Updates on Doan and Luongo – July 24, 2012.

The long Rick Nash trade watch is over, but Shane Doan’s free agency situation and Roberto Luongo’s trade status carries on.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Shane Doan still hasn’t received any clarification from the Jamison group as to their attempt to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes, leading to Doan’s respective visits to the NY Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers, while his agent now waits for his client to submit a list of teams he’d be willing to sign with as a free agent.

Could Rangers addition of Nash convince Doan to don a Blueshirt?

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Andrew Gross reports NY Rangers GM Glen Sather wouldn’t comment about Doan or his recent meeting with Rangers management, but added the addition of Rick Nash doesn’t eliminate the opportunity to pursue another player at this point.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The addition of Nash leaves the Rangers with over $13 million in available cap space invested in 20 players, with only Michael Del Zotto and Anton Stralman as their only notable free agents (both restricted). They have more than enough cap space to sign Doan to a multi-year deal, and the addition of Nash yesterday could make the Blueshirts very attractive to Doan if he decides to move on from the Phoenix Coyotes. 

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis recently commented on Shane Doan and Roberto Luongo, claiming his team was still in the hunt for Doan, while there was nothing new to report on Luongo, though he hopes the trade market might pick up in mid-August.


  1. Looks like Gillis is going to end up in the same boat as the Blue Jackets. He has already seen what the trade market is for Luongo and it isn’t going to get any better as we saw with Nash. Always take your first reasonable offer because it will only get worse from there.

  2. How can a team like the Rangers have so much skill and still have 13 million to spend to make it better. Sather is a wiz at getting players for nothing. Why can’t the Habs do this kinda stuff o of course we have Gomez for 7 million that’s why

    • Gomez @ $7M cap hit, courtesy of Sather of course. Not to mention Wade Redden’s $6.5M cap hit sitting in Hartford for another two seasons.
      For all of New York’s talent, there are only 4 players with a cap hit greater than $6.6M. A bulk of their supporting cast are younger up-and-coming players who carry affordable cap numbers for the time being.
      It will be interesting to see how long Sather will be able to keep this team competitive for. After the 2014 season, he’ll have 12 players due for new contracts including Gaborik ($7.5M), Lundqvist ($6.875M), Callahan ($4.275M), Girardi ($3.325M) amidst others. Re-upping Del Zotto and Stralman will eat marginally into the roughly $13M remaining cap space New York has (figuring Del Zotto around $3.25M and Stralman at $1.25M) but that still leaves room to potentially add a Shane Doan, Jason Arnott or Petr Sykora to the fold. The Rangers’ window of opportunity is open for the next couple of seasons and if they’re serious about being a Cup contender, I would have to think they need to add some depth with another bottom 6 forward and a #5-7 defenseman.

      • great analysis. Totally agree, and I think Gabby’s gone after this deal is up.

    • Montreal also has the tax issue. We have to pay out more cash to each player so that they take home what their worth. It adds up an cuts into our extra money.

      • The habs can add extras to deals though, like bell ads, selling a percentage of player apparel, plus in the memorabiliaworld Canadiens gear fetches higher (if not highest) of prices. Theres more ways to make money, but the team must remain competitive

    • Gabby has two more years and he will be replaced fully by Kreider. Of course Kreider will eventually get a bump and a hefty one, as he should..

      But back to the sentiment of the query, the Blueshirts are young, and only getting younger. The pieces they add are the same that any other franchise has the opportunity to add, yet they choose not to.

      Sather, is making himself out to be a genius, but the greater genius is Gordie Clark, their chief of scouting. The man knows talent, and has rebuilt the Rangers system, and Slats has complete faith in his final word.

      We will build, and lose players for years to come, and it will hurt each time as it must have for teams like the Red Wings who have had players they have had come and go, but we will have the system to replace those whom have left.

      The Rangers are to be feared. For a long time.

  3. Pens really need Doan and/or Semin. Like really badly. I was trying to think of a Bobby Ryan trade, and based of the Nash deal, this is what I came up with:

    Bennett, Kennedy, Bortuzzo, Jeffery, and a 1st for Ryan and a depth player

    Ducks get 2 NHLers in TK and Jeffery, a NHL ready prospect in Bortuzzo, our top winger prospect and a California native in Bennett and a 1st. The only issue with this is that Shero said a few weeks ago that he wouldn’t trade Bennett for anything. Maybe replace Bennett with Kuhnhackl, but that really lowers the trade leverage.

