Updates on Alfredsson, E. Kane, Langkow & Eller.

Ottawa’s Daniel Alfredsson, Calgary’s Daymond Langkow and Montreal’s Lars Eller look forward to making full recovery from previous injuries and returning to action this coming season, while Evander Kane believes his Jets could be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.


OTTAWA CITIZEN: Martin Cleary recently reported Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson is back on the ice for the first time since his back surgery in June. Alfredsson said it felt good to be back skating again, and hopes to ready in time for training camp next month.


CALGARY HERALD: Vicki Hall recently reported Flames conditioning coach Rich Hesketh has been making house calls this summer to ensure none of the Flames players report to training camp next month either out-of-shape or nursing unreported injuries. One player who has made considerable progress is center Daymond Langkow, who missed all but four games last season recovering from a broken vertebra in his neck. GM Jay Feaster said Langkow will be ready to go when training camp begins.


LA PRESSE: Marc-Antoine Godin recently reported Canadiens forward Lars Eller, who had surgery this summer to repair a dislocated right shoulder, hopes to be ready for the opening of training camp next month.Eller has not only recovered well from the surgery, but has added 15 lbs of muscle to his frame, weighing in at 202 lbs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fans of these respective teams must be pleased to hear these players should be ready to go by training camp. It’ll be interesting to see how well they perform. Alfredsson and Langkow are both aging, and injuries tend to take more of a toll on older players than younger ones like Eller, depending of course on the injury and its severity.


WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen reports Jets forward Evander Kane is not only hoping to score more goals (he netted 19 last season), but also believes his team could be among the top clubs in the Eastern Conference this coming season.

“This team could be a top team in the conference,” he said. “We have the players that are able to do it. And now that we have a new organization and a new philosophy, it’s going to be a good recipe for success.”

“We’ve got a lot of speed, and we’re pretty exciting to watch,” Kane said. “That’s going to be a real surprise for a lot of people, not just Winnipeg fans, who weren’t seeing us on TV every night like some other teams. We get kind of the short end of the stick on our skill level, just because there’s not a lot of household names. We’re an entertaining team.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree with Kane that this team certainly has the offensive skills, and I also believe their goaltending is sound. What killed them last season was their lousy defensive play. If they can tighten that up, the Jets at the very least should be a playoff contender.


  1. Good to hear about Eller as initially he wasn’t even going to make the start of the season. Never-mind tossing on the extra weight. Adding 15 lbs of muscle while recouporating from a dislocated shoulder does sound a bit inflated. Unless he just did leg presses all summer 😛

  2. Here’s hoping Eller takes it to the next level. He is the guy who allegedly reset his own dislocated shoulder while sitting on the bench in game 6. Tells me he is tougher than we give him credit for. 15 pounds of added leg and mid section muscle is not obscene for a guy his age and build.

  3. Eller should have a good season if he has a) recovered, and b) actually put on more muscle. He has a lot of skill, but didnt have the strength to fight through the checking.