Turris Dealt to Senators.

Turris a Senator.

TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports via Twitter the Phoenix Coyotes have traded center Kyle Turris to the Ottawa Senators in exchange for David Rundblad and a 2nd round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bit of a surprise the Senators gave up Rundblad, who was supposedly considered a key part of their blueline corps for the future. At least the Turris saga has now come to an end, and it’ll be worthwhile to see how well he fits into the Senators lineup. Will the change of scenery allow him to blossom into a superstar? Or will he become another Nikita Filatov? Let me know what you thinks, Senators fans. And Coyotes fans, let me know what you think of the return for Turris.


  1. this is not a bad deal for both teams as turris is a replacable player for coyotes, yotes have alot of centerman than can do alot more for them than Kyle has , ive been waiting 3 seasons to see kyle grow into what he was expected to and havnt seen it yet , the plauge is gone from phx , good luck kyle

  2. I think this trade has to do with pure dollars. Not right now per say but Karlsson’s entry level deal expires this year, Runblad next year and Cowen in 2013-2014 and all three are likely to command big bucks. Theres no way Ottawa would have been able to keep all three and figured that they might as well get a player with top line centre potential.

  3. I am surprised that Ottawa had to give up a second round pick however. Runblad for Turris straight up would have been more than fair IMO

  4. Perhaps a trade straight across would have sufficed, but they probably had to sweeten the pot because of other offers. If he turns out, great. But if he doesnt they just gave up a kid who looked like he was a lock on defense for years to come and a high pick. Its hard to say who won this trade as only time will tell. Gotta ask though, is their something wrong with Rundblad, as this is already his second time being traded.

  5. Hmmm. Surprised. Well Turris is going to get the attention he wanted (good and bad). Let’s see how he responds.

  6. Ottawa does have Cowan and like 10 other stud dmen in the pipeline. Turris slides right into the #2 center spot behind Spezza. Only issue is they don’t have talent to put around him either, but at least they will put money into the team once the rebuild takes effect, plus Turris could be a big piece for the rebuild. Runblad and Ekman-Larsson will be a good pair. Yotes will have Yandle/Runblad/Larsson which is 3 good young d-men. Good trade for both teams. If Ottawa can get 1 or 2 decent wingets for Turris in the top 6, he will explode in a year or 2 offensively

  7. I wouldn’t have pulled the trigger on this one. Rundblad and a second is too much to give up for Turris. This could either be an even deal or a very bad one, I don’t see a huge win for Ottawa either way.

  8. Don Maloney……..Genius. Seriously, if Turris lives up to his own hype then this works out for both teams. Still more than I though he would fetch.

  9. I don’t think there will be a “winner & loser” coming out of this trade for another 5 years or so. So; I don’t think it’s really time to have big opinions about the trade.

    A second might have been a bit much, but if this kid finds that form he was suppose to have… lights out.

  10. Agree with most above comments Turris seems more like a cancer than a #1 center.
    Too much to give for an unproven player.
    I don’t know alot about these guys being a Bruins fan however.

  11. I dont really like this for the Sens and I didn’t like how he handled himself in Phoenix. But being a Sens fan I have to pull for the guy and hope that he finds his potential. The thing I don’t want to see is his ridiculous salary demands and poor attitude in Ottawa because i like where their build is going and don’t want him to upset the chemistry. Phoenix will love Rundblad, he has so much potential. Good luck to him and welcome Turris!!

  12. Hard to say Ottawa gave up too much for an unproven player, considering they gave up an unproven player and a pick.
    Turris will not make any crazy salary demands, that was always about getting out of Phoenix so I don’t think he should necessarily be viewed as a bad guy despite the bad situaten he and Maloney were in.

    Fresh start for Turris should help immensely. Who knows if he ever becomes a superstar, but he could certainly be a nice no. 2 center for years to come.

    Runblad seems to have a lot of potential from what everyones saying, but potential only means so much. Many players don’t live up to theirs while others exceed. It’s hard to judge the trade based on potential because who knows who pans out. I think it’s a fair trade. We know Turris is an NHL player, average, good, great, who knows, but he can play. Runbblad, we shall see….

