The Rick Nash Trade Watch – February 23, 2012.

Find out which teams have interest in the Columbus Blue Jackets captain today. Enjoy!

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the Rangers next two games could influence any potential deal by the Blueshirts to obtain Rick Nash. Brooks cites sources claiming” the Rangers have designated Ryan McDonagh, Michael Del Zotto, 2009 first-rounder Chris Kreider and 2011 first-rounder J.T. Miller as untouchables when the Blue Jackets requested their inclusion in the package”. Sather is apparently willing to part with “Brandon Dubinsky, Christian Thomas, and perhaps 2010 first-rounder Dylan McIlrath plus a first round pick”, but not defenseman Tim Erixon. Brooks doubts the Blue Jackets would be swayed by the offer, and if it’s the best on the market at this time, could hold onto Nash and try again in the off-season.

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited TSN’s Bob McKenzie’s suggestion the LA Kings might be better off pursuing Jeff Carter than Rick Nash, and his suggestion Edmonton’s Ales Hemsky could be an option for the Kings.

NEW YORK TIMES: Jeff Z. Klein reported on rumors the Kings could bundle goalie Jonathan Bernier into a offer for Nash, but noted Bernier hasn’t had any experience as an NHL starter, suggesting if GM Dean Lombardi could swap Bernier for Nash or any other player of value, it could be a steal for the Kings.

MERCURYNEWS.COM: David Pollak reports San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson won’t let his club’s current struggles influence any decision on making significant deals by Monday’s deadline. Wilson declined to comment on reports he’s interested in Nash, but did note “one of the most important things we do is make this a place that players do want to play and make it an attractive destination.”

TSN.CA: Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke declined to comment on if he had interest in Nash, citing the league’s tampering rules, but did say he has “no firm offer on the table” for Nash.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports sources claim Sharks GM Doug Wilson has contacted the Blue Jackets about Nash and Carter…Teams are waiting to see if the Colorado Avalanche become buyers or sellers to see what happens to winger Milan Hejduk…Teams have also given up on the possibility of Anaheim’s Teemu Selanne waiving his movement clause…Capitals winger Mike Knuble is coveted by teams seeking veteran help, like the Rangers, Bruins, Wings and Blackhawks…The Kings, Rangers, Bruins and Sharks are believed interested in Ales Hemsky…”Confirm or deny: the Predators have held talks with the Jackets about Nash”…The Hurricanes haven’t held contract talks with defensemen Bryan Allen or Jaroslav Spacek.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even though Carter’s got that ten-year contract, I can’t help but think he might be a better fit with the Kings than Nash, as he’d be reunited with his old Flyers teammate and friend Mike Richards, possibly to the benefit of both players…Hemsky could become available to the Kings or anyone else if he insists on a long-term extension from the Oilers…If the Rangers go for Nash, it’ll be a big gamble on Sather’s part, akin to those he made at the turn of this century with Bure, Kovalev and Jagr, which could have serious consequences for his team, now and in the future…I think the Sharks would be more interested in Nash in the off-season…Klein makes an interesting point about Bernier…As for the Avs, they’re currently within two points of a playoff berth, and if they remain that way by Monday, they could be buyers, not sellers…Confirm or deny the Predators having talks about Nash? Hmmm, I wouldn’t be surprised if GM David Poile had contacted the Blue Jackets, but if he were to make a serious pitch, I’d expect it in the off-season, not now….Capitals GM George McPhee recently denied Knuble was being shopped. Of course, he could change his mind by Monday if his team keeps playing like crap…I don’t believe the Maple Leafs are serious players for Nash right now. Maybe in the off-season if he’s still available, but not now.


  1. As much as I would love to see Nash in a Leafs uniform, I’d rather Burkie not pay through the nose to get him. If he was a center, or we were in cup contention this year I would do it, but shelling out premium assets at the deadline to transform our team from “poor” to “average” is simply not worth it. If he’s still on the market in the summer, I would love to see MLSE make a serious attempt to get him… WITHOUT mortgaging the future of the team.

  2. I was watching the train wreck that was the Kings’ game last night. The Kings were discussed numerous times between intermissions and after the game. McKenzie said that there are rumors that the Kings are not one of Nash’s preferred destinations. Milbury was asked his opinion of Carter, and he said if he were the Kings GM he’d look in another direction. He compared Carter to Penner and suggested that Carter won’t show up when it counts.

    As for Klein’s comment that Bernier for Nash would be a “steal”, he’s right. That has about as much chance of happening as I have of going to the Ferrari dealership in Calabasas and picking up an Enzo for the change in my pocket. My guess, the Kings are looking at a package of Bernier, a prospect like Toffoli or Forbort (if not both), a first round pick, and then the pain comes. We’d probably have to give up somebody on the roster like Johnson or Brown.

