Thursday Evening NHL Rumor Update – February 23, 2012.

The latest on the Flyers, Maple Leafs, Oilers, Rangers, Canadiens, and Jets.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Carchidi reports Flyers winger James van Riemsdyk reiterates he wants to remain with the Flyers, but said he wouldn’t worry about something out of his control.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’s now been linked to the Dallas Stars, but of course he’s been linked to so many teams of late, who knows what could happen.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun looks at goaltending options for the Maple Leafs.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports a Western Conference scout tells him the Edmonton Oilers could have a trade partner in the LA Kings or NY Rangers for Ales Hemsky.

TSN.CA: reports Oilers fans shouldn’t expect any blockbuster deals by their team at the deadline. GM Steve Tambellini has to decide if he’ll re-sign Hemsky or move him at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Panaccio’s report came before this evening’s news of the Kings on the verge of acquiring Jeff Carter from Columbus. It’s still possible the Kings could still pursue Hemsky, but I think once they land Carter, that’ll be it for them in terms of significant moves by the deadline.

TSN.CA: reports the Canadiens aren’t expected to bring in reinforcements by the trade deadline, and they could move forward Andrei Kostitsyn, though they’ve told other teams forward Travis Moen isnt’ available. Meanwhile, the Winnipeg Jets aren’t expected to make any major trades by the deadline.


  1. Looks like Washington is in disarray right now with the players and coach at it which should be good for the leafs.

  2. i wonder what nashville would pay to bring kost in?

  3. even without the carter thing done, no way kings’ gm lombardi deals with the oilers again. and if he does it would be for smythe as a rental.

  4. leafs lack character.(period)

  5. Seems like LA over paid for a guy with a horrible contract. Basically two first rounders for party boy Carter and his insane contract term. If the Kings win the cup it won’t matter but if Carter and Richards return to their party days then LA looses this trade.

    Leafs should stay the course with Reimer… Nothing will help this slide except top notch goalies like Miller, Kiprusoff, and Thomas who aren’t available. We have to sacrific this years playoffs in order to get rid of Wilson. Unfortunately there is no other way to get rid of this guy thanks to Burke’s ego.

    I’d still do James van Riemsdyk for Schenn due to our excess of defencemen and lack of tough scoring forwards. This could be Burke’s one and only move this year.

  6. totally agree with Mr. Wigglesworth, i do not think that Lombardi deals with the Oilers ever again, especially after the Penner and Smyth debacles. Hemsky does not help this team that needs an identity…

  7. The leafs should go after dustin brown and bernier, maybe for schenn and gustavsen or something simular.

  8. Surprised there are rumours of Dustin Brown possibly being available. Not sure why the Kings would do that, but the Preds should jump all over that if true. Come to think of it, with the Kings moving Johnson in the Carter deal, that may make a Ryan Ellis for Brown trade a possibility. Hmmm………

  9. Rumor is Kings interested in Gilbert for Brown. Could Oilers then move Brown for Ellis or keep Brown and package a couple of players that Nashville would be interested in like Omark and Musil.

  10. Brown and Mitchell for Kaberle, Kostitsyn, and the nashvilles 2nd. Make it happen Ghost!!!

  11. Take out my “the” ^

  12. @ziffles
    why on earth would the Kings trade a young dman for a top 6 forward and turn around to trade a top 6 forward for young dman? They traded Johnson for Carter because they are Very deep with young dmen in their system but lack scoring forwards. Johnson leaving makes room for Voynov to stay at the NHL level.

    If the Kings package Bernier and Brown, it will be to upgrade the scoring up front

  13. I’m not convinced that the Kings are done. I could see the Kings pulling in a playoff rental if they can get him cheap. I’m not convinced that Lombardi would deal with Edmonton again given the acrimony with the Smyth trade and the history (Penner). I could see us picking up a UFA for cheap.

  14. Smile man, why the hell would LA trade Brown and Mitchell for Kaberle, Kostitsyn, and nashvilles 2nd?

    Brown has power, determination and skill, Mitchell is a sturdy top 4 dman. Kaberle is over paid for 2 more years with a cap hit of over 4, and Kostitsyn is streaky and moody. The second rounder should be given just for thinking of something so off the charts and repping your team with your lack of intelligence.

  15. Totally agree with Bern16!

  16. If LA is shopping brown and looking for offence then they get a Dman with Offence and a scorer who needs a change of scenery. Take it easy.

  17. Why trade Brown? Because they traded for a captain in Mike Richards. I’ve been saying this all year. And a lot of teams will want a player like that. Don’t know that Nashville should rush to get him, but if Montreal is looking to get bigger and really committed to playing a forecheck game, they might take a run at him. Florida also might look at him.

