Updates on Bobby Ryan & Ryan Malone – August 25, 2014

Ottawa Senators winger Bobby Ryan faces a career crossroads and Ryan Malone could receive a training-camp tryout. 

The Senators will find it expensive to re-sign Bobby Ryan.

The Senators will find it expensive to re-sign Bobby Ryan.

NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien has a brief profile of Ottawa Senators right wing Bobby Ryan, who is eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer. O’Brien believes the 27-year-old could have a big payday coming, either with the Senators or another club via free agency next July. Ryan’s current annual cap hit is $5.1 million and O’Brien believes it’s a good idea for the Senators to evaluate his performance this season before offering him a significant raise. As Ryan will be in line for a substantial new deal anyway, O’Brien suggests it’s worthwhile determining if he’ll be a good fit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ryan could be the best available player in next summer’s free-agent market. He could command upwards of $8 million per season on a seven-year deal. It remains to be seen if the Senators are willing to pony up the big bucks necessary to retain him.

Starting this season the Senators will be getting more revenue from both a new TV deal with TSN (believed worth at least $33 million annually over the next ten years) and their share of the NHL’s new Canadian TV deal with Sportsnet. There’s no guarantee, however,  Senators owner Eugene Melnyk will put most or all of that money towards payroll. He could instead use it to address other issues for the club, such as a much-needed renovation of their arena.

If Melnyk is willing to pay Ryan’s asking price, it’s then up to the winger to decide if his future is with the Senators. If he doesn’t, there’s no amount the Senators can offer which will keep him in Ottawa. For those of you who doubt Ryan would sign elsewhere for less money, remember that other players have done so. Daniel Briere was a notable example, rejecting a bigger offer from the Montreal Canadiens to sign with the Philadelphia Flyers.

For Senators fans who believe I’m disparaging your club, it doesn’t matter to me where Ryan signs, so don’t take this personally. I’m merely pointing out that it’s not a certainty. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo recently reported former Tampa Bay Lightning winger Ryan Malone looked good at a recent pre-training camp skate run by Octagon. With Malone’s legal issues in Tampa Bay now behind him, Russo believes an NHL club could sign him (the NY Rangers reportedly had interest) or he receives a training-camp tryout.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In a recent Soapbox I included Malone on a list of NHL free agents who are facing the end of their playing careers. It could take a training-camp tryout for Malone to secure a one-year deal with an NHL team this season. His legal issues aside, the 34-year-old Malone has a lengthy injury history which could dampen his value. 


  1. Bugsy needs to come back to Pitt … exactly what the Pens need, provided he has his demons in check.

    • And play where? The Pens need to get rid of some useless players as it is (Adams, Scuderi maybe Dupuis if he lost his speed from the injury last year.) Guys like Adam Payerl and JS Dea and Megna deserve real chances to earn real roster spots, those are guys with offensive upside but can still play a role on the bottom 6 lines. I’d even rather see Kapanen make the team and play with Crosby and Kunitz than bring back a washed up guy from the past. They should at least have learned that from the Scuderi deal, that sometimes the past needs to stay in the past.

      • Ditto. As much as I like Adams, I absolutely would love to see Payerl fit into the club somewhere this season.

      • Play where? Do you watch hockey? 3rd or 4th line … he brings size, toughness & grit … those bums you mentioned would be good for sharpening blades between periods …

  2. lol maybe Malone in Nashville, he can..errr be on a line with Ribeiro and can take each other to meetings. :-p

    • Nice.

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  4. I think Ryan is going to test the market no matter how much money the Sens throw at him; take the money or maybe go where he can win a Cup. Like maybe back to Anaheim?

    I have no interest in making idiotic remarks anyone’s personal issues. Hope Malone gets a shot and makes the most of it. We are all far from perfect.

  5. Malone fits everything the NY Rangers need. They are not as far off as people believe.

    Ryan himself I believe will also end up in NY next season they have a couple of big contracts coming off the board.