The Rick Nash Trade Watch – February 17, 2012.

The latest collection of Rick Nash trade speculation. Enjoy!

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Bob Hunter questions the Blue Jackets decision to field offers for Nash, correctly pointing out the return most likely won’t be equal to Nash’s value as a star player. He points out the Blue Jackets don’t exactly have the best record with promising young players, prospects or draft picks.

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance reports the LA Kings are looking to add a scoring winger,believing Nash could be the best fit, and suggested goalie Jonathan Bernier and defenseman Jack Johnson might be needed as the return to pry Nash away from the Blue Jackets.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons believes Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke wants to acquire Rick Nash, though it could prove difficult to do. Simmons believes “the Leafs have to take a run at Nash, difficult as it may be. Even if it costs them depth or (Phil) Kessel”.

CSNPHILLY.COM: reports the Flyers are not among the teams believed to be on Nash’s list of preferred trade destinations. “The Bruins, Kings, Rangers, Sharks and Maple Leafs are the teams Nash would reportedly waive his no movement clause to accept a trade offer from.”

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the Rangers cannot afford a rash decision on Nash. Setting aside concerns over the impact upon team chemistry, Brooks points out adding Nash’s $7.8 million per season salary would not only have an adverse effect upon retaining key Rangers like Lundqvist, Callahan, Gaborik, McDonagh, Del Zotto and Stepan, but would also take them out of the bidding for potential UFAs like Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Jordan Staal in 2013.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hunter makes excellent points. Now, if Nash had been the one demanding a trade, the Jackets would have little choice but to try to get the best deal they can, because it’s being forced upon them. That’s not the case here. While I understand they want to examine all their options, I believe this is a hasty move on their part. If Nash wants to stay and be part of the solution, then rebuild around him. Trades in which a team deals away a star player for a big return almost always work in favor of the team getting the star player. The Blue Jackets are taking a big gamble if they move him, hoping to beat the odds and land a return which, over time, will work in their favor.

Nash is a tantalizing name out there, but he does come with risk, as the return required to land him could adversely effect team chemistry, and eat up a considerable chunk of cap space for several years, which would be a serious problem for teams like the Rangers, which already have a large amount of cap space invested in a handful of players. Getting him may help your club, but it’s not a slam dunk he’ll turn them into champions.

Finally, to the four readers who e-mailed me to complain about all the Rick Nash coverage on this site, one of the reasons why I put the Nash rumors in separate posts is for folks who don’t wish to read about him can skip those posts and go on to other things. That way, your precious eyeballs won’t melt from reading too much Nash news. Also, do I really have to point out that this is a trade rumor section, and Nash is the biggest name available right now? What do you expect me to do, simply mention in passing that he’s available and some teams have interest? Besides, once the trade deadline is over on February 27th, this will be over, one way or the other.


  1. It would take ALLOT more the Johnson And Bernier to get Nash out of Columbus.

  2. Anyone complaining about Nash postings are probably fans of teams that have no chance of landing him. Who in their right mind would not want a guy like this on their team? Gee, let’s all start talking about where fans think Gomez will end up….(shaking my head)

  3. Unbelievable that anybody would complain about the Rick Nash trade talk. It has been a long time since a player of Nash’s caliber was traded, why shouldn’t it get lots of attention if there is a real chance he will be moved? Also, you would think that people would welcome any news of a potential mega-blockbuster right now considering how slow the trade market has been over the last couple of months.

    The Rick Nash rumors and speculation is fun for the fans and good for the sport but people will still always find a reason to complain.

  4. Dear Leaf Nation: You have no assets of value to trade. Nobody wants either of your wonky goaltenders. Nobody..NOBODY values Nazim Kadri like you seem to. Colborne has done NOTHING yet, to merit the weight you put on his value. Your team should be sellers…oh wait, you have nothing of value. T-he, S-ports, N-etwork just needs to keep you watching so every day it’s Brian Burke this, and Brian Burke that….that is all.

  5. @Kris – Get a life, seriously.

  6. @ kris, do all a favor and stay on the Sens pages.

  7. Kessel is a fantastic complimentary player, but not a building block. His scoring prowess alone wouldn’t be enough to attract Columbus, who should be in the building block business when dealing Nash.

    And that is the crux of the debate – what team offers the right package of potential building blocks to garner Nash. And yes, I am in the he’s not worth it category – a very good player but he has to be treated as a franchise player given his salary and contract term.

    The problem I read and hear is that a lot of journalists are ignorant of the NMC Nash wields – waiting until the off-season doesn’t allow more teams into the bidding unless Nash wants them in the bidding. And though this smells like a desperate franchise making a desperate move but it could be a franchise taking a PR hit for the loyal player and trying to facilitate a move for Nash because he wants to leave.

