Update on the Avalanche’s Pending Free Agents.

The Colorado Avalanche have several key young players to re-sign this summer. Could it be difficult to re-sign them, or merely a formality? 


Johnson hoping to remain long-term with Avalanche.

DENVER POST: Adrian Dater recently reported the Colorado Avalanche will have to shell out a lot of money to re-sign young stars Matt Duchene, Ryan O’Reilly and Erik Johnson this summer, but believes doing so should be little more than a formality. Johnson, 24, said he wants to remain with the Avalanche long-term.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avalanche currently have only 9 players under contract next season, at a total payroll of just over $22.3 million. Assuming the salary cap remains at or around the current ceiling of $64.3 million, the Avs would have little difficulty re-signing Duchene, O’Reilly, Johnson, and recently-acquired Steve Downie and Jamie McGinn, and still leave plenty of cap space if they wished to re-sign the fading Milan Hejduk for one more season, take a chance on Peter Mueller staying healthy next season, keep David Jones off the UFA market and perhaps add some experienced depth to the line via trades or free agency.

 That being said, much will depend on how much ownership is willing to invest in the roster next summer. I doubt they’ll try to low-ball their best RFA players, and believe they’ll re-sign all of them to long-term extensions. It remains to be seen, however, if they’re willing to spend to bring in experienced depth to help these young stars.


    It is going to be Interesting to see if Stastny is around and how that could play in what they decide to do next year …his playoff performance this year ( if they make it ) will be a likely decision as his name has been intrade rumours for the last two years especially with his father calling out the teams management after the Stewrat trade last year !

    They should sign Steve Downie …McGinn …Erik Johnson Matt Duchene and ORiely…….but they should look to part with the injury and concussiuon prone Mueller and llok to close a chapter with Hejduk by trading him to a Contender unles he is willing to sign to a howtown discount for 1 year and possibly move him at trade deadline next year !

    The Avalanche have a very good young core and Landeskog is fantastic along with Duchene they have multiple threats and they will still get better …they may be a fiesty winger and a defenseman away from moving up a little faster next year !

  2. @beergoggles

    All Leafs Brass at Sarnia game to scout Nail Yakupov ….not sure how they think they are going to get this guy …another pipedream ! I hope they are scouting other players as well …LMAO …becuase there draft record sucks !!!!

    Thanks NIkK ….I researched that mid winter as well …pretty digusting ! I wander if they are hiring ??? LOL

  3. @Chris
    Maybe they are secretly going to tank the rest of the season. lol

  4. JETS
    Thank goodness Alexander Ovechkin is a lazy defensive player ….because he just let Shannon walk down mainstreet un molseted with a puny stick attempt to score the O T goal in an awesome comeback by Jets.

  5. @ beergoggles

    They arent secretly tanking ….they are doing good enough just trying to play and tanking !!!!

  6. I said it last year, if there was anytime to trade Stastny, it would be this offseason. Not saying they will for sure, but there would be quite a few teams looking for a teir two, first line centerman. He carries a hefty contract, but I believe he has the pedagree to attract trade offers. Tor, Calgary, Montreal, Chicago, Minny, Carolina and possibly Anahiem could potentially clear space in the offseason to facilitate a trade. But, if management is commited to building a winner, and is willing to spend close to the cap, then Stastny stays.

  7. @ DurtMchurt

    I could see moving out Stastny to bring in some good players in a multi player deal …but more so to loose the contract and make serious offers to some of the UFAs such as Parise and Weber or Suter ….I think they might surprise some peolple in there attempts….they have a VERY good young core and could use some more substance and power …but they are very close …they have alot of mulla to spend as well ! They are positioned well to make a bold move and strike and have all the components in place to do it in a secure fashion and keep the team intact and not loose anything !

  8. Maybe they should trade Stastny to Phoenix so he could play in Quebec city next year!

  9. I think the Avalanche’s real probelm will be the non-superstar players around those 3. Since lots of interest was shown in Colorado’s direction pre-deadline. Lots of scouts at games for teams they didn’t end up trading with. So their are some eyeing players there.

    With priority given to Duchene, O’Reilly and Johnson, many others could get away. I suspect Hedjuk, Jones and Shane O’Brein will be gone. McLeod and Hunwick could get drawn away aswell.

    And from covering the Pens, I think they are one of the teams interested in both or either of Jones and O’Brien. And when a team like Pittsburgh or another contender comes calling, it’s gonna be hard for Colorado to intice these guys to stick around.

  10. @chris

    They wouldn’t be there to scout Nail. They would be there to scout Galenchuk (sp?), who is projeced to go in the area they likely will draft.