Updates on Doan, Thomas, Colaiacovo and O’Reilly – August 24, 2012.

Shane Doan’s agent sets a due date for his client to sign a new contract, the Bruins ownership believes it can get a return for Tim Thomas, the Red Wings make a contract offer to Carlo Colaiacovo, and the latest on Ryan O’Reilly’s contract talks with the Avalanche.

ARIZONA REPUBLIC: Sarah McLellan reports Shane Doan’s agent, Terry Bross, claims his client will sign a contract before September 15th (the end date of the current CBA), either with the Phoenix Coyotes or another team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: At least we now have an end date for the Doan contract saga. His camp wants to get a new contract done before the current CBA expires, as they don’t know what could be contained in a new one.

Wings make contract offer to Colaiacovo.

MLIVE.COM: Brendan Savage cites a source claiming the Detroit Red Wings have offered UFA defenseman Carlo Coalaiacovo a two-year deal worth $2.5 million per season. The Wings had looked into the trade market and had interest in Calgary’s Jay Bouwmeester, but were unwilling to part with the assets required to land a top four defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t say I’m surprised by this, Colaiacovo may be seen as a “band-aid solution” but it’s better than weakening their depth elsewhere in the roster. For now, we wait and see if he accepts it. I’m guessing he will.

ESPN.COM: Bruins alternate governor Charlie Jacobs, son of principal owner Jeremy Jacobs, believes his club might be able to trade Tim Thomas, even if he sits out this coming season, as teams in need of reaching the cap floor might have interest in his $5 million cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the seven teams currently beneath the $54.2 million salary cap floor, only the Phoenix Coyotes and NY Islanders would (in my opinion) be in need of such a move. The rest are within easy reach of the cap floor and can reach it by either re-signing their remaining RFA players, or promoting a prospect into the lineup.

DENVER POST: Mark Chambers reports word is Colorado Avalanche forward Ryan O’Reilly is seeking a five-year contract, while the Avs are offering three years.


  1. calling Bouwmeester a top 4 d-man made me throw up in my mouth a little bit …

  2. I wonder what was the asking price for Bouwmeester?

    • I don’t think the wings have the pieces to land Bouwmeester. Even if they did offer Filppula or Franzen, (which they probably weren’t willing to do), I don’t think Feaster would accept it. And the Flames don’t want picks or prospects either. So what is there left to talk about?…Datsyuk and Zetterberg are obviously non starters, so there is really no deal to be made that I can see.

      I think the Avalanche would make a better trade partner. They have a redundancy at center. Duchene, O’Reilly, and Stastny. And I don’t think they’re moving either of the first two, so someone either has to play wing or be the odd man out on the 3rd line. Stastny and Bouwmeester have both been disappointing the last few seasons and make almost the same salary. Both of them could use a change of scenery and would address each team’s needs. The only hitch is that they’re division rivals, and interdivisional trades don’t happen very often.

      • Stastny/O’Reilly/Duchene for drastically overpaid Bouwmeester? Only if AVS GM has altitude sickness.

        • I’m not defending Bouwmeester, as I also think he is overaid, but Stastny is the definition of overpaid. Personally I wouldn’t want either one of them on my Kings, but straight up for each other might be a good trade considering salaries and needs of both teams.

          • So Stastny had one really average season and he is overpaid? Bouwmeester sucked since the day he walked away from Florida. Mike RIchards stinks because he’s had one average season. How about that?

        • Mike Richards stinks???? hahaha nice to see your true colours. He and Carter were instrumental in the Kings CUP win, yes I said STANLEY CUP WIN! I know it must seem wierd to hear those words, guess what though? you have to play for more than one round to achieve that, while Richards and Carter were winning the Cup where was Giroux, Simmonds, Schenn, Briere, etc after the first round???? oh ya no where to be found. Richards completely shut down the other teams top lines while pitching in some points thats why the Kings won the cup, so how about that?????

