Tuesday Evening Rumor Roundup – July 10, 2012.

Updates on Rick Nash, Bobby Ryan, Alexander Semin and Brenden Morrow.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline recently pointed out no Canadian teams were on Rick Nash’s list of approved destinations (Boston, Detroit, the New York Rangers, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and San Jose), leading to the obvious assumption he doesn’t want to play in Canada.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Guess that doesn’t make Nash a “good Canadian boy” after all? Actually, it’s not unusual, many Canadian-born players for whatever reason prefer playing in the United States. Looking at Nash’s list, it appears he wants to go to Cup contenders only, and the best ones right now are in the United States, not Canada.

All quiet on the Ryan trade front.

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Mark Whicker believes the Anaheim Ducks should put the Justin Schultz situation behind them, and doesn’t believe a Bobby Ryan trade should be part of their future. Regarding Ryan’s comments over the draft weekend regarding the trade rumors about his name, Whicker feels Ryan should treat a trade rumor like a compliment, and suggests perhaps a full year under head coach Bruce Boudreau or maybe on a line with Teemu Selanne could fix things.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Things have gone quiet on the Ryan trade front since GM Bob Murray said he’d speak with the winger once he returned from the draft. Either things have been smoothed over and Ryan’s not going anywhere, or Murray is quietly fielding offers for Ryan and could be waiting for the right moment this summer to swing a deal.

YAHOO! SPORTS: Dmitry Chesnokov reported there’s no truth to a rumor CSKA Moscow made a three-year, $30 million offer to former Washington Capitals winger Alexander Semin, but instead made a two-year offer worth around what he was earning annually ($6.7 million) with the Capitals. Chesnokov recently interviewed Semin, who said he had no idea yet where he’ll play next season and no timetable to reach a decision. Chesnokov believes the Detroit Red Wings have made a couple of inquiries about Semin, whose agent maintains would prefer to play in the NHL next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chesnokov is one of the most reliable sources on Russian NHL player. Good to see him cut through some of the speculation surrounding Semin, who I feel will eventually get an NHL contract, though it might only be one or two years, for less than he made in Washington, as he’ll have to silence the critics and overcome the bad reputation that hovers over him in NHL circles.

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford reports Blues GM Doug Armstrong acknowledged involvement in recent trade talks which could soon yield a deal. Rutherford claims Dallas Stars captain and left wing Brenden Morrow is believed available and the Blues might have interest in him. The NY Rangers, San Jose Sharks and LA Kings might also be in contact with the Stars.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika reports, however, Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk claims his plan is for Morrow to remain in Dallas. Morrow, who has “an airtight no-trade clause” said he wants to remain with the Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues may have contacted the Stars about Morrow’s availability, but if we take Nieuwendyk at his word, Morrow’s not going anywhere.


  1. If Morrow is available then the Canucks need to take a serious look at him. I think he has the same qualities as Shane Doan and could be a fit on the second line.

  2. And another snub by Spector on the canucks….don’t think they are as good as that group of american teams you listed huh?


    • Spector said he wants to go to Cup Contenders. As of now those teams have the best teams for a cup run, The Canucks were one about 2 years ago.

    • i really want to disagree with you because it don’t think that’s what spector meant, but reading the note again you have a point -even if i still don’t believe it’s what he meant to say.

      i’d put vancouver chances ahead of philly, san jose and even detroit.

    • “Another snub” of the Canucks? How many have I made over the years? Oh, that’s right, NONE! Get your damn facts straight before you start mewling about “snubs”.

      My point, meanwhile, stands. You look at that list of teams, and it’s apparent Nash wants to play for American-based Cup contenders.

      • Lol. Nice. Let’s see. List of teams Nash wants to play for: all USA teams. Current cup contending teams: all on the list except Detroit.
        Sure seams to me that Nash wants to play for a good american team. There are no Canadian teams right now that would be considered better than those right now. Maybe close or tied with a couple. So it would appear that Nash and Lyle both are both of the same opinion regarding current cup contenders.

      • Now Lyle don’t lose your cool,I am always reading your articles and they are good.It’s get your facts straight,(not damn). Stay cool cause your doing a good job.

        • I think his response was fine. A guy wanted to start a argument over the Canucks not being labeled a contending US team. And realistically, those US teams are the best teams going.

