The Shane Doan Watch – August 2, 2012.

Shane Doan has no visit scheduled with the Buffalo Sabres, the Canucks remain interested but they’re also looking at another player, Red Wings fans balk at overpaying for Doan, while his agent comes under criticism for negotiating through the media.

THE BUFFALO NEWS/WGR 550: reports Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier said the team has no visit for Phoenix Coyotes winger Shane Doan scheduled:

“No we have not met with him and I don’t know whether we will meet with him. We’re monitoring the situation and I’ll leave it at that.” When asked if Doan has scheduled a visit with the team Regier said, “No, not yet.”

Regier did acknowledge he would be interested if the long-time Coyotes forward decides to move on.

Sabres have no visit planned for Doan.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Ben Kuzma reports the Canucks remain interested in Doan, plus they have interest in UFA center Jason Arnott.

MLIVE.COM: Brendan Savage reports Red Wings fans are please their club isn’t willing to overpay for Doan, who reportedly received a four-year, $30 million offer from an unnamed Eastern Conference team.

 INSIDEPITTSBURGHSPORTS.COM: A level of frustration with Doan’s agent, Terry Bross, may be growing among some teams interested in his client, suggesting Bross is negotiating through the media to drive up Doan’s value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sure, Bross is negotiating through the media, but he’s doing his job, trying to get the best contract offer he can for his client from the teams he’s interested in playing for. 

I doubt the Sabres are on Doan’s radar, as I suspect he wants to sign with a potential Cup contender. The Wings would be interested in Doan, but they’re not keen to overpay. I doubt they’d go higher than $5.25 million per on a two or three year deal. For now, the guessing game continues.


  1. All of this Doan talk is lulling me to sleep. The guy is a solid player but is in no way an elite game changer (of coarse this is my opinion). Any GM that throws anything over 3.5 per at this guy is overpaying.

    • But isn’t that the whole principle of unrestricted free agency? While not on the “elite game-changer” level, Doan is still a star player and brings a great deal to the proverbial table in both tangible and intangible qualities. Everybody gripes about the contracts getting handed to unrestricted free agents these days, but that’s kinda sorta the point of the whole “bidding war” thing.

      Doan is indeed the best name out there in UFA, but if a team wants comparable offense at the expense of the physicality, Petr Sykora is still out there as well.

      Besides, it’s August. Seriously, what other hockey news are you expecting? I hear the League is set to send over the 2nd batch of financial records to the PA. Would you like more updates on that?

    • Agreed.A great player but not for 4 yrs @ $30 million. That being said I wish he hadn’t ruled out Edmonton.

  2. Glad to see the Canucks are looking at Arnott. He would be a good fill in to the void at center with Kesler out to start the season. Unless of course they still believe a return from Florida might fill the gap…;)

  3. Im sure it’s the Flyers who offered him 4 years 30 million..

    • Already been shot down that it wasn’t the Flyers. Plus that offer came in while the weber thing was going on. So no way did they make him that crazy offer because there cap was dependent on the weber situation. That said doesn’t mean they won’t do something stupid like that offer. I just hope they learned something about 35+ contracts from pronger’s injury.

  4. Doan is the only option via FA and I get that you have to surrender no assets to acquire him, but 7.5M for hinm is just insane. That eats up a huge chunk of cap space for the next 4 years. He also would have little trade value as i’m sure he’ll ask for a NTC and the salary would be hard to move as well.
    I’m surprised about the lack of news regarding Colliacovo. He is a decent puck moving dman. can be a top 4 and can easily manoeuvre himself in the 5-6 spot. His progress is hampered by injuries and the terrible leafs system. So many teams looking for D, i’m surprised no one has thrown a 2 year $4.8 offer at him.

  5. Doan should really consider the Buffalo Sabres as a potential destination. When healthy they are one of the best teams in the league. Everybody seen how dominating the sabres could be after watching the final 20-30 games of the season. At one point last season they had 9 starters injured which included Ryan Miller…

  6. Yeah and Montreal are Cup Contenders? Give me a break. Albeit we are not Pittsburgh, NY, or Philly but we have the tools, talent, money and desire to win. Just because we are under dogs does not mean there is no interest

    • Um, sorry Ned, but there’s no interest from Doan in Montreal. How do I put this nicely? They aren’t close to contending. At this point of his career, you can bet he’ll want to choose the team with what he thinks has the best chance to win a Cup, not maybe contend for the playoffs in the last year of his four year contract. If he goes to the East, you can bet on either New York, Pittsburgh or Philly. If he stays in the West, I’m banking on LA.

