Updates on Bryzgalov and the Maple Leafs – August 6, 2013.

Ilya Bryzgalov “50-50″ on where he’ll play this season, and an update on the Maple Leafs buyout window.

Where will Ilya Brygalov play this coming season?

Where will Ilya Brygalov play this coming season?

KUKLA’S KORNER: cited an interview Ilya Bryzgalov with a Russian site in which he claims to be torn about playing in the KHL or returning to the NHL.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Bryzgalov is willing to wait, he could land with an NHL team either during next month’s training camp/preseason period, or in the early weeks of this coming season, as teams with questionable goaltending evaluate their netminders. Otherwise, he’ll have little choice but to either sign with a KHL team or elsewhere in Europe.

The TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS post-arbitration buyout period of August 2-4 has passed without the club exercising that option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I was waiting for this to be reported via any of the media outlets which cover the Leafs but I guess their hockey folks are on vacation.  It was speculated the Leafs would use that option to buy out the remainder of John-Michael Liles contract, but nothing came of it. They must still re-sign Cody Franson and Nazem Kadri, though I daresay trade rumors about the former could carry on throughout the rest of the off-season. As for Liles, unless the Leafs are willing to pick up part of his salary , I doubt they’ll find many taker for his services. 


  1. i’m sure Nonis came here and read the critcism about buying JML out and decided against it. Or.. he has an offseason plan. Unfortunately, it’s looking more and more like a Frason deal. I’m sure the return will be high.. but that means retaining the services of JML who isn’t used by Carlyle. I bet Nonis has a deal for JML.

  2. Good Bye Bryz. And I thought Cechmanek was a blight on the Flyers.

  3. I can only hope Nonis has a tentative deal for Liles. All week long I have had him being bought out, but alas it did not happen. Would hate to lose Franson (or anyone else) due to hanging on to Liles.

    References have been made to demoting lower salaried players on previous posts to make room for Liles. While that may save dollars, doesn’t the team still need to have 23 players on the roster at all times? Are you able to clarify this option for us, how it would work?


    • Couldn’t Nonis Redden Liles to the Marlies for cap relief?

      • the max relief they can get from demoting a player (new CBA or the “Redden” rule) is minimum salary ($900k) plus $375k.. so $1.275M.

        • minimum salary is $550k + the $375k is $925k, the max that can be buried in the minors this season.

    • No, they have to have a minimum of 20 players on the roster. 18 skaters and 2 goalies. The Leafs, if they want can carry 21 guys.

      • They can carry up to 23 players but must have 20. Saw an article stating with the farm team so close they may go with 20 and a call up is very close.

        I’m still not sure what plan Nonis has but they don’t seem to be too worried. Nothing in the media from Kadri, Franson and Nonis expects all to be fine. Still lots of options.

  4. Just a thought but any team that might have been interested in liles could have wanted to wait till after the buy out window closed to make a call incase the leafs were close to buying him out. If you can get him for free on a cheaper contract might as well try.

    • good point. logically, that’s what I’d do too.

  5. Only one solution trade Dion .

    • Yeah, and which team can afford or want Phaneuf?

    • yah, rumor has it that they shopped Dion already and nobody wants him at $6.5M.

      • Willing to listen to offers and “shopping him” are 2 different things, Bill Waters is the only person who ever suggested they were shopping him (also the president of the Dion haters of Canada Club) and a much much more reputable source in LaBrun suggested they might be willing to entertain offers, this is along way from no one wanted him at 6.5 million dollars Im sure if someone offered something substantial there may be more talk but Im pretty sure Dave just isnt going to give away his captain and ice time leader dosent mean no one wanted Phaneuf… jeesh

        • Dion’s been offered by Nonis to the Oil, Rangers, and plenty of others – while the rest of the teams simply received feeler calls. Dreger said this, and others. It’s no secret – TML are the only ones who value the hulk at $6.5M.