          • the wings are poooop! and heading to an old age home real soon

    • Vancouver is a good team, but they’re not the most desirable team to go to. The Wild are suddenly THE power in the Northwest. Colorado and Calgary just missed the playoffs last year, and Edmonton is a dynasty waiting to happen (if they can find a way to keep all their players). The Northwest may be the best division in hockey next year.

      Meanwhile, in Vancouver, Luongo is on his way out, and the new starting goalie has never played more than 33 regular season games in one NHL season. Vancouver is bumping up against the cap ceiling and they have a ton of UFAs next season.

      In addition, the Canucks have $3 million in cap space. They’d have to drop at least $5 million in salary to bring in Nash. Who goes? They could pull it off if they trade Luongo and take no salary back.

      In summary, Vancouver is a team that’s sitting idle in a division where everybody else is going forward.

  3. If anything, I’ve seen Spector go out of his way to be fair to Canadian teams and fans. I think the Canucks are still in the picture, provided they trade Luongo off. And just wait for the Oil in the next few years…looks like a possible 80’s juggernaut waiting to return! Too bad about Toronto though…such a great hockey city, but no hope of even making playoffs for the next few years…

  4. I’df you believe the Vancoouver papers then it’s a “Doan Deal” and they won’t have any room for Nash.

  5. rune__74 you need to read more of Spectors articles before you make wild assumptions. Spectors reports have been unbiased and he has his on opinion which I agree with 90% percent of the time. I am a nucks fan and have been a long time and if you read the article properly you would of noticed Lyle said “that Nash didn’t want to go to a Canadian team” meaning only to American team which in the end most likely a cup contender. Last time i checked, not all of the cup contenders were in Canada!

  6. Give it a rest Lyle, you are more then fair to Canadian eastern teams but you have been luke warm to cold on anything canucks. You were sure to post a chicago paper blasting loungo(and agreeing with it) then praise the signing of an old Brodeur, not saying anything about his play slipping from basically the olympics on.

    “My point, meanwhile, stands. You look at that list of teams, and it’s apparent Nash wants to play for American-based Cup contenders.” that is only part of what you wrote.

    “Looking at Nash’s list, it appears he wants to go to Cup contenders only, and the best ones right now are in the United States, not Canada.” You forgat this part.

    Mewling? I used to like reading your site now this crap?

    • Listen buddy, facts are facts. Lyle didn’t put a gun to Nashs’ head and tell him not to pick the Canucks for his trade list. Nash snub the canucks all on his own, and rightfully so. I am Canadian (obviously) and I wouldn’t play with this current over rated Canucks team that is more worried about diving and embellishing to get calls then playing hockey. Why do you Nuck fans think your team is so great and that everyone should be dying to play there? Sedins are getting older and past their prime, Kesler is an embarrassment and Schneider is unproven as a starter. Oh and NO Doan won’t be going there he will be resigning in Phoenix or going to a California team or maybe even Dallas.

  7. Ahhhhh Lyle, why did you have to go and put YOUR opinion on YOUR website for. The Canucks aren’t really the jugernaut that the locals think they are. Doan to Vancouver for the apparent four or five years he wants is awesome. Handcuff the team for a few years ala Loungo. Thats a brilliant move I must say. But as it is apparent everyday as I drive around in Van that if you happen to mention something a Canuck fan doesn’t agree with then you will get roasted for it. Keep telling it like it is Lyle.

  8. rune……..ok Brodeurs play has slipped since the Olympics. What teams were in the SC final ? And who is the leader of Jerseys defence ? Yep Brodeur isn’t what he once was but he’s still good enough to get his team in the finals. I’ll take that over what happened in Vancity.
    Speaking of which don’t start a riot if your team isn’t the contender they once were. Could they be ? Most hockey experts don’t think so. Something about softness and Sedins.
    As for coverage of the Canucks your way off.

  9. How can the Habs be on the list for Doan. A few days ago it was said the Habs never made a offer and Doans agent also said this

  10. By overlaying your opinion that American teams are better cup contenders than Canadian teams onto Nash’s trade negotiations, you clearly are saying that current Canadian teams are inferior to American teams. That is a snub by any definition

  11. wow spector!!! do you want comments and readers? you gotta chill and stop throwing these adolescent tantrums when someone makes a point… interested to read what your reply to this may be.

    • @ bats: These are comments calling into question Lyle’s intergrity which is what sets him and this site apart from random blog sites, so yes he gets a little hot when that is questioned publically.

