Updates on Doan, Nash and Ryan – July 19, 2012.

Shane Doan waiting for assurances on Coyotes sale, Sharks and Blue Jackets haven’t discussed Rick Nash in months, while the asking price for Nash and Bobby Ryan seems too rich for the Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything related to Shea Weber’s offer sheet from the Flyers will appear in the “News” section, as it’s very straightforward: The Predators either match the 14-year, $100 million offer, or they don’t and receive compensatory picks. No speculation required.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Shane Doan’s agent says his client continues to wait for some assurance the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to an ownership group headed by Greg Jamison will be completed. Terry Bross said he hopes to hear some reassurance from the Jamison group by Friday. Doan’s first choice is to re-sign with the Coyotes, and Bross confirmed he’s been negotiating with GM Don Maloney, though progress has been stalled over the ownership situation.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW: Jose Yohe reported the Penguins have interest in Doan, but it appears he’d prefer to remain with the Coyotes.

CSNCHICAGO.COM: Jeremy Lynn examined possible options for the Blackhawks besides Doan, including former Washington Capitals right wing Alexander Semin. Lynn also suggested center Jason Arnott, along with blueline options “Carlo Colaiacovo (St. Louis Blues), Michal Rozsival (Coyotes), Pavel Kubina (Philadelphia Flyers) and Matt Gilroy (Ottawa Senators).”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Bross said earlier this month, Doan is willing to wait for as long as it takes for assurances the sale of the Coyotes to the Jamison group goes through. Wouldn’t surprise me if this carries on for another month.

Sharks won’t part with Couture for Nash.

CSNBAYAREA.COM: Kevin Kurz reports a source claims the San Jose Sharks haven’t had talks with the Columbus Blue Jackets regarding Rick Nash in “months”. The Jackets sought Logan Couture as part of the return for Nash, which is a non-starter for the Sharks.

Kurz also cited a report from CBC’s Elliotte Friedman claiming the Sharks recently offered up defenseman Dan Boyle to the NY Rangers for Marian Gaborik, but the deal fell through because of the latter’s shoulder surgery. A source, however, called that rumor “completely false”. Friedman also claimed there’s interest in the 36-year-old Boyle, whose limited no-trade clause kicked in on July 1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As long as the Blue Jackets want Couture, the Sharks won’t have any interest in trying to acquire Nash. Teams might be interested in Boyle, and perhaps GM Doug Wilson is willing to listen, but it also doesn’t mean he’ll be moved, as his absence could leave a significant hole on the Sharks blueline. Unless they’ve got a suitable replacement, it might be best to retain Boyle.

ESPN.COM: James Murphy reports the Boston Bruins and Anaheim Ducks had “exploratory talks” regarding Ducks winger Bobby Ryan, but a source claims Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli doesn’t want to part with David Krejci or Milan Lucic. The same source also said the Bruins have dropped out of the Rick Nash sweepstakes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chiarelli seems reluctant to significantly shake up a roster which is only one year removed from winning the Stanley Cup. Can’t say I blame him.


  1. Looking really good for howson on getting his high price. SJ hasn’t talked to him in months, DET got rejected on their best offer, Boston don’t seem interested or willing. So that leaves at best 3 teams to work with and if Philly gets Weber then I don’t see them taking on Nash’s salary too.

    • From what I’ve seen the Wings offer was only BEST from the Wings perspective. Allegedly; Filppula, Nyquist & 1st rounder. I wouldn’t return a phone call after that either.

      Nash is Columbus’ #1 ticket seller, any team had better be able to replace that for them in a trade. That’s what their GM is demanding, anything less will set that franchise back a long way and get him fired in the process.

      Besides, the NHL All-Star game is in Columbus next season. I couldn’t image having Nash come back to Columbus representing another team and not being able to trot-out an equal star to represent yours.

    • it’s only july. howson has no need to make anything but a ridiculously good-for-clm deal right now. come september i’m sure he’ll be willing to talk to san jose about players other than couture, and to the other 5 teams on nash’s wish list as well.

