Updates on Doan and Ryan – August 15, 2012.

The Canadiens remain interested in Shane Doan, while the Ducks apparently haven’t set an asking price for Bobby Ryan.


No Doan for Canadiens?

TORONTO SUN: Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin acknowledged he’d contacted long-time Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan. Bergevin also dismissed reports Doan had visited Montreal. “If Doan was in Montreal … he didn’t tell me,” Bergevin said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens are believed on Doan’s list of possible destinations if he decides to leave the Coyotes, but I don’t believe he’ll be signing with the Habs. The NY Rangers, Philadelphia Flyers, Vancouver Canucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Detroit Red Wings and Nashville Predators are also very interested in Doan, and they’ll give him a better chance of winning a Stanley Cup over the next couple of years than the Canadiens.

OTTAWA SUN’s Bruce Garrioch recently reported the following via Twitter: “The word from league executives: Anaheim GM Bob Murray hasn’t given a definitive asking price for Bobby Ryan.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m a few days late with this, and for that I apologize. Anyway, if Murray doesn’t have a definitive asking price, that suggests he’s not seriously shopping Ryan. 


  1. And on shane doan BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

  2. Nothing new here, moving along..

  3. Doan needs to get a calendar, he has had more than enough time to resign in Phoenix. I can’t believe someone could become public enemy number 1 by being loyal. But still, just sign somewhere.

    • how right you are Jose..This guy is a joke..should have been signed long ago and is public enemy #1 . I sure hope the Rangers dont give this money hungry fool what he wants.

      • I think the real fool are the ones who thinks it’s about the money! Like the ones that bought the Coyotes franchise for $140 Mil and want to sell it for $170 Mil even though it has been losing money, but was subsidized by the City of Glendale for the loses. They may agree to lower the price if in the new CBA, they agree to expansion, otherwise the league would rather collect re-location fees than sell it to an owner that will keep the team in Arizona.

        • @ WHS

          I completely agree. The fact that he’s holding on to the hope of re-signing in Phoenix suggests that he’s not greedy at all. I have no doubts that some other team would offer more money and a better chance at winning the cup.

    • Well, Mats Sundin sure got ripped for wanting to stay in Toronto!

  4. This is Doan’s first time as a highlight of the UFA season. He is certainly milking it for all its worth. Prima dona.

    • What’s wrong with him waiting? Last time i looked, he’s an UFA. If he wants to leave Phoenix, he wants to look for the right team to join

  5. No surprise that Murray hasn’t set a definitive asking price for Ryan. It’s not even definitive that they’re shopping him. I’m betting he’s listening to offers, but won’t move Ryan unless it makes sense for Anaheim moving forward. Although, it IS Bob Murray, so watch Ryan get traded this afternoon for a 7th defenseman and a day-old bagel.

    As for Shane Doan, what’s the rush? I don’t get why everyone wants him to hurry up and make up his mind. The season doesn’t theoretically start until October, and there really isn’t any gun to his head. He clearly prefers to remain in Phoenix and is giving them every opportunity to get their act together. He’s only public enemy number 1 because rumour-monger fans make him out to be that for *gasp* taking his time to make a decision! These are the same people that were railing on Ryan Suter & Zach Parise because they hadn’t signed by noon on July 1st. Players will sign when they sign guys. In the meantime, get out and enjoy the fresh summer air.

    • agreed. nice to see calmer heads out there.

    • Great comments on Doan there, THewes!

      Why are we calling this guy a Prima Dona? Is he holding daily news conferences? Is he tweeting about his uncertainty every 15 minutes?

      Is there a show scheduled for him to announce where he will sign (here’s looking at you LeBron)?

  6. Hey Lyle, in regards to Doan. I understand that the offensive depth on the Flyers and Wings is better than the Canadiens but I think I coil argue that the Canadiens D and Goaltending is better than both those teams at this point. I think that the Canadiens are in the mix, but with Jamison(sp?) putting up the money for Phoenix it may all be moot anyways.
    Also, reading in a few different places that Bergevin is working on trades. You have any info on who that might be? I would think Kaberle, Weber, Bourque, Gionta, Desharnais, and Plekanec (in that order) could be ppl in player if the return is equal or greater for Montreal. What do you think is going on right now?

