Update on Dustin Brown – March 6, 2012.

Rumors prior to the trade deadline suggested Kings captain Dustin Brown could be on his way out of Los Angeles. Though the rumors were denied, speculation persists he could be moved.


Brown trade rumors unlikely to go away this summer.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson, responding to a reader’s e-mail question about the Kings captaincy, noted there were rumors before the trade deadline Dustin Brown might be on the trade block, but it turns out he wasn’t and has been “leading the Kings just fine the last while”.

BUFFALO NEWS: Bucky Gleason recently noted the Kings fielded offers for their captain before deciding to keep him for the stretch, and suggested Brown”likely will be traded before next season”.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The story goes the Kings had quietly fielded inquiries from three teams regarding Brown, then the story leaked, was blown up into “Kings shopping Brown”, and they were deluged with offers, forcing GM Dean Lombardi to claim his captain wasn’t on the block. That’s given rise to suggestions Lombardi might try to move Brown out for a better scorer, and place the captaincy upon Mike Richards. Lombardi may not have been actively shopping Brown, but the fact he was at least listening to offers will keep the speculation alive into the summer, especially if the Kings miss the playoffs or fall in the first round again.


  1. Well apparently Steve Ott was being shopped too and the asking price was a good roster player, best prospect plus a second rounder. Brown would probably cost that or more. That being said, I could see a few teams being heavily interested. And I’m sorry for making this about the Leafs, but you would have to think Burke would be interested in making our top six more gritty.

  2. I think every team would show interest in Brown if he was shopped. I believe he’d make a great fit in the following teams (not claiming they have the assets) in no particular order.


  3. There is really no real reason for L.A. to trade this guy …no reason what so ever ….LA does not need a goalie …they do not need defense…..they are deep at center and really only require depth at scoring …..this isnt all on Dustin Browns shoulders …a team of underachievers …Brown is a rare bread and still young ….if anything it could be a Patrick marleau typ deal where as they move the C to another player but I have a hard time seeing him moving for an an unqual player ……teams are not giving away prospects for older players ….so this would have to be a Hoackey trade ………which makes it a littel harder…….If LA was smart they would move him to the East ……where ho would be a rollplayer and help a contending team with some depth ….not a rebuilding team ….he would realy fit in well with Detroit or Boston ! Unless Burke gets his way!!!

  4. God I hope Boston doesn’t get him! I mean, he might not even be traded I agree, but it would give me yet another reason to not want to play them!

  5. In my opinion he would be the best pick up out of any player available in the League…he has all the qualities as well as being a captain …..all this and a bag of chips at the very low cost of only $3.175 million for the next 2 years !!!…..where else do you find that ??????……..oh yeah almost forgot my leaf spin on this ……WTF ….Tim Connolly at $4.75 to compare …..W……T…..F????

  6. Brown isn’t going anywhere. LA’s only need is for scoring on the wings. As Chris said they have no need for Goaltenders or defensemen. They don’t need centers. They need wings. If the Lombardi can trade a talented but under-achieving (in terms of scoring) winger for a talent and achieving winger then more power to him but I just don’t see it happening.

    What the Kings really need is for Brown to show up in the boxscores the way he has for the last two weeks for an entire season -a streak that just so happened to coincide with the first trade rumors.

  7. If LA wants a good roster player, a top prospect, and a pick……. they can keep Brown.
    And if DAL wants the same for Ott… they can keep him too.

    What ridiculousness.

    Here, take Brown, but we want an equal player of your roster, plus, plus.
    No F’ing way.

  8. @DM as much as our top 6 could use a gritty player and i would love brown im honestly more concerned about our bottom 6… our top 6 has been scoring this year however our bottom 6 hasnt been preventing goals… the 3rd line has become top 6 rejects and the fourth line is i guess a 4th line… i think we need to add almost an entire 3rd line full of grittiness (players like moen, ott, gaustad, etc) instead of having connolly, lombo and crabb just taking up space on the 3rd line

  9. @LeafsFan, now that carlyle is coach, I feel they will go to more of the top 6 bottom 6 type of team both he and Burke like. That being said changes will come, but expect more of a shut down and an energy line, more so then support to scoring, IMO

  10. Did Burke even bargin with Grabovski? $5.5M for 5 years what the hell was he even negociating for?

  11. I agree with NikK and Leafs Fan on both there points …..ABOVE ………as a side note to the Grabovski signing …Burke had to …I see that he has no other centers avialable to him anywhere …but he has tied his hands with terrible sigings……..where exactly does he go from here ???

