Update on the Red Wings – August 7, 2013.

The Detroit Red Wings re-signing Joakim Andersson puts a further squeeze on their limited cap space and increases the possibility of a trade before the start of the season.

I’ve got no actual link to a trade rumor today, as it remains very quiet on that front of late, but there’s no doubt the Andersson signing pushes the Red Wings closer to a trade to free up cap space before October.

Anderson’s new contract (cap hit of $732K) leaves the Red Wings with only $312, 121.00 in cap space, with Gustav Nyquist as their only remaining restricted free agent, whom GM Ken Holland said he would get under contract before the start of training camp.

Holland has also hinted he’d like to bring back Daniel Cleary, though it remains to be seen if he can clear enough cap space to do so.

The Wings are permitted to be over the cap ceiling by ten percent, provided they’re cap compliant when the season begins in October.

Jordin Tootoo on his way out of Detroit?

Jordin Tootoo on his way out of Detroit?

That’s prompted speculation Holland will try to clear salary via trade, with Jordin Tootoo ($1.9 million per season) figuring prominently as the likely trade candidate. There was talk late last month the Wings spoke with the Nashville Predators about shipping Tootoo back to the Preds. Center Cory Emmerton ($533K)is another who could be moved.

I’ve read some Wings fans suggesting their club try to move Mikael Samuelsson ($3 million), Todd Bertuzzi ($2.075 million) or even Johan Franzen. Franzen isn’t going anywhere, while age, salary and no-trade clauses work against finding any takers for Samuelsson and Bertuzzi.

It seems to me Tootoo will be trade bait. I expect he’ll be offered to a team in need of toughness with the cap space to comfortably afford his salary, willing to part with a pick or prospect, as the Wings won’t want to take back salary in return.

If you have any thoughts of where you think Tootoo could end up,please share them in the comments section.


  1. Is Tootoo’s toughness still relevant? His skillset is lacking, which puts his entire worth on his toughness and I don’t see him being that physical force to be reckoned with as he once was.

  2. All I know is the bottom 5 teams with the most cap space are sitting pretty with all these teams sitting over the cap right now and in desperate need of dumping salary on another team. Very few teams have the space to take on salary which pretty much leaves NJD, PHO, COL, BUF, OTT, FLA, and the NYI as salary cap trading partners. Expect some or all of these teams to take on someone else’s salary dump along with a prospect (ala the Franson/Lombardi deal two years ago).

    • Beer – Its interesting to think that the bottom 5 teams could end up taking on a quality player through a salary dump. In my mind, the Sabres need another veteran player to mentor our youth and I have been saying Morrow would fit that bill, but Darcy is a pretty shrewd trader and Buffalo just might benefit from someone’s salary dump.

      Two things Buffalo needs to do – resign Hodgeson and trade Miller. Maybe a good solution would be trade Miller for Hemsky and a draft pick.

      • miller for hemsky? not

        • Oil wouldn’t go for it, or Sabres wouldn’t? Both teams desperately want those players out.

        • I think if I was the Sabers I wouldnt do that (later in the year if Miller is playing well and they pay some of his salary down he will get better assets) and I could kinda see the Oilers not being all that interested in Miller unless it was just for Hemsky (ok we will take Miller but you have to take Hemsky…) so either way not a great deal imo not a great fit either way.

          • As soon as I saw ‘Sabers’ I stopped reading.

      • I was thinking something like Miller for Hemsky and Dubnick. I would think Buffalo would want more then just Hemsky back. Oil would have to get an extension with Miller in place before consummating this trade.

        • No. Why take on Dubnyk when they already have Enroth and Hackett sitting in the weeds?

          It has to be Miller for a draft pick (a high one) and/or prospects.

          • Some people throw the word “desperate” around a little too much and greatly blow out of proportion the need to move guys, just because a team has some depth even if its costly depth, its a good thing to have it dosent mean you give it away or just shuffle the deck for other players. If you are going to do a deal or sign someone for that much money it never makes sense to move a guy just for the sake of moving them, its not hockey cards. Teams have an idea of their needs and generally they use trades to address needs, not just because they need to shed salary (that may be part of it but not the sole reason) or they have a player thats not quite a fit anymore so might as well move him for what ever they can get.

          • Could be Miller for Hemsky and a second rounder UNLESS Miller re-signs with the Oil then it turns to a first rounder?

          • Lol and you thought bringing in Bernier was a shot at Reimer? Dubnyk puts up some pretty decent numbers too then they bring in Miller and give up a first round pick if he resigns? Ouch that there is ego/confidence killer speaking of demanding a trade out of town….