      @ Rune: Despite being a Habs fan, Lyle has not EVER pumped his team or any other. Luke warm is the way he treats all teams because he is being as objective as possible. And before you go off on me for that comment, note that Spector often interprets what a journalist says, so not his personal opinion, the authors. When he does pump a team, the warmth is coming from that team being hot at the moment ie the Wild. I mean how can you not pump them after those two signings? how could you not pump Brodeur in this SC finals for what he did on the ice?

  12. People need to think about it. If you were a star player right now with the option to go anywhere where would you go? As of right now I’d wanna go to the exact same teams minus detroit because I think they’re in for a decline. I wouldn’t want to go to vancouver either, get over it.

  13. Man oh man mostly every Canucks fan and Pens think all these top UFA’s and or top players available through trade are going to there clubs. It’s honestly more hilarious than anything. Doan’s staying in the West where the sun shines on a regular basis neither VAN or PIT offer that. Dallas would be dumb to trade there heart and soul to a west coast team that they will be competing for playoff spots with. Unless Joe gets an offer that blows his mind then Morrow’s will go to the East and if not he is staying in Dallas

  14. Hey Spector

    Any new news on the Sabres? Trade or UFA?

    • Jes: nothing really new right now. Doesn’t mean they’re not shopping around, but other than rumored interest in Doan and Ryan, nothing for now. Whenever there is something on the Sabres, I’ll post it in the rumors section.

  15. Two points. First, Don’t take your eye off the main point. Of the six teams Nash is requesting a trade to, none are Canadian. Of those teams, all are considered Cup contenders. It’s obvious he wants to play for a contender, and his best chance is with American clubs. Many Canadian born players share that viewpoint. That is the point I was getting across with my comment.

    Second point: In no way did I “snub” the Canucks, and to suggest I did is attempting to change the subject.

    As an aside, since 2009, I’ve consistently stated the Canucks were the only Canadian team with the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup. Hell, I predicted they’d defeat the Bruins in 7 games in the 2011 Final. So, when I read someone accusing me of “east coast bias” and “snubbing” the Canucks, it raises my hackles. “rune-74″ is looking for something which simply isn’t there.

    I don’t mind folks disagreeing with me. You can read through the comments sections on this site to see that. Occasionally I enjoy a good debate with my readers. But if you’re going to accuse me of something which isn’t true, expect a sharp response. I have to do my research for anything I write. I expect the same from my critics.

    I stand by my original response.

  16. If the Canucks sign anyone the it puts more pressure on gillis to make a trade most likley luongo. Doan is likley to get around 6 mill per and that would put Vancouver 3 mill over, nash would be do able as long as they include a couple roster players.
    I can’t wait to talk about this doan signing until september and thus dragging the Nash trade out and most likley the luongo trade as well, so exciting lol

  17. Ya Lyle’s on point, just as some Toronto fans dream of trades and FA pickups and troll boards, Vancouver fans still think they are playing the Bruins in the finals 2 years ago and watching the same team they had 2 years ago. If he said something that “snubs” Van…well it’s prob the truth, Lyle says alot of the truth on here… From a Leafs fan in Edmonton (aka haven’t cheered for a winning team in a while)

  18. I’ll beat pundits to the punch…by 2 years…i mean 2 finals ago.

  19. I think it is the hot weather. I enjoy everyones comments. I’m a leaf fan. I know things don’t look really good but, I think they are in better shape then you might think. I’m excited for the next season to start, injurys will have a big inpact next year as teams are so close in points and will only get closer with other teams improving. Look for the team with a lot of depth to be successful. LA, Bos, Min, Pitt, Van, Wash, Buff, Florida have lots of depth to have some injurys and still win. Calgary was only five points out of LA spot they should be pretty close again this year. La will have more teams playing them tougher, Chicago, Stl, Nj, San Jose, Dallas, Philly, Car and NYR. Tampa, NYI, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa,Pho,and Montreal could surprise teams. Key injurys like Sedin, that was someone they could not replace. Maybe Vancouver moves Luongo and they pick up Semin for extra scoring. I would rather not see nash on the leafs what has he won? Who has he made better? Ryan, Morrow, Brown, Franson, or wait for Biggs.

  20. Lyle –
    I applaud you sir for sticking up for yourself and sticking to your guns. I’ve been a follower of your site for years because you do the research and always have an informed opinion which has value and can be respected. You are an inspiration to all of us who enjoy writing about the sport we love. I stopped commenting on your posts for years (until recently) not because of your opinion but due to some of the “moronic” readers who would “hijack” your comments section with attempts to pick aimless and sometimes pointless arguements. Keep up the good work Lyle…I’m positive the majority of your readers respect and enjoy all the work you put into making this site a must visit.