  18. MJR may be onto something. Brown would fit what they need in Montreal. The question is what does LA get in return. I know Moen would be in on that one, despite being on the IR. Makes sense since he is the gritty type of player that wins you cups. His cap hit is affordable (believe its around $2 mill per). I just wonder who else would be going. Kostitsyn is in the rumour mill and doesn’t seem like a fit. Perhaps they move a 2nd rounder or something to that affect. Anyone else have some thoughts?

  19. Is Mike Richards really a captain though? He was annointed by Bobby Clarke at the behest of ownership, but was decidedly un-captain-like in Philadelphia, off the ice. In fact, the Pronger deal was made to show Richards how to be a captain as much as what Pronger could add on the ice. Just because someone has the ‘C’ I wouldn’t necessarily annoint them as a captain.

    That said, Richards has well underperformed this year and I’m not sure what Carter brings to rejuvenate Richards. They didn’t play together that often in Philly and Carter has an abyssmal playoff record (to date).

  20. RE: Dustin Brown – I think everyone in the league would be interested in Brown, depending on the acquisition price. A consistent 40-50 point a season forward with a steady 3.5 mil cap hit for the next few years is pretty valuable. I wouldn’t overpay for Brown, but he has value. I would be curious to understand why LA would make him available, if indeed he is available.

  21. RE: Montreal – aside from the UFAs (Kostitsyn, Campoli, Darche and Moen), there doesn’t seem to be much available that would make the team better. No one is going to give up anything of value for Gomez.

    I am curious to see how the Price and Subban RFA negotiations proceed. I don’t think Montreal can’t resign both to manageable deals, but, would they want to resign long-term?

  22. Some of you seem a little confused.

    Lombardi is the guy that ended up apologizing to the Oilers over the Smyth trade. The Oilers were the maligned party – not L.A. as Lombardi made very clear in his apology to several media outets on at least 3 different occasions.

  23. JVR for Schenn trade will never happen. The flyers have added some defense in grossman and kubina, 2 veteran defenseman that will serve the team better than a young struggling Schenn. Unless the flyers would get Schenn and draft picks, I can’t see Holmgren letting one of his top playoff scoring forwards go for an inconsistent defenseman.
    The leaf fans need to realize that the team they have now is not close to being a stanley Cup contender. They need to be selling (not the farm) but getting in return commodities that will help their future in the next 2-5 years. Giving up on youth for a temporary fix will not win you the cup. It will keep you hovering between sixth and eleventh place.

  24. It’s the role he strives on (Richards as C). He wore it for the Canadian WJ team and played a hard game. He was doing the job in Philly all right and then they brought in Pronger and his numbers started to drop because he was no longer the “leader”. Some guys just love taking the leadership role and it brings out the best in them.

    Another example of this is Landeskog in Colorado. He’ll be wearing the C in two years time, and he is a good player already at his age, but you watch what he’s going to be then when his team is leaning on him. Let’s just say this, if Colorado picks up a good #1 goaltender, they’ll no longer be in the margins.

    Richards struggled because he ISN’T being leaned on. Which how he plays when he is. You’ll see a much different player, perhaps the player I saw in the WJrs who dominated the games.

  25. I hear Brown is being shopped because they feel the dynamics in the room have changed, and he may have issues withSutter. Richards, and I think Doughty are former Captains, and their may be too many leadership styles in the room for the team to decide on one to follow. With Carter reunited with Richards, that may have decided it all. I think Brown is a good pickup, but at 37 definitely not long term. He could be an effective addition to a number of teams for a two year stint.

  26. Brown’s only 27, chief.

  27. Thanks Chief.

    I Must stop listening to the experts on Sports talk radio.What I originally said and add a few more years.

  28. @MJR – actually, Richards may have performed on the ice, but off the ice, he was not considered a very good captain, which is why the Flyers imported Pronger to straighten the room out. Richards was not a good spokesman with the media in Philadelphia and he was anointed by Clarke without earning a thing.

    If someone can’t perform unless they have a letter on their sweater, then what kind of true leader is that? It’s certainly not a guy I want to lead my team if I have to publicize it – a real true leader simple does what needs to be done and does not seek publicity.

    Note that after the Flyers punted Carter and Richards, there doesn’t seem to be any trouble in the room unless Bryzgalov says or does something stupid. Which seems to be occurring a bit more often lately.

  29. The letter isn’t just a letter same as Santa Claus isn’t just some make-belief character that people continue returning to at Christmas and we don’t know why. Both are an essence that empowers things. Richards, by association, might feel more like his character can breathe with a letter sewn on his jersey. yeah, it’s just stitching to us, but suppose someone gets anointed by water and then after that they start playing with fire, well that doesn’t make sense… but a hidden essence seems to empower them, and that’s the respect they “feel” when others look at him and he “feels” like they need him.

    I don’t know anything about the off ice issues. But a lot of experts agree that Richards seems to make a good on-ice captain. You may know more about this situation than I do.

    Anyway, Brown is suddenly off the table apparently, according to another report saying that Lombardi is deflecting interest. Something’s definitely stirring in the pot, though…