          • Show me a link

          • And by lnk I mean one that shows Dregger saying the Leafs offered Phaneuf to the rangers and plenty of others…. Watters was the one talking about the oilers, Dregger said the same as Labrun.

          • can’t give you one, bud. it was on TV (a TSN panel) a week before they signed Clarkson. They were talking about a potential deal with COL and Duschene (Leafs needing a top C). Dreger was asked about whether or not Phaneuf would be involved (due to rumors) and he said that it was “unlikely” as Nonis has shopped him “around the league” with no bites. He heard direct offers to Oilers and Rangers, and a few others.

          • Funny no link stating Phaneuf was offered to the Rangers…2 of the biggest teams in the league I think there would be some mention of that somewhere…I can find all kinds of links where Labrun and Dreger say the same thing twitter TSN all over the place but not one mention of the biggest hockey insider mentioning any thing like The Leafs offered Phaneuf to the Rangers amd several other teams…just seems odd to me you know how everything gets mentioned and makes headlines about the leafs accept this one time

          • oh wow, this must mean Dion hasn’t been shopped around the league because one source of media (the Internet) doesn’t cover dreger saying it.. I guess I shouldn’t believe everything on TV.

            or… just like a lot of deals, it’s simply not on the Internet before the deal actually happens. also, because I trust what I saw (I typically watch/listen to Dreger), I didn’t feel compelled to do your work for you and do a google search. below is just some fast links to speak to the ‘smoke’.







            I think this statement says it all – without forcing Nonis to say it – “While Nonis is said to be seeking a top-four defenceman, he reportedly is willing to deal Phaneuf if the price is right. To date, Nonis apparently has not received any calls for the veteran blueliner as of yet, but that could easily change in the coming days.”

          • All of that is what I said about Waters and the Oilers and none of that including the Ranger thing is what you said about Dreger saying The Leafs were turned down for Phaneuf and by the Rangers and several other teams.. the article has not one mention of offers or that they made an offer or anything of the sort its a Ranger blogger just writting a blog about the Rangers need for a defenceman. We see guys on here saying things like the leafs should get Weber, it dosent make it a rumor or mean Weber is being shopped. Listening to offers doesn’t mean shopping a guy and if Dion was being shopped you would hear about it in a little more detail Im sure. Bernier was shopped Hemski is being shopped guys at the trade deadline shopped Iginla Morrow Clowe etc, you know they are leaving so they are being shopped listening to offers on a guy you may or may not move is not the same thing.

          • sigh… I very much get fatigued of repeating myself. but here goes..

            “..and none of that including the Ranger thing is what you said about Dreger saying”

            I know, right? Maybe when I said that I don’t have a link that says exactly that, I wasn’t kidding. I don’t have a link that says what Dreger said on TV. So you’re not going to get a link that says exactly that. What I gave you were links that speak to the topic of what Dreger said on TV. Internet is always right you know. Bobby Ryan was also going to Philly, never Ottawa. Bobby Lu was supposed to be traded, and then not, and then traded once again.

            I know you have a man-love crush on the guy, and who’s to blame you, but the reality is Phanuef has been shopped and everyone said no thanks. Will he be shopped some more? You bet. Will teams consistently say no? Nobody knows. My guess is that someone has to be hurting badly before they take on that contract/player combo. This doesn’t suggest that it’s unjustified to have your mancrush on him… it just means that he isn’t worth $6.5M in cap space to all teams.

        • right..so that means nobody wanted him at 6.5 plus what Nonis wanted…or the trade would have happened.

          I think they can get an ok return, but I think after watching Phaneuf in Calgary regress, and then be traded, plus his play with the Leafs..he is is overrated for the money.

          He is nowhere close to a Suter or Weber in all around skill, or Chara for that matter. To me they are true #1’s. Dion is more of a #2…and that is toomuch for a number 2.

