Updates on Evander Kane and Taylor Fedun – August 25, 2012.

Evander Kane’s agent denies yet another rumor claiming his client sought a trade, while Oilers defenseman Taylor Fedun hopes to come back from a season-ending leg injury.


Kane’s agent denies trade request rumor.

WINNIPEG SUN: Agent Craig Oster, who represents Jets winger Evander Kane, denied a rumor claiming his client had demanded a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jets management had earlier denied the rumor. This isn’t the first time Oster or the Jets have had to deny rumors claiming Kane wanted out of Winnipeg. “Puck Daddy” Greg Wyshynski has a complete rundown dating back to last October. This goes back even further, to last summer, when Toronto radio personality Bob McCown claimed he had it on good authority several Jets players weren’t happy over the move from Atlanta to Winnipeg and wanted out. McCown didn’t name those players, but I recall Kane’s name was among those mentioned in the subsequent guessing-game over which players McCown was referring to. Some will say “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”, but I remind folks  bullshit also smokes when it is set on fire.

EDMONTON SUN: Oilers defenseman Taylor Fedun is hoping to get his career back on track this season after breaking his right femur in an exhibition game last fall, which ended his 2011-12 season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Check out this video on Fedun’s injury and his long road to recovery.


  1. With regards to Evander Kane it could also be a rumour starting because he may have mentioned that he would “like” to be somewhere else but that doesn’t neccessarily mean he is unhappy in Winnipeg? but Playing and spending your free time or living there are entirely 2 different things..

  2. Its very difficult to know what the truth really is. There are numerous cases of players asking for trades behind the scenes that were denied by ownership and the player over the years, even going back to last year with the Rick Nash debacle and Kyle Turris, until eventually the truth comes out. Usually if it is true, neither side wants it to come out so as to portray themselves as the “bad guy”.

    Personally, I think that IF the Jets traded him, Kane wouldnt be heartbroken. Now that does not equate to being asked to be traded but who knows for sure.

  3. I seem to be intrigude by this situation probably because I think kane will be a grat player. Potentially a corey perry, jarome iginla, physical scoring forward. But I’m with you old soilder not saying kane is totally against playing in winnepeg but I think eventually kane is gone. Just going to always have that question of desire to be there.