  8. As a long time STH with the CBJ, a Nash trade to TOR only happens if the CBJ can get a goaltender like Schneider or Bernier etc. for Carter. Otherwise, Nash has to bring a top tender which TOR doesn’t have. TOR has nice pieces (defense) which the CBJ need, but the above would be the linchpin of a Nash trade. The CBJ have a pretty good pipeline of young forwards if they have patience.

  9. Who complains about hearing trade rumors on a TRADE RUMORS WEBSITE?!? Anyways, Nash is a really good player and could be a great player with a great center, but right now a 65+ point player isn’t worth 7.8 million cap hit. If he can give 40 goals for the remainder of his deal then he is worth it. LA should be seizing this opportunity to add a large scoring winger. They have assets the jackets need. I can’t believe how bad this Carter/Wiz acquisitions have backfired. Not only did they lose out on Couteurier (sp, butchered it I know), but they gave up a decent prospect too. Blow the wad, cap wise, for wiz. End result? Carter wants out, Nash may want out, wiz is rich, season ticket holders canceling out….. Wow…. I feel kind of bad for their fans. Been to their games before, upper bowl seats are all made for 12 year old sized ppl. Arena is very nice and clean though. Nice bars surrounding it. The ppl there are kind of strange (in a arrogant kind of way). Women are nice :). They just can’t get something going though. Maybe they can get a return for Carter and Nash that will give them good depth and prospects that actually work out for them.

  10. From a salary cap perspective, the teams best able to handle the 7.8 mil a year hit are LA and the Rangers. BOS ($55 mil for 15 players) and , TOR ($51 mil committed for 16 players, and expensive entry-level contracts as the immediate reinforcements if they are not traded) and SJ ($55.5 mil for 14 players and significant RFA to re-sign) would all face some very tough choices and cap limitations assuming that salary, which should give those teams pause.

    LA continues to make too much sense as the most obvious candidate for the trade – they have the necessary assets and the cap room and flexibility to add Nash (in my opinion).

  11. i think johnson and bernier for nash is more then fair. nash has scored 40g’s once and is a career 60pt player. his numbers have actually been declining and he is way overpaid. i really hope the rangers steer clear of him. there’s no guarantee that this guy will be better with better players.

    the other side of it could be nash is stuck in a losing mentality and the culture of a team that is a perenial loser. i mean, steve mason just broke the franchise record for wins by a goalie, thats pretty telling. i think any team interested in him would be better off waiting till the off-season. i think he needs a full training camp to be exposed to a winning culture. sure, he could be energized by a trade now, but i think having time to train with guys who expect to win every game and not just try to stay in games will be very important for him.

  12. @Kris- nazim kadri, lmao. kadri is so great he can help land any player in the nhl, but the leafs have no use for him? he plays center, no? leafs need a franchise center, yet kadri toils with marlies, but he’s really good? he just cant seem to crack a lineup that needs help at center? leafs, hold steady and be patient. your team is improving, nothing wrong with baby steps.

  13. I don’t see getting much in return for Jeff Carter, to be honest – injuries and attitude seem to have caught up to him, as well as that contract (term mostly). Certainly, I don’t see Vancouver adding Carter for Schneider – Bernier for Carter might be a fair swap, but if I was LA, I would hold on to Bernier for Nash.

  14. Kris your a bonehead. You obviously know nothing about hockey. Take a look a kadris draft year and the players in it. He has better stats then most any of them and has been a point a game guy in the ahl. As for colborne the kid has potential! So what if it takes a few years to reach it. I seem to remember a guy named Jason spezza and his first couple of up and down seasons. Personally I think that it is better to do it that way then throw them in the NHL to young see alexande daige. The leafs are a great young team and Ina couple years with a couple more assets jerk offs like you will be eating your words. Book it!

  15. I think Boston has the best connection with the cap space and prospects.
    That being said I don’t believe giving up Rask or Hamilton or both is a good idea.
    I think Columbus is going to have a hard time getting what they want.
    Not many teams want to give up 2 roster players a top prospect and picks and take on that salary.
    Not a very good long term decision for anyone.

  16. FLSTEVE, I’m a Leaf fan and I couldn’t agree more.

    Just to give people an insight on the Nash-sanity that’s going on in Toronto, yesterday on the Fan590, former GM Craig Button offered his take on where Nash might be going and for whom. You guys are gonna die laughing. First, he said Toronto won’t get him at all because they don’t have a goalie to offer (fair enough) but then said Howson should ask for…wait for it…Kopitar AND Bernier from LA! Lmfao! Then, he made a list of NY players Slats should send, being Dub, Del Zotto, Kreider, Anisomov and a first (wait a sec….Toronto didn’t have a goalie to send, so why are the Rangers able to land him???) anyway, Button’s an idiot I know. But I just wanted to point out the radiculousness of the Toronto media when it comes to this topic. I personally would give up a lot for him, but I wouldn’t be including Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul, Bozak.