  7. Doan…how can it be that that many teams are that blind ,I like the Petr Sykora comparison because its accurate ,Doan may be a little better but he is not a elite player .With Van I think Arnott would be a great as he would be in Dallas as well.He can play the PP and still win draws and he wont command much and he would have no term…

  8. Doan is going to be a disappointment at the kind of money he is asking for his last 3 season he has surpassed 20 goals twice and averaged 55 points (2012 – 50, 2011 – 60, 2010 – 50) and he has only hit 30 goals once in his career so by no means is he a game breaker.

    At his age I can see why he is looking for a 4 year deal, because this is probably his last chance to cash in.

    It only makes sense that he goes to a cup contender, I see Van being the perfect fit for him playing with Kesler or the Pumpkin head twins.

    • With the right teammates he could definitely have a career year even at his age. Pittsburgh would be his best bet in my opinion. Doan’s work ethic & desire to win will have him live up to all the hype as long as he signs in the right city. Pitt or NYR.

  9. Just comment on Doan when he picks a team. All there is out there are people sitting in front of a computer making up stuff and hope to make people believe it.

    • What was the point of that comment?

  10. Philly does not need another forward unless they plan on winning every game 7-6. They need a goalie and a couple of D-men and thats why the Weber offer. If Phoenix needs to move Yandle then they should take a run at that.

    • They don’t need a goalie! Bryz had a bad year I get that but a lot had to do with the defense that was played in front of him. It flat out sucked more often then not. Other then March when they got Grossmann he helped the D a lot. Guess that is why Bryz whas player of the month. He will be fine if Lavy fixes his defensive system and not just try to out score teams.

  11. If Doan & the Coyotes didnt make it as far as they did this year Doan wouldnt be coveted ….he was truly one of the best standouts in the league in his play this past playoffs …and really made a huge impact on that team and would make an even better impact on a legit contender …he plays almost mistake free hockey with the puck has great size and a fantastic meanstrek and unmatched leadership skills ….this guy is dying to win the big games and will do anything to get it done …… I wish my team ( leafs ) had just one impact player like that up front …hes worth the money thats not an argument hes earned it!

    This guy could have folde his tent and played obscure hockey in that Arizona market …but hes been a consistant quality player and never took the nights off even on that squad …cant say the same for Semin at $7 million thats for sure …QUALITY through and through …..

    I know its not a leaf post but its another Doan day so ithought id expand a little
    Iam really dissappointed that Burke has not signed Arnott fopr a 3rd line center …WTF …clutch goal scorer ….veteran leadership ..stanley cup in the room and a big guy on Center …what are you waiting for Burke ..OH sorry Connolly is better …LMFAO what a joke!!
    Tired of being a Leaf fan ! Seriously !

  12. Not sure how Buffalo isn’t a contender. Who had LA on that list last year? Who can say before the season starts. They had a ton of injuries last year and things broke down after Lucic ran Miller but I wouldn’t count them out.

    Now my Isles fit the not contender category.

    • Lots of people had LA on their contender list before the start of the season. They were expected by many to win the division. They started being dropped off those lists about mid-season with their inconsistency and inability to score goals, but before the season they were considered a major contender by many.

  13. Buffalo

    Buffalo is on the cusp and in very good shape I am a leaf fan but to watch games live i had to get season tickets the last couple of years in Buffalo …great crowds and great place to watch a live NHL game!!!

    The Sabres have some very high quality talent on the rise most noteably Foligno and Adams ..they need some help on the back end but have two solid goalies and put in an unbelievable effoirt towards the last month last year to almost make the playoffs …they had terrible injuries all season and could not get the train on the tracks …..I would say they will be a force next year and will be a very tough team to play against …they will still look to make major moves ….they will not be a Stanley Cup team IMO but they are definitely a Playoff team and will push well into the playoffs, and once you get there anything is a possibility, but do not write this team off by any means!!

