for the Bruins. There would also be concerns over absorbing his salary and the impact upon team chemistry.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ed Willes notes the Canucks could offer up goalie Cory Schneider as the centerpiece of an offer for Nash, but his $7.8 million per season cap hit is too much to comfortably absorb, considering the Canucks already have a lot of money tied up in the Sedins, Ryan Kesler and Roberto Luongo.

TORONTO SUN/NATIONAL POST/TORONTO STAR: Mike Zeisberger of the Sun believes the Maple Leafs should take a run at acquiring Nash, believing he’s worth the risk in parting with young prospects and players to get him, but Howard Berger counters the Maple Leafs should put more focus upon improving their goaltending. Damien Cox of The Star confirms the Maple Leafs are on Nash’s list of teams he’d accept getting dealt to.

DETROIT NEWS/DETROIT FREE PRESS: report Red Wings GM Ken Holland is more interested in complimentary players (preferably those who are pending UFAs) than in adding superstars on long-term contracts.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk has contacted the Blue Jackets regarding Nash, but he expects a lot of other GMs have done, or will do, the same thing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Allen makes a great point, for judging by the reports coming from Boston, Detroit and Vancouver, a number of potential Cup contenders aren’t that keen at taking on Nash and his big contract at this point in the season. The Maple Leafs may be on Nash’s list, but it would be a big role of the dice for GM Brian Burke to pursue him, as he’d be giving up depth elsewhere to land the superstar winger, and he’d do nothing to bolster their goaltending and center depth.

It would be foolish to dismiss the possibility of Nash being moved at the trade deadline, but I believe the Blue Jackets could do better if they wait until the Entry Draft, when there are more teams with cap space, no regular season pressure, and more willingness by clubs to spend on big name talent.


  1. I have to believe Burke is still in the hunt for JVR and is using a bid for Nash as a smoke screen with Philly. Burke has shown he isn’t opposed to taking a risk on previous concussed guys so he may be waiting for JVR to return to action. Schenn’s days seem to be numbered in Toronto unless Wilson gets the axe sometime soon (unlikely). Schenn’s been in and out of Wilson’s dog house the last two years and I would think Philly can see through this haze and see Schenn could be a top 4 D man for their club. Playing the two Schenn brothers along side each other could pay huge dividends for Philly.
    I just don’t see Burke emptying the cuboard to get Nash after all the work it’s taken him to fill up the Leaf’s future with decent youth.

  2. move him now!
    if you wait until the summer, you run the risk of Nash being pissed off that he missed the playoffs again only because you (howdson) failed to move him, and now you want him to do you a favor and be moved to the team with the best offer.
    Keep in mind Nash is selecting who he will be moved to not the Blue Jackets, here is my list and these teams know this so the bidding war is between them and no one else.

  3. I don’t think it makes much of a difference in shopping Nash at the draft. There are only a few teams Nash will except a trade to (Kevin Allen thinks for some reason the number of teams will jump to 20 in June, someone needs to explain to him what a nmc means) if the Jackets are serious about trading Nash now, then they’ll need to take an expiring contract back or a slight salary dump. That’s the only difference I see between now and June. At the draft, Howson probably won’t take on an expiring contract, or very much salary in return.

  4. kevin allen is missing 1 small point…nash has a ntc andhe has given a list of teams he will accept a trade to….it doesn’t matter if 20 teams give the cbj an offer….nash is in the drivers seat….

