Update on Luongo and Subban – May 26, 2012.

Walking back Alain Vigneault’s comments on Roberto Luongo’s “trade request”, and the latest on P.K. Subban’s contract negotiations with the Canadiens.

VANCOUVER SUN: Elliott Pap reports Canucks GM Mike Gillis engaged in some damage control by saying head coach Alain Vigneault didn’t mean what he said when he claimed goaltender Roberto Luongo had requested a trade. Gillis claimed Vigneault, who made his comments on a French-language TV show, “misspoke” and later clarified his remarks with his interviewers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regardless of what Vigneault may have said, Gillis’ clarification will of course have no bearing upon the trade speculation swirling about Luongo in the coming weeks.

No contract talks yet between Habs and Subban.

TVASPORTS: Louis-André Lariviére reports agent Mark Guy, who represents defenseman P.K. Subban, said he’s yet to have contract negotiations with the Montreal Canadiens, but reported that’s not unusual at this time of year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Especially considering they only recently hired a new general manager. Subban is also a restricted free agent, and while it’s possible he could receive an offer sheet from a rival team if he’s still unsigned by July 1st, that threat is a low one, and if he did get one, the Habs would match. 


  1. So glad the Nucks re-signed Vignault. Throwing Hodgson and more recently Kesler under the bus, admitting he was unprepared for Daniel’s absence to start the playoffs, and now the Luongo “mispeak”. This guy is non-stop entertainment.

  2. I thought it was Gillis that made the comments about Hodgson?

  3. The keeping of and extending the contract of Alain Vigneault is a mistake that has and will keep the Canucks from winning the Stanley Cup. This defensive minded, Sedin loving and apparently now anti-Kessler coach has turned at least half the Canuck dressing room against him.
    His inability to prepare for the Kings in the first round cost the team. His unwavering commitment to not having the Sedin’s kill penalties is a head scratcher at best. His use of the Sedin’s for the majority of power play time no matter if it going bad is again a sign of preferential treatment not team thinking.
    He questioned Hodgson’s medical problems publicly and when it was proven that the injury was legit he never backtracked or apologized but instead found more reasons to limit his ice time and development. Now again he questions Kessler’s injury and even his decision to have surgery. He says that the injury did not cause his production to drop. To me this is the wrong guy to lead a team and the extension was something Gillis and th Canucks may end up eating once he is fired after loosing the room.
    His style of coaching is too defensive for a team with the talent the team had and even still has.
    He caused Gillis to rebut his comments about Luongo requesting a trade saying that because the interview where he said it was in French and that Vigneault “misspoke.” He misspoke alright and what he said once again hurt the team and what they might get in return for Luongo.
    This guy is the wrong guy for this team.
    I know people will bring up that they were one game away from the cup, but that is more about the determination and drive of the players than what the coach did to prepare them and who he played and how he wanted them to play when the Bruins started taking liberties with certain players.

  4. Vigneault needs to start using his right to remain silent. if Gillis had to issue as many clarifications because of something one of the players said, that player would be on the trading block.