    I always cheer for the visiting team ..not a Sabres bandwagon jumper at all ….

    • Slap, I really like the direction Bflo going. Glad to be rid of Roy and Boyes and I think the addition of Ott and Foligno(full time)gives us some grit, skill and physical play. I wanted them to get Ott at the trade deadline, but I was happy with Hodgeson. I just would like to see Darcy get a vet like Arnott or make a trade for one of the following: Pavelski, Bolland or Getzlaf to shore us up at Center. I think getting a seasoned Center would provide the mentoring that the two G’s and some of our youngsters need. Got rid of our whiners and “maybe I’ll show up” players and I think we have a pretty good group to at least get us into the playoffs. Personally, I don’t want the Sabres to go after Doan. While I like him and think he would be an asset to the organization – I just think it would require too much.

      • Yeah, and to get Getzlaf, Pavelski, or Bolland, what does Buffalo have to off that doesn’t dismantle most of their team?

        • Stafford, Sekera and Adam. OR Vanek, Sekera and Adam.

  14. I’m thinking that Doan would look good in a Maple Leafs jersey and Burk should be wise enought to know the he is the type of player that could install a great work ethic in the leafs lineup along with Dion!

    • lol And why the hell would he want to sign there?

      Boy is it fun to wish and hope.

    • Won’t happen, have you not been paying any attention to all of these thousands of Doan articles/rumors/blogs? He’ll be faithful and re-sign with Phoenix or go to a legit Cup contending team (NYR, Philly, Pitt, Van, LA, Det or Wash). Leafs are 10 years away by the way Burke is now handling things. First he was going in the right direction, but as of right now, has pulled a complete 180 and becoming another JFJ. Everyone around the League can see this, and this is more of a reason why players won’t come here on their own free will. Only trades will bring thim here now.

  15. If Doan is looking for a 4 year deal, does he want to win the Stanley Cup in year 1,2 3 or 4? Or a multiple of them? In or or out of succession?

    In 3 or 4 years, which of the current 30 teams will be in “contention”? Nobody knows for sure. Ask Marian Hossa.

    The point is, Doan should not rule out any team on that basis. Yes the odds are better with certain teams making it to the finals.

    But how many of us would have picked New Jersey this year? The Pens were supposed to win, and the runners up in the east were supposed to Ranger / Flyers. Same scenarios in the West.

    At the end of the day, Doan and his agent know as much as any of us when predicting which team is the best bet to win the cup.Thats not saying too much.

  16. @ Steve

    The Sabres are good at center. Pavelski and Bolland wouldn’t make much of a difference. We’ve got Hodgeson, Ennis to play top two lines and then we’ve got girgensons adam and grigorenko coming up real soon

    • True, I just think we need a Vet presence – maybe sign Arnott. I’m not completely sold on Adam, but I really like the 2 G’s and I think we get the full package with Girgensons – leadership, skill and a good work ethic. I see a weakness in having Leino and Ennis slated as our Centers and I do think the youngsters need a mentor. In all honesty – trading Stafford (who scores in bunches) for a bona fide center is not a bad thing and we have a glut of d-men we could package with him.

  17. Chi, Pit, LA, Phil, Van, NYR,Bos just off the top of head will be in the running for the next couple of years easy.

  18. being a wing fan. i am interested in what doan does. but now i am so tired of hearing and hearing and hearing on what is not being done. i for one think 3.5 to 4.0 is the range. if you pay any more i hope he is not a wing. waste of money. let the young guys do it. see what we have. next year is the year to spend it. detroit wings fans are spoiled. now lets sit back and see what happens. doan go some place that wants to waste tons of money on you.

  19. Doan has been my favorite player since about 98 what the guy brings off the ice is more valuable than what he does on the ice !! He is a great player and leader !! He hit he can score and a lot of times when coyotes looked to be beat he was one of the few that comes to life when you need it be it in a team Canada sweater or coyotes but no way is he worth the money the talk about , he just came off a $4.5 mill a season when playing in his prime !!