Update on Ott and Souray.

Steve Ott and Sheldon Souray were rumored as possible Stars trade bait at the deadline. Read about their post-deadline reactions, and my take as to their respective futures in Dallas.


Will Ott and Souray remain in Dallas after this season?

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: In a recent interview, Stars forward Steve Ott admitted it bothered him that he might be traded, especially after spending his entire NHL career with the Stars. “I made it pretty clear that I wanted to be a Dallas Star and continue to be a Dallas Star.”

Mike Heika also interviewed Stars defenseman Sheldon Souray, who admitted he was relieved he wasn’t moved by the deadline. “Y’know, you can say that it wouldn’t have been a bad thing to move, but I just couldn’t imagine anyplace else I would rather be right now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ott still has two years remaining on his contract with the Stars, at an average salary of $2.95 million per season. Souray will be an unrestricted free agent this summer. That the Stars were willing to listen to offers for both would suggest their futures in Dallas could be in doubt, but that could also be a hasty assumption.  Of the pair, Souray could be the most likely to depart, but it’s believed he’d prefer to remain with the Stars beyond this season. If he’s willing to accept a modest pay raise over the $1.65 million he’s earning this season, on a one year deal, he could remain in Dallas.


  1. Wheres my buddy ………FIRE WILSON ……..now whats your name going to be…?????


  2. Gentlemen my work here is done so with that being said I would like to thank my fellow posting pals who supported my name “FireWilson” from day one way back in early December. I would also like to thank Ron Wilson for his terrible coaching record here in Toronto and possibly, single handedly ruining Luke Schenn and Nasem Kadri’s career (hopefully not, Luke it’s never too late to go see Gunnarsson’s confidence coach). I would also like to thank Burke for waiting to the last possible minute before bending to an entire Leaf nation of fans and media before finally growing some and firing Wilson. His indecisiveness has put the Leafs in the precarious position of having to win roughly 14 out of the remaining 18 games to get into the post season and failing that will probably vault the Leafs out of a sure fire top 5 draft pick into the 15th or so position.

    On hiring Carlyle: I find if slightly disturbing, two former players on the Leaf roster (Lupul and Brown) had nothing good to say about our new coach. With that being said I remember Yzerman and Bowman going to war early in Stevie Y’s career until he learned to play within Bowman system and become defensively responsible so if those two had a love hate early on then why not Lupul and Carlyle? I don’t care if the Leafs hired Carlton the Bear to coach this team as long as the new coach teaches this team to play defence. I think in this cap world it’s better to pay big bucks to 6 defensemen then to pay big bucks to 12 forwards. The thinking goes when you play an ultra-defensive system your forwards generally don’t rack up big points and therefore can’t demand even larger paydays. Just a thought.

    My new name: I have so many new names swimming around in my head I can’t choose. I thought about creating one that would “give it to Phaneuf” for the next while until he either lives up to his salary and lives down his “most over rated player” status but I didn’t feel that was fair until we see him play under a proper defensive system. In fact I think that goes for all the defensive players on the Leafs. My new name will be anti-climactic because I am back on the band wagon cheering for the most loved/hated team in the NHL. In light of my new positive attitude I think the most appropriate name would be either “RoseColouredGlasses” or “BeerGoggles”. Since this is a sports chat site I think BeerGoggles is more appropriate.

    Lyle, I am officially requesting your permission to allow me to change my name from “FireWilson” to “BeerGoggles”…

  3. it’s okay. Why not just “FeedItToPhaneuf”?

  4. How about “Fire Burke”? As much as JFJ got called down, he assembled teams and made moves 10x better than anything Burke has done in Leaf land!

  5. Feel free to change your name to BeerGoggles. Though I’ll miss the “FireWilson” handle, maybe you should keep it, perhaps it’ll have a “retro” feel soon…

  6. Woah there Sugar… Let’s not go overboard and start calling JFJ a better GM than Burke. Time heals all wounds, but he was an atrocious GM who robbed the talent pool (wish we had Rask in net now!) for mediocre players.

  7. @FireWilson: I think your new name should be BringBackQuinn.

  8. Lyle
    I considered the name “The artist formerly known as FireWilson” but it was much to long. lol

  9. @Tux
    I also considered “Bash’nBozak” but he has grown on me a little bit lately.

  10. Ok enough about the name. Back to business…

    What’s Carlyles first order of business? He has to shake things up so I say try Grabovski on the top line to see if Lupul and Kessel can light his torch. Then again maybe just having someone new will be enough to make players more defensively responsible. Boston on Tuesday will be a big one if the Leafs can pull out a win it could send them on a tear.

  11. I also agree it should be FireBurke – he’s is the one that signed Tiny Tim to a $4.75MM per year contract. He is the one that didn’t do anything to improve his team – oh….that’s right he traded for M. Fraser and C. Ashton. Pieces that may contribute one day in the future – but not now. Burke may be a great hockey mind, but I see him more as a whiner, especially when he complains that Darcy overprices his players. Hey – Darcy got the #1 from Nashville for Gaustad and he got Hodgeson for Kassian – not too bad a return for “overvalued” players.