    Final thought. I think Nash has been made availible now because Columbus is a budget team and Nash is getting paid a LOT of money. I think once the decision was made to rebuild, ownership probably wanted to move out contracts asap. They could trade Nash now and save 3 million, or weight 5 months, pay 3 million and make a trade with the exact same teams in June. Simple answer when you have a small budget.

  17. I think Boston should be the favourite to land Nash. The Bruins have more that they could offer than either the Kings or the Rags do. If Chiarelli were to offer a package of Rask, Krejci, Hamilton and a 1st I don’t think there is anything New York or L.A. could do to top that.

    @ aces_hive – Kadri mostly plays on the wing now. Also, it’s not that Kadri “can’t crack the lineup”, he did crack the lineup and was playing well for the most part but the Leafs wanted him to get more ice time with the Marlies.

  18. re: Nash
    I see all these trade proposals trading a young goalie aka Rask, Schneider, Bernier etc for Nash.
    Keep a few points in mind
    1) The 3 goalies above all have very good defensive teams in front of them, in Columbus, they will
    be on their own.
    2) Remember Steve Mason, the “Rookie of the year” who on his back got Columbus into the playoffs,
    none of these three has come close to having a year like Masons first year.
    3) which brings me to, do you really want to trade your young star player for a young goalie with very limited experience who will be playing behind the worst defense in the league ?
    4) Do you trust GM Howsom to make any decision about your future considering his track record ?

  19. As stated numerous times, unless the return is a MASSIVE overpayment for Nash, he stays put in CBJ, calls this year yet another mulligan and moves forward.

    The top six, although somewhat unproven, will get better (I hope) next year. With cap space relief coming off (i.e. Huselius, Pahlsson, Martinek, Johnson…) either on 2/27 or 7/1, the Blue Jackets can try and improve their backend (Suter?) and try, try again next year.

    Fail for Nail or Fail for Mikhail will hopefully be worth it in the end.

    From a fans perspective, it would be nice to see a post trade deadline presser from Nash & Carter about their commitment to the team and hope for a better year next season.

  20. Kris and Aces, out of all of the first round picks in Kadri’s draft year, only about seven of them have played more then 100 games. And about half of those players have “cracked their line up” permanently. It’s too early to tell what players from that draft class are busts. Remember that when ripping on a 22 year old. Stop hating for the sake of hating.

  21. @ Spector

    When you said, “Trades in which a team deals away a star player for a big return almost always work in favor of the team getting the star player.”, that’s kind of unfair. Teams trading away star players usually suck, thus the reason they’re making the trade in the first place. Determining the value of the trade is often difficult to gauge as the team goes through a rebuild, changes it’s identity, etc.

  22. I’m really surprised that nobody is talking about Nash’s cap hit and real money hit. I’m not sure he’s going to be as desired as pundits are making out. He is 27 and his real money hit goes up and doesn’t have the big drop like other contracts.

    As for the Kings, if given a choice I’d rather do nothing than include Jack Johnson in the deal. If that means missing the playoffs, then so be it. The Kings are on the cusp of something special and starting to tear the roster up because they’re not scoring would be a mistake.

  23. “Tor has nice pieces” ? Said only as a delusional Leaf lover could say it. Nash wants to go to a contender,not the Leafs. If it’s even true that the Leafs are on his rumoured list,it is only because he didn’t want to exclude his for fear of being roasted by the homer press in his home town.

  24. Agreed durt! Just the point I was trying to make! The best part about it is if kadri was in their teams system he would be gold to them! Secondly sending kessel in that trade would never ever happen lupul either. That would be taking a step back. Then basically we would have given up Hamilton seguin knight and kessel for Nash. You really think Burke is that dumb? Not to mention burkies and lupuls relationship.

  25. There is absolutly zero chance boston trade’s Rask, It simply wont happen…He is their number one the second Thomas falter’s considerably in net, as he will naturally with age. It’s insane to think not only that fan’s believe this COULD happen…But that you’d WANT it to happen.

    If a (Decent) goaltender is asolutely part of the return for Nash then (Amongst the 5 teams Nash will go to) It essentially leaves LA, Maybe SJ and potentially TOR. Boston and the NYR wont part with their’s. Of those 3 teams Nash is more likely to be delt to SJ has the least chance IMO only because the return for him would likely include Couture (SIC) who is fast becoming their best offensive player and obviously Niemi (I admittedly dont know SJ cap situation at the moment). I think it’ll come down to LA and TOR, And here’s why. LA can package the better deal…But Raimer is more attractive then Bernier (Raimer isnt getting his due’s – He’s 31 – 17 – 9 with a .915 save percentage and 6 SO in his two years with TOR, This season he’s been injured and is only now starting to return to form, he had a .920save percentage his rookie year on a non-playoff team. Bernier is 18 – 16 – 4 with a .908 save percentage and 4 so on a playoff team). GM’s see this, Fans just get cought up with the fact Bernier was drafted 11th overall and was a highly touted prospect. Aside from that Johnson would be more desirable then Schenn, But Kessel is more so then any LA forward they’d be willing to offer. Prospect wise LA is pretty stocked, Though Tyler Biggs, Joe Colbourne, Cody Fransen and Nazem Kadri arent second rate by any means. In the end i think LA can produce more, But the X factor is that Nash is FROM Toronto and Toronto is obviously building and getting better, As a true captain he might feel his roll will be bigger nd more crucial in Tor, Or he might just opt for returning home.