  5. Forget about the name and number on the back of his sweater for a sec..

    Goals 277
    Assists 250
    Points 527 -74

  6. Nash has a lot of talent yes and is the best player on the CBJ but the guys has never had a season over higher than 79 pts!! Yeah maybe if he had a center but 8 million for 80 points I’d rather have a 2 good winger getting my 60-70pts for 4 million-5million a piece! Most big names are just names…there aren’t that many guys…patrick kane fizzling ovie fizzle, semin, richards, carter….build a good team from bottom up thats it. If Nash was a rental I’d do it but I don’t believe you can build around a winger. A center or a goalie(thats rare these days)

  7. Ugg fat fingered that one and submitted to early.. either way point is.. I just don’t think this guy is worth THAT much.. especially with the contract he’s got. Ya he’s been on a weak team.. but still

  8. Durt totally right, I don’t get all these reports saying wait and there could be 20 teams interested at the draft. Nash has a list of 5 teams. 5 not 20, doesn’t matter if the carolina hurrricanes would be more interested at the draft, they are not on his list. Sure maybe after failing to win the cup vvancouver or the rangers might change their minds, but its still 5 teams.

  9. I wouldnt trade Schenn, he’s 22 and still has alot to learn, also i wouldnt trade all the youngsters to get Nash i think that would set us back, i would stay the couse, trade some bad contracts and continue with the rebuid and try to add through free Agents, The Leafs are still a very young team and on the brink of a playoff spot and seeem to be improving every year, that being said i still believe we dont have the right coach,

  10. Lyle, I agree with your thought and Allen’s surmise…..why would Howson limit his options to Nash’s NMC list today and not wait and have constructive discussions with Nash and his agent in the off season and possibly open up his options and return.
    The trump card in this thinking is if some “Desperate” GM backs the Brinks truck up to the Blue Jackets door and escorts in 2-3 first rounders and an upside prospect or more………Dah

  11. Nash is an underachiever. He averages around 60 points a season and is one of the highest paid players in the league. He is a constant minus player. I wouldn’t sign him if he were a free agent but apparently teams are ready to offer boat loads of prospects to Columbus for him

  12. Sell the farm BB we need this guy to build around

  13. Two big name players in Nash and Parise in June will create a lot of rumors. I can’t wait.

  14. @ Dom. Totally agree. His point totals aren’t elite and he hasn’t scored 40 goals in a number of years. Yes, the Blue Jackets are terrible, but it just doesn’t seem worth it to take on his salary, give up a whole bunch of young players, for a guy who has never really produced at an elite level. The only reason he is considered a “superstar” is because he is the best player on a terrible franchise. The Leafs would be better offering up Franson and other pieces for Brassard: lower salary and a lot of upside if he was put in the right environment.

  15. I would rather see Burkie make a trade to bring Braydon Scheen to the Leafs rather then try to get JVR. Look at the brother connection from the ducks and from Nucks. Their are other bother’s I know but I am just picking these 2 family’s because Burkie made it happen. They are both young and the Leafs can have many years for these guys to build around. Lyle what do you think about the idea of the Leafs getting Braydon Scheen. Plus whats do you think it will take to make this trade happen. Other then that . I would like to see the Leafs gets Nash but we would have to give up to much youth. Unless they take Komi big salary, Kardi young guy, Garbo and Kulium both have chemistry with each other and a pick so we can keep our young group. The sad thing is we will lose most of our 2nd scoring line. Sure we will have money for other guys on trade day or for next season but we lose any chance of making the playoffs this year.

  16. I can’t take this anymore! Anybody in the greater Toronto are knows what I’m talking about. For the last two or three days, I’ve been subjected to hour long segments on talk radio on what people would give for Nash. This is insanity. A person offered Phaneuf, Mac, Schenn ++ (it’s called a salary cap), Greg Brady (fan590) offered Schenn, Colborne, Lupul, a first and second rounder. Doug Maclean suggests it would take Kessel, Gardiner +, all of these deals (for various reasons) make No Sense! It’s hitting the boiling point in Toronto, I’m thinking of taking a break from Twitter, talk radio and hockey sites. I can’t stand listening to how god like Rick Nash is and how little Leaf players and prospects are worth. Simply terrible.
    If it costs more then a roster player (Schenn or Grabovski or Kulemin) a few picks (1st rd and 2nd rd) and a few prospects (one of Kadri, Colborne or Frattin) and (one of Blacker, Aulie or Mckegg) (ex. Schenn, Colborne, Blacker, 1st rd 2012, 2 rd 2013) then I don’t want Nash. He’s not Crosby!

