Tuesday Evening NHL Rumor Update – June 19, 2012.

The latest on Rick Nash, Jordan Staal, Bobby Ryan, and Teemu Selanne, plus the Blues seek a defenseman.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell examined the six potential suitors (NY Rangers, Carolina Hurricanes, San Jose Sharks, Philadelphia Flyers, Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs) for Columbus Blue Jackets star Rick Nash.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan cites “multiple solid sources” have confirmed speculation the Ottawa Senators have contacted the Blue Jackets expressing interest in Nash. One source told Brennan the Senators were prepared to part with “2011 first-round pick Mika Zibanejad, winger Nick Foligno and goalie Ben Bishop.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of Campbell’s list of suitors, I believe the Rangers, Hurricanes and Sharks have the most interest. I don’t think Nash is a good fit with the Flyers, given his huge salary ($7.8 million average annual salary) to 2018, especially when they’ll have to re-sign Claude Giroux to big money in two year’s time. The Flyers are already deep in offensive talent, but their defense could be a bigger area of concern. Sure, it’s possible, maybe if they package Sergei Bobrovsky and James van Riemsdyk, but that’s still a big, fat salary to be carrying for one player with Giroux due big money soon. Reports out of Boston suggest the Bruins are out of the running, while the Maple Leafs need to address their goaltending and depth at center.

As for the Senators interest, it would be a big change of thinking from their ownership and management, who over a year ago swore they were going to rebuild from within and wouldn’t pursue expensive talent. I could see the Senators “kicking the tires”, but I have my doubts as to the seriousness of their interest. If they are serious, it would take more than a package of Zibanejad, Foligno and Bishop. Pretty sure the Rangers could beat that offer.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Josh Yohe reports Penguins GM Ray Shero said he isn’t interested in trading center Jordan Staal, who’ll be an unrestricted free agent next summer and has been the subject of trade speculation in recent weeks. Teams have been inquiring daily but Shero said he has no plans to move him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible Staal could be moved later in the summer, or as Yohe suggests, perhaps Shero is trying to drive up Staal’s trade value, but to me it sounds as though Shero isn’t in any hurry to move him. Why should he? Staal is under contract for one more year, and they’ve got the summer to work out a deal. Shero can also wait to see what the outcome of the next CBA would be, and go from there. I don’t believe Staal will be dealt this weekend.

Ryan back on the trade block?

TSN.CA: reports it appears Anaheim Ducks winger Bobby Ryan could be on the market again.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looking forward to reports out of Anaheim about this. It’s coming from the reliable Bob McKenzie, so I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss this. Ryan was the subject of several weeks of rumor speculation in late-November/early-December, but was apparently taken off the market back then. Perhaps the Ducks are willing to listen to offers from those falling out of the Rick Nash bidding, or unwilling to get into the Zach Parise sweepstakes come July 1.

PUCK DADDY: Greg Wyshynski cited a report in a Finnish paper claiming 41-year-old Teemu Selanne could be returning to the Ducks next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No official word out of Anaheim, but this tends to be the pattern. A Finnish paper reports it first, then several weeks later (usually after July 1), the confirmation comes from the Ducks. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if “The Finnish Flash” decides to return for another year.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports Blues GM Doug Armstrong is in the market for a top-four defenseman.


  1. Shero also said that he expects to trade a D or 2. Hopefully 1 that is traded is Martin, but Lovejoy will probably be one to go

    • If the Penguins export a defensemen, I like to see them unload Martin or Michalak. The Penguins’ horrid defense during the postseason series against the Flyers can raise questions if that pattern continues. Moving one of the two mentioned defensemen would open up some room to improve the defensive corps and invest in Crosby, Malkin and Staal.

      • Martin has to go. Horrible contract his play aside.

  2. GM Doug Armstrong, meet Keith Ballard. He was a high draft choice and has a pay cheque like a top 4 D man.

    rights to TJ Oshie please.

    • Probably one of the most one sided trades I’ve ever seen on this website, not including Leafs fans

      • You bet – was hoping the sarcasm could be easily read…

        • At least you weren’t serious, unlike the Leafs fans. Wow i’m taking a bunch of shots at them

  3. Luke Schenn and (insert what is required here)for Jaro Halak?

    Nash might be very desirable for Ottawa if Alfredsson decides to pack it in and retire.With the exception of Toronto and Buffola it is the closets NHL city to Brampton….Agree with everyone he is a third priority for Leafs after Goalie and #1 Center.

    I still think Stastny is the # 1 centre who land with the Leafs when all is said and done, for a Defense oriented package (D man or men and or a D responsible centre like Bozak) package.