  2. yep, and with doan and semin still available, he could lose the rest of that group. it’s funny all the knocks on semin, yet his numbers are about the same as nash and would probably come a little cheaper and without giving anything up. i think nash and the bj’s deserve each other. he choose stay there long term, suck it up and show teams you’re a franchise player!

  3. Finally a GM with balls. Go Philly!!

    • A GM with balls? Only an oblivious Flyers fan would see this is as good. Holmgren is turning Philly into a sideshow with all these ridiculous contracts. First Richards,Carter, Bryz and now this. Its an embarrassment to the leugue and they have to get rid of these stupid contracts. Dont get me wrong, I love Philly doing all this because they will be right at the max cap and have guys like Giroux, Hartnell and on and on that are going to be demanding raises in the next year or two and they are hooped cause they wont be able to afford them. Giroux only makes 3.5 right now, so who are you getting rid of to sign him? And then you have guys like Simmonds who will need a contract to. Holmgren is selling the farm for one player haha

      • Take a look at capgeek, the Flyers will be fine. Timmonen’s 6.5M deal comes off the books this time next year, that alone covers almost the entire Weber cap hit. Briere’s comes off 2 years later as well. A core of Giroux, Weber, Schenn and Couturier is worth pushing up against the cap for!

        • Not to mention they aren’t really at the ceiling if Pronger’s Cap money goes to LTIR which can be used as replacement dollars as far as the cap is concerned.

  4. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s headline on Doan. Maybe some thing like : “Lots of interest on the Doan front but he would prefer to stay in Phoenix” you know, something hard hitting like that.

    On Nash, it could be something like : “Columbus willing to wait for right offer” or “Teams are interested but price is too high”.

    Wow, now that would be amazing.

  5. I can see it now, Nash representing the Jackets at the all-star game. AND NOW representing the home team, RICK NASH. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO echoing throughout the arena. The first home team player to be booed out of the building by the hometown crowd at the ASG. How would you feel as a jackets fan? I know I would have a hard time spending my hard earned money going to games when my teams captain doesn’t want to be there. Its admirable that Howson is sticking to his guns but I think he will eventually have to come down off his high horse and do a deal.
    I admire Doan for wanting to stay in Phoenix, his family likes it there and he has grown some roots. However, isn’t winning the cup the ultimate goal in hockey. He probably only has a couple of decent years left to play and he doesn’t have to uproot his family if he goes to a team close by. How many times has the hockey club come close to having a knew owner and some stability. How many people get the opportunity to make real big bucks for last couple of years of their career and retire still a young man.

  6. This is what I would do if Weber goes to Philly. Too bad Shero doesn’t have the nads to do this:

    Sign Voracek to a 3 year, $9.3 million dollar offer sheet, give up a 2nd or Semin to a 2 year, $10 million deal
    Sign Rolston/Knuble to a 1 year, $1.5-$2 million dollar contract.
    Sign Colaiacovo to a 2 year, $7 million dollar contract OR Spacek for a 1 year, $2 million contract
    Trade Kennedy for a 2nd round pick.



    That would be a great series, Pens Vs Flyers. Too bad Voracek won’t be coming here, because of the glove incident.

  7. If I were a GM from any other team aside from Phoenix, I wouldn’t waste my time with Doan. I understand the qualities he would bring to a team, but I think you can get those same qualities at a lessor price and less headache. Arnott, Ralston, Holmstrom and Morrison can be had for a decent price and they all bring leadership, a positive work ethic and a winning attitude. Also there are some 3-4th line guys that would bring some value, grit, scrappyness and can be playmakers – Moore, Winnik and Betts.

    San Jose doesn’t need to trade Boyle, they need to replace Murray. If they trade Boyle, then they will be short 2 d-men. Seems to me they need secondary scoring – they have Havlat on the right side, but not much else. I also think teams are wasting their time with Nash – so San Jose needs to focus elsewhere. They changed some of their coaching staff which is good, now they need to make a major deal. I can’t see them trading with another West Team, but I can see them doing something in the East. They only have $5MM in salary cap, so I think they need to do a trade or get someone in the $3.5MM range. They should make an offer to Semin for a one year deal and see what happens. Or maybe they can make a trade for Rene Bourque or doing a deal for Jiri Tlusty might help them out.