  17. DurtMCHurt. That is to much to give up for Nash.

  18. As a Bruins fan, I would offer Tuukka RASK, David KREJCI, Jordan CARON, a 1st in 2010 and a 2nd in 2013 for Rick NASH, Steve MASON and Fedor TYUTIN. Might not get it done but that’s what I would pitch. Bruins need a shake up IMHO. Move SEGUIN to C between LUCIC and a healthy HORTON (fingers crossed). Place NASH on BERGERON’s line with MARCHAND. Third and fourth lines would be…

    Depth Zach HAMILL/Josh HENNESSEY

    On D


  19. I dont think Burke needs to Empty the Cupboard. I think Burke Just needs to make a pre-cursor trade.

    Tor – LA

    Grabovski , 2nd rounder for bernier
    — leafs wont be able to afford grabo for what he wll demand and LA needs the secondary scoring

    Tor – CLB

    Schen, Kadri, Bernier and a 1st for nash and brassard
    —- schenn was gonna be traded anyways ( better to get nash in the deal than JVR) Kadri will never get the time he needs as long as wilson is there and the first rounder wll hopefully not be a top 10 pick anyways — in return we get nash and a center to replace grabo

    leafs hv alittle depth at center jst not a real top line center but bozak has chemistry with kessel and lupul— also if the leafs trade schenn for JVR where does JVR fit in when bozak has chemistry w/ kessel and lupul and grabo is still there, still have connolly, lombardi, steckel, colbourne and kadri

  20. Nash has the skills of a C and he’s playing RW… that’s probably why his point totals don’t make sense with his skill. Maybe he wouldn’t win that many face-offs, but that you can work on. But wingers shouldn’t carry the puck as much as he does as it limits the kind of players that can play with him. If he were THAT good, he could play with a couple of nobodys and it wouldn’t matter what their names are (like Malkin or Lemieux). But truth is, he’s not. He needs to be ‘babied’ into a line-up.

    I personally don’t see any reason the CBJs should move him. Carter on the other hand, you get rid of. You got ripped off, live with it, Howson. The only reason he considers moving Nash is because Carter and Nash have little chemistry (no surprise there) and he’s not getting any good offers for Carter so rather than trade Carter for the second round pick and prospect he was offered, he wants to deal Nash so that his mistake in acquiring Carter is not admitted. YOU gave up Sean Couturier (who was a steal from where he was picked), you dolt, live with it. GMs are in such denial sometimes.

  21. @Durt….Think of those talk shows, twitter posts and the rest as pure entertainment. Don’t be mad people are making those suggestions…be amused they are. I think it’s hilarious. I’m a Flyer fan and some of the stuff from there is just as ridiculous. Best thing to do is laugh and hope that it’s not your GM posting those incognito to get a feel on how fans will react if that’s what he does…Lol.

  22. Leafscaptain, maybe you’re right, I’m willing to give up a lot for Nash. But I’m trying to be realistic without being insane.

  23. MJR, I keep hearing Nash is a RW, but hockeydatabase has him as a LW and he’s a left handed shooter. Are you sure he’s a RW?

    Cheesehead, thanks for talking me of a ledge dude. It just gets frustrating living in Toronto. The media here is absolutely terrible. The guys I hear and read in the media get the conversation started amungst Leaf fans that every superstar is coming here. So in the future, if anyone wants to know why Leaf fans are always talking about Parise, Staal, Getzlaf and Nash coming to TO, chances are it started because one of our many retarded pundits have mused about it.

  24. At the draft you have MORE TEAMS that are interested, but they’re not as motivated. At the trade deadline a smaller group of teams are seriously motivated and may be willing to overpay.

    Besides, why NOT dangle Nash at the deadline? It doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily going to trade him. Why not field offers and if you don’t get what you like then do it again at the draft. There is no downside to dangling him now.