  3. In My opinion the Leafs have no choice but to get Nash …and in my opionion should be offering Phil Kessel and Schenn in a deal that would get him.

    Kessel is at his highest for a return right now ….I feel that he is agreat guy to get points to get you to the playoffs but would be a NON FACTOR once the games get dirty to win a CUP.

    Plus if Kessel tanks and becomes a NON FACTOR in the playoffs because of the rugged play it takes to succede in the playoffs his stock will drop considerably and you will get nothing in return as the Hemsky situation si playing out in Edmonton…..Burke has to realize this and move him for a power forward he desperately needs …if he plays his cards right he might be able tu bundle Kessel so that he gets a TOP Goalie back that he despertaely needs also.
    Make it so !!!

  4. Chris- I forget what year it was, but when julien put Kessel into the habs bruins playoff series he single handedly brought them back into it. Don’t know if he can perform like that again, but he was huge that year.

  5. After last night’s loss, it seems to me it’s only a matter of time before LA steps up their games and acquires Carter. If they’re dealing Bernier and Johnson, though, they’re likely to get Carter and another guy… someone along the lines of Clitsome.

    Nash… I don’t see him getting moved. If the Rangers do deal for him, I’ll laugh. They’ll have pulled a classic NYR.

  6. the fairest deal woudl be:
    To Ana: Rick Nash
    To CBJ: Bobby Ryan

    How is Chris Kreider an untouchable?????

    Agree with JD that if the Kings get Nash for Bernier (the Godsend of goaltending) it would be a steal.
    Bernier is no different than Steve Mason from a couple of years ago, with the exception that he has never been able to earn the #1 job.

  7. Garrioch is nutty. Neither Hejduk nor Selanne are going anywhere, no matter where their teams are in the playoff picture.

  8. I’ve been saying Nash & Carter are not the answer to the kings scoring problems…….The Kings should not blow up the whole roster because where sitting in 8th One guy isn’t going to come in and score 2-3 goals every night for us its more about Kopiter, Brown, Richards, Williams & Doughty playing more tougher, Getting in front of the net (like Simmonds & Smyth use to do) Driving towards the net getting rebounds chasing loose pucks these guys don’t play with no heart they really look lost especially Kopiter he can’t finish like he use to its sad. If anything kings should really look at these options
    To Buffalo
    Johnson & Penner for Stafford & Boyes
    To Toronto
    Bernier & Penner & 3rd round pick for Kuilman & MacArthur
    To Tampa Bay
    Beriner & Voynov & Penner for Malone and Brett Connolly
    To St Louis
    Penner & Voynov for Chris Stewart
    To Columbus (Only if we don’t blow up the whole roster )
    Johnson & Penner & 1st round pick or( Voynov) for Carter

  9. Is the jury gonna give Kessel more than a handful of playoff games before they declare him a flop?
    This is the same jury that said he wouldn’t put up good numbers in TO right?

  10. Obviously the next few games will determine for most teams if they are buyers or sellers. Most teams only have two games left before the deadline. Oye!

  11. One note on my above post: The trade i threw out was if we were trading for Nash. Carter would not cost near as much.

  12. I find the trading of a unproven Goalie for a proven star ( for lack of a better word) to be risky.
    If the Kings think Bernier is so great, they should keep him and trade Quick, they would get
    a lot more for Quick, that’s not to say Bernier is not the real deal, he may be BUT would he be
    any better than Mason playing behind the Blue Jackets defense ? Too much credit is given
    the goalies when they win and too much blame when they lose. Keep it in context, how
    good is the team in front of him ?

  13. Nash for Bobby Ryan makes no sense. It would solve absolutely nothing for either team. The whole point is for Columbus to get multiple pieces as part of a rebuild, they’re not simply looking to dump Nash for the hell of it……My prediction is the Kings end up getting Carter and involve Bernier in the deal, and Nash lands in San Jose in a deal centered around Pavelski, or possibly Clowe along with Braun, Wingels, picks/prospects…

  14. Sharks need to trade for Nash before the summer. He would give us some needed grit during the playoffs. Sharks could then turn around in the summer after winning the Stanley Cup and trade him to a team like Toronto or LA and fleece them for draft picks and roster players or prospects. In this deal everyone wins.

    To San Jose – Nash – 2nd- 3rd Round picks
    To Colombus – A. Neimi – Clowe- Bruan- 1st – Prospect

    Then Sharks can trade with teams for Nash

  15. Kreider is considered a top prospect by the NYR. Wise of them to hold on to him. I’m really hoping that Sather holds pat. Granted, we do need some scoring oomph, but shouldn’t that come from the guys we have now instead of, effectively, blowing up the roster to get one guy who had one playoff appearance in his career?