    He is at the cap…… can not add anyone and how does he get rid of at least 5 contracts that are on the fourth line or the press box ????

    You cant tell me he has this much confidence in the presnet team to keep 405 0f these guys around next year ?????

    What the heck is going to do…to bring in ANY other players ….hes got his ass to the fire right now …this cant be the team he wants for the future or even another game at this point …REALLY ?????

    Like Ive posted in the past …Burke is LOST like Bryzgalaf on HBO …Lost in the forrrest cant see through the trees …….Lost does not know what hes doing anymore !!!

    One thing that Carlyle should do is strip Komisarek or Armstrong of his…….A……. and give it to Lupul ….tomorrow night ……oh yeah …NOW the only way to shed cap spac is to trade Kessel for 3 players ….LOL #1 Goalie ….power forward player……… prospect ……if Ott and Brown are getting that attention then Kessel is the only pawn that can bring back a bright future for the Leafs to do a mini rebuild.

  12. As I’ve said before on this site, EVERYBODY is available. If Colorado (picking a team at random) contacts Washington and asks for Ovechkin and offer Landeskog and two first round picks, the Caps would be fools not to at least entertain the offer. That’s not to say that would be the deal, but it’s a reasonable start.

  13. As for trading Brown, I think it’s possible that they could. Here are some key factors:

    1. Do the Kings make the playoffs (sportclubstats has them at about 45%)? If so, do they get ouf of the first round?

    2. Brown drew a TON of interest around the league. This increases the potential return that we can get.

    3. Most importantly, the Kings may pursue a guy like Parise in the offseason. If they sign somebody like Parise, that could make Brown expendable.

    4. Brown is a UFA (per capgeek) after the 2013-2014 season. Brown has an INCREDIBLY cap friendly contract of $3.1M. He would be looking at a salary of somewhere north of $5M per season. Quick will be due a big raise after next season. Can the Kings potentially afford that especailly if number 3 above happens?

    So in summary, I think Brown could get traded just as easily as he could stay. The end of this season and the off-season will likely tell us what we need to know. If the Kings look like serious contenders as they are now, he probably stays. If they miss the playoffs or get bounced in the first round (especailly if they don’t score much), then they may decide that they need to replace a forward with a forward that can score more goals. If they miss out on Parise, then Brown could bring a key player who would provide an offensive upgrade.

  14. I like Grabo but 5 years at $5.5M I would have taken a shot with a rookie next year for the second line.

    Chris you are right Burke is now at the cap for next year with the remaining RFA’s he still has to sign. The only relief he will get is if the new CBA allows him to dump Komi’s salary off the books or if he trades MacArthur, Armstrong or Lombardi (as if anyone would want him). First Burke gives Wilson another year for free then gives Liles almost $4.0M and now Grabo gets $5.5M… What’s next is he going to give Kulemin a raise on his $2.35M after his awesome season? I wished I worked at MLSE…

  15. I don’t think the Kings would be moving Brown for a roster player + prospect/pick, but rather Brown as part of a package for a better scoring winger to play with Kopitar.
    I love the idea of them going after Parise, especially since they have Penner and a few other contracts expiring.

  16. If Brown is available, the Sabres will definitely be in the mix. Buffalo has been interested in him for a few years now.

  17. LMAO Brown isnt going anywhere this is all hype its a joke its fake …..Brown has a 3.2 cap hit thats nothing he’s 27 years old still young….The only players you will see going is Williams 3.1 m, Bernier, 1.2 m Penner 5.4 m (UFA), Stoll 3.2(UFA), Hunter1 m (UFA), Parse (5k UFA) and maybe Richardson1.5m thats almost 15 million in savings !!!!!

    Williams is 31 and his numbers are so/so will get traded for Propsect or Draft pick
    Bernier 23 young #1 will get traded to Tor, Tam, NJ, Edm for a very good return (this one is going to be a good trade in the summer )
    Penner -Free Agent GONE
    Stoll-Free Agent GONE
    BROWN IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE , it would be like Pit saying there gonna trade Malkin not going to happen !