    • That would make Murray as dumb as Howson.
      Try again.

      • I was going off the Nash deal. Since Nash and Ryan have similar trade values, I was trying to make a trade like yesterday’s

        • I think Ryan’s value is much higher than Nash.
          A) Lack of a NTC for Ryan, he can be sent anywhere.
          B) Lower AAV for Ryan, less prohibitive for teams to take on.
          C) Age, Ryan is 3 years younger than Nash.
          D) For what it’s worth, Ryan has some NHL playoff experience with relative individual success (11 Pts in 19 GP). Nash has zeroes across the board in that respect. This is absolutely a product of playing in Columbus his entire career, but it holds merit for some people and was worth mentioning as a point against Nash.

          • No, Nash had 3 points in 4 playoff games. It is hard, because they have similar trade values. Nash’s value was heightened by:

            1. Captain of a team for 5+ years
            2. Former Richard trophy winner
            3. More points on a worse team, and more points that Ryan since he came into the league
            4. More success on the world stage
            5. I know I said this, Nash gets roughly 65-70 points while playing along Brassard and Umberger. Ryan gets about 60 points a season while playing along Getzlaf and Perry.

            Nash is the better player, hands down. Value is about even though. Salary length isn’t an issue, because he will produce throughout that deal.

          • I stand corrected then Jose, I forgot about the one playoff sweep at the hands of Detroit that Nash participated in.

            Still, all those things considered don’t cancel out a NTC in a contract.
            Essentially it was far fewer given 1) Howson’s reluctance to trade Nash to a division rival in Detroit, 2) Boston/SJ both claimed to have no interest given Howson’s starting valuation, and 3) Philly pretty much taking themselves out of the race by making the offer sheet to Shea Weber.
            When you limit your GM to six teams (in reality two), the player to be traded will never get market value in a swap. Ever. This is why Ryan has/had more trade value than Rick Nash.

  4. As fans we certainly get spoiled with our high level teams! Jose saying the Pens NEED Doan seems so entitled….do you know how many teams do NOT HAVE TWO players CLOSE to the skill level of Malkin and Syd?
    That’s not even mentioning the two up & coming wingers.

    So many of the mid and bottom level teams have no guys close to their abilities and you NEED Doan?

    We all WANT Doan for our favorite NHL clubs,but let’s face the fact that his departure puts the Coyotes in a drop down similar to the Predators…

    and GM’s gone wild still continues!

    • We aren’t going to win the cup without someone like Doan, because in all honesty, Crosby doesn’t know how to lead a team to the cup. I’ve said this since they won that cup, Billy G was the leader in that locker room, not Crosby. We have not had someone like Billy G since he retired. Look at the results. 2 1st round playoff exits. When we had Guerin, we won the cup once and lost to a hot goalie in the semi-final. Not to mention that we need a winger for the top-6.

      A lot of teams need Doan. Every team’s goal is to win the cup. Doan makes those chances a whole lot better. The team that needs him the most is definitely the Yotes. However, teams like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Sharks and Wings need him as well to get them to the next level.

    • What up coming wingers? The pens have ZERO up coming wingers in it’s system. The cabinet is bare except a couple bookmark players with a tag on them that says “insert real NHL player here “.

      • Beau Bennett (8.0 D) and Tangradi (7.0 B) are the big ones, but I agree, that is slim. We could really use a young winger like Bobby Ryan. The one flaw with that is Bennett would most likely be included in a deal for Ryan

        • Once again, players that have tags on them that say “insert real NHL player here. Tangradi is a yo-yo that will never stick and Bennett is a underachever at the college level. Really is the NHL lesser of a challenge then college?

    • While I really like Doan, I would rather the Sabres not get into the Derby and pay the $7MM a year for him (rumor has it). I would rather trade a couple of our players – like Stafford and Weber or Sekera for someone like Pavelski. Sharks need a RW, or trade Vannek, Stafford and Pardy for Pavelski and Clowe. If the Sabres need a veteran presence – then sign Arnott, he isn’t gonna break the bank.

  5. im so boggled at how the rangers have that much space… really shows how much of a hinderance komisarek, lombardi, connolly and maybe 1-2 mill of phaneufs contract is hurting. Not saying we would have gotten any of the big names this offseason but it would have been nice to at least have the option

  6. Anyone forget that Anaheim is seeking a center for Ryan? That leaves Boston. Name other teams with top 6 centers to spare. NJ could theoretically trade Zajac (with Elias playing second line center again) and still be fine. Pittsburgh HAD Jordan Staal. Vancouver HAD Hodgson.

