Updates on Doughty, Turris and Schenn.

It’s not looking good for a quick resolution in the Drew Doughty and Kyle Turris contract negotiations, but the Maple Leafs could be close to getting Luke Schenn signed. 

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reported yesterday contract talks between the LA Kings and defenseman Drew Doughty appear at an impasse, though that could change with one phone call. Term and salary remain issues.

TSN.CA: Darren Dreger reports sources say Kings GM Dean Lombardi have told Doughty’s agent, Don Meehan, the club has no intention of paying his client more than Anze Kopitar’s $6.8 million per season. It’s rumored Doughty is seeking $7 million per season. Dreger also suggested the possibility a deal might not be done by week’s end and Doughty possibly holding out could see the Kings pull their offer from the table by the end of the week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Earlier this summer Lombardi suggested he’d be willing to make Doughty the highest paid King if he would agree to a long-term deal. Things appear to have changed since then. Both sides claim they’re not going to “negotiate through the media”, so it remains to be seen what impact any of this will have on negotiations. One gets the sense this could go either way, that Doughty could hold out, or things could be resolved by Friday.

NBCSPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Matt Reitz reports Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney said there’s been no progress made in contract talks with Kyle Turris, expecting the forward won’t be at training camp when it opens on Friday. The Turris camp is reportedly seeking a three-year deal worth just over $4 million per season.

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: Matthew Sekeres suggested Turris’ salary requests, if accurate, “looks like a trade request in disguise”.

ESPN.COM: Pierre LeBrun reported Wednesday the two sides weren’t any closer in negotiations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times: no way Turris gets that kind of money from the Coyotes, or any other NHL team. The only place I could see  him getting that salary is in the KHL. The only basis I see for these demands is he was the third overall pick in the 2007 entry draft behind Philadelphia’s James van Riemsdyk, who recently inked a multi-year extension worth over $4 million per season. The difference, however, is van Riemsdyk is now a top forward with the Flyers, who appeared last season to demonstrate he was on the verge of breaking through as a power forward. Turris, on the other hand, has yet to demonstrate he’s on the verge of a breakout season. If this is in fact a veiled effort to be traded, it’s not going to reflect well upon him. If he just wants out, say so.

TORONTO STAR/TORONTO SUN: reported Maple Leafs defenseman Luke Schenn remains unconcerned over the status of his contract negotiations and remains confident he’ll be re-signed before training camp opens at week’s end. It was rumored he was seeking close to $4 million per season but the Winnipeg Jets recent re-signing of Zach Bogosian to a two-year, $5 million deal will likely impact negotiations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: By all accounts talks between the two sides are ongoing and a deal could be in place by Friday. As TSN’s Darren Dreger suggested, Schenn’s new salary could come in somewhere between Bogosian’s $2.5 million per season average cap hit and the $3.9 million per season Marc Staal is getting from the NY Rangers.




  1. Turris is dreaming. He’s done nothing to justify that kind of money yet. May be a good prospect, but he hasn’t shown he’s worth 4M/season yet.

  2. its simple he wants out of the desert. guaranteed he signs with another team cheap. but his rights belong to phoenix. it wont be long and he’s traded…

  3. Turris and Schenn are dreaming if they think they will be getting around 4 million. Schenn 2.75 max, Turris 2 max

  4. I am not surprised this is how RFA’s contracts fare now. They are proclaimed (super)stars at draft day and enter new contract negotiations as a promising 20-23 year old with nice stats thanks to abundance of ice time, who can blame the agents for cashing in on this mentality/situation?

  5. Let them sit out the year! Nothing instead of $4Million. They haven’t even earn the right for arbitration.

  6. Being drafted early like JVR doesn’t make the comparison correct fro Turris. JVR came into his own, and granted, both have a long way to impact player status, but the pressure is clearly on Turris’ shoulders to BECOME as good a pro as JVR has shown he IS.

  7. Maybe Turris is taking those Gretzky comments to the head, the kid is dreaming for that kind of money.

    Realistically he should be happy with whatever he gets, that includes a spot on the opening day roster.

    In 131 games this kid still doesnt have 20 goals or even 50 points. I dont think people will be lining up to trade for him either.

    Schenn on the other hand could easily get the 4 mill he is looking for from another team leaf fans should be happy that Burke isn’t giving him a Mike K contract.