  16. I don’t see Nash moving. Most teams he’s interested into moving to really cannot afford to pay the price to get him at this time of year and still have the chemistry. Nash I can see going somewhere however likely to a bubble team.

    It will take alot more than Bernier to fetch Nash. He’d be one of the pieces

  17. Kessel already has scored over 30 goals playing for the leafs again… over 2/3rds of his goal are either the first goal of the game, game tying goal, and game winning goals – none of those empty netters or scoring when nothing is on the line type goals, also he scores more 5vs5 than on the PP… So exactly what about him, not to mention been a PPG player in the playoffs, makes you think he’ll some how be a NON FACTOR?

  18. Admittedly it is a small sample size, but Phil Kessel is a point-per-game player in his playoff career. For whatever that is worth (15 GP, all with Boston, 9 G, 6 A). He has a better playoff resume than Rick Nash, for example.

  19. Ryan gives them a youner goal scorer with star power and potential. It also reduces their $$$ committment (which I believe they are very concerned about).

    Making a deal to get picks (likley in the bottom 10 of the 1st round), a couple of prospects, and 2nd liners is going to do as much for Columbus as trading Hossa did for Atlanta a few years ago. Angelo Esposito and Erik Christiensen didnt turn the fortunes of that franchise. How is Clowe, a prospect and a 25th overall pick goi to help?

    At least Ryan has top-20 point potential.

  20. Wait a second…


    To San Jose – Nash – 2nd- 3rd Round picks
    To Colombus – A. Neimi – Clowe- Bruan- 1st – Prospect

    Means that SJ would have to rely on Greiss, Stalock and Niittymaki as the goaltenders as they try to win a Cup? Yeah, right. I don’t expect Wilson to have that much faith in Greiss since he farmed out Niittymaki and why would a legitimate Cup contender trade their number one goalie who is playing well for a piece that may or may not improve the team.

    I think SJ might have an interest in Nash, and it sounds like Couture has to be included or Columbus is not interested. It would be foolhardy to include Niemi though.

  21. LA can afford to move Bernier because Quick has established himself as a legitimate Number One, Bernier still holds some of the potential from his junior days (though not fully realized in the NHL just yet) and LA has ready replacements in Jones and Zatkoff. Bernier may not have the value around the league fans and the media suggest, but if he does, it makes absolute sense for LA to use him to improve the team – unless they are convinced he can be a legitimate Number One in his own right.

  22. Why trade Kessel for Nash in any form.
    Kessel is 3 years younger, 2.4 mil less cap hit and hes scoring at a similar rate as Nash did at the same point plus Kessel has more upside to get better. Nash has not had a banner year like Kessel is having now.
    Kessel will get better.
    Nash is what he is.

    It also wouldn’t work cap wise to fit 7.8 mil without Columbus taking some bad contracts back to get the Leafs under the cap. They would’nt do that. If they made that trade Nash for Kessel would have to be straight up as the Leafs traded 2 first round picks and a second for Kessel so thats his worth.

    Nash signed the deal to stay in Columbus rather then test the market and is now just another spoiled player demanding a trade to get out of a situation he doesn’t like.

    Only way the Leafs should trade for him is if they get a steal like they did for Phaneuf, other then that patience is the way to go.

  23. Am I the only one who wonders why everyone is so much more excited about Nash than Carter?
    Sure Carter’s contract is longer, but it’s only 2/3 the cap hit of Nash’s. Carter’s career best season is better than Nash’s.
    I know Carter had a better team around him, and I’m not saying Carter is better than Nash, but why does there seem to be such a huge difference between the two?
    If Burke trades for Nash’s big long-term contract (6/$7.8M) is he less of a hypocrite than if he traded for Carter’s big long-term contract (10/$5.27M)?
    Why are people convinced Nash will be such a good playoff player when he has so little experience?
    I think the price to get Carter now is unlikely to get lower until he gets close to the end of that contract. Columbus will not get anywhere near what they gave up at the draft to get him it they deal him at the deadline.

  24. Kessel is a NON FACTOR in the playoffs? Odd, i don’t recall that being a problem for the leafs in the playoffs regarding Kessel.
    Then again, Kessel did in fact play for the Bruins in the playoffs when he was 20 and 21. Surely we should hang him for that, now 3 years later on a different team.

    Lets have a look at a real NON FACTOR: Rick Nash. 650+ NHL games and 4 playoffs games. But sure, lets throw Kessel, Schenn, Forsberg, 10 million baloobas at Columbus for Nash. I am sure he wants out of that media free zone to enter media hell where he is actually depended upon and called out.