    Buffalo? Well…

    Chances are: Ryan doesn’t move.

    • I;m starting to lean in that direction, but the value of Ryan and the negotiating power of the Ducks just dropped dramatically because of the Nash deal. Howson undersold Nash, which will lead to the Ducks GM underselling Ryan. Not because he chooses, but because that is what his market value is. I mean, Pens do have Dustin Jeffery, he could be a potential 2nd line center, and they have Kennedy, who was a center up until he made the NHL. But I agree, top-6 centers aren’t exactly very common. He is most likely going to be undersold or stay in Anaheim.

      • The difference is that Anaheim isn’t desperate and does not need to move Ryan if they don’t want to. Regardless of what Howson said, Nash HAD to go.

        I would also argue that the negotiating power of the Ducks increased due to the Nash trade. You now have 5+ teams that missed out on Nash (not to mention Parise). If you want a big time top 6 winger, Ryan is far and away the best and most available option, and really the only option that the media believes is truly available.

    • Actually the pens are thick in centers. Most people forget Pittsburgh uses centers as wings in it’s system. Jeffery, Vitale, Adams, and Kennedy are all centers.

      • Maybe TK could be used as a 2nd line center, so maybe a Ryan deal could happen. I still bet that he won’t be moved though

    • I think the B’s have a chance to get Ryan. A strong power foward with size fits well with the B’s. They have assets to give. Considering the Nash trade a Kreiji and propect like Krueg on D should do. Plugging holes in Anahiem at center and D wich they need. And the B’s would have room in the cap is Kreiji goes.

  7. It also leaves the caps as an option, with backstom, ribeiro, laich and johansson

  8. The ducks also have a larger market to work with regarding Ryan seeing as he’s has no control over where he would go.

  9. Clearly I’m not Doan’s agent but I think washington could use him as much as anybody.

  10. The Wings could offer something like Filppula, Nyquist and a 1st for Ryan. Filppula would be an excellent #2 centre behind Getzlaf. However, I would think that Holland would be saving those bullets to acquire a top pair dman such as Yandle from Phoenix. They could also use a centre like Filppula in their line-up. I am not sure Ryan will be moved. I could see Philly being aggressive pursuing Ryan if Poile matches the Weber offer sheet. Ryan’s price will be higher than Nash because he lacks a no trade clause. Barstool Bob Murray can trade him to any team he wants. As for the Nash trade, this has to make the Rangers the early Cup favourites doesn’t it? I don’t see any weakness in that line-up! However, being the Cup favourite brings alot of pressure to a team. It will be interesting to see how the Rangers handle it.

  11. Steve, always enjoy your interesting perspective on possible trades between Buffalo and San Jose. I’m sure Doug Wilson is still looking to do something to add leadership and skill to the Sharks, and maybe a trade will happen between the two teams if he doesn’t land Doan. While he might get roasted for giving Doan an extra year or two, Doan would certainly add a significant presence for two years, which is really the window of opportunity the Sharks have realistically with their core aging. I just hope Thorton would move over gracefully to let Doan have the “C”.

  12. Tyler Kennedy a 2nd line centre? Your dreaming, he is no better than a third line centre with minimal PP and PK abilities. Anaheim needs a 2nd line centre or at least a guy who can play wing on that line. Pittsburgh does not have what Murray needs. It is suggested the pens chase Doan but the same thing is going to happen to the pens(as will happen to the rangers) and that is what happened to the blackhawks. To many high priced first liners and 1st pairing d-men and so must move all their 2nd and 3rd line guys just to get under the cap. You can also be guaranteed the new CBA will throw some curveballs into the fray as well. Pittsburgh should be trying to upgrade their goaltending. Fleury has had his good days but IMO he is on the downslide of his career and he proved it in the playoffs. He may rebound but I believe the pens will be trading for a goalie in the new year.
    As for Doan I like millions of others are wondering what its going to take for him to see the writing on the wall. Even if the Jamison group does take over how long will it be before they fail. The Coyotes will eventually end up in Quebec City and we all know Doans feeling on that issue. Being loyal to your team is fine and dandy but do you really need the agrivation in your hockey playing twilight years. Would it be the end of the world moving and making say 7 mil per for a measly 3 years? Get a grip and sign somewhere already, geesh.