          • But thats not shopping Phaneuf….Hemsky is being “shopped” being shopped and listening if some one wants to make an offer are 2 different things if Dion does not have an extension by the deadline Im sure he will be shopped but as of right no I doubt it.

          • I wonder if people like you, waters, BG and other know it alls, if dion is over rated then what do you call jaybo? FYI to all the anti-dion peeps, the guy played against the very best players more than anyone else in the league and still finished top 15(?) in points for defensemen last season. What more do you want? You know he doesn’t make the most in the league and sucks? Learn to spot what is a good hockey player and what isn’t. If the leafs trade dion, which is down right dumb at this point without having something like him to takeover.

          • i would say that’s shopping, but still I agree with you – rumors are just rumors and nothing is for certain until it’s a done deal.
            personally, i think it’s crazy – I love the way Phanono plays, he’s probably my favourite Leafs to watch… even though he can be brutal without the puck in his own end.

        • @ Rob No its not man crush just more just tiered of people talking out their ass… Pretty sure everyone heard about Roberto being shopped for the past year or so, aswell as the constant rumors of Ryan thats what Im getting at you generally know when a guy is being shopped there have been a couple times so far when people in the media have said the leafs would listen to offers which is far from a constant barrage such as Luongo and others that I pointed out and along way from he was shopped to the Rangers and many teams and they all turned him down.

          Personally I think Dion is a big part of our team if you look at his stats and ice time I think Randy and the gang do too. Dosent mean that I think under no circumstances should Dion be traded but I do think that if he was to go I hope we have someone who is capable of putting up big minutes to replace him and if you look at the D corps as it stands we are a very long way from having anyone to replace Phaneuf

    • Not the only option we have, but the biggest chance to drop salary and to re-sign Franson and Kadri, is trading Kulemin for a 2nd round draft pick. With that done, we’re capped out with only 22 players signed.

      • Again Kuli is worth more then a second round pick. Not saying he is getting a high first round pick but Im pretty sure you could get a decent prospect or a combination of somekind of a prospect and a third etc, or (bg will like this outside the box thinking) what if you packaged Kuli and Franson for a first round pick or a pretty good high end prospect like Strome (just as an example) or someone like that. With the cap room it would create you could pretty much give long term deals to both Phil and Dion plus set you up to make the team better in the future, not that I am saying this is what Id do just saying there are a tonne of possibilities yet

        • the words Phaneuf and Long Term scare me.

        • I have to agree with Schticky, Kulemin has one of the best 2-way games in T.O. trading him for so little (if at all) would be foolish.
          Especially if it was only to bring down the cap.
          Worst case scenario is that Nonis would have to demote Fraser, McClement, and Gardiner. Assuming Colborne is centre on the 4th line Nonis would have to call up a misc forward (Leivo or Ryan) and maybe Blacker plus insert Liles into the lineup.
          Not the best move, but an option to avoid going over the cap.

        • I wouldn’t pay that much for Kuli.

          • No chance the Leafs get anything of real significance for Kulemin. (1st rounder or can’t miss prospect)

            Don’t get me wrong, I like him as a player but let’s be realistic. A 2nd rounder and a mid-level prospect is a likely return. He’s shown some offensive upside in the past which some teams could covet and of course, has an excellent two way game.

            When you look at some of the trades in recent history, for example Setoguchi/Kennedy fetching 2nd rounders – I think it’s safe to say Kulemin would net a similar return.

            I noticed in a previous post someone mentioned Franson & Kuli for Strome. – If the roles were reversed and you had a guy like Strome he’d be UNTOUCHABLE – Especially if an offer like that was presented. There’s just no way.

            That’s just my two cents… I’ve been wrong before but I really don’t foresee the Leafs getting much more than that for Kulemin.

          • @Rickler was just using Strome as an example probably true about him being untouchable but you never know what Im getting at all I was getting at was there are far more moves available then trade liles or kuli or dion you may be able to package some pretty good players together and actually get some kind of return for them that sets the team up better in the future as opposed to just dumping guys for cap space. As far as Kuli goes its pretty much what I was saying some kind of prospect and a 3rd imo is better then a second round pick.