    It’ll come down to LA and TOR.

  26. Since we really do not know what teams he said he would go to basing this on good relationship with Hitchcock

    Ok, so this is based off of needs of teams, cap room available and parts to move….

    CBJ- J. Johnson, Bernier, Penner, Loktionov and STL top forward prospect (not sure of their farm system)
    get franchise d-man, goalie and good forward prospects

    LA- C. Stewart, TJ Oshie, CBJ’s 2nd and STL 1st
    get forward depth with scoring ability that may play better with new system depth building picks and cap room for next year

    STL- Nash and LA’s 2nd
    get franchise forward they haven’t had since Hull and still has Bishop available for more moves

    some tweaking??

  27. I personally think Toronto would have a fair shot, because I think Steve Mason IS the goalie, he just needs a vet back up with him and could be found in the off season. I also believe there will be enough UFA net help this off season to address the need and acquire more assets for Nash. I also believe CBJ if trading Nash should hold onto Carter. Here is what I see Toronto having to give for Nash.

    Kulemin, Schenn, Kadri, +1st round pick.

    If I am the Jackets I see no reason to not do this deal. Kulemin is having an off year, but is a great two way forward who can score 30g. Kadri WILL be a top 6 forward, I just think his handling in TO has been poor. Schenn is a top 4 d-man that still has some maturing to do. Plus another 1st round pick.

    You look at this deal and the Jackets basically lose Rick Nash, but add Kulemin, Kadri, Yakupov, Schenn and another rookie to their system. Odds are Kulemin, Kadri, Yakupov all end up in the Jackets top 6 forwards next year along with their own forwards coming through the system. This improves the Jackets and shows they are looking to breed a winning culture … I truly believe they need to keep their faith in Steve Mason.

    On the flip side the Leafs get better as they add another top 6 forward and put their faith in Colbourne developing into a top center. Nash replaces and upgrades Kulemin and we have the defensive depth to replace Schenn. I’m sure other teams COULD offer more, I am sure the Leafs COULD offer more. I am just seeing a deal I’d see improving both teams and being fair.

  28. I’m hard pressed to even think of Nash as a star player. Kessel? Kessel will have more points at the end of this season than Nash has ever gotten in a season, why deal him? That’s just stupid.

  29. Everybody on the “Kadri is awesome” train…see aces.
    If he’s SO good….why is nobody calling and why are they hell bent on getting rid of him.
    And, as Darren Dregger was thrown a bone last night, I must be mistaken…Mikhail Grabovski is the answer to everone’s prayers. Im not hat’n…some people make it. Some people don’t. That the Toronto Maple leafs are involved in more trade rumors than anyone else is much more grating than Rick Nash rumors. Where is Jay Onrait when you need him.

  30. Keep up the great work Spector don’t worry about whiners, if they don’t want to read about Nash they don’t have to …. Judging from the amount of posts it’s a popular subject.

  31. I personally appreciate how u separate the Nash speculations from the rest so thanks for that.

    On the so called teams on the list….

    Toronto: No disrespect I think you have a very good team but I don’t think you have as many “flashy” pieces that Columbus is looking for compared to other teams on Nash’s so called list.

    Los Angeles: I still say the Kings are the team to beat if a deal is going to get done. I believe Bernier is the deciding piece that Columbus is looking at. Adding a more then proven defenseman like Jack Johnson with some young talent like either Voynov or Loktionov and you have a good selection to choose from if your Columbus.

    New York: I think this is a major mistake for the Rangers. Obviously Dubinsky will probably be on the list with Kreider a prospect like Erixon and a pick. Not to mention if Howson has any dignity he will insist Stepan, Mcdonagh or Del Zotto make there way in the deal as well.

    A moment of clarity for everyone for a minute though I think it has been said before though. If you look back at deals like this ie Hossa, Kovalchuk and so on and so forth, the team dealing the superstar never gets a full return on there investment and I believe the same will hold true in this situation especially if Columbus insists on dealing Nash by the deadline.

  32. I would love to have Nash as a Bruin he fits the mold perfect and they can afford his contract. But Boston can not trade Rask in the deal, Thomas is old and may only have a couple of years left, then what. Bruins have lots of great young prospects and players that would help the Jackets.

  33. Toronto could always offer to take both Nash and Mason of there hands freeing up cap space for the Jackets to go after a real goalie (not a young up and coming one) obviously salary would have to go back maybe someone with a shorter contract than Masons. If Mason doesn’t work out the Leafs could afford to burry him in the Minors with Finger.

