Thursday Evening NHL Rumor Update – February 16, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash, Patrick Kane, Pavel Kubina, plus the latest on the Florida Panthers.

PHILLY.COM: Frank Seravalli considers Rick Nash a long-shot for the Flyers, believing they have the depth in young talent to acquire him, but believing that move “would seem to go against the exact nature of the Flyers’ moves last summer, in which they traded away a few big name pieces – and saddled Columbus with one of them – to try and get younger.” He also points out the Flyers don’t need more offense, as they’re currently second in the league in that category, but rather it’s their defense and goaltending which are the problem areas.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Whoever coined the expression,  “the best defense in a good offense”, never played NHL hockey. Acquiring Nash would do NOTHING to address the Flyers need to bolster their defense and improve their goaltending. It would be the wrong move, at the wrong time, for the wrong player.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Chris Boden reports not to expect the Blackhawks to trade forward Patrick Kane. “It’s not impossible, just don’t hold your breath for those anxious to ship the guy who scored your Stanley Cup-clinching goal out of town for the sake of doing something and immediate gratification. Stan Bowman’s not in line with J.R.’s thinking. Of course, he’d always listen. Just don’t believe Kane will be aggressively shopped.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, it would be a bold move, but if the Blackhawks want to improve their goaltending, they won’t find much now to address that need, and Buffalo’s Ryan Miller insists he doesn’t want to leave the Sabres.

TAMPA BAY TIMES’ Damian Cristodero tweeted earlier today “Lightning D (Pavel) Kubina has been asked to provide a list of teams to whom he would accept trade.”

SUN-SENTINEL.COM: Harvey Fialkov reports Florida Panthers GM Dale Tallon won’t be a seller at this year’s deadline, and could be a buyer if he can find something suitable to improve his team.



  1. Kubina would have to be considered an upgrade for the Canucks. The bottom pair of Aaron Rome and Andrew Alberts has difficulty with the breakout pass. I bet the nucks could offer a 2nd rounder and a conditional if he signed. Pure speculation.

  2. Enough of the Kane rumors! He’s not going anywhere, and if he did it wouldn’t be for a goalie it would be for a defensemen. Can’t stand these Kane for Miller rumors. Complete nonsense.

  3. 1 bad year and rumors about a vezina trophy winner and when he’s on his game, the best goalie in the league being traded. ITS NOT HAPPENING!

  4. Flyers pick up Grossman proving Spector right, they are looking for defensive help.

  5. Panther’s GM, Dale Tallon, is an excellent one… He won’t trade his brightess prospects for a “star player”… He’s just gonna go for a player that fit his team needs: a scorer and a experienced defensemen

    I would see Kostytsin in his plan..

    He would’nt cost much for a perrenial 20 goal scorer…

    Since the reconstruction of the team is not in his final stage, plugs-in are more what this team need…

  6. @ Ryan

    I don’t think Miller gets moved either but you never know. To add to your points though, generally it’s hard to tell if the goalie is the reason for the problem as opposed to the defense. But looking at numbers, as of this writing the Sabres have 137 goals for and 162 goals against.

    162 goals against puts them in the bottom half of the league (just by eye-balling), but that is far from the worst. Three teams in the Eastern Conference (Ottawa, Toronto, and Philadelphia) are currently sitting IN a playoff sport with more goals against than Buffalo.

    The 137 goals for is the killer. Only one team in the entire league occupies a playoff spot with a lower goals for. That team is the Kings who have one of the best defenses in the league and a Vezina candidate in goal. And note that the Kings are only in the playoffs by three points.

    Unless I missed it and Miller has been playing point on the power play, it’s hard to assign a lot of blame to him.

  7. Pretty safe to say the balls rolling now.. teams got to figure out what side of the fence they are on not to lose out on the buyers market.

  8. With the Kings losing another 1-0 game tonight, my bet is they make a strong pitch for either Carter or Nash during the next few days. Teams that are last in GPG do not make the playoffs.

  9. I dont think Holmgren is stupid to get Nash. His team needs defense and *shocker* a goalie. I admit Philly made some crazy moves last summer and they are good. But that goalie… I Bryz was stupid. That dude is a space shot. Bruins do not want Nash… Bruins need Ryan Whitney imo. Puck moving dencemen that is from Boston.

  10. Everyone seems to think LA is in the running for Nash, which may be true. LA as pieces the Jackets might like in Bernier, and others. LA would I’m sure love to have Nash on Kopitars wing, and so this seems a good fit. That being said: LA would have to return some salary to Columbus (*cough…Penner) to stay under the cap, which may be very possible. The tricky part comes in a couple years….when LA has Nash, Kopitars, Richards, Doughty and Johnson’s contracts they will have about 37mil. That’s over half of the cap available! On top of that Richards contract peaks at 8.4mil salary for I believe 2014-15….and several others will be receiving more money then their cap hit as well. That’s putting all your eggs in one basket and if it doesn’t work? A longer contract will have to go back to Columbus. Maybe Johnson? Now pure speculation here….but Bernier, Johnson and Penner would do it for Nash. Perhaps add a pick or prospects one way or the other to balance it out….but Nash to LA for picks, Bernier and prospects, not happening! Lombardi is smarter then that!

  11. I hate to nitpick with Spector but I thin your wrong with “the best defense in a good offense”. I would say that person probably played NHL hockey. However I would also say that person has to leave 1987 behind and join at least the 2000’s. That said, I fully agree, the Flyers real weakness and need is from the back end out and not the opposite and it would behoove them to correct this if they want to have a long playoff run. If they don’t correct this at the deadline, I would suggest that the Flyers are not a cup team.

  12. Kubina is a pilon. I don’t get the interest. He wasn’t good enough for the leafs, is part of the Lightening’s defensive problems…but is somehow of interest to other teams? Slim pickings this year folks. Slim pickings indeed.

  13. Kubina has lost a step – or two or three but has done hard work playing 20 minutes for the Bolts – with his playoff experience he’d be an upgrade at 5 for a number of teams, who may look at history and third liners netting game winners. Bishop from the Blues – UFA for UFA might a a good trade — or a 2 or 3 or prospect. I think he can play Left OK, which the Blues need.