  8. I thought Schenn would sign around 3.8 per season. But after the Bogs signing I’m bringing my prediction down a tad to 3.2.
    Ps Turris is dreaming!

  9. Defensemen are valuable/expensive. Forwards are common and cheap, with a few exceptions on each team. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Schenn get $14m for four years. The salary cap is pushing more money to defense on a per player basis, for quality players.

    A “good” defenseman is >$3m player, a “good” forward is ~$2m player.

  10. With all these young players demanding these big money contracts, the league should put a cap on it. Their is an entry level contract now, i think it’s 1.2 mil/yr. . their should be a cap of 4 or 5 mil/yr until they become free agents. (but i cant see the NHLPA agreeing to it) Than they cash in on the big contracts. with players becoming FA’s now at 25, 26, 27 years old they got a lot of time to make big money when they hit the open market.

  11. Schenn will probably sign somewhere around the $2.8 – $3.2 range .. for about 3 years. And he SHOULD come into his own this year and stand out as one of the best d-men on the team. The only thing I see holding back some of these kids is Ron Wilson. I realize he has a very solid track record for results, but so did Mike Keenan back in his day. Has Wilson’s time as being an effective coach expired? Do these players really want to battle for this guy? I think the Leafs have a fantastic corps of young players. It’s the coach’s job to harness that and translate it into success.

    Sorry everyone, it wasn’t my intent to hijack this post and redirect focus to Ron Wilson. Just had to rant for a moment I guess.

    Turris is delusional if he thinks he can get anywhere over $2m .. he hasn’t shown that he can play with the big boys yet. And until then, he won’t get “big boy” money.

    The Doughty situation is the biggest story here though .. I read the Dreger report as well and it indicates that Doughty is looking for a MINIMUM of $7m per year. I realize the term has everything to do with the dollars, but it’s hard to imagine that just $200k is standing between them.

  12. Every NHLer who has ever done an interview that have seen have nothing but praise for Ron wilson as a head coach for vets. But say nothing but bad things for how he handles propects. Schenn will get over 3.

  13. @Poultsy re: Wilson, if there was any indication of Wilson not being effect or lost the room is looking at how the team “played” for him post all-star break. I think the team will still play hard for him and it seems the team is full of players that seem to adjusted to the style of play Wilson, and burke to some degree, expect them to play.

    Like last year and years before, the Adams trophy nominated coaches always have one thing in common: great goaltending. This past season didn’t all three nominees have (at least) two goalies that were also Vezina. Goaltending will make or break any team and make any coach look good or bad.

    Also I still say Schenn will come in under $3M and I don’t see any contract awarding him UFA stats at it conclusion so it will be a 2-3yr term. He still has a lot to prove and in my eyes haven’t proved he is worthy of Staal money or anything close to what an elite player would get, yet.

  14. spector! what’s changed with dean’s offer the doughty? if the kings are offering to pay drew the same as the highest paid player ie kopitar..the drew would be the highest paid king along with kopitar.

  15. Nothing changed with Doughty. IF he’ll sign long term, DL will make him the highest paid King. IF he won’t sign long term, DL not willing to make him highest paid.

  16. Has Doughty got one eye on the possable opening the Wings will have next season?

  17. lol, a don’t follow PHX unless they’re playing the pens and I thouhgt the exact same thing on Turris. No disguise about it, comparably that’s the same amount of money Jordan Staal makes, which is more like a trade me now billboard.

  18. When I first saw the rumours of what Turris was looking for, I thought he was trying to get $4 million over 3 years, i.e. $1.33 million a year, and I thought “hey, that sounds fair.” Hard to see where he finds the justification to want $4 million per year. If he thinks he’s worth that much he should be suggesting a one year, $1 million deal to show that he’s worth it.

  19. Good notes guys, all well thought out. First off, Turris is an idiot. Second,following july 1, I thought schenn would get 3 years, 3.75, I’d say between that and 3.25 now. Two summers ago I thought that the leafs ass. Coaches need a swap to clean up our special teams and we need a confident goalie. I’m not trying to be a typical leaf fan, but I feel the new ass. coach’s presence and a hopeful solidity in net with riemer, ron wilson will have his faith returned and my projection for the leafs is 7th-10th. Is that an ok projection leaf haters?