Updates on Doan, Colaiacovo and Robidas.

Canucks willing to be patient with Shane Doan, Carlo Colaiacovo reportedly seeks longer deal with Red Wings, while Stephane Robidas may be too valuable for the Stars to trade.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE’s Ben Kuzma recently reported on Twitter Canucks GM Mike Gillis he’s been in constant contact with UFA winger Shane Doan. “He’s clearly a player we’d like to have in Vancouver and we’re going to wait it out.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While Doan is believed still hoping to re-sign with the Phoenix Coyotes, the Canucks are among several teams still keen to sign him. By September 15th (if his agent’s recent comments are anything to go by), we should know what Doan’s intentions are.

Colaiacovo gambling with Red Wings?

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: cited a report claiming UFA defenseman Carlo Colaiacovo, who received a two-year contract offer from the Detroit Red Wings, is apparently holding out for a three year deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given his injury history, it’s a risky move by Colaiacovo, who is obviously hoping to take advantage of the Wings need for experienced defensive depth.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Mike Heika conducted a player analysis of Stephane Robidas, noting he remains invaluable to the Dallas Stars defense, but suggested it would be best if he played fewer minutes.  Heika writes, “So while many ponder a possible trade of Robidas in order to clear the path for younger players or a big name defenseman, there’s a real chance he continues to do good work with the Stars for the next two seasons (or more). He can help this team…just not as the No. 1 defenseman.”



  1. COLAIACOVO: At this point, Colaiacovo should be jumping at the first multi-year contract offered to him and laugh all the way to the infirmary… er, bank. With his injury history, any team offering more than one year is taking the gamble and CC has absolutley no leveraged position to be asking for more term from a potentially interested team.

    ROBIDAS: I’m no expert on the Stars, but it would seem to me that Dallas would be remiss to trade Robidas at the moment. Outside of Phillip Larson and Jamie Oleksiak (who is still likely a couple of seasons away from being a solid contributor to the Stars’ backline), it doesn’t seem like defense is a position of overwhelming depth. Removing Robidas from the blueline corps would seem to create a hole in the top 4 that would be tough to fill with younger players. Unless an established younger defenseman is the return for Robidas (which I deem highly unlikely in a 1-for-1 scenario), keeping him would seem like the better option as he still has two years of term left at a very reasonable AAV.
    If there are any Dallas fans reading I would like to hear their take on a possible trade involving Robidas and the Stars organizational depth on D.

    DOAN: Ask 30 GM’s if they’d like to have Doan on their team and they’ll say yes. Kuzma’s article provides exactly zero new information. Doan-haters, save your breath and just skip past that article if all you’re going to do is complain about him.

  2. If there is a strike wonder if there will be any rumors. Then the Doan rumors will stop

    • yawn. your comments have become as dull and repetitive as the doan rumors.

    • It won’t be a strike, it will be a lockout. There is a difference.

  3. Colaiacovo’s idea is a great one….if there wasn’t a line of similar other players also waiting out there. Biggest winners here will be Rozsival and Clark. And Carlo will end up toiling in Europe on a year one gig.

  4. Being a huge Stars fan ,there is no way Robbie is going any where ,the Stars are already light on the back end and he is one of their team leaders…As far as Doan who cares already we all know hes going back to that crap whole in the dessert and finally yes the wings are that desperate to sign Colaiacovoto to a three year deal…Wings in trouble if there is a season.

    • Sorry, I just don’t see him helping the Wings out any better than what they guys they already have can. This guy isn’t good enough for a 3 year deal. He was lucky to get a 2 year offer.

  5. College football and the NFL as well as MLB gain viewership and the death nell of the NHL as we know it continues.Too many teams too little fan interest and too many crap players period.It just ain’t worth it,and we all know it.Too many owners just not making it.Back to 20 teams NOW.

    • Bettman will move teams. He won’t let them fold. It would be like him admitting defeat.

      Teams will start moving north.

  6. Are the Red Wings finally on the decline? I always think that and then the old guys just keep on plugging, but with Lidstrom gone, I’m starting to think this team might lose contender status this year. I’d love to see them actually fight for a playoff spot.