Thursday Evening NHL Rumor Update – June 21, 2012.

Twas the night before the NHL Entry Draft, and around the league, fans and pundits wondered, “what’s the latest trade rumors?” OK, it doesn’t rhyme, but here’s the latest NHL trade speculations.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie reported via Twitter” Hearing Jordan Staal turned down 10-yr mega offer from PIT. Has indicated to PIT he doesn’t plan on signing extension now.” McKenzie added, “If Staal won’t re-up in PIT, where he loves it, not expected to extend with anyone else who may trade for him. Except perhaps Carolina”, where his brother Eric plays.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That might jump start the Jordan Staal trade rumors, but as more than one pundit already observed, it would be a heckuva risk for a team to acquire him, knowing they could lose him next summer…unless you’re the Carolina Hurricanes.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports Blue Jackets GM Scott Howson is willing to wait for as long as it takes, including past July 1st and even into next season, to get the right return. Muddying the waters is reports the Anaheim Ducks are listening to offers for Bobby Ryan, which affects the Jackets efforts to shop Nash.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio reports the Flyers are weighing their options to address an ageing, injury-ravaged defense. Among them could be targeting either Ryan Suter or Shea Weber of the Nashville Predators, or pursuing Washington’s Dennis Wideman or Florida’s Jason Garrison. The Flyers are also linked to New Jersey’s Zach Parise and Columbus’ Rick Nash in the rumor mill, but Panaccio feels the Flyers would be doing an injustice to themselves by pursuing a big name forward they don’t need at the expense of their blueline.

NEWSOBSERVER.COM: Chip Alexander reports Carolina Hurricanes have been busy discussion trade options as well as speaking with draft prospects.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz believes the odds of the Sharks landing Nash are getting slimmer, suggesting they should consider an alternative target like Philadelphia’s James van Riemsdyk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Word today has the Flyers being very interested in Nash, though no word on what they might be offering, if anything. Again, it would be odd Flyers GM Paul Holmgren would shoot the works on acquiring another expensive forward at the expense of his banged-up, ageing defense corps, unless he’s able to land a quality defenseman as part of the return, or in a separate deal with another team. As far as the Blue Jackets are concerned, they’re playing it cool, with GM Howson today saying he’s no closer to move Nash than he was at the trade deadline, though he didn’t rule out anything happening before the end of the draft. 

SPORTSNET.CA: Mike Brophy reports Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke is trying to find experienced players to fill some holes in his roster, suggesting Burke land goalie Roberto Luongo from Vancouver, and suspecting he’ll make a big push for Rick Nash. Other potential trade targets could include Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan, Philadelphia’s James van Riemsdyk and NY Rangers Brandon Prust.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports the Flyers have interest in Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan as “Plan B” if they can’t land Rick Nash. The Ducks aren’t shopping Ryan so much as teams are calling about him. A source said any deal with the Flyers for Ryan would have to include Braydon Schenn…The Chicago Blackhawks aren’t shopping Patrick Kane, while the Blackhawks aren’t interested in Roberto Luongo…The Dallas Stars are getting interest from rival teams in Mike Ribeiro and Steve Ott…The Winnipeg Jets are continuing talks with Ondrej Pavelec, hoping to iron out a deal during the draft weekend.

ESPN CHICAGO: Jesse Rogers reports sources say the Chicago Blackhawks might be shopping defensemen Steve Montador and Niklas Hjalmarsson. Shedding their combined salaries could free up around $6.25 million in cap space. Hjalmarsson is signed for two more years, Montador for three. No word who they’re talking to about those two.


  1. Don’t know how the Blue Jackets can hold out on a Nash deal when he is the one who requested a trade. This guy played well down the stretch despite not getting his demands met by Columbus management, and now theyre saying they could wait until next season? If I’m Nash, or Nash’s agent, I’m putting the pressure on Howson to make sure I’m not wearing a columbus uniform by training camp. How incredibly unprofessional of Howson to do this, and if I’m a pending free agent, I’m not signing with a team who treats NHL contracts as prison sentences. #FreeNash

    • To play devils advocate here, isn’t it just as unprofessional for Nash to sign a contract and then demand a trade a year later. Whatever happened to living up to your word/contract. Hey don’t get me wrong I hate clb and would love to see Nash traded but to call Howson unprofessional and not Nash is a bit hypocritical.

      • Have people forgotten, it was not Nash who wanted the trade. It was Howson who through Nash under the bus back in January which created all these problems. Management told Nash that they were going to build a cup contending team thats why he resigned and when they came out in january and told him they were going to rebuild once again…he basically felt like they lied to him, so he offered to waive if the right trade came along for the team to do so. The so called list never surfaced until Howson through Nash under the bus i nthat press conference. I’m not a Nash fan or a Loungo fan, but both have a right to waive their NTC/NMC if they dont feel they are needed or wanted anymore with their particular team.