    • I would like to think that a Clowe or Murray could fetch a nice return from a club in the East, most specifically the Habs. They will need some big bodies to stay physical when teams like the Bruins come to town.

  8. HAHA, Even Phillys GM is a Goon!!

  9. I hate that people keep mentioning the ultimate goal is the cup and that is what Doan should think about. The ‘Yotes are a playoff team every year, they made the Western Conference finals this year. They have a lot of youth and assets in the pipeline and a lot of young developing players. If this team stays in Phoenix they are only going to continue to get better and I see no reason they can’t repeat if they do retain Doan.

    They still have to spend around $11 million to get to the cap floor and only have Doan to get under contract. They’ve got money to spend that they have to spend. I think if ownership can get settled and the ‘Yotes can get money to spend a bit above the floor not even a lot then they can get some signing and trades done that can bring a cup to the desert.

    • You seem to forget that they lost Whitney, who was their leading scorer this year, and there is NOTHING left out there besides Semin that can replace him. Even with Doan I don’t see the Yotes making it out of the first round, if they even make the playoffs. I do agree that they have some good young prospects (especially on D), that should make them scary in 2-3 years.

    • They were very fortunate to get as far as they did. I don’t believe Mike Smith can repeat the playoff run he had, nor do I think Phoenix is even a lock for playoffs to begin with. IMO this is not a Stanley Cup team. Not that that means Doan should leave, even though I’d like to see it.

  10. Nashville has problems. They’re collecting up too many old guys and now Weber has this offersheet from Philly. I’d let Weber walk and trade anybody north of 30 and rebuild.

  11. This Nash thing is going to end badly for Howson and Jacket fans just rediculous what is or is not going on here.As for Nashville fans they just got IED’d no other way to put it.As far as Doan goes and Phoenix,he has more legitimacy than the franchise and he is almost 40.That is absurd as well.

  12. @JJB, you are like any other loyal fan of your favorite club and can see the potential to win a cup. Yes the coyotes have promising youngsters and have been in the playoffs and done well. However, IMO, which that is all it is, is that they are not and will not be in the near future. Doan is not a spring chicken therefore would have a better chance of winning a cup on a more powerful and close to winning it all team. They may have money to spend but who in the right mind would go to Phoenix with its current situation. This is going to dog(haha) the yotes for a couple more years before big name players will even consider going there.

    • I’m not a Phoenix fan. I’ve even be an advocate for a Phoenix relocation for years. But I respect what they did, I respect Doan and the system that Tippet preaches and until Smith or any other player doesn’t repeat their season there is no reason to think otherwise.

  13. Read a very interesting rumour yesterday on Oiler nation and I am interested in feedback. Howson still has ties to the Oilers and its no secret he is a big fan of Hemsky, plus he has publicly stated he wants forwards in return for Nash. What I read was the Oilers trading Hemsky, Gagner and Omark for Nash. Even though they arent on his trade list, the Oilers would then trade Nash to the Rangers for Stepan and Del Zotto and a pick.

    There is some logic to this, Columbus gets their top 6 forwards, including a 22 year old center with 5 years experience, the Rangers get Nash, and it doesnt cost them as much as Columbus is asking, and the Oilers get a young center and puck moving defenceman to bolster the lineup.

    The only sticking point might be the Oilers having to toss in another player for Nash, but they have the depth.

    As I said, only a rumour, but it makes sense on some levels.

    • Really? That makes 0 sense. Columbus has a center simalar in experience to Gagner in Brassard plus they have Johansen, Hemsky is oft injured and overated and Omark isn’t a quality return, he’s a throw in and not the first round quality Howson is looking for.

      Columbus doesn’t need to cycle this trade through Edmonton, I’m sure if they could get Del Zotto, Stephan and a first the trade would be done.


      Dreamy in Edmonton.

      • I still think the Rangers will offer Nash Dubinsky, Del Zotto and Stephan – its a good offer and Howson would be a fool not to take it.

    • I think it would have to be a straight up 3 way trade or Nash would have to ok it. I’m pretty sure he has a no trade clause and would have to consent to any trade. And from what I hear the Oilers aren’t on his list. Somewhat interesting, but likely another baseless blog rumor.

