The Rick Nash Trade Watch – Sunday, February 19, 2012.

The latest MSM trade speculation regarding Blue Jackets captain Rick Nash. Enjoy!


Where, oh, where, will Rick Nash go?

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis reports many NHL executives he’s spoken with doubt the Blue Jackets find a suitable trade partner for Rick Nash by the trade deadline, citing the Jackets astronomical asking price of an impact player, two top prospects and a first round pick. The LA Kings appear a popular target, but one popular theory has the Kings landing Jeff Carter, if not Nash.  Francis dismissed the notion of the Flyers as a trade target, pointing out their obvious need to improve their defensive game. He also claimed “there’s no proof of a list of teams he’d waive his no-trade clause to go to that Nash reportedly gave Howson, although many believe he simply wants to stay in the east.” It’s believed the Blue Jackets stand a better chance of moving Nash in the off-season.

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/NEW YORK POST/NORTHJERSEY.COM: Rangers forward Brandon Dubinsky has been rumored part of the return the Rangers would have to send the Blue Jackets to acquire Rick Nash, but Dubinsky claims he’s not bothered by the speculation, adding he doesn’t want to leave the Rangers.

TSN’s Darren Dreger recently tweeted the price for Nash was too high (for the moment) for the Philadelphia Flyers. “JVR,Bobrovski, Schenn or Couturier believed to be part of asking price.”

BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont compared the Blue Jackets situation with Nash to that of the Bruins when they dealt away star Joe Thornton. He also speculated about the return the usual suspects (Boston, Vancouver, Toronto, Rangers) might have to part with to land Nash, but suggested the St. Louis Blues could be an outlier, as they have depth in goaltending (Halak and Elliott) which could interest the Blue Jackets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m in the camp which believes the Blue Jackets best chance to move Nash is in the off-season, around the June Entry Draft. I think it would be foolish of Rangers management to pursue Nash at this time, given the Rangers are dominating the Eastern Conference standings. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I also believe it would be folly on the Flyers part to chase him. Overloading with scoring wingers won’t resolve their defensive and goaltending issues. Forget about the Blues making a pitch for Nash this season, as their ownership situation has not been sorted out and the club is operating on a tight budget. Maybe in the off-season, when their new owner is in place, they might consider it. Not now.

I think the Kings might be the only real destination available to the Blue Jackets at this time, given their woeful offensive production, but we don’t know if Nash would approve a trade there, or if the Jackets will get the kind of return they seek from the Kings. The Leafs could get into it, as they’re currently in danger of falling out of the playoff race, but that would mean a significant shake-up, which might have more risk than reward at this time of the year.


  1. Ya it doesn’t seem to make much sense to move him now as you’ll have more suitors in the off season. That and any team that’s trading for him is shaking up their chemistry which might not be the best idea for playoff teams.

    The only way I see it happening before the deadline is a team like Toronto or LA, which are fringe playoff teams sinking a bit and needing a jolt, overpaying for Nash now.

  2. It has become very obvious that the LEAFS are NOT making the playoffs this year…this 3 game road swing…has really exposed the true team…and they now have no goaltending to count on and a dried up goal production …..and in my opinion one of the EASIEST teams to intimidate and muscle around like pee wee players………Vancouver is a REAL TEAM and iam a Leaf fan……the leafs are a bunch of misfits that burhe has tried to plug holes with …well that isnt working anymore………….
    PLEASE BURKE cut the fat..bring up Colborne …Kadri and Holzer and Give Rynass a shot at running the table like Riemer last year and TRADE KESSEL for a PLAYER WITH SOME GUTS….!!!!!!

  3. West Coast trips are hard for most East Coast teams… whether it is the Cdn trip or the California trip…

    The Leafs are lucky that the Caps are struggling as well…. but they have to keep ahead of both Florida & the Caps who are fighting each other for 3rd overall… The loser either finishes 7 or 8 or out of the playoffs… I think Ott, Tor, Fla/Wash — fight for 3 playoff spots… It’s going to be a fun run to the end of the season.

  4. Last nights game against Vancouver was an indication of how awful the leafs are . it was embaressing to watch .this team will not be going anywhere but down they are done they are the worst of the teams trying to get into the playoffs , so you know there done . Burke , and Wilson should be fired . The leafs should get rid of everybody and start over . But like every other year before they make enough points to get a middle of the pack draft pick . Or they trade it away for a gutless winger scared of his own shadow . But yet Burke defends this . Where’s the truculence . I can’t believe this another year and no playoffs . Thanks Burke .