        • Shticky says:
          “Again Kuli is worth more then a second round pick. Im pretty sure you could get a decent prospect or a combination of somekind of a prospect and a third.”

          Again, Kuli is not worth a second rounder or more. He is worth a third round pick and that is all teams will offer.

          • “I noticed in a previous post someone mentioned Franson & Kuli for Strome. – If the roles were reversed and you had a guy like Strome he’d be UNTOUCHABLE – Especially if an offer like that was presented. There’s just no way.”

            Hahaha, I know I had a good laugh while reading that one with my morning coffee. I knew it just had to be a Leaf fan dreaming again. :)

          • Oh must be true if you say….lol not even wasting my time with this clown

        • Why would I like that trade. Your outside the box trades are awful. Loose Franson and gain Dion long term. blah.

          • LOL!

    • Even if we could trade Dion, it would have to be for a player that is making $4M, so that we can re-sign Kadri and Franson comfortably. But those $4M players, are not easily tradeable, as this being a cap pinched year, it not worth it today.

  6. As I understand it, both Franson and Kadri are RFA’s which means Nonis has all of the off season, and up until Dec 1 2013 to resign them, anything can happen up until then.
    Suffice to say that the only safe D-men in Toronto are Gunnarson and Fraser (just typing that made me chuckle)

    • Reading it kind of hurts me a little inside

    • Gardiner is more safe than Gunnarsson and Fraser.

      • Talent wise, yes, but from a business-politics stand point I would say “no”.
        Gunnarson and Fraser’s contracts are a Nonis venture. For him to trade them would be like admitting to ownership that they were not fair or worthwhile.

    • solid point. TML have until end of this calendar year.

      • I thought Dec 1 (not 31st) was the deadline for RFA’s? Can someone clarify? I may be wrong…

        • sorry… meant Dec 1, you’re right.

  7. “LeafsAdvocate says:
    August 6, 2013 at 3:44 pm
    Not the only option we have, but the biggest chance to drop salary and to re-sign Franson and Kadri, is trading Kulemin for a 2nd round draft pick. With that done, we’re capped out with only 22 players signed.”

    Good luck with the 2nd rounder for an underachiever in Kulemin, probably more accuratetly worth a 3rd.

    • probably one of the least likely players you’ll score on is Kulemin. how exactly are you measuring him to suggest him being an underachiever?

    • You obviously don’t know who Kulemin is, besides seeing pictures or hearing his name. He is a great 2 way forward, who has a low cap hit and does more with the plays, than he does scoring. Many people, including yourself, don’t know the meaning of importance of a 2 way game. People like you, only see the scoring stats.

  8. Makes me laugh listening to all this trade talk… Trade Kuli, no keep him and get rid of Dion, wait a minute Dion is the best keep him and trade franson… no, no I don’t want to loose him, trade Liles… Doh… no one wants him, Damn, trade all 4 and get cap relief.. no no we need 20 players

    Bottom line is Nonis got himself into this mess of having to either trade Kuli, Franson or Dion (most likely). If Nonis managed his cap properly none of these players would need to be traded but now he has no choice. Nonis will not be dealing from a position of strength.

    • Funny thing about managing the cap properly is that includes managing the previous GM’s errors. Bottom line is Kadri has zero leverage. No arbitration rights and a relatively small sample of productive play. Franson has a bit of leverage being that The Leafs defense has a lot of question marks. Sure there’s some talent coming up the ranks but it takes longer for good defense to develop than forwards.

      Nonis worked on what he believed we’re his priorities to improve the team. I would prefer to keep Franson but if he wants a big raise and a long term deal I wouldn’t give it to him even without cap constraints. He needs to prove last season wasn’t a fluke and that he’ll still continue to develop. Otherwise, you increase the chance of yet another bad contract to manage.