          • Yup, I think the Oil need a proven Vet to right the ship. Dubnik (although good) hasn’t been able to get them in the playoffs and the clock is ticking with all these first rounder’s. Nothing against Dubie but it’s time to get a proven guy to take them to the promise land, the Oil aren’t the Leafs with their mass of talent just waiting to explode ala the Pen’s a few years back. Dubnik could bring back a solid D man maybe.

    • It’s also interesting because I’d say 4 or 5 of the teams you’ve listed are already set up pretty well in roster players as well as youth now add in being in a position of strength when it comes to trades and they have a chance to put them selves in a great position to become contenders.

  3. tootoo would be a great fit in a devils uniform allowing him to sit in the bottom six while deboer is big on olesz and he would fit great in a top six role and nj has cap space to play with and if they come out better than last yr ie make the playoffs then its a great move

  4. Cap may be an issue but still pretty decent at what he does 78 mins in pms in a short season even +/- never really been much of a minus player, third or kinda expensive 4th line guy that can draw some penalties guys hate playing against him and put up 15-20 points I could see a few teams using him problem being their cap. IE Vancouver, could maybe work in Edmonton where their bottom 6 is kinda weak.

  5. Edmonton could use some 3rd line grit so maybe a fit there.

    Was really hoping that Holland would have been backed into a corner where he would have to ‘pay’ to dumo salary in which case my Flames could take on bad contracts and get a good young player for doing so. However kudos to Holland as he is in a position to trade a bit player and if that fails, he can demote vets to the minors (Emmerton, Eaves) which opens up enough cap room to sign Nyquist. Only thing I can see mucking this up is if a team signs Nyquist to an offer sheet that makes it difficult for Detroit to match (say 3.2M per year).

  6. Sounds like the perfect time for someone to throw an offer sheet @ Nyquist.
    I too have to question Tootoo’s effectiveness, yeah he may be a good checking line guy, but @ $1.9M? Even the lower cap teams must realize that’s not a good investment…

  7. I could easily see Tootoo on the 3rd line in Montréal. Perhaps for a mid-level prospect like Louis Leblanc?

    • LeBlanc is worth more than Tootoo

      • Agreed. If Tootoo is traded, GMs will know it’s a necessary salary dump for the Wings – and for a player who is debatably overpaid. Someone would take Tootoo, but I’d guess for a 4th rounder.

        • you may be right, but it’s difficult to understand that a 4th could be moved for him but JML can’t fetch a 7th.

          • When it comes to Leafland logic and common sense don’t exist.

          • Could be because they are not in a hurry to move him and not willing to make a bad snap decision by dumping a guy just for the sake of dumping him its not like JML is Komisarek or Connoly patients might pay off.

          • Salary cap hit is why.

          • Last time I looked we are under the cap, still a couple guys to sign or trade sure but we have 2 months to see how things play out and nearly 5 mill in room.

      • Agreed, Leblanc gets this season to prove he is still a good prospect. Besides, Mtl has Gallagher to play the undersized shift disturber and does not need Tootoo as Gallagher is the better player.

  8. I can’t say he’d end up here but Oilers desperately need some grit and toughness. At $1.9M he is affordable. The Oil also have a stocked farm so there are plenty of prospects to deal. I’ve never been a huge Tootoo fan but I think he’d boost a soft Oiler front corp.

    Cap Geek show’s Oilers with $1.348M of cap space but that is 24 signed players (13 forwards) so Tootoo would be displacing one of those, likely to AHL so lots of room to absorb that salary.

    Just my thoughts…

    • Also could send a guy like Potter or maybe Brown to the Wings to bury along with a 3rd round pick kinda deal should open enough room. I think Tootoo has a little (not much but a little) more offensive upside then Brown but still provides some grit. If Brown went back in the deal and the Oilers burried Potter or vice versa Tootoo is only another few hundred k on the cap. It could work easy enough I supposed if MacT was interested.

    • the oilers dont need tootoo what they do need is someone like they did with perron to teach a winning professional attitude to these young guys good third line player available for the oilers should and hopefully will be a role model to these guys to put in the extra that this league demands to wind i would take a ray whitney or shane doan anytime to mentor these guys then look out

      • Not saying Tootoo is a must have but is probably a decent enough guy to play in your bottom 6 is all and you guys could find away to make it work, Jersey like you suggested would be another. Van (and as someone else suggested that I didnt think of is Pits) is where I could see him being most effective, but there is no way they could afford him I doubt.

  9. I’d make the joke that my hometown Leafs would be dumb enough to take on his salary, but with Dave Nonis at GM, any transaction that makes no sense is entirely possible…… :/

  10. i hope Ray Shero can dump salary and get Jordin Tootoo. we need someone like him. after we lost cooke! would LOVE to see him in a Penguins Uniform!!!! C’mon Shero jump on that!