          • @Nitro
            I would argue Stastny has had two consecutive sub par seasons now. He hasn’t cracked the 60 point barrier since 2010. 6.6 mil is a lot of cheddar for a guy who has only averaged about 55 points over the last two years.

            Bouwmeester is going on three consecutive sub par seasons since leaving Florida. So it’s two bad seasons for Stastny verses three for JBO, (not so different). The salaries are also near identical, both players are between 26-28 years old, and both are going to be UFA in 2-3 years.

            That’s about as fair as it gets, IMO. If you can find a better one-for-one dman trade for Paul Stastny, I’d love to hear it.

  3. Doan’s agent says he’ll sign with the Coyotes or another team. Well, that changes everything!

    • You’re missing the point of the statement. The objective here was to set a date of WHEN he would sign, not saying WHO he will sign with.

      • I didn’t miss the point of the statement. I was making fun of the language the agent used. If Doan signs by September 15th, we can assume it’s going to be with the Coyotes or another team.

        Lighten up.

  4. if carlo can stay healthy he would be a nice asset for the wings without giving up filpula or franzen which could potentionally be 25 goals and 60 points each guy while on detroit carlo could be a 30 point defenceman and the wings could save some money for next years free agents go wings go

  5. So why is Sarah McLellan say that Doan will sign by Sept 15 th. Again TSN Bob and Darren don’t mention this ????. Just rumors he may sign in 24 hours from. Now.

    • Hey may sign tomorrow. He may sign next week. Again, the objective was just to state that Doan would sign SOMEWHERE before September 15th.
      Also, Bob McKenzie is on vacation right now and has no obligation to post about anything really, whatever he does share is up to him. Same goes for Darren Dreger quite frankly.
      Just because a TSN analyst doesn’t report it doesn’t make it untrue.

  6. Hi Canadian King:
    I looked it up on Wikipedia and Dion Phaneuf was the definition of overpaid.

    • Hahahaha I can’t argue with that!

  7. Sorry, I can’t take any Flames conversations seriously, when they actually believe that they can contend. Jay Feaster is drinking the Kool Aid the Sutter left on the counter.

  8. Do you think that the rumor of Kane asking for a trade is legit, and what would it take for the Pens to get him?

    • Evander or Patrick? In either case, are the Pens prepared to give up Letang or Neal? Then no.

      • Evander, and are you dumb? Pens would never trade Neal or Letang for anyone. However, they may be willing to trade Orpik. Are you a Pens fan? I can’t tell.

        • How is questioning which “Kane” you asked about dumb? both have been in the rumor mill in the last 6 months.

          Or are you talking about the Neal/Letang part? if you are, it’s still not dumb. Kane (either Patrick or Evander) is a first line talent and the Pens had better be willing to give up a first line talent to get him. Seeing as how Malkin and Crosby aren’t really available that leaves Neal or the first pairing Letang (Kunitz, Tangardi, Kennedy, et al do not have first line talent). GolfPensGolf then acknowledged that it’s pretty unlike they would trade either Neal or Letang and therefore no chance that either Kane will be in in black and yellow any time soon.

          Additionally I see no reason why the Jets would give up a player like Evander Kane for Orpik. Orpik is an good second pairing shut-down guy but the Jets have a solid blueline and see Bogosian as shut-down dman while providing more offense than Orpik. Add the difference in ages between Evander Kane and Orpik and it’s a non-starter.

          • I was calling him dumb for saying that we would trade Neal or Letang. This deal would probably be similar to the Kessel deal, 2 1sts and a prospect for Kane or something like that. Remember, it is only the rights of Kane that are being traded, not Kane himself. It will probably be something like Kane and maybe another for Tangradi, Dumoulin/Harrington and 2 1sts

  9. Bouwmeester is a very good defenseman. He just hasn’t lived up to the hype of being a top draft pick, and hasn’t perfromed offensively like many beleive he should have. He also wouldn’t be the first high pick to be in this situation. That being said, he is still a great skater, smart decision maker, and plays among the most minutes per game of D-men in the league. He is also very reliable. I am sure that 29 other teams would love to have a player like him on their team.