  34. MJR – You beat me too it. Kessel is a better player than Nash and his contract is MUCH better. Nash is a very good player but at 7.8M for the next several years? Big mistake on a contract level alone, nevermind the king’s ransoms being bandied about to get him.

  35. @aces_hive, I agree , bernier and johnson to me is a fair deal, build from the back end out
    You have wonder though if CLB trades Nash and does not get a high profile star potential player back what effect it will have on attendance? ( 26th in the league this year) not sure CLB fans will be tolerant of a rebuild and we could be hearing of another possible re-lo.
    Carter was an attempt at a quick fix that did not work out. Given the recent results they are going to be hard pressed to attract any decent UFA’s until they stop the boat from leaking. Regardless of what happens with Nash , Columbus has lots of work to do.

  36. I agree with the Kessel is better. He’s the poor man’s Ovechkin. His release is as good as Ovi’s if not better. And the rebirth of Lupul as a quality set up guy…Leafs first line is set. It’s the goaltending and defense that needs work. The leafs should sneak in and pry Nabokov from Long Island.

  37. So far the Richards deal is a bust Simmonds already scored his 20th goal, Kings really miss his type of play We miss Simmonds I really wish that deal didnt Happen ….Kings Really should of traded Beriner,Schenn and prospect for Paul Stastny in the summer when colorado was looking for a Goalie ,And Keep Simmonds, but im not a gm, Now lets talk bout the Nash trade if the kings want to trade the whole team for NASH that is just dumb he’s not young anymore, He’s not putting up 40 -50 goals anymore I really hope the kings dont pull of a trade for him cause the GM is Destroying the team…I know the kings are going to pull of a trade for a winger they should look at Boyes, Stanford, Rutto, LaRose, Malone, even Semin and not trade away thier young talent…Wait till summer go after Parise or Semin, Trade Beriner for a good 1st rounder or young sniper, DONT resign penner, stoll, Hunter, Mitchell , clear some space give some of young players a try like Tyler Toffoli, Linden Vey and Thomas Hickey sign a couple of wingers and your good to go! ONE more thing Richards, Kopiter, Willliams and Brown really need to STEP IT UP REALLY i would also really look into this summer to trading Richards for Stasnty or even Carter, Cause after that Concussion he does not look the same

  38. Well Steve Simmons proves once again why he’s a complete idiot. How this guy has a job is beyond me.

  39. @Kris…Kadri is the 13th ranked forward on future watch, Ahead of guy’s like Cody Hodgson, Chris Kreider and Ryan Strome. He’s got load’s of potential but will he produce at the NHL level? who know’s. He is being brought along slowly and isnt being utilized when he dose get call up’s. It isnt that he IS awesome, It’s that he has the skill set and potetial to BE awesome.

    @MJR…The upside’s of Nash over Kessel is that Nash in a big body who has sniped more goal’s then Kessel has without any kind of supporting cast to feed him. He is a big body and a true leader. A better question to ask is would Kessel have the point’s he has now if he were in Nash’s shoe’s in Columbus, And What would Nash’s production look like at this point if he were the winger on Toronto’s 1st line? With Nash you arent trading for what he’s done, But for what everybody know’s he will do with a better team.

  40. You know what will work for the Kings right now is Richards for Carter Straight up ! what you guys think ?

  41. @Northern Leaf…I see your point but then the Leafs must send a goalie back if Mason (CBJ so called No 1). What then do you do….send Reimer who seems to be going through a little bit of the Sophomore slump or Gustavsonn (sp?). Why would CBJ want to take Gus who has had 3 seasons to prove himself and still cannot stop letting in soft goals that changes a game. Sure he has been better, but to date his rookie season numbers are his best i believe. The only up side of Gustavsonn is his contract is up this year.

    As for Toronto always being involved with so many trade rumors….it is the center of the NHL. No other team has more in your face attention than the Leafs. My guess is that on HBO 24/7 next year all NHL fans will actually get to see just exactly how much pressure is placed on the players of Toronto to succeed and how many cameras and mics are in the players and coaches faces each day. Thus if there is a trade rumor…the media will always work a way to see how that player would fit in Toronto and why the GM MUST get that player for the Leafs to fight for the playoffs/Stanley.

    I am not sure if the Leafs picking up Nash is a good idea. They have been making progress and heading the right direction for a little while now…why try to speed things up and risk screwing everything up that has been created by the GM, Coach and players….there is a ton of talent playing for the Marlies and it is just a matter of time until they are ready to play on the Leafs….Burke, please don’t throw away the future for an overpaid so called superstar

  42. JDBGiGC….Are you serious? did you even watch the Kings play. I hate to say it but the Kings are NOT on the cusp of doing anything special with this current lineup. We just lost to the Coyotes last night and scored ZERO goals AGAIN! Oh and JJ was the cause of the goal, I say we trade him now before the rest of the league catches on to how terrible defensively he really is. We need scoring in a major way and ufa’s don’t exactly flock to LA, so we need to trade for one and there isn’t any better than Nash. Also we have Martinez and VV who in my opinion have the tools to become wayyyy better than JJ is now. If we don’t make this trade or something similar the Kings won’t make the playoffs and once again will fail to lure any top ufa’s.