  25. Nash absent from practice this morning

  26. Nash not at practice, hmmm. Maybe just resting a few bruises, but then again maybe Nash demanded Howson trade him “right frickin now.”
    Nash hasn’t performed all that great recently, however you have to look at the teams roster and ask yourself who he has had to play with. You can also argue that if he was such a great player then he would be putting up much better numbers. In any case any GM that trades for him had better be prepared for him not to be a savior. It is really risky giving up a decent roster player or two and losing a few prospects that could soon make your team for a guy who may or may not fit into your teams chemistry. Gm’s who think the risk is worth it may find themselves looking for work. I also think that the new CBA is a factor to consider, taking on a 7.8 million dollar salary just before is probably scaring a few managers off.

  27. Heard something about a Leafs deal,and not from some sports dj,

    Schenn,macarthur,colbourne,ross,scrivens,leafs 1st rd pick
    Nash,BJ’s 2nd rd pick.

  28. You guys are a little too down on this guy. He plays in stinktown. And he has never played a single shift with an actual 1 or 2 Dman geting him the puck. The coaches have always just said, “give it to Nash.” Making assessments based on his stats or his potential is ridiculous. This guy is a dominant player. The problem is that it will take a full year on a real team to figure how to play as a team player (see: Kovalchuk). I don’t see him moving at the deadline, and if he does, I don’t see him making too much impact.

    Durt, that is rough. I can hear those pundits out here too. Moronic. Bob McCown doesn’t even prefer hockey to other sports.

  29. I just read @’s Columbus site this “Interim Head Coach Todd Richards confirms that Rick Nash, Jeff Carter, Fedor Tyutin & Derek Dorsett were given maintenance days today.”

  30. TopRight:
    Why do I get the impression that all 1500 people working at ACC love to gossip?

  31. Man I really hope that Schenn is not traded. He is young. He is going to be one of the best defenceman in the league with in the next 3 years. He is only 22 people. I say keep him untill Dion’s contract is up and if he has not improved then we trade him. But I believe he will be one of the best defenceman in the league. I have said it before. Watch how he interacts with the team on and off the ice. Watch how he taks to the media. Look at all the off ice stuff he does. He is the future Captain for the Leafs. He is the type of guy you want to keep on your team. He will be like what Alferdsson is to the Sens. I would trade Aulie or Gunnarsson which in it own right is a hit to our roaster. Before I trade Schenn.

  32. Side note. JVR is a really good player. But like I said earlier. I would rather trade for Braydon Schenn and get the same chemistry that Burkie had with the Ducks and Canucks brother’s.

  33. Pavel Kabina is held from practice. Trade is coming down the tube say Steve Y.

  34. Some of these trade rumours are ridiculous.
    Nash isnt worth a boatload of young players and propects. If he was a dominant player he would have dominated something. But he hasnt over impressed me… I totally agree with the posters above who say Hash is not elite.

    I think if Vancouver offered Schneider and Raymond for Nash thats more than enough to get a deal done… and Columbus should jump at that deal as those are 2 players who will actually be on the team in the future (lookup Thronton, Kovalchuk, Hossa trades).

    Boston will not part with Rask or Seguin. Period. And if they did, they’d be stupid.

    I’d rather wait it out and try to sign Parise as a UFA in the off season.