    Caution, Tom may have a field day with these…

    • They do have 2 starting goalies… but Schenn has regressed in value. It would probably take a lot more than just Schenn.

    • The problem is that Colorado is still far below the cap minimum. They may actually be willing to take on one or two of TO’s less desirable contracts if TO sweetened the pot. Example, since Leaf fans love to debate trade proposals :)

      To Toronto: Paul Stastny
      To Colorado: Luke Schenn, Matthew Lombardi, Holzer, 2nd rounder

    • Murph, I agree on the Schenn for Halak and Nash to Ottawa. Players that could help the teams involved.

      I think Colorado will be stuck with Stastny. Earliest I could see them getting rid of him is the trade deadline in the last year of his contract. Not sure when that is.

      I think the Blues have reached the point where they need to get serious. They have built young through the draft now they need to tweak to be cup contenders. They are following the paths of Pittsburgh, Chicago and LA. They got some guys like Oshie and one of their goalies they can use for bait to bring in other pieces.

  4. Tom,

    Just curious as to your thoughts. What do you think it would take for TO to get Halak from St. Louis?

    On another note, curious as to why no one has Nash to Vancouver rumours going.If they move out Luongo and others and do not take much salary back do they have room or desire toadd Nash?

    • Probably Schenn, a good prospect (Coulborne, Kadri) and a high pick (next year’s 1st or this year’s 2nd). They are looking for another D to play with Pietrangelo, and Schenn’s shutdown style would fit well with Pietrangelo’s slick style

  5. Because if there trading Luongo there def taking some kinda contract back for at least for another season…aka Komisarek

  6. It’s time for the Oilers and Leafs to make a deal. If they work together they can both get what they really need. :)

  7. Komisarek is so the next jeff finger lol

    interesting about the blues need a d man and Toronto needs a goalie, I doubt they would give up halak but yes i agree without i think scheen would be the starting point. St louis is a cap strapped team so lukes 3.78 or wt its is, is plausible but they would half to give up some picks/high end prospects as well, say colborne/frattin? what about a block buster

    To Toront: Halak, Stewart
    To St.louis: Scheen , 2012 1st, colborne, percy, 2nd 2013??


    • So montreal got nothing for Halak…and now Toronto is expected to give up 4 1st rounders for him….ill pass, Halak can stay in St. Louis.

      • they got a first rounder and a third and halak was unrestricted. now the he is signed at a reasonable cap hit yeah his stock went up more. Stewart would be great fit in toronto. Yeah we would half to give up schenn and a couple prospects/picks but we would have our #1 goalie without question…

    • willyjones, That one would be robbery by the Leafs. Are you talking about Martin or his son Charlie?

  8. Murph:

    I don’t think Halak is going anywhere. Brian Elliot didn’t perform very well in the playoffs this year and has not proven that he can be the goalie needed to win the cup. No way they are giving away Halak.

  9. What about Burke doing a trade with Ottawa for Ben Bishop? They could also just sign Marty Biron or Alex Auld and have them mentor their younsters. Or even sign Montoya – I thought he was pretty good. Ottawa could use help on either offense or D – so Idon’tthink it would cost TO that much.

  10. I am not a Ottawa fan, but I think Nash to Ottawa makes a ton of sense for both teams. Sure Nash has a big contract, but he would one of the few along with Spezza and Karlsson. Nash is from Ontario, he would inherit an all-star playmaking centre (look at Heatley), and an up and coming playoff team.

    I think this deal is better than what the Rangers are offering.

    Foligno=Dubinsky / Bishop OR Lehner>DelZotto, Zibanejad>1st overall(28th ovr)

  11. I doudt St.Louis is trading Halak… My thinking is that they will ride with the same tandem that put up the League’s best numbers last year.

    Interesting that the Ducks have tabled Ryan again. I’d rather see him go than Getzlaf or Perry, but depends what they can get. If they traded Ryan, they would want a high value draft pick in this years’ draft to turn into one of the D available, plus a younger roster player.

  12. Sens would not trade one of their young goaltenders within the division.. especially to Toronto.

    Nash would be very nice in Ottawa… and the Sens sure have the prospects to get him… but it depends on what SJ and NYR have.

    It has been rumoured that Nash wants a smaller market.. but the teams mentioned he would be interested in going to are not exactly smaller markets. Maybe a non-hockey market where he will not be under the spotlight… SJ or Anaheim would be good. Bobby Ryan + for Rick Nash?

    Playing with a true #1 centre would do wonders for Nash..

    • Just throwing it out there for argument but how about Ryan for Van Riemsdyk?

      I’m warming up to the Nash to Ottawa thing. Senators would have the prospects to get it done.

      I’m starting to think it could take a 3 way to get Nash traded. That’s considering the rumored return Columbus is asking.