  25. NikK the cap hit is not a concern for Columbus, I don’t know where you heard that. They are not trying to dump him for a similar player with a lower hit. It’s not like Nash is old either. Not to mention he already is a top 20 point potential player just like Ryan. And I’d be willing to bet Ryan’s numbers go down playing in Columbus, without Getzlaf or Perry.

    The deals I suggested are simply starting points as I mentioned. Columbus has made it very clear they want roster players in addition to those picks and prospects .The comparison to the Hossa deal is just not relevant because Columbus would not accept that type of return.

  26. SHARKATTACK, that trade would never happen. Columbus will want young players just entering their prime and controllable for several years, not Ryne Clowe and Niemi. The only way San Jose gets Nash is if they trade Clowe for a younger forward and then package him with a bunch of other assets. San Jose just can’t compete with what LA has to offer, unless of course Nash doesn’t want to go to either team in which case this discussion is irrelevant. But they certainly aren’t going to take on those two expensive veteran players with where they are right now.

  27. Lyle, I feel for you. All these segregated trade posts. One for Nash, one for the Leafs and one for the rest of us.

  28. I don’t think Nash gets dealt before the deadline! His cap hit is too high and Columbus wants too much in return!
    @Chris: Kessel and Schenn for Nash? No way!

    And I think we cannot compare the Hossa deal with an eventual Nash deal. Hossa was an UFA after he was dealt to the Pens and signed then a one year contract with the Red Wings! Nash is still under contract for 6 (?) years!

  29. Jeff Cater For Bernier, Johnson, Penner (Columbus than will trade Penner to a playoff team for like a 2nd or even a 1st round pick watch ) someone like Boston,PittsburghChicago or even San Jose that needs a big man rental for a run dont be surprize !

    So the trade would look like this
    Jeff Carter
    D.Penner (1st or 2nd round pick) when traded to playoff team

  30. Glad to see Slats stand pat on keeping Kreider, the kid is a beast and can fly. I would however consider moving JT Miller though if the right deal for Nash presented itself. Again remember, Gaborik’s contract is up in 2 years. In 2 years who would you rather have, Nash 29yrsold or Gaborik 32yrsold? Colombus’s best move just might be moving Nash in the offseason though if they move him at all.

  31. @David – Nash didn’t demand a trade; Columbus asked his permission to trade him. BIG difference. Not sure why anyone would accuse Rick Nash of being “another spoiled player.” Get your facts straight.

  32. @ Dice: Not cap hit. Actual Money they have to pay their players. Money they dont have!

  33. @ CrazyCanuck
    To my knowledge, we don’t know who asked for what yet. It’s entirely possible that management had a meeting with Nash and told him that they’re going for full rebuild. Maybe they gave him the option of staying or going and he opted to go. At this nobody really knows anything for sure. It’s all rumors.

    The Nash trade depends on who is more motivated, Nash or Columbus. If Columbus is pushing the trade then Nash holds all of the cards. If Nash is pushing the trade then he may have to be more flexible.

  34. I was unaware Columbus was in such a bad financial situation….can anyone else confirm? I have never heard of a self imposed cap or anything, and they did just take on mega deals in the offseason with Carter and Wiz so I wouldn’t think they’re struggling to stay afloat like some other teams (Phoenix, New Jersey, etc.)

    Point is, unless that is the case I don’t think they are trying to unload Nash to save money…..I think they’ve sunk so low and realize that their rebuild is going to take a few years at the very least, and that if they could get enough assets in return of Nash it will ultimately make that rebuild quicker and less painful.

  35. They lose a ton of money each year. But I think its more of a rebuild when it comes to Nash.

  36. @LAKINGS88
    Are you insane? Why would any of those trades make any sense for any team other than the Kings?
    The trades are a big joke right?
    You can’t just match up salaries and say “there that works.” You have to consider what each team is lacking, ex Toronto need a goalie and a big physical center. Buffalo needs goal scoring and a leader. So to offer a team what they already have is silly. Why would Buffalo want another D-man and give up two goal scorers. Just cause they are struggling (a lot) doesn’t mean they are stupid too. Well maybe Darcy does qualify after the Leino trade, but normally no.

  37. Nash is handling this with complete class. Not spoiled at all.

  38. @Crazycanuck fair enough no one knows who started the process. But you made my point by saying he holds all the cards and will decide if he goes, thus handcuffing the blue jackets in this process. Instead of “demanding” I should have said dictating.
    No way the Blue Jackets can get as much as they can with only a handful of teams able to aquire the over rated and over paid Nash.
    He would help any team but the price to get him and his contract hurt most teams.

  39. @sharkattack the only way clwoe is part of a Nash deal is if it ends up like the heatly stituation where that’s the only team he’ll accept a trade too