Update on Nash and Thornton – August 17, 2012.

A report out of Switzerland claimed Rick Nash and Joe Thornton would play again for HC Davos if there’s an NHL lockout. Their agents, however, say otherwise.

TSN.CA: New York Rangers winger Rick Nash and his agent, Joe Resnick, denied a report from Swiss sports network RTS Sports claiming Nash and San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton would play for HC Davos if there’s another NHL lockout this fall. The pair played for the team during the 2004-05 lockout.

No Swiss reunion planned for Nash and Thornton.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports Joe Thornton’s brother John, who also acts as his agent, denied the Sharks captain has made plans to play in Switzerland in the event of a lockout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While I don’t doubt there will be some NHL players making plans for another European sojourn in the event of another lockout, it appears this time most could be holding off on doing so, as they seem committed toward getting a new CBA in place. We’ll see what transpires in the coming weeks. If we start seeing an increase in reports of NHL players inking contracts with European clubs next month, we can probably take that as a sign a lockout is a certainty.



  1. What are we going to talk about if there is a lock out?!?!?!?

    • Most likely Shane Doan and Bobby Ryan

      Can you imagine owning a business and wanting a guarantee as to how much you want to make and than come back 5 years later and tell the people that work for you and your costumers we want to make more money. Hey owners what about the fans What about reducing the ticket prices by half so a guy can take his kids to a game without costing him a mortgage payment.
      It makes me sick to think of the owners wants .
      We dont live in Russia Let players make as much as a free market will bear. OOOPS Russias KHL has no cap. Europes soccer, basketball hockey leagues have no cap WHY are we puting up with it.

      • Yes actually I can they are called oil, insurance and banking companies.

  2. If there is a lockout they better show some AHL and junior hockey on tv so we can at least watch our teams’ young players.

    • They could replay the entire 2011-2012 season on NHL network. We can pretend that we have no idea what will happen – won’t that be fun?

      • That would be great!! The LA KINGS would win the Cup again!! GO KINGS

        • +1

  3. Basket…………..nothing, nothing at all.

  4. I am sure that at least the NHL network in USA will be showing AHL and or Canadian Junior games and college games, as re-runs of past years playoffs are already boring.

    Question to fans in Canada. Do any of the OHL teams put their games on local radio and can those stations be picked up the internet ?

    • alforducks….actually there is three junior leagues that are equal, OHL, WHL and QMJHL that make up the CHL. Yes they do put there games on local radio just go to each leagues website and from there you can click on any game playing and it will lead you to the radio station that covers the team.

      • Thank You

  5. Who cares if players go play some where during strike. But I guess it’s the media who cares just to get a story. Hey I was in Vegas does anyone care I was. So why do we need to care what they do

  6. If there is another lockout I will watch Basketball and NFL football. Hockey is the best sport in the world you would think with the economy where it is in the U.S.A that there can not be a stopage.

  7. I wonder if Fehr has aksed/told the players NOT so sign (or to deny) all hints of plans for a lockout so as to keep up appearances that the players really do want an NHL season? Aren’t Nash and Thornton playing some sort of central role in the CBA negotiations for the PA (could be wrong, but seem to remember this)?

  8. Greedy owners sound like the corporate ceo’s making billions.
    How about capping ticket prices at 50.00.
    I say do it like baseball.Let the rich clubs spend.Have revenue sharing like baseball.
    If a team wants to spend like the Yankees and red sox let them.It doesn’t garentee a cup.I do like the idea of drafting players stay for 5 years before free agent.
    I didn’t look but I don’t think the Kings were a high paid club.

    • Owners are not going to accept a luxury tax system

  9. Too many teams in trouble combined with too many players who are not worthy of playing in an elite league causing the entire problem.Chop 10 teams,put 200 players in a draft there you go.Columbus and Phoenix can join the KHL for all I care.Then that inflated ticket will actually be worth it.Each team will actually have 20 real hockey players on it and the Stanley Cup could actually be awarded in like April or early May at the latest.I love hockey but I have better things to do on a Saturday afternoon in June than watch LA and New Jersey after 8 weeks of playoff hockey.

    • If you have better things to do, then go do those things. Nobody is holding a gun to your head.

  10. NHL 13 boys thats the cure, why should we care if the owners come out on top at the end of the day they aint reducing ticket prices…its all a joke …The owners are fools to pay what they pay so go players go…The only pockets that will be left empty will be yours and mine.

  11. I like Dave’s idea of capping the ticket prices. Put a cap on salaries as well and reward good players with bonuses written in to their salaries that cover not just scoring but defensive stats as well. I love this sport, and I want to see the common person have access to it again, like back in the seventies and early eighties!

    Oh yeah, and fire some of these GM’s that try to buy a team every year and drive up the player salaries real good (Sather et al).