  5. A few day’s ago i posted why i thought it would come down to LA and TOR, It seems my logic was right. This put’s a chip on my shoulder to speculate even further. I’d said before i think LA an put together a more attractive package (IF Tor wasnt including Kessel in theirs) but i dont think either A) Nash will accept a deal to LA while Tor is still on the table as a destination or B) LA will part with an Impact player, two prospects and a first round pick for Nash an his 7.8M contract. Even though i’m a Leafs fan i’d have to say Toronto is the only team i can see being…um, err, Eager? enough to jump on this now.

    But i’ve heard Toronto is willing to part with Schenn, And i know Burke wans JVR from Phi. And i have a feeling something will be done with that in the off season. Phi IS willing to part with JVR for the right price and if Tor is heading in that direction they’ll retain Schenn who would undoubtable be apart of the package to land Nash.

  6. Howson won’t get the deal he’s looking for in the summer either.

    The theory is that the CBJs will get more options in the summer: however, they made their worst deal last year acquiring Jeff Carter. It was a horrible trade, yet it was one of those “summer deals” that people continue to revere.

    The logic is: More bids in summer vs. desperate bids in season.

    Pros to summer deal: You have more of a variety to play guesswork with your team chemistry.
    Cons to summer deal: You never know what players you’re getting, because the summer often morphs them either into worse players or better players. Plus, you don’t know how much your team will improve over the summer, whether your coach will come up with new strategies, what will be your team strengths and weaknesses BECAUSE of how your team might evolve.

    Pros to midseason deal: You know if your team struggles on PP, PK, etc, what kind of “pieces” you might need to fulfill the balance of the team. You also get a steady gauge on how players in other markets are performing, what kind of team they play on, and whether their team would be better or worse with those players on/off the squad. You can also run into teams desperate to make the playoffs/win the cup and shackle their future and better yours.
    Cons to midseason deal: You have less of a variety of players to choose from. You might temporarily disrupt the chemistry of your line-up (which is a good thing if you’re a seller).

    At least had they done their deals last year midseason, they’d have gotten some reading on how he (carter) would do for the rest of the year. When you trade in the summer, you never know whether the player might be disheartened or disgruntled or still injured (he broke his foot five games in); you also might wrestle with a slow start that the team NEVER recovers from (exactly what happened this year). In the season, you see their current stats and the way they’re playing. A smarter summer deal would have been CBJ moving Voracek and their pick to LA for Braydon Schenn and Wayne Simmons; that would have been a good deal for both teams (even though it really would have only been a shuffle). Philly ripped off both teams, now their tops of the league in offense… gee, how did that come about? If I was CBJ/LA, I would have left those players alone. Oh but because it was the summer, it was apparently a good time to make those deals. I’m sure Anaheim enjoyed Joffrey Lupul for Chris Pronger… those are the “awesome summer deals” the media pressures teams to make.

    I say if teams are desperate enough, let them overpay. They talk about the bad deals for Kovalchuk, Hossa, and Thornton (the B’s ended up with two minor leaguers still developing and Andrew Ference in the end of that one). Meanwhile, Atlanta’s GM just wasn’t a good one, that’s why he got snaked on both Kovalchuk and Hossa. What about Versteeg? Kaberle? Fisher? Kelly? You think Toronto would have gotten what Boston had given them in the summer for Kaberle?! It’s barely one year later and nobody wants to have anything to do with him!

    It doesn’t matter how many bids you get, it matters how desperate they are. Imagine the pull CBJ might be able to get from Toronto right now if BB wasn’t their GM; he could gut their second line, grab a good defender, and a goaltender, even if their goaltenders aren’t much better than the ones you have.

    Ottawa and Toronto made out like bandits last year “selling” during the season and not in the summer, and now look at their position in the standings. Ottawa’s better while Toronto is about the same. The Fisher deal was a good one for both teams. And Boston certainly didn’t mind parting with their first rounder after they won the cup.

    So teams that are on the slide are desperate, and desperate = you can snake a deal with those teams for more than you could have ever gotten during the summer (if not exactly the players you were targeting). Really, who’s CBJ going to get for Rick Nash in the summer? Maybe a pick in which they know the placement of the pick… then more guys with that “x factor”.

    I say in the end, if you can’t rip off a desperate team now, don’t even bother moving him in the summer cuz you’re going to get that “box of chocolates” again. Keep him and continue trying to build from there.

  7. Columbus is sitting in an excellent position. They don’t have to trade Nash (as far as we know), and they can bully teams interested by suggesting that they are willing to wait until the draft. The Kings were just shutout at home for the second straight time.