      Lot’s of time for Nonis to figure this out.

      • Either way the minimum it will cost for those two is $6M even if you feel they have little to no leverage. Nonis only has about $4.5M in space. Yes he can demote a cheap salary but that will leave the team light on players during an injury prone season. When I say Nonis isn’t dealing from a position of strength I meant with other GM’s and did not mean with his RFA’s.

        If you mean Nonis improved the team by signing Bozak to $4.25M and will most likely lose Franson in the process due to cap constraints then I would politely disagree that he improved the team. Others will disagree I’m sure.

        • Nothing wrong with disagreeing. I’m luke warm on Bozak. His signing is more about no other solution available in the 1st line role and keeping Kessel happy as the Leafs will no doubt look to extend him. For improvements, I was referring more to Bernier, Bolland and Clarkson. Losing Franson hasn’t happened …..yet. Hope he signs and proves his worth to the club. I like the player and think a full season with Gardiner could be fun to watch.

          I agree that Nonis has no leverage with other GM’s and wasn’t suggesting otherwise. Just pointing out that both Kadri and Franson need to be realistic in the short term. If they feel they must make their money and long term contract now then cap constraints aside they will be traded. Next season Phaneuf’s 6.5 is off the books and the cap should theoretically increase giving Nonis more dollars to work with.

          To your point, trades are extremely difficult to make this season with the cap reducing. The funny thing is, as the cap increases this whole mess will continue to repeat itself as these stupid owners continue to hand out ridiculous contracts. Not blaming one team or another in particular. They all have a hand in this.

  9. Nonis will wait until November or sooner for Bernier to supplant Reimer as his starter, then trade Reimer and Franson to Philly for Couturier, Emery, and Gustafsson. Or something like that.

  10. I wonder what the leafs would think about taking on a bad 2 – 2.2 million contract in exchange for Liles, there are several teams out there that need a good PMD.
    There are teams with self imposed caps who have a couple of bad contracts, Take on at 2mil bury 900K of that in the minors and sign up Franson and Kadri

    • I cant really wrap my head around the whole shed salary to sign more bad contracts or trade a bad contract (Liles) but decent enough player for a cheaper bad contract to enable another bad contract to be signed, if Franson wants anywhere near what is speculated he wants which is a long term deal for around 4. I cant see the logic of getting rid of 1 bad contract and picking up 2.
      Its funny to see everyone speculate why there haven’t been moves made to make room to sign these guys…ie no one wants Liles they will have to trade Kuli etc, maybe just maybe The Leafs know that what Franson is asking for is ridiculous and didnt want to buy out Liles or trade Kuli or others until they are sure they dont have to trade Franson, as good as a year that he had he was 7th in the regulars on D only Fraser had less of 5on 5 ice time his minutes even towards the end of the year were a big part of his pp time as were most his stats Come closer to camp or early in the year as some others have said he will sign a reasonable deal or will be dealt I doubt its as much a cap crunch and Liles must go scenario as every one thinks… trade Franson bring up one of the young cheap Marlie D sign kadri for 3mill and your done just over a mill for wiggle room.

      • I agree. They have all the facts and we “arm chair” GM’s don’t but we’ll debate it all the same. 😛

        I’m saying the same about Franson. Sure I would prefer to re-sign him and see if he builds off last (shortened) season but the leafs need to see more proof before handing out what could be another Liles type contract.

        Nonis has time on these deals and I still believe a lot of what’s read in the media is posturing. If there is any truth that Franson wants 4 million he will be traded.

        We’ll see what happens all the same…

  11. I think brys is taking the blame for a bad philly team sure the locker room antics were stupid but if they would have won a cup then u know what he would have been another billy smith for gosh sakes dryden was even rumored a bit strange leave goalies alone if i was getting shot at over a hundred miles and hour by hard rubber theres something wrong with u to start

  12. Bryz will get a job before Thomas