    I know this is a transition for you as I think eventually we will see a “FireBurke” on this board.

  12. Maybe just a symbol which represents “the artist formerly known as FireWilson”. I do like beer goggles tho. The Leaf’s confidence (at least defensively) has taken a major hit of late, hopefully Carlyle can begin to turn it around.
    I was shocked this went down now and not at the end of the season. Did Burke figure out that if he didn’t do something now (as opposed to Monday), he too would have been let go. Or was the last straw Wilson adding Burke under the bus with, “we didn’t pick anyone up at the deadline”. Like the Habs this team is in shambles and 5 weeks of a new coach isn’t gonna change much. Tendies still need to make saves. The D still needs to make plays out of the zone and not give up the puck at the slightest hint of a forecheck and the forwards have to learn a whole new concept, “backchecking”.

  13. My new name is pending moderation. I feel like I’ve been traded pending a physical…

  14. I think it was the right move for the leafs……but the wrong time. This should have been done over the summer ‘last year’. A lot of Leaf fans don’t see how short the window for this team is open.
    Kessel UFA 2014,
    Lupul UFA 2013,
    Connolly UFA 2013,
    MacArthur UFA 2013,
    Armstrong UFA 2013,
    Phaneuf UFA 2014,
    Gunnarson RFA 2013,
    Franson RFA 2012,
    Gustavsson UFA 2013.
    The core of this team has 2 years, that’s it, then either rebuild or retool. All that time wasted with Wilson hurt the team more than people think

  15. Other then Kessel and Lupul being UFA’s I fail to see how this list of guys is an issue save except for the fact that Franson gets a raise this summer and Gunnarsson next summer but only if he plays well next season. It also keeps these guys on their toes. I think if Kessel and Lupul get off to a good start Burke will have them re-signed by Christimas next year and we will read about it on twitter. The rest of the bunch will be trade deadline bait.

    I am predicting the teams to beat in this playoff run will be Buffalo and Tampa. Buffalo is on fire now that Miller is back on his game so if he continues Buffalo will be tough to pass. Tampa is just finally playing up to expectations. The Leafs play them both twice and are only 1pt behind them so two wins against each of them means TO will make the playoffs provided they can beat Boston once and play properly against the mid and lower teams. Winnipeg has been playing over their heads and TO has two games in hand so they are catchable. Washington?? Well, lets just say they suck and the Leafs should be able to pass them if they start playing up to expecations. It all starts with tonight and continues in Boston on Tuesday… Go Leafs!!!

  16. Pretty sure both James Neal and Matt Niskanen wanted to stay Stars too. Now…not so much.

  17. I was with you all the way Beergoggles and we both knew he was saved in december with a good streak and both said it would be costly later in the season.

    You guys calling for a fire Burke are nuts.
    other than being too loyal to Wilson he has done a job no other GM could even come close to doing.
    taking every piece of useless overpaid garbage and now having many good players and a well stocked farm.
    if not for wilson the leafs would be sitting way higher and a lock for playoffs this year.

    a couple of players have been a bust but guys like connolly are just short term fillers to buy the kids on the farm time before they step in.
    he was smart not to make any deals for what was out there,either he way overpays or gives up bodies for picks neither of which does anything to help.
    everything i heard or read had no goalies available that would have helped right now.

    things will be much easier in the summer and burkie will make a few moves more to carlyles style.
    i have no idea why it is all gloom and doom if they miss the playoffs,even if they sneak in they will be out quick anyway so a better draft pick is a good thing.

    no need to be frustrated,leafs we all knew are still a couple of years away from doing any playoff damage.
    it is not like we are the canucks and expected to win it every year before pulling off the big choke job and then trashing our city.

  18. Burke objected to Cherry’s criticism of Wilson so he went to CBC and tried to get him fired and yet the first time Wilson publicly questioned Burke (re: lack of deadline deals) Burke decides to fire him??

    Does anyone see that Burke is the problem here? Just because he is bombastic does not mean he has a plan.

    Just because he is not afraid to make a trade does not mean he can bring a competitive team together short or long term.

    Time has run out on this GM. The only question is how long until new ownership realizes this and makes a change.

  19. Guys lay off Burke a bit we have the second youngest team in the league. The future is looking better that it has in a lot of years because we do have players that will come up. Also he had to fire Wilson now, to ensure he got the coach he wanted.

  20. Look at Vancouver! Who really put that team together that core. Also the Ducks still are a very exciting team. Leave Burke in TO. Coaches should be changed after three years. Unless the team changes. I liked Wilson, Quinn, Maurice, and Pat Burns too. The salary cap should be to blame for the leafs lack of making the playoffs. You cannot get rid of salary or take on salary anymore. No trades, no scoring, is pretty boring. Make the nets biggger. The goalies are not better they are just bigger. Lay off Burke, pick on the habs for once.