The Rick Nash Trade Watch – June 19, 2012.

All the latest regarding a possible trade of Rick Nash.


Where will Nash go?

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports this could be a big week, perhaps the biggest, in Blue Jackets history. He suggests a Rick Nash trade could happen as early as this Thursday, or during the entry draft weekend, and doubts there’s a “set demand” for all interested teams regarding a return, pointing out their biggest needs are goaltending and scoring. He believes the NY Rangers makes the most sense in terms of return.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: David Shoalts suggests the possibility of a Rick Nash trade occurring after July 1st, when New Jersey Devils pending UFA Zach Parise comes off the market, thus opening up the market by adding those teams which lost out in the bidding for Parise’s services. He adds the LA Kings among those who could be potential suitors, suggesting backup goalie Jonathan Bernier might be of interest to the Jackets. Shoalts doubts Nash would be a good fit for the Maple Leafs.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan has Nash topping his list of top five players who could be moved this weekend, which also included Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, Pittsburgh’s Jordan Staal, Toronto’s Luke Schenn and Chicago’s Patrick Kane. Koshan also believes the Maple Leafs would need more than Nash to become a Cup contender, whereas if Nash went to the Rangers, he could be the final piece of the Cup puzzle for the Blueshirts.  Lance Hornby, meanwhile, believes the NY Rangers would part with their first round pick (28th overall) in this year’s draft as part of a return for Nash.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports the Carolina Hurricanes are trying hard to make a deal to land a first line scorer. GM Jim Rutherford wouldn’t confirm it, but it’s believed he’s among the suitors for Nash.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports the Blue Jackets have been insisting since February that Logan Couture would have to be part of any deal which would ship Nash to the San Jose Sharks, a move which is a non-starter for the Sharks. Kurz believes the Jackets would have to ease their demands if Nash is to be dealt to San Jose.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg for the CSN Bay Area link.  A Nash trade could happen this week, at the draft, or after the initial UFA signing frenzy has passed. What we know for sure is the Blue Jackets want to move Nash this summer, and the sooner the better. How soon depends on their asking price and which teams are willing to meet it.I don’t believe the Maple Leafs will land Nash, as they need to address their goaltending and depth at center. The Rangers still seem the best suitor. No way the Sharks part with Couture. One wonders if the Sharks try to pry Jeff Skinner out the Hurricanes, something I doubt Rutherford would accept. As for the Kings, I’m not convinced they have interest in Nash now, if they ever did. It’s rumored they offered Bernier as part of the return for Jeff Carter, but the Blue Jackets declined. 


  1. I would laugh Howson off the phone if he expects Logan Couture to be the starting point for the deal. If they wanted him, plus a bunch of other stuff Howson is crazy.

    • If the Sharks were in play for Nash – it won’t be with Clouture – it will be with Marleau and a couple of other players, maybe Clowe. The thing is, the Sharks need to replace their aging D – Vandermeer, White and Murray – they resigned Stuart which was expected, but they still need someone with offensive capability and wheels – someone like Sekera maybe.

      • It wont be Marleau, why would columbus want an aging overpaid Marleau? If it is not Couture then it will be a package based around Pavelski. Personally I don’t think the Sharks have what it takes to land Nash, especially if there trying to say Couture is off-limits.

        • that’s why I say they are not even in the Nash derby – since they will hold firm, they will lose out and then be ripe for making a deal.

          • @Steve- im guesing you dont watch the sharks much. vandermeer is/was a 7th d man for us as was white in a way. the sharks d next year is:

            i dont think the sharks are gonna be interested in nash for the price the CBJ want. i see the sharks going after either bobby ryan or JVR. i think the asking price for nash is way too high for any team not just the sharks.

  2. I can’t see any scenario where the Kings would be interested in Nash. Nash’s cap hit his is ugly ($7.8M per season until 2018) and the Kings have to re-sign Quick before the end of this coming season, and Brown the year after.

    As of now, the Kings have 5 of their top 6 (Brown, Kopitar, Williams, Richards, Carter) going into next season. It’s reasonable to assume that they have Gagne penciled in that 6th slot. I also wouldn’t rule out Penner coming back. If all else fails, they have King who may be ready to step up, or they may want to give Toffoli a shot. So why would they blow a whole ton of cash to bring in Nash? It doesn’t make sense.

    • It might be a good time to give Loktionov a shot in the top 6 as well. Otherwise he’s better off with another team.