  35. ok i love reading these posts but i dont often write on it. the leafs are in a soft rebuild, i understand that means having a mix of prospects in the minors and good players on the team but why throw that away for these players. some of these offers seem terrible to me. in my personal opinion you do not ever trade luke schenn, he has an awful coach that has limited his potential but he is still only 22 years old. this guy will be invaluable for the next 12-15 years in the nhl…you just dont find guys like that. this is my idea
    1. fire ron wilson; this is a no-brainer. he isjust awful and consistently gets out coached. furthermore he has no idea how to run with young kids. he limits them at all times (maybe not gardiner but still).
    2. the way the trade market is going you might (and i stress might) be able to trade komi. the market is drying up and there are stilla lot of teams looking for d. if you get anything for him you do it.
    3. trade franson and a third for braydon schenn. this units the brothers and phili gets a great young d ready to step into the lineup + gives you a reason to move or let cyrle walk.
    4. if nash is who you want, then you move kessel, kadri and gustfsson for nash and mason. now i hate mason, i ahve ever since he played for the junior team, but as a backup he would do fine. plus having him there with allaire may help him, but it doesnt matter because we are getting a backup. now i know alot of people wont like this, but while kessel is dynamic and kadri could be a great player, no matter what aynyone says about his point total, rick nash is top 10 in the world and talent like that, if can be had should be jumped on.
    5. pick up a center. lets be fair, we wont be able to do this so we should stop crying for it. unless we move gunnerson (hells no unless someone good comes back), dont bother. our d should be (in no particular order). phenuuf, schenn, gardiner, liles, aulie and gunnerson. ride them out, have holzer and your 7th d and trhey are fine. the market for d should heat up alot so move what you can, and remember that this is one of those “once in 10 years draft”

  36. let’s say the Leafs land Nash , who’s he going to play with ? do you break up Lupul and Kessel?
    obtaining Nash might mean Grabovski would be the odd man out because the $ would be available to sign him, depending on who is going the other way. While Nash is a good player ( not great ) I think the Leafs would be better off trying to secure a #1 center , especially for that much per year cap hit.

  37. “he would have dominated something”

    You mean, like a Columbus game that you didn’t watch?

  38. I really don’t think Nash gets traded at the deadline. We’ll see but I’m gonna say I told you so in a little over a week.

  39. Allen might make a great point Spector! but there can’t be 20 teams if Nash is only willing to go to 5 teams…Remember Nash can choose where he wants to go as he as a no trade clause

  40. On Nash: he shoots left, he plays right on Columbus. have him as a right wing and so does wiki. A lot of people play cross wing because they’re snipers and have a better angle to shoot vs. a better angle to pass. Since he’s a skater/shooter, that’s probably why he plays RW.

  41. The Kings GM is not dumb like other GM”s he built the team from within and draft and its going to stay like that , Why would you give so much for Nash he’s turning 28 next season he has at least three or four more years left, plus with this new league he is not going to put up more than 30 goals thats for sure …Keep Beriner till the draft trade him for a 1st rounder or a young player in return trust me teams will be looking at him and will give up more in the draft than at the deadline….Kings FA such as Penner, Stoll, Hunter, Mitchell, Frasier let them walk …..Go After Parise or Semin as Free Agents and build around our young team ….They can also trade Gagne and Williams as well in the off season !

  42. Damian Cox confirming things??? That guys a blowhard who constantly makes things up. Take whatever he says with a grain of salt

    I’m thinking te asking price is mighty high for a player who doesn’t get a point per game and makes almost 8 million. Jeff Carter is a better acquisition than Nash, IMO.

  43. I think there is a very remote chance Philadelphia trades Brayden Schenn. And certainly not for a spare parts defender who has spent as much time in the press box than on the ice for an average defensive team and a middle round pick as was suggested further up-stream. If Philadelphia moves Schenn, it’ll be in a deal for a top-end blueline like Shea Weber (pure speculation on my part) and not as a move to acquire a depth defenseman. Now that Brayden Schenn is healthy and has caught up with the speed of the NHL game, it is readily apparent why he was so hyped as a prospect. Holmgren retooled the forward ranks and Schenn is a big part of that.

    Even with the concussion, I don’t know that Franson and a third gets your Van Riemsdyk. The word from Philadelphia is the deal was Luke Schenn for Van Riemsdyk straight up in terms of value.

  44. “Tor – LA

    Grabovski , 2nd rounder for bernier
    — leafs wont be able to afford grabo for what he wll demand and LA needs the secondary scoring

    Tor – CLB

    Schen, Kadri, Bernier and a 1st for nash and brassard”

    Um, why should LA give up a valuable asset like Bernier, who has value in the league, for an iffy second liner that might improve their scoring, when they can match the Toronto offer (which is wildly over-valued and completely undoable against the cap) by offering better pieces for just Nash?