    • Kennedy is definitely 2nd line center material. He’s proved it with his scoring, physical play, and defensive ability. He doesn’t get the chance to show that in Pitt, being overshadowed by Crosby, Malkin, and Staal in recent years. But if you remember when Sid and Geno were out with injuries, TK put on a show and gave every team hell. I like TK, and I think he’d be a good fit anywhere.
      As far as Fleury, he had one of his best seasons last year. The playoffs could be blamed entirely on a pathetic defensive attempt and too many emotions. When your top players have the tempers of Letang, Crosby, and Malkin, you’re gonna have a bad time playing a rival in the playoffs. This is definitely a reason that the Pens are in on Doan. Also, in regards to the goaltending situation in Pitt, remember they did sign Vokoun, and I believe that was to alleviate the pressure from Fleury who was exhausted (see Kiprussof Syndrome) and to give him a reason to fight and prove himself.

    • Pens have Tomas Vokoun. I can’t take your argument seriously if you really think goaltending is an issue right now. We have 2 starters now. And you saying that Doan should hurry up and decide weakens your argument even more. Let’s look at TK’s stats over the last 3 seasons:

      204 GP/45 G/58 A/103 PTS/+21/8 PPG/604 SOG

      7 of those 8 came in 2010-2011, because last year he literally had no PP time. When given the opportunity, he has produced. The PP combo of Neal-Malkin-Kunitz-Letang-Sully got pretty much 3/4 of the PP time last year. Everyone else, which was usually Cooke-Staal-Dupuis-Niskanen-Martin. That is why they totaled a total of 9 PP goals between them, while the other had 45 PP goals.

      When given the opportunity, Kennedy can be a solid 50-point player that has some time on the PK and a decent producer on the 2nd PP. He had 14 PPP in 2011, while averaging about 1:30 on the PP a game. Last season, he had 3 points while averaging about :30 on the PP. He would be a better fit as a 3rd line player, but him being on the 2nd line isn’t out of the question.

      Also, if the Pens were to trade for Ryan, I can assure you that Dustin Jeffery would be included. He has amazing offensive instincts. He had averaged well over 1 PPG in the AHL, but when you have Malkin and Crosby as your offensive centers, you won’t be getting much playing time unless there are injuries. He is in the same boat as Tangradi, they should be on the top-2 lines and play an offensive style, but the only time they get a chance to play was when there were injuries and they filled in on the 4th line. Grinding it out isn’t either Jeffery nor Tangradi’s style.

    • @ Drew: Sadly, I’m not so certain anymore if the Yotes would end up in Quebec City. Seatle seems to be making a heck of a case. If they can pull of an NBA team to go wtih an NHL team in the new stadium they are building, one has to think the US TV market swings things in their favour. Way too much unrest in Quebec politically, especially with the corruption investigation for construction companies getting under way here (affecting the arena build for sure). Not to mention the student protests and up coming elections….way too much of a mess…. IMO.

      • I think a move to Seattle would be fantastic. Didn’t Quebec try to secede from Canada? My guesses, in order of likeliness:

        1. Seattle
        2. Hamilton
        3. Quebec
        4. Baltimore

        • Seattle is 2.5 hours outside of Vancouver, including border line-ups most days. It’ll be intersting to see how the NHL handles it if they go forward on that one. Seems to me there is little difference between Seattle and Vancouver and Hamilton Vs Toronto.

          Quebec City would be the best choice – Political corruption not withstanding. It’s not like that stuff doesn;t exist in every other place on the planet anyways.

    • The Pens already did upgrade there goaltending so now it’s on to the next major need, a winger for crosby that will be there for the long hall. So we are back to make your life a living hell and focusing on what it would take to land Ryan or Perry. If it’s the need for a center the Pens could trade them in bulk. If it’s upgrades in young defense then the pens have that in spades. If it’s wingers then we might have a slight problem for that is what we to are lacking as well. That is why we are seeking this trade.

      It’s simple land Doan or Semin with a resonible contract, trade for Ryan, or strap in and try to stay a float til Feb and when Anaheim goes in full out sell mode, try to pluck Perry with a good list of young d-men.

  13. On a horrible note the hurricanes just resigned Jay Harrison to a 3 year extension. Maybe its a sign and trade for Bobby Ryan.Harrison and 4 first rounders for Ryan?