    -Signed frustrated and fed-up Kings fan!

  43. MJR and Miky G…….Lets put Kessel on the Blue Jackets and see how many points he gets year in and year out. Nash is so far above and beyond Kessel that it is an insult to have their names in the same sentence even. You put Nash on a team or even just a line that actually has talent and he becomes a constant 40 goal, 80 point getter annually. To say Kessel is better shows you know nothing about hockey or you are wearing your blue coloured glasses. Get a grip on reality and for one minute try not being the typical Leaf fans, unintelligent and delusional.

  44. Claysbar…..Why would the Kings trade Johnson, Bernier, Penner, Loktionov and a 2nd for Oshie , Stewart, a 1st rounder and a 2nd. For starters LA doesn’t need draft picks they need scoring, second Stewart is St Louis’s version of Penner (is now playing on their 3rd or 4th line) so no thanks, that leaves Oshie and there is NO way in hell Oshie is worth Bernier, Johnson and Loktionov. If were giving up that package Nash better be coming the other way not Oshie and Stewart.

  45. Canadian King agreed that Nash is much better than Kessel! Kessel is a good player, but he is a pure sniper….He is not better than Ovechkin or even close, but he is the same mold in that they’re both one-dimensional. Nash is versatile, big, physical, sniper, playmaker, dangler, does it all. Yes his cap hit is high, but I’d be willing to bet that well over half the teams in the league were interested when they heard about him.

    As for the Kadri talk, here’s my take. To leafs fans, he has more value than to others because they’re excited about what he MAY turn into…..the fact that he hasn’t done much yet doesn’t mean all that much to me until he gets a real chance to be a top 6 guy and play on the power play. To whoever said “if he’s so good why is no one calling?” I’m not sure how you could know that….it’s entirely ossible that many teams have inquired and perhaps Burke values him more than teams are willing to pay.

  46. @ BruinsMike
    As a Bruins fan, I am suprised to see that you think they should trade Rask, Krejci and Hamilton +1st for Nash. I wouldn’t even trade Rask straight up for Nash. He costs less and plays the most important position. I doubt the Bruins will trade Rask for Nash, let alone include a top centre, and top prospect, only to leave a hole in between the pipes when Thomas is gone/play declines- which might be the next season or two.

    It is not a matter of what Columbis is asking, but what the other teams on his “list” are willing to trade.
    Does Boston trade Seguin? Nope. LA, Kopitar? Nope. SJ, Couture/Pavelski? Nope. So where does that leave Columbus?

    My belief is that these kinds of trades are fair for Nash (purely hypothetical):
    Schneider, Raymond
    Bernier, Johnson, prospect
    Dubinksky, McDonough, prospect
    Kulemin, Franson, prospect, pick

    Any more than that, and Columbus can eat an $8M contract and deal with an unhappy player.

    It is still my belief that Nash has plateaued into a perennial underachiever. He is a good goal scorer, but will never be Peter Bondra.

  47. @aces_hive, I agree , bernier and johnson to me is a fair deal, build from the back end out
    You have wonder though if CLB trades Nash and does not get a high profile star potential player back what effect it will have on attendance? ( 26th in the league this year) not sure CLB fans will be tolerant of a rebuild and we could be hearing of another possible re-lo.
    Carter was an attempt at a quick fix that did not work out. Given the recent results they are going to be hard pressed to attract any decent UFA’s until they stop the boat from leaking. Regardless of what happens with Nash , Columbus has lots of work to do.

  48. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Nash has had some nice pieces around him in years past and does not make players around him better. The bjs have drafted around the top for years now and other the Nash they have has no good players? Give me a break!! He is a career 70pt guy who is a big body that’s it. Just cuz he is not tough does not mean kessel isn’t worth more. Wake up all you gms out there and realize the NHL is shifting to where speed and talent wins not bruisers.

  49. I agree with Northern Leaf on the Mason scenario. Some of the best goalies in the league could get lit up like a Christmas tree behind that defense.

    Has Howson come out and said he must have a goalie as part of a deal for Rick Nash? No, just us.
    For all we know he is also shopping Carter to a team for a goalie like Bernier. So on that basis, that is why you cannot rule out teams in play, teams on Nash’s list, who may not have the best goaltender or goaltending prospect to offer.

