Tuesday Evening NHL Rumor Update – July 17, 2012.

Latest on Shane Doan, Shea Weber, Jonathan Bernier, and P.J. Axelsson.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Shelly Anderson expanded on her earlier report on Twitter regarding the Penguins making an offer to Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan.

Weber contract talks with Predators continue.

THE TENNESSEAN: Josh Cooper reports contract talks between the Nashville Predators and the agents for captain Shea Weber are continuing. GM David Poile remains committed to re-signing Weber to a long-term contract.

Poile also said if Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan decides to move on, the Predators would be interested.

KUKLA’S KORNER: Dave Davis reports the Buffalo Sabres remain in the running for Doan.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So far, no word on whether Doan intends to re-sign with the Coyotes or elsewhere, but everyone know he’s giving the ‘Yotes priority.

HNIC’s Andi Petrillo recently “tweeted” hearing the Toronto Maple Leafs had “put in an offer” for LA Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If so, that would be a significant reversal of GM Brian Burke’s recent claim he wasn’t interested in bringing in an inexperienced goalie.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggarty reports the agent for former Bruins forward P.J. Axelsson has spoken with two NHL teams regarding his client, who’s spent the past three seasons playing in Sweden.


  1. At this juncture (re Burke and his statements to the media) I’m actually surprised if anyone is surprised that a) he could change his mind, or b) he’s less than 100% honest with the media.

    • If Luongo is ok going to the Leafs BB absolutely NEEDS to get Luongo He is his saviour unless BB can pry Kip from Calgary or someone else at that level. Bernier would have a hard time to make it as a No. 1 goalie on the majority of the NHL teams

  2. The rumour being circulated(by L.A. media) was Frattin and a 3rd for Bernier. If this is true I think Burke needs a swift kick up the you know what. Frattin is developing into a 30+ goal scorer and will be a welcome fulltime addition to the leafs lineup. Find somebody else Burkie. If anybody it should be Scrivens and another prospect or a 2nd. The kings do not have anyone to replace Bernier yet in their system and so Scrivens would fit the bill.

    Doan just needs to make up his mind already. The Phoenix situation has been going on for years so what makes him think this time is any differant. If you don’t want to leave Phoenix then don’t. If they are going to move then ask for a trade. If being away from home isn’t that big of a deal then sign somewhere and do it soon because quite frankly the general hockey fan base is really getting fed up with all the drama.

    • If Brian “I’m the Smartest Man in the World” Burke was offered Bernier for Frattin and a third, he should have taken the deal. Then he should have hugged Lombardi, kissed him, and bought him dinner after he screwed him. I’ll score 30 in the NHL before Matt Frattin.

      • I agree 100%, If that was an offer discussed take it and run! I like Frattin, but 30 goals?? Not just 30, 30+ goals?? Not a chance. Get Bernier BB!

    • …getting fed up with the drama? Or do you really mean that you are being impatient. And as far as the saga in the desert, this is what happens when lawyers with a political agenda don’t have to account for their actions, get donations from groups that shouldn’t be involved directly, and interfere with the democratic political process. It’s kind of hypocritical that lawyers who proclaim themselves to be protecting the taxpayers are costing those same taxpayers money and time in litigation.

    • Where in his NHL resume has it shown that Frattin is going to be a 30 goal scorer?

  3. While Reimer and Bernier would actively battle for the net, it is not the upgrade Burke has said he would make changes for.

    Either HNIC reporter Andi Petrillo threw him a bone, and the price for Luongo has now dropped, screwing Mike Gillis ( thanks for the tampering fine on the Sedins ) or Burke will just have a better shot at Luongo for a lower price with the threat of a potential suitor looking at a goalie other than Luongo as their choice.

  4. this is what i don’t understand about players like nash, doan, even suter and parise. they’re making decisions about where they live (maybe even separating from their family), how much money they make, and even about their legacy as a hockey player, and yet they drag it out forever without once considering that we, the hockey fans, are bored with reading it.

    selfish, selfish bastards.