  14. Simon Despres, Bennett, Kennedy, and a 1st. Bobby Ryan can be the man with Sid for years to come. He’s big, physical, great hands and shot. Anaheim could use a puck moving d like Despres and he’s ready to play now

    • No. No on Despres, he is the top prospect in the system. I agree on Bennett, he is a Cali boy, but not Despres. Maybe Harrington/Maatta in a deal. Probs Harrington IMO

      • Disagree with you Jose, Depres would be a better piece to get it done and we are so rich in young d-men we wouldn’t even miss him. Plus probably the best young d-men to sell the trade do to major league experience with proof that he can be successful at that level. Would be the right player to seal the deal.

      • You have to give up something to get something and Despres has to be part of any package. You offered the Ducks trash with that original proposal for Ryan, why would they even consider that mish mosh of scrap? If the Ducks need a center in return for Ryan then the Pens don’t match up … if Murray is inclined to accept defensive prospects then we match up very well. But I doubt it … Shero put all of eggs in two baskets and they signed with the Wild. Doan won’t sign with Pitt because he will get longer term with another desperate team. He is too slow these days to make a difference, other than leadership. Wake up, you have overvalued Bennett, Jefrey and Kennedy.

    • Actually I agree that is what I was thinking as well.

  15. You may be right about Kennedy but he hasn’t truly proven himself in my opinion and Murray probably wants someone that has some history of success other than being on the same team as Crosby and Malkin. I like his attitude and effort but I doubt Murray will take the chance. Sorry guys my opinion of Mr. Fleury stands and if last year was any indication Vokoun may or may not be the great help you think he may be.
    @ Jose ,you may want to add Kansas City and Las Vegas to that list.
    @habsfan1, you make a great point or two. Quebec was just the team that came to mind while typing. The odds are they won’t come to Canada. Hamilton would be a long shot as well but if they did it certainly would put a dent in the second team in TO scenario.

  16. BAM!

    And the preds match phillys offer for weber!


  18. As per TSN.. sounds like Doan is going to Montreal next week.. love to have him.. but I highly doubt he comes here.

  19. Note to NHL teams. Roberto is a Luongo shot to win a Stanley Cup.

  20. Lyle,

    It seems curious that there continues to be rumours connecting the Leafs and Luongo, the Leafs and Bernier, but nothing of consequence, and many denials.

    Its been a long time since we have seen a legitimate 3 way trade in the league, and I wonder if someone (Burke) is trying to cook one up.

    According to various bloggers and rumours, LA would trade Bernier for Matt Frattin, but Burke supposedly does not need or want an unproven goalie in Bernier.

    Does he deal for him and then use him to pry Luongo out of Vancouver along with other pieces from Toronto (ie.McArthur and Franson ?)That might explain or rationalize Burke supposedly kicking the tires on Bernier despite his denials of interest for his team.

    This gives Canucks another legitimate goalie to battle with the unproven Corey Schneider, and the other pieces make it a “hockey deal”.Vancouvers back up in waiting, Eddie Lack, according to rumours, wants to go back to Sweden, and not play for the Canucks.

    The Leafs get their legitimate # one goalie.

    So Why does LA just not trade Bernier to Vancouver directly? They need to move Luongo at the same time or prior so as not to lessen his value, and LA clearly does not need a goalie, but also, does LA need or want anything that the Canucks would be willing to part with?

    Maybe this all sounds crazy but it is the only way I can connect the dots. I can see another scenario involving LA, Chicago, Vancouver and Toronto, but that might be thought of as even more bizarre.

    Curious as to your thoughts on this…….

    • Murph: The Canucks asking price for Luongo is rumored to have started with Jake Gardiner, which is a non-starter for Burke. As for Bernier, if we take Burke at his word, he’d had no talks with the Kings. For Luongo to land in Toronto, you’d have to think it would take a three-way trade, but Luongo has a no-trade clause, and he’d probably want assurances as to the final destination.

  21. Thanks Lyle,

    I still have not heard Luongo say he would not come to Toronto, and if Florida and Chicago are out of the mix and he really wants out, I cannot see why not accept the Leafs.

    I just thought that after the Nash deal, that did not include any of Kreider, DelZotto or Stepan, Gillis might realize he may have to reconsider what he asks for, and in place of Gardiner, might accept Blacker or Percy.

    I sure hope something is in the works because as a Leafs fan its hard to have to listen to Burke always talk but never seem to do anything!

    • Murph,

      At least you guys are no longer trying to sell us Komisarek.

      I like your Bernier idea, that could be good for both parties involved.

      If I was Gillis, I would do it.