    For Kris and all the Kadri haters, do some homework. Durt pointed out the stats. I will point out another significant item. Contract. Kadri would still be in the Leafs lineup if Armstrong was still injured. Aulie would be the permanent 7th defenseman in a heartbeat if Komisarek was injured. Frattin, same kind of situation. The guys with the 2 way contracts are the ping pong balls, regardless of how good they are. That is just reality.

    If it makes sense Burke will make a play for Nash, but he is not stupid. He has worked too hard to throw away all the assets he has built up for the Leafs.

  50. @ Canadian King @ Claysbar @JDBGiGC
    if you read my comments earlier still waiting ( Your comment is awaiting moderation) it takes forever to post up here in Los angeles, But the Kings will not trade the whole team for NASH, they should really look at trading Richards or Williams away …And if you trade Johnson which is fine cause we have Hickey & Forbert ready to Replace also Webber & Sutter are FA next season ;), send Richards, Stoll & Johnson to colorado for Paul Stastny,Peter Mueller & Erik Johnson//// or to columbus for Jeff Carter & Ryan Johansen//// or send to chicago for Patrick Kane, Dave Bolland & Viktor Stalberg/////// way better than trading Beriner,Loktionov,Johnson,Voynov,1st round picks for just one player ….I know the trade i said earier sound crazy but at least thay make Sense for all teams Hey Canadian King trust me Im frustrated as well seeing the last two moves the kings made are bad, Penner and Ricahrds , we lost heart and soul simmonds (20th goal last nite) ,1st round pick, 2nd round pick, two prospects DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  51. @Gripitandripit Nash isn’t a “bruiser”. I wouldn’t call him any one adjective like I would Kessel (sniper) because he is so much better than that…..the reality is they’re different types of players. What great players has Nash played with who you’re referring to? What centers has he ever had? He’s played his whole career on a bad team, in a tough division, and has had no second line to take pressure off his match ups. Every shift he’s ever taken has been against top d men, and in his division that’s often Lidstrom, Rafalski, Keith, Seabrook, Weber, Suter.

    I don’t even care what his stats are all that much, the guy is elite. Can do it all. No he’s not the fastest guy in the league but he’s not slow either.

    @NikK clearly you also don’t value him much based on the deals you proposed. Of course Nash is worth much more than just Rask, but I understand you not wanting to do that deal as a Bruins fan because it’s about the overall makeup of your team, not just players on paper. But that Toronto offer you have is nuts. Also I don’t think it’s unrealistic that a deal with San Jose would involve either Couture or Pavelski as the centerpiece. I agree that no one is giving up Seguin or Kopitar,

  52. Canadian KIng, to answer your question on how Kessel would do on a crap team, he played on one. The 09/10 Leafs were terrible, that’s the year we gave the second overall pick to Boston. In 70 games that year Kessel put up 30 goals with Stajan as his center….just sayin. I’m not gonna lie, I’d rather have Nash (he’s more physically domanent) but they aren’t worlds apart in skill as you suggest.

  53. even some of these writers have totally lost thier minds. i mean kessel or kopitar going the other way. JUST PLAIN STUPID. A team that makes a move like that becomes Well “columbus”! If the price is that high than here’s to my leafs so called losing out On this so called deal!

  54. DurtMcHurt- You beat me to it as well. Candian King makes it out like Kessel has been playing on great teams which he clearly has not. To suggest they are not the same level of player is just silly.

    I am a Ranger fan so have no interest in propping up Leaf players but I would bet the majority of GMs in the league, when taking cap hit into account would select Kessel over Nash as of today.

  55. of course Columbus wants to trade him, for the same reason many teams don’t want to trade for him, he is making too much, and when you have been as bad as Columbus for as long as they have you have to overpay, and still lose them (for example see Atlanta). Now could it just be a way to get GM’s to talk you know a “well Nash is too expensive for me, but what would it take to get (insert name here)?” just a thought

  56. Re: Boston – they may be able to afford to pay Nash his contract value, but his contract would be a lead weight on the cap. Especially after next season when they have to pay Lucic, Seguin and Marchand. Even after this season, they have to pay Rask and replace several UFAs, and already have 15 players worth $55 mil on the cap (assuming it stays near $65 mil overall). Adding Nash instantly busts the cap for next year and makes Boston pick one or two of those forwards instead of all three.

  57. What I don’t get is how anyone knows what teams are on Nash’s trade list. Nobody from the Columus organization, Nash or his agent has notified the press about that list.

    Is it just everyone’s best guess? or did someone within the Columbus’ hockey club leak that info?

    I can see any team being interested in Nash… but how many teams can give up the good young players and prospects.. without hurting the future of their teams… to get him.

    If the Leafs are after him to get another top 6 forward… why would they give up Kessel? They paid so much to get him. He’s a very fast skater with a great shot… Does getting Nash put them that far ahead if they have to give up Kessel? It makes no sense to me..

  58. @ CanadianKing

    I’m with you. My fear is if we tweak the defense, they may collapse as well. The one thing we have going for us is that our defense and goaltending are holding.