    • Yeah selfish selfish people these players are and with all their money that they want to have some time with deciding where to live as wqell as live with their families. How crazy and selfish it is of them making us wait to hear what they end up deciding on their life.

  5. @Gus good one lol
    Imo doanis staying in pheonix, I understand his hesitation obviously with the uncertainty he has had to play with for what the past 5 years, but if the team moves its still his team same team mates same coach just different city. I understand pheonix is his home and he wants to be close but as a pro player how often do you actually get “at home”. Offseason go back to your ranch.
    Didn’t realize pj axelson was still playing.
    Bernier is an upgrade imo. Depending on what is giving up to get him I’d do it. If its frattin I might hesitate but is he really what the leafs are missing right now? No they have plenty of wingers. They need a #1 goalie and a #1 center. I think bernier could be a #1 goalie and for a long time too something the leafs haven’t had really for as long as I can remember.

  6. Bernier the number 10 goalie in line for goalie of the future for Burke.

  7. The only drama around Doan is the media , let the poor guy tale his time and decide what’s going on with Jamieson and the coyotes , if he get the coyotes I’m sure he will sink some money into them and Doan would be stupid not to stick around ,

  8. Doan would be stupid not to stick around one of the most ignored and talent lacking teams in the NHL? Personally I think he’s stupid for even considering staying in that joke of a franchise

    • This talent-lacking team was a Stanley Cup semi-finalist after all. Have a little respect for what they accomplished!

      • They were a cinderella team, if you think it’s going to happen again you should reconsider.Especially with Whitney gone and the likely departure of Yandle. The teams going no where fast an is absolutely hopeless till they move (Seattle anyone?)

        • If a hockey team moves to Seattle, they’ll have to pay Vancouver territory money lest Bettman be a hypocrite.

          He allegedly didn’t want hockey in Hamilton because it impeded on the operations in Buffalo. Tit for tat. Seattle should only get a team when southern Ontario gets one. I think Quebec, Las Vegas, and Kansas City are the next ones in line anyway.

    • Agreed. Class act guy has given enough to that franchise. If he wants to move on or the win or money, so be it.

  9. I think bernier to leafs would be an upgrade at this point. Scrivens is still unproven and reimer needs to be challenged for the number #1 spot as he 2 is still somewhat unproven. People seem to forget whether the leafs get bernier or not, he was suppose to start for the kings this year not Quick. Who ever ends up with Bernier is going to get a number #1 goalie it just might take a year and a bunch of games for him to find his rhythm as a number 1

  10. There is only one reason Bernier makes sense in Toronto, and that is to keep Scrivens as the full-time starter in the AHL for another season. Aside form that- this makes no sense since Bernier and reimer are the exact same guy.

    IMO, Burke should sell-oof assets and get another top-5 pick next year. This is the right strategy to build this team back into contention…. and yes, it takes time to do that.

    • I agree that would be the smart move. But BB has backed himself into a corner and has to deliver a playoff team this year or he will be looking for a new team to manage.

  11. For all we know, Brian Burke is posturing against Gillis to make him offer a better deal in terms of the impossible-to-move Luongo.

    • Sounds to me like your hopeful BB is posturing to attain the “impossible to move Luongo”

      Which means you and many other Leaf fans are actually interested.

      Let’s be honest with ourselves. Do I pay 2.5 mill for a guy we’re not sure can handle pressure, or do I go big and get a guy with a decent pedigree, good numbers and yes, a contract to contend with ( you guys should look it up though, it;s not that bad). Loo has spent years playing in an equally difficult Vancouver market. Berniers has played what, 50 games in LA – Where they report on the Playoff success of the LA kings whilst showing the logo of the Sacramento Kings…………

  12. TJ

    No doubt about it I would take Luongo. But unless anyone really knows for sure what Gillis is asking for ( whether you are Toronto, Florida or Chicago ) its pretty hard to criticize any of those teams for not getting a deal done. We hear of maybe one player per team, like Bolland, but for all we know that is a starting point for Gillis, and he might just be totally unreasonable at that point. When he needs to identify a starting goalie for his AHL team (cannot remember who )it might get him more motivated.