    Feaster posturing about the Flames contending is simply that.. posturing. He can’t come out and say, “Hi fans, coporate partners, players. We are going to suck the big one this year! Stop Winnin’ for Mackinnon!”. He has to say that they are going to contend for a playoff spot.

    And, by the way, any team with Kippursoff in net can potentially suprise…. it is no different than St. Louis, Florida, and Ottawa from last year… the Flames aren’t that much worse at the NHL level. If you have excellent goaltending…

    • Yeah, the Flames plan to ice a “competitive team” next year. Selling jersey’s and optimism is the name of the game here. Who knows what will happen next year, any team can do well these days.

      Feaster threatened near the trade deadline last year that if the team didn’t perform better there would be a lot of news to cover in Calgary come the deadline. “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.” Olli Jokinen and Moss are gone (Moss wasn’t playing at the time). Idle threat I guess. My bet is Feaster is a face for the crowd running the team (incredibly well spoken lawyer with limited hockey background). He brought no significant changes to the Stanley Cup winning Lightning. Ken King and his MLSE wannabe crowd are the real cowboys.

  10. who really gives a rat’s azz when and with whom doan signs at this point??? no hockey this year.

  11. Glad to see no one cares about Thomas.
    I don’t.

  12. at this point i’d have to say i’m not among those praising Doan for his loyalty to Phoenix. i don’t see the long term viability of the franchise and i think it’s more of a convienient situation for him family wise than concern for the team, it’s fans, or whoever it’s eventual owner may be. if i were his agent i’d tell him it’s time to move on and start looking at the best scenarios for the rest of his career. this would be decided if a new CBA was in place. whoever does eventually sign should hope there isn’t a lockout as he isn’t getting any younger.

  13. couple things… first is Bouwmeester is definitely a top 4 dman. Any REAL COACH would use him in their top 4. He is a very good shut down dman that skates amazing. His offensive skills are not great for a 6.8 mill guy, but are way above average for a top 4 dman. So, to say he isnt a top 4 dman just makes ourselves seem like total idiots. It is fair to say he is overpaid and kind of a misfit in Calgary but to say he isnt a top 4 is dumb.

    As for Tim Thomas… his plan is to not report… guys that dont report get suspended. Guys that get suspended dont get paid. His cap hit will count. If that becomes a problem then Boston will trade him. He doesnt cost anyone a penny of salary so it will be easy to deal him. OR he will report to the new team in which case they get a goaltender that won 2 of the last 4 vezinas. Either way it is easy to trade him, BUT its not easy to get value for him. Boston has no reason to panic today and give him away for nothing. Time is on the Bruin’s side dealing with this mess. Panic dealing him now only lets him win… and he hasnt handled this situation good enough to deserve a win. I do feel he deserves his time off if its for the reason he said… but he sure didnt say it well. And the whole thing leaves a suspicious bad taste in the mouth. I want a happy ending with Thomas cause I am a big fan and want nothing but the best memories of him. I fear that is not what is happening though. Boston should hold onto him ‘until forced to deal’ OR ‘offered fair value.’

    for the record I hope Boston tries to get Bouwmester is they can afford the cap hit… id offer Boychcuck and a pick to try to make the deal happen

  14. Hey Canadian King… You must be an idiot. I said if Stastny sucks because one average season so does Mike Richards.

    Carter and Richards were not the MAIN reasons LA won. They contribute but they were not the main reasons. Do not worry about Giroux dip shit. He is top 5 forward in the league.

  15. maybe all the players should pack up themselves and their greed and go play in Russia. you won’t be missed. besides, we have U.S. football starting soon.

    • It is the owners that are greedy. And football sucks a$$