  2. I agree Sean, I can’t see Nash playing with passion in a BJ’s uni next year. This trade has to get done asap. I love hockey but am losing interest more and more every year. Is it me or is it super hard for teams to make trades and improve there rosters. Or maybe, its just the Canadian teams that have the troubles. I’m sick of Canadian teams sucking the last 20 years. Will the cup EVER have to go through customs again??

    • It goes through Customs every year when good Canadian players bring it home. Maybe its just me, but the ‘wanting the cup back in Canada’ is kind of annoying.

  3. Ship Staal to Edmonton … the greedy bastard

    • greedy? maybe he’s just tired of being the 3rd wheel. he’s a great player playing in 2 gigantic shadows.

  4. True, even after Howson tossed Nash under the bus after the deadline he still came to play… I really see it hard this time around that it would be the same.. Nash really expected to be in a different uni this upcoming season… So Howson let’s go!!!

  5. this is why i’d be a bad nhl GM. if some kid rejected a 10 year contract that offered up and was undoubtedly rather lucrative i would be livid and would trade him to the worst team in the league for a bag of pucks.

    i don’t understand why the sharks would chase nash. they aren’t a particularly young team or one with a deep system of prospects -the columbus wants good young players. and it’s their defensive game and goaltending that needs shoring up (come on 29th on the pk, ugh.) and no i don’t think stuart is really the answer. if they have the room to go after nash then they should go after suter or maybe even luongo.

  6. Canes have already offered Sutter, Faulk and the 8th pick for Staal and Martin, and the deal is still on the table via Rob Rossi (not most reliable source but still).

    The thing that I find odd:

    2 days ago, Shero said that he was in no rush to sign Staal and wouldn’t trade him. Today he offered him a mega-contract on the day before the draft, with many of the interested teams having a top-10 pick. Maybe he will trade him tomorrow, and today was to see if Staal would rather stay here or go to Carolina or Toronto or Minnesota

    • Shero has to make that deal … Sutter fits in nicely as the 3rd line centre, Faulk is projected to be a top 4 defenseman and the 8th overall is pretty high … plus, the Pens shed Martin’s obscene contract … next, try and dump Michalek, another bust and deal Orpik … better to deal Orpik now, a year too soon then to wait until it’s a year too late … Shero has to make room for all of the young defenseman in the system and bring in a combination of skill and grit up front.

    • i would think shero got a few offers of interest and saw the crazy offers out there for nash and decided to get in on the action. you have to figure any of those teams that want ryan or nash, would jump at staal. staal is now the best player available in the nhl

  7. Lyle, I’m hearing rumours that the Flyers are looking at trading Vorachek to Calgary for Bouemester. Not necessarily straight up, i think there was a draft pick offered sceond or third round…as well are you hearing anything else on the Calgary front>

  8. I wonder if vancouver would be interested in trading kesler and luongo for torontos first and fill in the blanks

    • Not a Leafs fan, even though you take on a fair bit of salary, send Komi back the other way and you would have a done deal. i think both of these players would help toronto jump to at least 5-6 in the standings in the East.

      • really? to quote howson, “uhh, no”

  9. Nash will get traded after Howson is fired, probably in August or September. Meanwhile, Luongo will remain in Nuckville until he is bought out (No one wants him and that ridiculous contract). Bobby Ryan will stay in Anaheim, Jordan Staal will stay in Pitt, Suter and Parise will both re-sign with their clubs on July 2nd. And oh yeah, the Leafs will still miss the playoffs.

    • …and scott will be wrong once again, on all counts.

    • What have u guys been smoking thinking u r gonna get Luongo for a dime. One of the top galies in the NHL and Vancouver is gonna just give him to TO Contract is not that bad last 3-4 years are at 1 mil per year and he can be bought out than.
      Ziffles you want kesler too lol !! WOW and give us back your garbage
      must some good stuff
      Luongo for Gardiner or the 5th overall pick thats how good Luongo is Otherwise stay with the goalies you got and have another year like the one that just finished.

  10. I really think Carolina is going to run with this and the 8th overall and try and land Staal … if they are taking Martin back that is even better for the Pens. That is freeing up $9 million in salary right away and getting rid of that defensive liability!

  11. Why is everyone suddenly on Staal’s case for rejecting the proposed deal? Heaven forbid if he wants to play with his brother. Which means his trade value to any other team just went down a ton. They need to trade him now to Carolina, or else they will lose him for nothing.

    And as far as Carolina goes, they arn’t trading Justin Faulk.

    • agreed on all accounts. faulk goes no where. maybe mcbain or murphy goes to pitt, but no way they trade faulk. rutherford has said a 100x, no skinner, sutter or faulk

  12. If I was the flyers I would not give up schene for any one maybe only weber but thats it I have a feeling he is going to be good

  13. so does bobby ryan like carlyle or not spec? if he does he’s a leaf. love to see that #5 pick be bundled with prospect OR luke for JVR. i love schenn but he went d-man to offensive d-man to quick. he’s no kaby and def not a dion. jake gardiner will get the A in 2 years. calling it now!