    • This sounds oddly creepy :-p

    • this probably makes the most sense to me

  11. Bring him to phx

  12. I got a suggestion Mr. Holland… give us Alfie back.

    You signed an older player for 1 season to possibly trade your younger players? Makes no sense to me…

    But you have had success in the past… so maybe I shouldn’t second guess you…

    • Bitter Sens fan! Lol Alfie left on his own terms with a one year, no-trade clause deal. Don’t expect him back in a Sens uniform

  13. Tootoo in a sweater with a caricature of a dog on acid perfect!

  14. Nashville or Phoenix seem like the most plausible destinations for me. Though in all honesty, I don’t think it happens and I think there is even a chance the Wings have to eat some of his salary.

    I also agree, this could be a good time to offer sheet Nyquist. I really like this kid, lots of potential and with virtually no capspace a nice $3.5-$4 (I know it is a big overpayment) could ensure this kid is on your team. He has torn it up in the AHL and hasn’t looked terrible in the NHL. At this point it would be worth it to take away the Wings youth and keep them an aging team.

    • Holland will match whatever anyone offers Goose. He is an unreal player who is developing and maturing into the player that fits in a Red Wing uniform. Also, If you think Nyquist is the only promising prospect in Detroit, you are wrong. Jurco, Sheahan, Ferraro, Tatar, Frk, Sproul, Tvrdon, Mantha, Pulkinnen, Jarnkrok…?

      • I still think they have one of if not the best front office/management teams in the league

  15. Small signing (re-signing), but the Ottawa Senators have re-signed Da Costa to a 1 year, 2-way contract.

    • Depth signing.

  16. Lyle,

    With the structuring of Alfredsson’s contract are the Redwings really that constrained in terms of cap space?

    My understanding of the CBA was that contracts such as Iginla’s and Alfredsson’s were essentially being structured to allow teams to use the “Over-35 Bonus Cushion”:


    “Because Iginla is working on a 35-and-older contract, the Bruins can apply his $4.2 million in incentives toward the bonus cushion. Teams can exceed the $64.3 million cap by 7.5 percent ($4,822,500) by using the bonus cushion.
    Teams are penalized and must carry an overage the following season if they exceed the cushion. The Bruins carried a $1.13 million cap penalty in 2011-12. They exceed the 2010-11 cap by that number, mostly because of performance bonuses due to Mark Recchi.”

    Hence the Wings may in fact have 2 million dollars in bonuses for Alfredsson that they intend to defer to 2014-2015, when potentially the upper limit of the cap will rise.
    Also it is unlikely that Danny DeKeyser would be able to achieve most of the performance bonuses included in his ELC. (I believe these also defer as part of the overage bonus cushion.)
    Assuming that this is their intention they will be extremely tight for cap space this season, but I would suspect that this strategy potentially leaves them with ~3.2 million to get Nyquist and Cleary under contract.

    • While your point about the cap cushion on Alfredsson’s contract is duly noted, reports out of Detroit for weeks have trumpeted the Wings need to both dump salary and free up the logjam at forward. Holland himself has also noted both issues.

  17. With the Oilers looking for third and fourth line grit Tootoo would be a great fit in Edmonton. The Oilers still have Omark toiling between Europe and the NHL. Omark would come relatively cheap on a qualifying offer and has had success playing with Zetterberg during the lockout. Seems like a natural fit to me.

    I’d love to see Ryan Miller come in and settle the goaltending situation down but a lot of people don’t give Dubnyk his credit. He has had to deal with a lot of shots and quality scoring chances having a poor defense in front of him for years. He has some better numbers then some of the better goalies in the league, at this point Dubnyk has yet to play on a team that can give him run support and steady defense.

  18. What about Tootoo to Minnesota? They moved Clutterbuck and Powe… were rumored to be shopping Konopka at the draft. Only thing being that I’m not so sure they’d have cap space for him.

  19. How about Tootoo to the Oilers? Weren’t they thinking of adding some more grit and toughness to their line up? :)

  20. With eyes towards the future but little thinking about the present, the wings additions of an old Swedish war house and a by and large unproven big ticket centre in Weiss may painted them into a corner in regards to Cleary a guy who battled for them for years and now is seeking a nice 3 mil plus career deal.
    I totally understand the logic of getting the younger guys signed, but I cannot believe any team’s strategy is to find a taker on their last mistake acquisition (Tootoo).
    Just think about how the wings had a huge $ surplus with Lindstom’s retirement, and now they have managed to use it all up….have they actually put their Cup fate on the winning track?