  14. You might want to get your facts straight regarding Phillys cap. Giroux is signed for two more years. You have guys like Timmonen(6mil) Briere(6mil) Pronger(LTIR) all coming off the books in two years. That’s frees up alot of cap space. Not to mention hopes that the cap ceiling will increase. Go Philly! Awesome buisniss move! Shows how devoted this franchise is to winning year to year. And on side note…Holmgrens track record for “making it all work” is outstanding

    • Briere still has 3 years left on his deal. Get your facts right yourself. I can assure you that Timonen will resign. Briere’s contract doesn’t end until a year after Giroux’s ends. You will lose 1 of Schenn, Giroux or Courutier. If Pronger retires, which is likely, his cap hit will still affect the cap, because it is a 35+ contract. And where did you get 2 years? Pronger has 5 years left on his deal. Stupid person is stupid

      • Sorry the way I worded things Giroux is the one I meant with two years left and expiring contracts in Breire Timmo and Prongs. But at the very least refer to my last sentence on first post bud. Philly will be fine and dominant for years…don’t be mad bro

    • This is true but Briere is one of the few guys that actually shows up in the playoffs so your gotta think he will still command big money in 2 years. If Flyers intend to keep him. And Giroux will be demanding elite money.

  15. Either way, if the Flyers sign Weber, they will be screwed completely. When Giroux’s contract ends, they will have a $39 million payroll with 2 forwards, 5 D and a goalie. That is assuming that they don’t sign any of their RFA or UFA in the next 2 years. Assuming that Giroux takes what he should (about $7 million a season), that will raise it to $46 million with 3 forwards, 5 D and a goalie. They are screwed if this goes through. If the new amnesty clause passes, they will probably buy out Pronger, which saves about $5 million. But if it doesn’t, they are screwed. Let’s do some crunching:

    Schenn gets $4.5 million
    Couturier gets $4 million

    That is 54.5 million to 6 forwards, 5 D and a goalie (that is with Pronger’s contract). Assuming that Hartnell gets resigned to a deal worth about $5 million, that makes the payroll 59.5 million. I’ll assume that they let Meszaros and Timonen go due to lack of cap space. I think that they will resign Simmonds to a deal worth about $3 million. That is 62.5 million on 12 players and a goalie, and 1 of those players is going to be hurt. Either way, they are screwed.

  16. That Rangers/Sharks rumor is hilarious because it’s so ridiculous. The Rangers have pretty solid depth on the blueline, and while Boyle could improve their catatonic power-play he would be a second-pair defender whose talent doesn’t make up for Gaborik’s 80 points. Their achilles’ heel last season was the lack of confidence in the fourth line. Seems to me the signings this summer addressed that.

  17. Btw Shittsburgh never gets Voracek…nice try tho

    • What class. And surprise, from a Flyers fan.

      • Haha… Yeah, like Flyers’ fans are the only ones that have anything bad to say about another team and/or the team’s name/city (“Criers”, “Filthadelphia”, are just a few nicknames that come to mind). Not to mention that “Jose” in his earlier post responding to Phillysports ends by saying “stupid person is stupid” because Phillysports simply gave his opinion and reasons why he thinks the Flyers should be a strong team for years to come.

        But I forgot, because the Flyers have some fans that can be obnoxious and/or excitable (just like *every* other team, particularly ones in strong hockey markets), Flyers’s fans are classless.

        • Good post I agree. And cmon classless? It’s childsplay really…just having a little fun with a guy who is a fan of a team that I despise. I have more class in my pinky finger nail

  18. Also, you can “assure me” that Kimmo Timmonen resigns? HAHA and if he does it will be a hometown discount in a half. Assuming Flyers legendary front office wants his services

  19. I hope the CBA drops the salary cap to like 50 million.
    That would really screw these teams offering these ridiculous contracts.
    I hope they do something about these contract structures.
    14 mil then down to 1 mil.
    All contracts should be per year not averaged.
    So these can’t be front loaded.
    I read Weber gets like 26 mil in first calendar year.