    Bernier, Johnson, Loktionov or Toffoli and the pick straight up for Nash trumps the Toronto offer and fits under the cap. The Leafs would have to move another roster salary to accommodate Brassard, even if the deal worked value-wise (which, in my opinion, it doesn’t).

  45. @mattbetts where do you get its a once in ten year draft? Most people in the know figure the top 10 maybe great prospects but after that it is considered a weak draft.

  46. Shuler, how is Franson a “spare part” he’s a really good defenceman if you cared to watch a Leaf game. He sat in the press box at the beggining of the year because the Leafs have 8-9 NHL ready defencemen. Since his short stint sitting, he’s been awesome. Hard, accurate shot, gritty and big. He’s still young, but I see him being a top four possibly top two defense pairing in the near future. You obviously are a Leaf hater, so why am I wasting my time explaining this too you?
    You can’t say Franson is a spare part because he’s not established, and then turn around and say B Schenn is the $hit…how many NHL games has he played?

  47. He’s a good fit in Boston but wouldn’t mortgage the franchise to get him.
    If Thomas is around this year and next I think we could move Rask for him.
    Hamilton,Seguin and Lucic no way.
    Rask,Krejci and a first is about as high as I would go otherwise no deal.
    I’d rather pick up a rental for the playoffs.

  48. @ Tux,

    i got the biggs as the draft pick right and the gardiner part of the beuchemin trade right didn’t i.
    when the other team says they will discuss it internally they usually are thinking about doing it or trying to tinker it a bit compared to what other options they have from other teams.
    i never claimed it came out of the ACC,tho you never know :>)

  49. Well you’ve indicated that you have an inside guy before, and as you say, you have a half-decent prediction rate. I don’t doubt that your buddy pours drinks for executives, but the problem in TO is that there are way too many people in the front office. They are too stoked on the Leafs to keep their mouthes shut, so you get a lot inside rumours that are authentic, but still not gonna happen. Organizational security is something they do not have over there. I really doubt that this is an asset.

  50. Schuler – CLB wont want contracts that are due for raises like Loktionov, bernier, and toffoli wll get rookie max. CLB would want players under contract at a good value keeping them cap room if they are stuck with carters contract.

  51. I remember repeating a rumour that bill waters tweeted about 2 weeks ago and i got shot down like the red baron. He tweeted that the leafs were talking about nash and hueluis for schenn, komiserk, kadri and grabovski.I was told that BURKE was quoted by dreger as saying he had no such conversations about nash with columbus.And you know what? I believe that.But thats not to say NONIS hasn’t.I remember that burke crdited nonis with the phaneuf trade. And i don’t think burkes above lying to the press. He just does it by being evasive and lying by ommission.

  52. Nash eh?
    …..I’m thinking Garbo, Kuls, Kardi, and the moster c’mon Brukie get’er done!

    [Oh Leafers, it’s been too long.]

  53. @ Greg Schuler, BLEED-BLUE
    You guys must live in fantasy land cause if you think the kings will give up Bernier, Johnson, Loktionov or Toffoli and the pick For just Nash or Grabovski that is a bad trade for the kings …Nash is 28 next season and with the way the league is now he is not going to average more than 30 goals….Grabovski isn’t even worth talking about and the kings don’t need a center .The kings will trade Bernier in the draft and get a 1st rounder or a prospect like Connelly From TB ….Keep Johnson, Maybe package a deal with Loktionov and Voynov for someone better and keep Toffoli as a 3rd line center for next season…..Remember this year FA are Parise & Semin which the kings will pick up one of them for free without NOT giving up their whole roster ….Keep dreaming guys !! !

  54. I can’t believe I forgot Scheen too

  55. LAKINGS, you’re dreaming if Tampa will give their high first rounder and Connolly. I’d consider it slight overpayment (but doable) to get a mid first rounder. You’re not getting a high end prospect AND a first.