  21. Boston, Pittsburgh, and the Rangers are cup contenders. The Flyers are stuck with Bryzgalof right now, the Red Wings are really thin right now and might spend a year or two in the margins, and San Jose’s one playoff disappointment after the next. I don’t think he’d fit the best on SJ anyway, nor will SJ ever give up Couture to acquire him.

  22. Well put and completely agree. Sorry if you aren’t on the list, but one of those teams will likely win the cup next year and thats exactly what Nash is thinking.

  23. Dallas does want to move Morrow as they’re trying to brng in all new leadership (gone is Ott/Ribeiro). The biggest problem is Morrow’s NTC.

  24. Hey Mr. Richardson,

    Just gotta say that you have the best rumor site going on the web. Don’t listen to these haters.

    Everday i jump around the web, reading other writers who link the Leafs to every big name that comes up in FA or trade rumor. I get really excited and my hopes are raised. Why do these writers do it? For more readers. And then i read you column last because you put it all in perspective and tone down my expectations. Do I think you hate/have a bias towards the Leafs? Heck no! You just make sense.

    To you Van fans complaining: maybe you should take your blinders off because your bias is showing. The Canucks are hurting for cap space and are unable to move one of your top players because a kid with 30 games on his belt is apparently better than a Gold Medal, tried and true NHL goalie. Blame your GM for putting you on this situation, not Lyle.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  25. the window for the nucks has closed. the team is too soft to compete with the other teams. that’s why spector didnt include them, because every knows that the nucks are only good at diving.

  26. Yes, Rune! throw Spec under the bus for having hte same opinion as every single free agent or top player requesting a trade.

    Vancouver simply isnt a destination, at the present moment, regardless of the caliblre of team.

    Maybe thei whole Luongo situation is scaring them off, maybe a key injury to Kessler, maybe the fact they have a weak defense, maybe their GM is a tool, maybe nobody likes their coach, maybe nobody likes Burrows, maybe nobody wants to live in vancouver???

    Who knows? It’s not Lyle, its the NHL players that are snubbing Vancouver right now.

  27. The other thing Nash’s list could mean is that he does not think Van is a true contender. In my mind they are not built for playoff hockey. They are just too soft and as much as I think Schnider is the real deal he has yet to really prove it by being a number one goalie. I think Van will start to slide down the standings soon as younger tougher teams start to rise.

  28. considering everyone outside of vancouver was cheering for the bruins to win, is it really a shock that nash doesnt want to play for vancouver?

  29. It would make sense for the Stars to deal Morrow or Ryder for a centre.

    They go very deep on wing now with Eriksson, Benn, Jagr, Whitney, Morrow, and Ryder, but at centre they only have Roy, Fiddler, Peterson, and some prospects, potentially Faksa could make it, but it still looks too thin down the middle.

    • Benn is Dallas’ first line center now (likey winged by Jagr & Eriksson). We also picked up center Cody Eakin in the Ribeiro trade, who’s expected to be the 3rd or 4th line center this year.

  30. BTW, I’ve been avidly following your site for many years. I think it’s okay to lay down your opinion on how cup favorites are, and you’re going to step on toes doing as much. I didn’t say your comment was without merit.

    I think the NHL is becoming similar to the NFL; generally speaking, in any given year a team can win a championship; they just need to get hot at the right time. This makes the league really exciting.

    All that said, Canadian taxes must play into any decision on where to play.

  31. The cold up north must lend well to paranoia.

    Lyle’s out to “get” my team. Single-handidly making Canadian teams lose since 1998.

    And, I thought us Pens fans were getting bad!

  32. Nash wants to play for a team where he is not the best player, he has proven that he’s not a leader but a follower. Also he does not want to play in Canada because he’s scared of the Canadian media and fans. Remember Heatly!

  33. Maybe the Canucks won’t win another President’s Trophy. Maybe they’ll win the cup and all of you can shut up.

  34. It’s funny how everyone is 10ft tall sitting behind a keyboard.

    Keep up the great work Lyle!

    (can you talk to Darcy for us Sabres fans, we would love to have something to talk about, like a big name centre)

  35. Not cold up here! I have a heat rash, my igloo is melting I’m only 5’10”. At the beach.