  3. @Innovator

    San Jose’s window is barely open and closing quickly. They either need to make the bold move to get the player(s) that they need, or they need to rebuild. If they want to win, they may have to give up Couture. If they insist on keeping Couture, then ditch the old guys and rebuild.

    • The cost to get Nash will set them back more than anything. I don’t think Nash will be any different from the group they have that are not able to get it down now. I am completely on board with the Sharks looking to make some changes and moving out some of their big names that have got nothing done. Not a full rebuild, but some major moves.

    • One comment that we keep hearing is the call to trade Marleau. Thing is, he is 33 and his cap hit is like almost $7MM. There is also grumbling about Niemi. I wouldn’t be adverse to trading Miller, Vanek and Sekera for Niemi, Pavelski and Clowe. I think it would be the type of trade that would benefit both teams. The Sharks need to do something – they just gave MacLellan their vote of confidence as coach – now they just have to change a little chemistry.

      • @steve- once again im not sure you follow the sharks. that trade would benefit the sabres but not the sharks. the sharks would also be eating more salary coming there way then what they would ship out. they would lose 2 of their better playoff players and leaders in clowe and pavs. i would like miller but id pass on vanek and sekera.

        • sorry for the double post but the sharks would take on almost 5 mil if that trade happened. dont see where they would benefit

  4. I just don’t see the kings being major players in either parise or nash. I know they have over 16 mil in cap room but they have a few young guys coming up in the next few years as well as signing quick and brown to extensions which will eat a lot of that space with just those 2 players. Just feel it would handcuff them to much.

    As for nash I hope he gets traded this week. I am honestly getting a little tired of hearing over and over again about how the rangers are the fit and howson is asking for to much. Don’t get me wrong I like trade rumours, that’s why I read this site but if it drags into august, ugh!

    • How would it handcuff them? they have $16 mill in cap space right now, plus you add $3.5 from Gagne being off the books next year and 3.4 from Scuderi next year as well. You can easily give there money to quick and have some left over. Kings could EASILY land a big fish like Parise and it wouldn’t affect a Brown or Quick extension. Personally I don’t want Nash in a Kings uni because of the package it would take to land him, but I would love to have a Parise or a Suter.

      • So you just removed 2 players (scuderi and gagne) who is replacing them? Nash has a 7.8 mil cap hit, parise will be similar, your now left with 8 and change to re up quick ( comparable rinne at 7 mill/yr) and brown who will get at least 5.5 year. Now that’s your core locked up for a couple years but these guys are signing 5+ years so its a long term senerio. Like I said I just don’t see how or why you would limit yourself or handcuff yourself when you already are set up nicley for a few years.

        • Why is this so hard for you to grasp? The Kings have $16 mill to spend right now, then add Gagne and Scuderi’s $6.9 mill off the books that is a total of $22.9 mill then give Quick a $5 mill raise and Brown a $2 mill raise and add in Parise’ $7 mill and re-sign your rfa’s for approx $5 mill. That leaves us with $4 mill to get a d man to replace Scuderi. Our top 6 would be parise, Kopi, Brown, Williams, Richards and Carter. Bottom six being King, Lewis, Nolan, Clifford, Richardson (might be gone too so that would free up another $1.1 mill), Westgarth, Toffoli.

  5. @ JDBiGC

    i agree. and SJ just might do it now , especially with the kings winning the cup and the ducks already having won one. they have by far been the best of those teams over the last decade, yet they’re the only california team without a cup. thorton, boyle and marleau all UFA’s after 2013-14 season, this is their last season to make a run at it.

  6. good grief he’s being traded to every team in the NHL.

  7. I personally think the ‘Canes can get it done.

    C Brandon Sutter, F Jiri Tustly G Mike Murphy, 8th OA pick


    F Rick Nash

    Two young forwards with potential, a decent goaltending prospect, and another top 10 pick. ‘Canes looking at Nash + Staal could be deadly!

  8. I still think the Rangers are making a big mistake trading for Nash. Now you will have three players (Richards, Gaborik, Nash) who will want the spotlight in NY. There is only one puck to go around. Plus giving up all those young players, propects and picks for Nash is (IMHO) absolutley crazy. This NY Ranger roster as of now brought them to the Eastern Conference finals this year, why ruin the chemistry? And IF they do trade for Nash and send back that package deal to Columbus, not only would the Blue Jackets win the trade, but I’ll predict right now the Rangers don’t even make the playoffs.