    But you’re probably right. I hate to see JMFJ go though. He’s good and affordable.

  59. I know the list is only speculation, but I can’t believe that Detroit wouldn’t be on Nash’s list.

  60. Good work, as always, Lyle.
    I think CBJ are nuts if they trade Nash. CBJ needs building blocks. Why trade one block for another without getting any further ahead. They should be trading their #1 pick for a goalie if that is what they want/need. As soon as they get rid of Nash they will lose a good chunk of their offence and will then be looking for more scoring. I know you have to give up something to get something but it seems like the teams with assets to trade for Nash don’t have a lot of cap space so CBJ will have to take back more salary… and they don’t have a big budget to begin with. I’m glad I’m not Howson.

  61. @ Dice… I’m a Ducks fan… not a Bruins fan (sorry I didnt word that correctly)

    But I also know that your odds to win a cup increase significantly if you have a stud goalie as opposed to a scoring winger.

  62. @ Dice

    I agree that of all the deals I proposed, the Leafs’ one is the least attractive, but again.. the other GMs may not be willing to give those other players up.
    If they get kulemin they get a good, strong young fwd, in franson they get a good, young strong dman, a high end prospect (assume kadri) and a pick. At least it is 4 pieces that will be part of the organization for years to come.

    Ive seen worse!! How does this sound?
    Marco Sturm, Wayne Primeau, Brad Stuart
    Colby Armstrong, Erik Christensen, Angelo Esposito, 1st pick
    Bergfors, Oduya, Cormier, pick.

    So my deals sound aaaaalllllll right.
    And keep in mind that Nash is not the same calibre as Thornton, Hossa, Kovi.

    Scott howson’s proposed deal:
    Nash for Gretzky, Coffey, Anderson, 1st rd pick.. Yeah right.

  63. @NikK I think it all depends. Detroit’s won multiple cups without a stud goalie (not a bad one either). But they also didn’t rely on one winger. It’s a team game. So it becomes a little more complicated when analyzing these trade proposals everyone has. It really is about the specific makeup of each team, what they would give up, and what those losses mean to that team specifically….

  64. @NikK I don’t necessarily want the Bruins to include Rask as part of an offer for Nash, I just meant if they did make that offer none of the other teams would be able to beat that offer.

    Rask is definitely extremely valuable to Boston but I don’t think he is untouchable. There have been rumblings that he is unhappy as Thomas’ backup and there is a good chance one of them will be traded this summer. If Rask was to be traded for Nash then I think it would be smart for Boston to ask for Steve Mason to be included along with Nash. Mason would get a fresh start, learn behind Thomas and regain his confidence playing on a much better defensive team. Hopefully in a few years when Thomas is gone either Mason or Khudobin would be ready to take over as the B’s #1 goalie.

  65. i think everyone forgets kovalchuck and hossa were both headed to free agency the years they were dealt. nash is locked up. that’s why clb will or at least should get a better return.

    as for kadri, he’s a maybe at best. if leafs could move him, they would have already. like is said earlier, baby steps. the leafs are almost respectable for the first time in forever. hold the course and let burke go nuts in the 2013 FA class. everyone wants to be a leaf, right?

  66. going after nash worries me,the guy has never seemed to gel with anyone,even at the olympics he seemed out of place,they amount you’d need to give up for this guy could ruin the chemistry of your own team while not nowing if he’ll gel with his new linemates,granted the guy is a goal scorer but that contract could well turn out to be a millstone around a teams neck,and if he’s the problem,well…………..

  67. aces, “hold the course” “baby steps” yet trade our highest rated prospect cause why? You have a very ignorant view on the Leafs….stop talking about them.

  68. To be fair I know you didn’t outright say to trade Kadri, but you sort of implied it. Calling our top prospect a bust at 22, and saying if we could have traded him away we would have by now, is why I said you were being ignorant.

  69. Howson is the one who is responsible for putting the Blue Jackets disaster together. His track record is horrible. To quote Bob Hunter:
    The fans are understandably skeptical. They have no reason — none — to believe that general manager Scott Howson and team president Mike Priest are savvy enough to blow up the roster and get it right when they haven’t done it in the past.
    Let the seller beware:
    If the Jackets get rid of Nash, Jeff Carter and who knows who else, Nationwide Arena might become so barren next season that the team can hold antique shows, arts festivals and flea markets on the arena concourse.
    It might be the only way for the Jackets to generate any meaningful revenue until they get another real star to take Nash’s place.
    Bob Hunter is a sports columnist for The Dispatch.

  70. Wow. Nash and Mason for Rask?
    That’s ridiculous. Nash is worth allot more then Rask alone. And Mason is a great golie as well he just needs defense in my opinion, and that’s what they say Columbus is looking for. And anyway Boston already said they are not trading Rask. So that’s out of the question.

  71. Nash is soft, has no leadership skills and will wilt in light brighter than cowlumbus