The Rick Nash Trade Watch – February 27, 2012.

Will Rick Nash be traded today? Which teams are bidding for him? Read on for the latest.


Will Nash be traded today?

ESPN.COM/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/NORTHJERSEY.COM: report the Rangers appear out of the bidding for Columbus Blue Jackets winger Rick Nash, unless the Jackets reduce their asking price. It’s believed the Jackets were seeking forward Brandon Dubinsky, top prospect Chris Kreider, and another player plus a first round pick. The Rangers reportedly don’t wish to part with Kreider, defensemen Michael Del Zotto and Ryan McDonagh, or center Derek Stepan. Other trade options for the Rangers could include Buffalo’s Paul Gaustad and Carolina’s Jaroslav Spacek.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH/THE GLOBE AND MAIL: The only issue regarding a Rick Nash trade is when, not if, it happens. Should the Jackets be unable to trade Nash at today’s deadline, they’re expected to move him in the off-season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets won’t give Nash away, and won’t lower their asking price, which increases the possibility of a summer trade. The Maple Leafs and Sharks are rumored still in the bidding, and the Predators were rumored to have made inquiries, though reportedly they’re not on his list of preferred destinations. Unless another team decides to gamble and jump into this late, Nash could still be a Blue Jacket after 3 pm ET today.




  1. Why is San Jose still being reported as a suitor for Nash when it’s been reported countless times lately that all Nash ‘s teams are on the east coast! C’mon boyz

  2. Hes very good friends with Joe Thornton ……..
    If Burke crumbles with adding Gardner…maybe he wont have to add to many other players into a deal to get Nash ……I could Live with some fringe playersd and gardner in the mix to get a player like Nash for today …as long as the leafs kept the good core group and Kadri ….


  3. I like Gardner a lot. But if you recall a few years ago, Luke Schenn was viewed as the franchise player of the future, and now everyone has him as a 5/6 D man.

    I am not wishing any ill will on Gardner, and would love to keep him, but if there is one thing that Burke is better at than anyone else in the league, it is pumping up the tires on his own players and prospects.
    Burke has a history of picking up guys who played NCAA, polishing them up and spinning them into valuable assets. Did Burke flat out say he would not include Gardner or is he just posturing to make Howson look like a tough negotiator when the deal is done?

    Defenseman, we know, usually do not hit their prime ability until they are much later in their careers, ( mid to late 20’s at earliest). Gardner is 21. The Duncan Keiths of the world fit because the rest of the team is already at a higher level. The Leafs are not that calibre yet around a defenseman like Gardner.


    Do the Leafs build their entire future around a prospect that came out of nowhere last year, who has not even proved whether or not he will have a sophomore slump, who has tremendous upside on a team without a contending supporting cast……or do they include him as part of a deal to bring a locally born player, who has been surrounded by mediocrity in a decidedley non hockey town, who is, and can continue to be a franchise player, who is a big gritty power forward who can score goals, in the prime of his hockey career, who may attract other quality players to the organization?

    In the end it just might end up being be thanks for the memories, Jake.

  4. Toronto dangling Lupul to get Nash?

    Sportsnet just reported that Toronto may be offering All-Star forward Joffrey Lupul as trade bait to acquire Rick Nash today.
    Source: Sportsnet
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    rathger give Kessel ….Lupul has size skill and is a better skater …but he may be the sacrificial Lamb to not have to give up Gardner???

    We will see tough to replace Lupul .he is the power forward the leafs have been looking for they got by accident for free …

  5. Glad to see that Nash is not going to the Rangers. That trade makes little sense. They need
    to add a part and not disrupt the team. Need to keep Krieder and Mcllrath.

  6. Lupul is not a better skater than Kessel. It is not a knock on Lupul. 95% of the league is not a better skater than Kessel. He even sings along to O Canada

  7. Smart move by the Rangers. If the Rangers were fighting for a playoff spot, I can sort of see them being interested in Nash. But the Rangers are looking to make a run at the Cup, and let’s face it, Nash is unproven in the playoffs. He has one appearance three years ago and his team was swept. The Rangers aren’t desperate and any team that trades for him before the deadline is going to be a desperate team.

  8. The Rangers should stay away from Nash, unless CLB lowers their offer (which they shouldn’t do either). NYR should keep what they have an try to add a Whitney, Knuble or Guastad type of guy to their forwards unit. Don’t mess with that chemistry. (And this is coming from a Flyers fan)

  9. Has Nash been embarresed ????

    Did he create a deal with Howson that if he waives his no trade he gets to approve the final deal ????

    I wander because there has been some great offers for him …but I have a feeling Nash is giving Burke the opportunity and TIME in a backdoor deal to get a deal done so he is a Maple Leaf….conspiracy!!!

  10. Considering that the Jackets traded Carter for Jack Johnson, and that many of the deals for Nash apparently involve defencemen, ie. Gardner, Del Zotto. Does anyone else get the feeling that the Jackets are moving towards being a defenisve minded team, maybe a little like the Predators? I’m not saying they have the defensive talent to be as sucessful as the preds (and they certainly don’t have the goalie), but it just feels like they’re trying to head that way to me.