  56. @ Tux,

    Yes keeping secrets is not an easy thing.
    unlike last year when i said the kaberle deal was done and who the players were and just waiting on how the draft picks were going to be worked out this time i said the word is.
    that means the deal is being considered but by no means will be done for sure.
    if it gets to like kaberle where it is done but the little tinker is all that needs to be worked out then it would say done deal after a tinker is done.

  57. schenn a healthy scatch last like. Nash not at practise? Who said trade deadline wasn’t any fun this yr.

  58. Yikes spelling!!!

  59. I just checked the Columbus Post Dispatch. Apparently Nash and Carter are taking a “maintenance day”.

  60. @ LAKINGS88

    I think the Kings MAY trade Bernier if they can get the right guy. I personally would rather that they not make a trade and just stick with what they have if it means trading away a key player like Johnson.

    I personally would rather the Kings go after smaller game ike JVR or Wolski. JVR would probably be costly, but not near as much as Nash. Wolski they may be able to get for next to nothing as he’s not apparently getting a lot of playing time with the Rangers.

    As for picking up Parise and Semin, remember that we tried that with Kovalchuk, Gaborik, and Brad Richards. The Kings have had a tough time landing UFAs, so they may prefer the idea of getting Carter or Nash.

  61. @DurtMCHurt
    I never said the kings are going to get a 1st rounder and Connolly in the same package if you read it Correctly i said “”The kings will trade Bernier in the draft and get a 1st rounder or a prospect like Connelly From TB “” …

  62. @ JDBiGC
    Ok JVR and Wolski both had concussion …The Kings will not go after those guys I hope not …Especially what happened to Gagne, Jason Allison and Adam Deadmarsh …No thanks …..As of Free Agents B.Richards didn’t sign cause we traded for Mike Richards, Kovalchuk didn’t sign (thank god) cause the kings didn’t want to pay him the money he wanted ….So it’s not about players not wanting to come here it’s about the kings not wanting to over spend …The kings will make a move at the deadline it will be a winger someone like LARose(Car), Malone (TB), Boyes (Buf) Stanford (Buf), But no one big which is smart cause the kings have a lot of good prospects and this summer will be the year the kings will land Parise or Semin and make a couple of moves and make a good run next season watch ! Don’t be dumb and trade your whole team for one guy especially Carter or Nash ….. Now if it was Steven Stamkos or Alex Ovechkin that’s a different story LOL but not gonna happen !

  63. THIS JUST IN………..
    Hockey Town, USA has relocated, Yes that’s Right Relocated.

    Hockey Town, USA is now Located in San Jose, Ca.
    The Red Wings can stuff their stupid record where the Sun don’t shine. Can’t wait for the weekend to watch Thornton and Co. Clip ” The Wings”.

    Toronto Sucks as Well


    Dude,until they prove different San Jose is now and always will be Choker Town!
    When the playoffs come they will do the usual and go from Sharks to Minnows.

  65. LAKINGS, my appologies. I don’t think TB will move Connolly though, I hear he’s pretty untouchable, but then again you said a guy “like him”. Cheers.

  66. after many yrs of being told that we will bring in the talent to support you , nash should be tired of excuses !

  67. TRC , awesome come back !

  68. @ LAKings88

    I think JVR and Wolski are young enough to overcome concussions, but I think generally we’re on the same page. I’m partial to Wolski because I always liked Wolski and I have a Brampton Battalion Wolski jersey. If you think that was difficult to acquire in southern California, you’d be correct.

    I’d rather give up significantly less and bring in a B tier player. I’d be fine with any of the guys you mentioned as long as we don’t give up key pieces to the team. If we have to give up something big, I want a young guy who will be around for a while. No more old guys past their peek or playoff rentals who will sign elsewhere in July.

  69. Bruins do not want Nash… that contract is gay. He is not worth the money.

  70. Nash would = Kevin Stevens when Boston got him… useless.


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