Turris Requests Trade.


Turris requests trade from Coyotes.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reports agent Kurt Overhardt, who represents center Kyle Turris, confirmed his client has requested a trade from the Phoenix Coyotes. GM Don Maloney, however, insists Turris won’t be dealt.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Well, at least now there’s no need for further speculation if Turris’ contract holdout is being done to force a trade. Otherwise, the game of “chicken” between the young center and Coyotes management rolls on, with the December 1st deadline to get him under contract only five weeks away.  Expect the “Kyle Turris to everyone” rumors to keep rolling on over that time.


  1. Send Turris to Winnipeg with a 2nd round pick for Evander Kane. Maybe when winter hits he’ll realize that playing in the desert wasn’t so bad.

  2. If Turris should decide to hold-out past Dec 1 and miss the remainder of the season, where does his contract situation stand next summer?

  3. No idea what Don Maloney is thinking here. I get that he wants Turris for his potential and maybe trying to be standoffish, but even if Turris does sign for the year to keep playing he is going to play uninspired hockey and walk for nothing asap. If he wants out just trade him, get the guy out of Phoenix and get something worthwhile for your organization. Lot’s of teams would like young center depth and I don’t think we’ll sign for much anywhere.

  4. i am a coyotes fan . i wish maloney would just trade kyle away he is a decent play but coyotes do not need him , trade him and a someone you want or need , get over i
    t maloney , kyle hasnt even shhowed glimpses of what he should be and never will , let him go now !!!

  5. As far as the contract goes, he’s Coyotes property until the end of his next contract, which could potentially bring him to UFA status depending on age, experience, arbitration, or the next CBA.

    Who’s going to give anything useful for the rights to sign a player whose money demands were about a million more than they were worth? I mean his agent says they were straight up with Maloney and requested a trade from the get-go, but if that’s the case then how does one justify the money demands and that this is the first confirmation we’ve heard of it since this whole fiasco started? I just don’t see anyone paying something like a Glencross for Turris deal. That’d be absurd.

    Don Maloney is 100% correct, Turris has no ground to stand on. The kid simply doesn’t want to be there, but the CBA says “too bad.” He doesn’t have the right to demand a trade or go to arbitration or anything. His rights are simple. Be a spoiled little brat and don’t play, or sign a short term agreement and move on. At this point one has to assume that Phoenix doesn’t really want him for the long term anyway.

    I’d take it a step further and ask what it does to a locker room to have a kid like this in there. He obviously won’t be making any friends in the Phoenix locker room. Call it mutual distaste. Any team that picks him up will have a player who has previously bailed on his team for greener pastures. What happens if the new team has a suddenly unstable future?

    Basically his choices are man up and play, or sit there crying because the big kids called you names. Welcome back to the third grade, I guess.

  6. While I do hear what your saying JJB, this guy hasn’t earned the right in the NHL to demand a trade. He is a kid who can make a lot more money then we’ll ever see trying to prove himself playing hockey. Granted phoenix isn’t the most stable market right now, I still can’t help feeling this kid is being a spoiled brat. Everyone else is lacing up their skates on the team trying their best. I wouldn’t want him.

  7. Put my post in before I seen Chaas’s there. I would have just agreed with him.

  8. i dont know what coyotes can pick up by trading kyle but it cant be any worse than him , he wants 4mil a year christ thats what hanzel gets paid and he can score !!! Turris will end up barried in the AHL once he , gets signed to a team anyways . I used to really like the kid before this ,

  9. He wants out of Pheonix, and who can blame him? Bryzgalov wanted out, and that team is going nowhere fast. They are losing money like crazy and have a fan-base reminiscent of the Cleveland Barons. He has already said that he would sign for less on another team.

    The solution is simple. Trade him. You will get something worth-while (even though Turris only has 19 career goals >.> ).Turris gets to go to a decent team and maybe develop where he can be happy. You can call it spoiled or not, but he can just go and play in the SEL or KHL if he really wants. I understand Pheonix’s frustration with him, but by not moving him out of spite, you are potentially not adding whatever piece you could acquire for him that could help the team now. Ridiculous.

  10. The way I understood the situation was that Turris would sign with a different team for much less and that the 4 mil demand was essentially his way of trying to force a trade. It’s stubborn and ridiculous, and to miss a whole season at his age would greatly hinder his development and be a terrible mistake on his part. At the same time, it doesn’t help Phoenix whatsoever; if Turris doesn’t develop than he has less trade value.

    To me the Coyotes are being so stubborn because they are upset with Turris, and rightfully so, but if you’re the GM you owe it to the ownership, players, and most of all the fans to try and make your team better. This is an opportunity to do that as you can still fetch a decent return for Turris at this point. Make the trade and move on.