  14. 1. Nash probably thought / was hoping Howson would have
    been fired by now, and maybe that’s why he signed that

    2. If its not about the money,or term, its about the
    place.Jordan Staal does not want to be 3rd fiddle behind
    Sid and Geno.He is not happy playing the wing, so does he
    want to be second fiddle behind Eric in Carolina, just
    so he can say he plays with his brother? That is
    the question. Say what you will about Toronto, but with
    them, he is the undisputed #1.Pittsburgh has no choice
    but to trade him now. My Trade as Leafs GM would be
    Staal and Pittsburgh’s 2012 third round pick for
    Kulemin, Franson, Leafs 2012third round pick and
    Toronto’s 2013 First round pick on condition that he
    resigns with Toronto. That gives Pens 2
    roster players which cost equal or less than current
    Staal contract, a better 3rd round pick, and a
    potential 1st round pick. If they do not trade Staal he
    holds out as a UFA and potentially walks for absolutely
    nothing next year. Leafs get their # 1 centre.

    I know I will get crushed on this but miracles do happen. Leafs are due for one.

    • eric staal will play wing. they try it all the time here, they just haven’t a good enough center to play with eric.

  15. Why does the Toronto media go on about the Leafs getting a player such as Ryan or Nash? Yes both players could help the team but its not what a rebuilding 26th place team needs. Its not like they are making a run to the cup that they can afford to cough up their bests assets (and cheapest) which will undoubtably be needed to acquire these high priced players? If we are talking an available C that you can put between Lupul and Kessel sure you got my ear otherwise all I hear is “rabble rabble derp derp Nash derp rabble Ryan derp derp rabble. Anything to make us poor fans talk and click on poorly written articles.

  16. Jay: Voracek for Bouwmeester? Haven’t heard that one. Stranger deals have happened, but I dont’ think that one’s a good move for the Flyers.

  17. Seems like a lot of crybaby hockey players lately.
    Thomas needs a year off.Correct Me if I’m wrong he is under contract to play one more year.
    Staal read above.
    Nash not happy team sucks so he wants out.
    I think most of us would be happy to play hockey for a living making millions.
    Give me 7 million I’ll play for anyone.
    NHL needs to do some work to address some of these issues.
    I vote for a 5 mil cap per team cap.max contract 5 years.take away no trade clauses teams can trade anyone.Have to honor contract or retire.All draft picks have to stay with team for 7 years or age 25 on entry level contract.With pay based on performance maybe through a arbitrator like baseball does.

    • Maybe the NHL should hire you to negotiate the CBA. Good luck getting the union to agree to those terms though.

    • i guess you want to watch all your favorite players in the khl next year?

  18. Well It looks like the Pens will be picking 8th on friday and 22nd. Wonder what other treats can be pulled out of Carolina.

  19. Murph. Honestly the only thing that Tor has that’s worth anything is the 5th pick. It has to have that or Car will beat you everytime. I’ve learned any player that played in Tor for even a season is damaged goods and not worth a roster possision on any major league roster.

  20. I live in NC and I’ve heard that Pitkanen is supposedly looking for houses in Pittsburgh. One of the guys I play hockey with apparently heard it from Pitkanen’s doctor. Haha that didn’t sound very reliable when I typed it out, but that’s the word at the rink down here.

    • it would make sense for the canes, but pitkanen is disaster in his own end, not sure the pens need another one of those.

  21. I’m sick of hearing how the leafs are interested in every big player why is there no Bruins rumors?

  22. rick nash signed in columbus for one reason. they offered him the most money. now that hes locked up that overpaid contract he wants to ship out. problem is he stinks, and his team thinks the world of him. so now, not only is he overpaid by 2-3 mill a year. his team wants a return like their trading the best player in the league. he has 258 assists in 674 games, hes simply a shooter. 59 points last year as a 27 year old in his prime is not elite in the nhl by any measure. everyone needs to get off the rick nash high horse. he is trash.

  23. Hey Sean! why should Nash be upset? He asked for the trade and he signed that contract. If he wants to be moved faster maybe he should remove the no trade clause and allow Howson to deal with any team interetsed… Cant have it both ways, “I want to be traded NOW but only to certain teams that I approve of! but hurrey up and get it done” personally I would make hime play out his contract awhile until he drops his no trade clause.

  24. If there is any player for the Leafs to go after it would Staal. He is the #1 centre they need.
    One of the guests on the radio in Ottawa this morning.. said Crosby & Staal don’t exactly get along… Shero also said if Staal does not sign.. he will keep him next season with a chance to go on a playoff run.. and just let him walk as a UFA.

    It’s been reported, by Pierre McGuire, that Bobby Ryan did not get along with Randy Carlyle.. of course Ryan does not control where he goes.

    Hjarlmassen has been rumoured to be linked to Ottawa… He’s Swedish.. right? Sens also need defense.

    Nash would be great in Ottawa.. but not at the expense of Robin Lehner… Ben Bishop.. okay with that one…

    So Philly wants either Ryan or Nash, Parise and Suter.. wow is their Salary Cap going to be much larger than any of the other 29 teams?