    • I can see the Rangers giving up Dubinsky, Del Zotto, and either Zuccarello or Ansimov for Nash. Thing is, at one point or another all have been in Torts doghouse multiple times and the play of Kreider and Stepan give Torts a little more flexibility with the roster.

      • I dont see the Rangers packaging Del Zotto in any deal.. The guy ha so much potential and his game is getting better by the day. I am afraid that youre correct about Dubinsky though.. He is my favorite player and I am afraid he goes the other way in a Nash deal. I could see Anisimov or Stepan going as well..

        • Doesn’t Del Zotto keep getting in Tort’s doghouse? I think the Rangers have some really good young prospects, so I don’t see them losing anything with trading away Del Zotto

  9. id be very upset if the leafs gave up on schenn already. hes still very young for a defenceman. who ever gets nash is gonna empty the bank, and regret it by the 20th game mark. unless ur adding him to a superstar, hes a dud.

  10. With Nash’s cap hit almost any team would be crazy to trade very much for him.I would rather have two guys making 4mil each.
    Case in point Krejci more points 62 less money 5.25mil.Bergeron 5 mil more points 64 and one of the best defensive forwards.lucic more points 61 ,4 mil.These guys play on a defensive system team also.nash 59 points also more games played.
    For his price I’ll take parise without costing any players or picks.

  11. Parise 69 points also more than Nash.
    Pass on Nash take parise.
    The smarter choice.

  12. Excuse me for not following the cap room per team but if NJ is going to lose Parise, why wouldn’t the the Devils have the room to pay Nash. They have some decent talent to offer and they could use a franchise name (brodeur, Elias,etc are leaving real soon). Not sure how the league controlling them would affect this but…

  13. Columbus wants YOUNG players.. they won’t take 34 yr old Marleau.

    It’s been reported they want 2 roster players + two prospects.

    That’s a lot…

    IF Parise hits July 1st, I think LA makes a hard push for him.. and that’s probably where he ends up. He wants to go to a contender.. and the way LA is setup they are going to be good for a very long time.

    I feel bad for Luke Schenn. The last couple of seasons under Wilson have not been good for him. So afraid to make a mistake for fear of being benched. I hope for his sake Carlyle is more patient with young players.. to let them learn and develop.

    • If he really wants to flip off NJ, he’ll pull a Hossa and sign with LA.

  14. Parise is going to Detroit!

  15. Leaf fan you are probably correct.
    I can see detroit or NJ as the most logical spots.

  16. Paul gaborik and Richards would rather be out of the spotlight. If rangers get Nash it would be to replace gabby when his contract runs out. I don’t see Nash as a ranger he doesn’t fit tort’s system. 3 names for you evander Kane, hanzal from Phoenix and oshie from the blues in trade. Whitney, gusted and kenopka in FA are all more torts type of players.

  17. Oh and quick question, name a player from nj that left and had anywhere near the career they had when they played with the devils? Ummm Gomez, holik, sykora? Try going back to gurein. Whoever wants Zach p take him please just be warned. Devil players don’t play well out of that system they’ve been playing for over a decade.

    • Rafalski

    • Scott Niedermayer.

  18. Whatever team Nash goes to it won’t be for the guy that the team wants to get rid of, it will be a player that the fans won’t like seeing go, that’s just how trades for guys like Nash go

  19. guys there is only 1 z.parise and 1 r.nash and according to what im hearing either detroit or la is getting parise if he doesnt sign with the devils first.on to nash everybody knows that this guy is a elite player and professional that has been in a bad situation i am a cbj fan that watches alot of games and if nash got to play with some of the players that these top players have played their whole career with he defiantly would be the sid crosby of the game.just because our gm is a complete dumb ass doesnt mean rick nash isnt a elite player in the league .i for one would take rick #1 in any start up franchise that being said who ever gets this kid getting a great player probaly one of the best players in the game if not the howson finally doing something right by asking a high price for this guy we aint giving him away so if you want a elite player that will defiantly push your team over the top this is the guy you want end of story

    • I agree his good. But Rick Nash and Sidney Crosby don’t exactly belong in the same sentence. And really? you’d take him to start up a franchise… man, you must lose a lot of fantasy hockey.

      • Let’s hope Nash is moved by this weekend.

  20. I am a big New York Rangers fan and shocked that Zach Parise said he wouldn’t sign with the NY Rangers,but I think he will and change his mind. The Rangers could end up getting Rick Nash by next week it they don’t have to give up a lot in return. So Parise or Nash an NYR.