Thursday Evening Rumor Roundup – June 14, 2012.

Latest on Zach Parise, Ryan Suter, and Jordan Staal.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Andrew Gross believes the NY Rangers won’t give up making a pitch for New Jersey Devils captain Zach Parise if he becomes a UFA on July 1. Among the other possible suitors for Parise are Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington, Minnesota and Carolina.

PUCK DADDY: Harrison Mooney cited a recent radio report by former Minnesota North Stars GM Lou Nanne, who believes no one will out-bid the Wild for Parise’s services.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For those of you already growing weary of hearing Parise’s name linked to half the league in free agent rumors: get used to it. Unless he re-signs with the Devils prior to July 1, Parise will probably be a daily fixture in the rumor mill.

Suter not keen to move East.

CSNPHILLY.COM: Tim Panaccio cites a source claiming Nashville Predators defenseman Ryan Suter has a list of clubs he’d be willing to speak to if the Predators were to shop his rights, but the Flyers, or any other Eastern Conference teams, aren’t on it, as he prefers to remain in the Western Conference. The Detroit Red Wings are believed to be the front-runners for his services if he becomes available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Too bad, Flyers. Sorry, NY Rangers. Tough break, any other Eastern Conference team hoping to land him. This report, however, doesn’t mean Suter’s available, as his agent and Predators GM David Poile are believed in ongoing negotiations on a new contract.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ryan Kennedy suggests the Toronto Maple Leafs should pursue Jordan Staal if the Pittsburgh Penguins decide to shop him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You’d better believe the Leafs would be interested if the Pens decided to shop Staal. So would 28 other NHL teams. Have fun winning that bidding war! Not saying the Leafs couldn’t, but the cost could end up hurting, more than helping.


  1. Leafs would lose the bidding war for Staal horribly. What do they have to offer that doesn’t suck?

  2. Has anyone heard the rumors about Kovalev? He wants to come back to the NHL, and I guess his favorite is the Canadiens. That had me thinking, why would he want to go there? They are terrible.If he wants to come back to one of his former teams, why not the Pens, or even the Rangers?

    • Alexei Kovalev spent his best years of his NHL career with the Penguins. He has returned once in the 2010-2011 season. Keep in mind the Penguins are leaning to more long term players.

  3. Also, has anyone heard about the Kovalev rumors? He said that he wants to come back to the NHL to play with a former team, with the Canadiens being his 1st choice. Why not go to the Rangers or Pens, who he has played for, who will compete for cups instead of a team going through a rebuild?

    • Is Jose and Tom the same guy?

      • Haha yeah i’ve noticed that too 😛

      • Yeah, my 1st comment got rejected, so I re-entered it, but then both came up.

  4. The question isn’t why would Kovalev choose Montreal over the Rangers and Pens, but rather, why would any NHL team want to sign this guy.

  5. I think the only 3 likely destinations for Parise are to stay in New Jersey, Detroit, or Minnesota. I have a feeling that Suter will be signed by Detroit after everything’s said and done. And if Toronto really wanted Staal, they would have to bring something to the table thats huge, which is something they don’t possess. Dont see the Leafs being successful for like 5 more years lol.

    • What happens when Detroit gets moved to the eastern conference, then Suter is not happy??

  6. Another potential destination I see for Kovalev is New Jersey, provided he does not demand a lot of $$$. Whether Kovalchuk was injured or not ( apparently his back was shot ), they could not put pucks in the net, which is one of his strengths. If the price was right, he could be a good fill in until one of their prospects is ready to move up.

  7. Landon,

    Leafs have 5th and 35th overall picks for starters and much better prospects in their system than Pittsburgh. You do not typically replace, Crosby, Malkin or Staal, when you pick 22nd overall. Sometimes you luck out with a Giroux or an Eberle, but usually not. Penguins need to start planning ahead now for the next Crosby, Malkin or Staal, so the Leafs might have something they want after all. Stranger things have happened.