    I think the Kings may go for Carter too. They can probably give up less to get him, and the cap hit is much more friendly in terms of dollars per year.

  8. The Leafs are the second youngest team in the NHL and have lots of future potential. Before the season started Toronto was predicted to be a 7-9th place team which is what they are. With the early success they had many Leafs fans got their hopes up. Bottom line is if they can get Nash with out over paying then great go for it. I don’t think it possible. The Leafs should try to trade Connolly, Lombarti, and Komisarek, for draft picks. And bring Colbourne and Fratten up. Keep Aulie up too.

    No need to get better goalies right now we are not going far in the playoffs even if we make it. We are rebuilding with a young team let Reimer or the Monster sink or swim this year. If one of them doesn’t shine then look for a good starting goalie in the off season.

    I would trade for Nash for say Scheen, Kadri, Connoly, and a 1st round pick. But let’s be honest the Blue Jackets would be stupid to do a trade like that.

  9. First, I think the asking price for Nash is delibrately high. No one should realistically expect a deal like that for Nash now or in the off season. That said, Columbus will get a large return IF they move Nash, which I think is unlikely.

    As for Carter, I think the real issue is how he is being used. He is not a center. Columbus IMO, should hold onto both and look for a center

  10. I don’t think Toronto should go after Nash at all… but if they end up trying to make a deal they better walk away the moment Columbus demands Jake Gardiner.

  11. i can see a team struggling to make the playoffs making a deal and overpaying for Nash but can’t see why NYR, BOS , VAN, SJ , PHIL would even consider trading keys pieces of their team to get one player. I am glad to read that some of them have said they are pulling out of the Nash race. He’s good not great and he makes alot of coin. You need depth to go far in the playoff’s.
    Like other posters have said LA and Toronto would seem to be the logical destinations right now. If CLB is going to pull the trigger before the deadline Nash to Toronto and Carter to LA might get them the best returns.

  12. Why can’t Nash help any if not all of the mentioned teams? It depends what you trade from your current (active) roster. If a team trades a top line player, a prospect and a draft pick for Nash then your only replacing one roster player. The question is , is it an upgrade? If your Boston and that player is Horton , then i’d day so. If its Dubinsky , I’d take that any day. How bout Kane? ( and why is Chicago not mentioned in the Nash sweepstakes?). Would any of you swap Marleau , Kesler or Kessel for Nash? If your not subtracting multiple players from any one team , “chemistry” can’t be all that affected. From a roster perspective its a one for one swap and upgrade for this years Cup run. Isn’t that the point?

  13. Any deal for Nash has to include Kessel. If the Leafs keep Kessel and Lupul where is Nash supposed to play on the second line at a $7.8M cap hit? Lupul is tough around the net and has proven he isn’t made of glass so Burke has to keep him but Kessel has no grit or size even though he has plenty of speed and great hands. The Jackets would love to have the excitment of Kessel and would want Bozak to come with him due to his chemistry with Kessel and his low cap hit. So a Nash for Bozak and Kessel deal could be a starting point since the salary also works. Whether or not the Jackets can get more in the deal remains to be seen what other bidders are left at this point. I’m just not sure if Burke is willing to call it a day on Kessel and admit his size is a hinderance to the team against Van, Bos, Philly, and the Rangers. This move also free’s up Burke to get a medium sized center for Nash and Lupul instead of having to go with that huge guy due to Kessel’s size. Disposing of Kessel for Nash would be one step in the right direction with the Leaf’s being such a small team and fairly easy to intimidate.

  14. @ MJR,

    Kudos on a very well thought out and presented argument. However I disagree with your conclusion. Nash is being shopped, and whenever he is asked about it, a third grader could see his body language and read between the lines where clearly Nash is saying “get me to hell outta here”.

    He was sold a bill of goods when he resigned, and Columbus has not come through. So hanging onto him could be like injecting a slow and painful poison into the rest of the team and scare off any players from willingly wanting to ever play in Columbus. He wants out, and teams are willing to deal, so Howson, get as much as you can get, but for goodness sake make a deal. If you don’t someone else will.

  15. Time for Kessel to go , doesnt work hard enough to get the puck out almost jumps into the crowd if anyone is close to hitting him. Not very good at back checking, his speed is nice to watch but he seems to disappear when we play any real teams. Get Nash and ship Kessel. Looks like we also need a new goalie coach about 80% of the last 20 or so goals have been scored because Remier is to far back in the net.( I know all the 2 on ones dont help but if you dont cut down the angle we have another Raycroft)

  16. @ Fire Wilson,

    Following your argument, the Flyers should drop Briere, Tampa should trade away St. Louis, Seguin should go back to junior, the Sedins should go back to Sweden.