  13. thanks burke turris would of look good in a leaf sweater,we had more to offer then the Sen’s god i hope he get’s off his ass and does something fast we are now in 8th place and by the end of dec. we could be 10th

  14. I’m nervous about this deal. If Turris can play up to what we saw in the playoffs last year then I’ll breathe a sigh of relief. But Rundblad was a top 4 guy for the future and one of my fav young D. Love the deal for ‘Yotes though. Can’t complain about moving a guy who wants out and is doing nothing for you to add another young D to go along with Larsson/Yandle plus a early-mid 2nd round pick! Maloney made a very smart move here.

    For Phoenix there future D top 4 probably looks like this Larsson/Rundblad Gormley/Yandle … can’t complain.

    What does this mean for the Senators on forward? Spezza, Michalek, Turris, Zibs, Filatov?, Puempel … well I guess when you factor in their young D and Lehner still for goaltending the Sens have a decent future going.

  15. Come on all you naysayers. Turris is a CENTRE and good ones – even potentially good ones – with speed and size are few and far between. Rundblad was going to be assigned to Binghamton, probably as early as next week when Gonchar and Kuba return. And with Ottawa deep in D, both at the minor league and junior draftees levels, this was a no-brainer. As for the 2nd round pick, Murray is well stocked in draft picks thanks to deals made last season, so if that’s what it took to beat at least 10 other teams to the punch – big deal! You just know that if Burke had been able to swing that deal we’d be hearing about it for a solid week from the s0-called national sports shows based in Toronto and covered in blue & white bunting. Because it was Ottawa that won out, it becomes a “questionable” deal.

  16. Unfortunately I really don’t know that much about Turris other than what I’ve read about him however Rundblad on the other hand seems to definitely have some offensive skills but to date has really struggled in his own end. Some time spent in the AHL would probably help him adjust to the North American game.
    This trade was a question of needs, Ottawa needs young forwards with upside to compliment the young defence core they’re developing. I’m pretty safe in stating that Turris really didn’t want to play in Phoenix so this will give him a fresh start and an opportunity to prove he really was a bonafide first round pick. I believe there’s a good chance this trade will work out for both teams however when it comes to young players you never know how things will turn out. That’s why G.M.s’ get paid to make these decisions and we posters get to second guess everything they do!

  17. Something else to keep in mind was Rundblad’s off-stated preference to return to Sweden if he didn’t get to stick with the big club rather than report to the AHL. We’ve heard that story before from Filatov and have also had the same thing with Silfverberg who Murray thought was ready NOW during training camp but who decided on his own that he needed another season in Sweden!

  18. Tyler H, I have to disagree that the deal had anything to do with dollars. Rundblad first has to show he’s a 2-way NHLer before he can “command” anything. As for Karlsson and later Cowan, do you really think Gonchar and Kuba will still be around when it’s time to ink Cowan to a bigger deal? Not bloody likely, and that’s a fair chunk of cash being freed up. It’s also doubtful that Alfredsson will still be playing in 2013-2014 so toss his $4 mil + into the pot as well.

  19. I think the Yotes won this deal. I do not wish it on him, but my worst fear for Bryan Murray is that Turris turns into the reincarnation of Dany Heatly. A skilled player who becomes a total distraction to his team and club after a good season or two.

    @ Andy, the Leafs did not need Turris. They are loaded with second line centres and potential second line centres,they need a genuine first line centre. I am willing to wait for Burke to get the right player, rather than give up what we have to jump at some highly drafted but unproven, sucky kid who just happens to be available.

  20. Predictable – but no less amazing due to its regularity – to see a Leafs fan weigh in on the aftermath of a trade where the home team came up short in its pursuit of a needed commodity. “Loaded with second-line centers?” Like who? Bozak? Anyone you put with Kessel and Lupul at that position will suddenly start to see a corresponding rise in their own point total, but Bozak is, at best, a decent 3rd liner. Same with Grabovski, As for Connolly, there is a highly-skilled player who, unfortunately, is destined to go into the books under the category “brittle.” He wouldn’t be the first. Don’t look now, but the Senators – the team all the “experts” picked to finish 30th and now call “over-achieving” are 1 point back of the Leafs – without two of their better D (so far anyway) and their top goal getter. Ain’t perception wonderful?