    • The Canadiens might be in it, but the only team on the list to significantly improve their roster from last season is the Rangers. If Doan’s goal is to win a cup, then New York gives him the best opportunity. Of course if he’s seeking one more payday, any of those teams might accomodate him.

  7. doan please sign i am getting sick of seeing your name!

  8. Do Habs have room for Doan once they sign Subban? Even if Habs sign Subban to something reasonable like 4M a year (I underestimate Subban’s future contraxt here by at least 500K). How will Montreal find those 5-6M a year for Doan? Waive Gomez?

    • Dump Gomez in the minor’s next season.


  9. Shane Doan better sign soon cuz he’s annoying me lol just sign with the Coyotes and that’s it

  10. I see what the Habs GM said regarding Doan. It was word for word on TSN.

  11. Dont see the need to mention Doan anymore everyone knows hes stayin in the dessert…
    One thing it does show is his will to win.

    • to win what

  12. @ Smielman: Desharnais is not going anywhere. MB signed Max and at the tail end (reading between the lines) that he gets that some of his success is due to his chamistry with DD. DD will get this season to prove he belongs with the Habs/NHL. I think Kaberle (and possibly Weber as well) could end up with the Islanders especially if the Vishnovsky deal is nixed. I think the Habs might be able to get a 2nd for the pair if the Habs threw in a 3rd.

    I think Gionta will be around for a bit as well. He Has the right kind of personality for MB and was injured last year so will get a chance to show MB in person what he can do.

    I’m not sure about Bourque only because I’m not sure who would take him. Bourque for Booth?

    Montreal is a little thin a centre and Pleks has been pretty steady over his tuime in Mtl. Last year was tough year with all the change in linemates so I think he also gets the benefit of the doubt.

    As for Doan still seriously doubt he comes to montreal, and I agree that those hating on him need to get over it. He has made his descision, it is to stay in Phoenix. He has been waiting on the Jameison Group. if you hate hearing Doan’s name take it up with Jamieson, not Doan.

  13. Every blogger, publisher, columnist etc. etc. etc. when writing up anything on Doan, should write “Nothing new to report, carry on!”.

  14. To be honest, looking at MTL’s current roster, I’m not even sure if I would like Doan with my habs. I think before they do anymore they should think about moving/dumping some players on the roster. We all know Gomez has to go. But I personally don’t think kaby and Bourque should be on the team either. I know I’m not the gm, but I’d rather go the roster spot to a young kid who ives 100% ever night rather then those guys.

  15. Why do you guys have your panties up in a knot because Doan hasn’t signed yet? What’s it to you? He can take as much time as he wants, there is no deadline for him. There is only a deadline for you ‘fans’. What are you going to do when he does sign? Bitch about Brian Burke for not trading Kadri and Komisarek for Getzlaf & Perry? Seriously, get a grip.

  16. Dog days of August…I’ve read soooo many updates on Shane Doan…realizing they are not updates at all…because nothing has changed since Mid June. 1. Yotes still don’t have an owner. 2. No team or GM cab validate the agent’s story about an alleged 4 yr $30M contract 3. The short list of destinations has fluctuated daily from 4 to 7 teams

    We all should go to the CVS and buy some “Doans Pills” because this nagging pain in the neck ain’t going away anytime soon.

  17. Doan has EARNED the right to find the best fit for him and his Family. At this point I would venture to guess its between the NY Rangers and Vancouver Canucks, I say the Canucks as his wife is from Kelowna and has lots of family there.

  18. guys heres the deal,.. to get rid of gomez what to do….well with a no movement clause the minors is out. his trade clause gives him 3 teams to go to….expect him to be on the roster for 12/13 season.

    • correction guys,,he can refuse 3 teams in a trade deal,,but who wants him anyways,,,and waivers well again,,,who picks him up even at half price,,,,oh well