    Not every player has the sandpaper but the ones I mentioned, in addition to Kessel, score goals and rack up points when it matters.Kessel is 5th in points in the NHL. Nash is not even in the top 75!

    Who cares what line you play on if the chemistry works and games are being won. Bozak seems to work with Kessel and Lupul.

    Nash, Grabovski and one of Kulemi, McArthur or Connolly could work too. Switch the top 6 up any way you want, its strong.

    Trading away the fifth top scorer in the league because he is small or does not drop the gloves is a ridiculous reason to do so.

    The game has changed and speed is the rule of the day. Edmonton would be able to beat the Leafs, but the Leafs have 2 fast lines and Edmonton only has one. Kessel is an asset that a lot of teams do not have.

  17. @ Murph – You and I have very different ideas of what passes for “well-though out and presented”… That wasn’t an argument, just the unfiltered ramblings of another fan

    @MJR – love the enthusiasm, but for all of our sakes, don’t do speedballs next time you feel like the world needs to know what’s on your mind

    Sorry for being a hater. I wouldn’t have said anything if Murph didn’t encourage that ridiculous ramble-blogging in a comment section


  18. @Murph

    Problem with your arguement is that they aren’t winning. The second issue is that the rest of the team is small otherwise if you had a lot of sand paper and size Kessel is a keeper.

    You can’t aquire Nash at $7.8M and stick him on the second line with Grabo at $5.0M next year and MacArthur at $3.25 With Connelly at $4.75 centering a third line. The Leafs just won’t have the money to make this work so the way I see it is you have to make a decision due to cap space, either Kessel or Nash.

  19. The best thing about those who mention Kessel in a deal for Nash is to imagine Kessel as the star that the NHL and Columbus push at the All-star game next year. Just 2 years after being snubbed by the players. He ain’t gonna pick Ovi, that’s for sure.

  20. Briere, St. Louis, Seguin , the Sedins dont have a problem mixing it up Kessel shys away from it .When the chips are down hes no where to be found. Do i like watching his speed , sure but were not in a race we in a hockey game and would take any of the above players ( when they were in there prime)in a second over Kessel . Nash is having a bad season but would take him over Kessel any day. As for Kessel being in the top 5 in scoring ; I guess at the end of the year we can say well we didn’t make the playoffs again but wow at least we had a player in the top 5 in the scoring race. Last night game is proof of where is our best player when we need him .Hmmm Sedins Had 8 points between
    them .

  21. To the Blue Jackets Connolly, Komi, Clarke Mac, schenn, and 1st round pick. To Toronto Nash.

  22. @Donald

    Won’t happen they are all castoffs other then Schenn.

  23. is reporting that Leaf GM Brian Burke was in New York today talking with Scott Howson about Rick Nash and other general topics in what Burke called an “unscheduled meeting”. What do you suppose this means? Did Burke make an offer for Nash? Did he want to know what the asking price was? Or, did he just run out of patience with Howson like the Columbus fans have done and decided to do his shopping elsewhere?

  24. @salvatore
    I was just reading that as well. After last nights loss maybe Burke has had enough. I wouldn’t read to much into what Burke says as his trades in the past have went un announced from trade insiders until it actually happens so he might like to keep it that way. Either way whether he’s there for Nash carter or maybe even brassard, I don’t see him sitting around much longer while his team is sinking.

  25. Eat my wall of text and suffer!

  26. Come on Mr Chiarelli !!!! Rask,Krejci,Kampfer,Spooner,2012 1st round to CBJ . In return Bruins obtain Nash and Mason !….great trade for 2 teams !!

  27. not a bad pitch KW but I would be leery getting rid of Rask
    the other problem would be the amout paid to Nash, not too sure Nash’s salary would sit well with some of the other guys in the room. Boston is kinda like Detroit , several payers have taken less to stay.
    But he’d sure look good on the wing with Seguin and Lucic

  28. Disclosure – I didn’t bother reading all the comments in this post. I am a Sens Fan living north of Leaf Nation.

    The leafs really should make a play for Nash for obvious reasons. They should offer up Kadri (lets face it, he will never play for the leafs in the NHL – if that was possible he’d be up with the big club already) Schen (there’s your 2 prospects) Connolly (impact player? ;)) Add Komisarek (for salary offset) and a 2nd round pick upgraded to a first if needed. In return get Mason and Nash. Now you have enough to flip for a true starting goalie. Rask? Bernier?