    • Why do they need to plan for the future? Their core is still young, so there isn’t a problem. Now, if they were in their upper 20s, i’d change that. It would probably take the 5th pick plus 2 decent player and a quality prospect. So something like the 5th, Schenn (prospectish), Bozak and another player (Kulimen, Gunnarsson, Kadri, Coulborne [last 2 were more of a hope])

      • except the Pens are actually in a squeeze right now. Crosby is coming up for renewal, and Malkin will be right behind. You can’t pay Staal the money he’s worth, only to have him as your 3rd centre. If you trade him at value, you would easily get a 1st line winger… but if cap issues are a problem then that new elite winger wouldn’t solve them.

        Trading for the Leafs pick (and possibly higher) would give you an asset that might be as good up front (Yakupov, Galchenyuk, Grigorenko) and would only be at rookie minimum for the next 3 years. That buys you more time to fill out the rest of your holes while giving financial wiggle room to compliment the likes of Fleury, Letang, Michalek, etc.

  8. Is Martin really as bad as people think? The reason is that, if the Pens do get the 5th pick from the Leafs, would trading Martin and the 5th pick for the 1st pick work? The general consensus was that Schenn and the 5th pick for the 1st was overpayment, and Martin is better than Schenn (believe it or not). Maybe Martin could fill in on the top pair of the Oilers, maybe it is just the system in Pittsburgh that made him look bad. My idea:

    Staal and Kennedy for the 5th pick, Bozak, Schenn, Kadri and Kulimen

    The 5th pick and Martin for the 1st pick

    Please don’t kill me in your response

    • Tom, the Leafs have over-valued table scraps to offer the Pens … if Staal goes anywhere it will be to Carolina … they want him now and have young assets, primarily Sutter, McBain & the 8th overall pick.

      • I disagree, i cant think of many prospect the pens have in their system that are worth anything…if those guys existed they would be up with Crosby, Malkin and Staal rather than the team looking to fill their talent pool Via trade…For instance the James Neal trade for last season?

        Outsiders undervalue leafs players just has much has some fans Overvalue them…but with Greg Mckegg, Tyler Biggs, Stuart Percy not even being in the minors this year yet playing exceptional Junior Careers.

        Along with a Marlies team which saw many young players like Frattin, Damigo, and Kadri have great post seasons leading the AHL in goals for some time and Carter Ashton also in the Mix..Had these players been healthy it would have been a longer series. Marlies still wouldnt have beat a team like norfolk..but its one thing to consider. We actually do have a talent pool which has been missing for some time.

  9. Tom,

    I would go for 5th, Franson, Bozak and Kadri. Leafs fifth is one of the highest first round picks. Franson is a big, quick shot D man who would i think better fit into the Pens D, as they already have enough “shut down” types in Orpik and Martin. Bozak is a true second line centre but could play a creative and offensive / defensive third, and would have to, after Gino. Kadri is a goal scorer, and early first round pick, who, much as I like him, do not see him getting his opportunity on a Leafs team that under Carlyle will want to be big and physical.If Pens wanted more you might have to switch Kadri for Kulemin. kulemin had a crap year, but he has great upside and hope he remains with Leafs.

    • If Kadri is so great then why can’t he crack the Leafs putrid lineup?

      • What Ed said.

        • Maybe because Kadri is still raw in terms of NHL game, and Wilson was trying to save his job and didn’t want to put up with his growing pains?

          That’s why you have a farm system, for guys to learn what to do where it doesn’t “matter” — Eakins has said that in normal season games if he has a coaching choice between teaching and therfore letting a guy make a mistake that costs you the game vs doing what is safe & the best decision to get the win, his mandate is to always pick the development of the players over the W-L record.

          If Kadri needs a year to bump up his 2-way game by 20% (and maybe his attitude by 80%) then it’s better in the minors where you won’t have Wilson screaming at you for bumbling a deke…

  10. Tom,

    Sorry, forgot to say for what…Staal and Pens third round pick.

  11. No one is getting the first overall pick unless it offers a top 10 pick, #2 d man, top 6 forward. Huge payment but you are getting the best player available who’s numbers are stamkos-like so far in his career. If everyone’s worried about his Russian factor then no one but the oilers will be picking first. I do wonder if NY Islanders pick could be had though.

  12. i think kulemin would be involved if there was a deal between the pens and leafs. he’s malkins buddy