Updates on Fleury and Lecavalier – August 26, 2014

Will the Penguins re-sign Marc-Andre Fleury before the start of this season? Are the Flyers still trying to move Vincent Lecavalier?

Marc-Andre Fleury is eligible for UFA status next summer.

Marc-Andre Fleury is eligible for UFA status next summer.

TRIBLIVE.COM: Josh Yohe reports Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is likely to start this season without a new contract. Fleury is entering the final year of his current deal and will be eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer. Penguins GM Jim Rutherford said he’s not in any hurry to open contract talks with Fleury. Allan Walsh, the goalie’s agent, isn’t offended by Rutherford’s remarks, claiming he’s on the same page as the Penguins general manager. Rutherford claims he envisions Fleury as the Penguins long-term goalie.  Walsh claims his client’s focus is on the upcoming season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fleury’s performance this season should determine how long he’ll have a future with the Penguins. If he struggles this season his name could pop up in trade rumors.

NJ.COM: Randy Miller reports Philadelphia Flyers coach Craig Berube dismissed trade rumors which swirled about Vincent Lecavalier this summer. Berube believes Lecavalier simply needs to change his game a little bit, hoping to make him more defensively responsible. The Flyers reportedly attempted to move Lecavalier this summer, even allowing his agent to speak with other clubs to drum up trade interest. Rumored deals with the Nashville Predators and Florida Panthers failed to materialize. There’s also talk Lecavalier’s no-movement clause further complicated things.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers and Lecavalier are stuck with each other so they’re obviously going to make the best of the situation. I still believe Flyers GM Ron Hextall prefers to move Lecavalier and could try shopping him again later this season, even if it means picking up part of his salary to do so. 


  1. I feel like it’s going to be a tough one for the Penguins. Fleury is for the most part a decent regular season goalie, I wouldn’t put him in the spectacular category but he gets the job done. However it is the playoffs where he just can’t handle the pressure, in 07-08 he was a phenom, got hot and looked like the best goalie in the NHL … since then he has been nearly a joke in the playoffs.

    The other big issues is that the Pens know they will have to trade for a goalie in order to upgrade unless they feel like Griess or Zaktoff can take over … next years UFA market is slim pickings for goalies, minus maybe a few surprise candidates, but nothing established. Pens might have to hope an improved defense helps compensate and Fleury shouldn’t expect a raise.

  2. Unless an elite goalie comes available as a FA in the next year, Fleury is simply going to be the best available at the best cost and re-signing is the right choice. They will have an easier time upgrading their defence and putting in place a stronger defensive system to help him out than upgrading him.

    • Agreed. I don’t think the Penguins are going to win the Cup with Fleury in net, but at the same time, the question is, who do you replace him with? Who’s out there, who’s available? They might simply be stuck with him.

  3. I think the performance of Scott Laughton may influence Hextall on how aggressive he is in trading Vinny. ie) how much $$$ to retain.

  4. Translation for Berube’s comments: We tried to dump Vinny but there weren’t any takers so we are stuck with him.

    Regarding Fleury, if the Pens want to get back to elite status then Rutherford will have to swing a deal for a goalie … unless he thinks Jarry will be ready after this season.

    • To be stuck with a veteran guy who still put up 20 goals and .53 ppg average, while suffering a back injury and bouncing around the lineup…..it’s not as bad as most think.

      It’s not like we are paying him Clarkson type money for Clarkson numbers.

      I think Schenn will get a chance at 1st line lw with Giroux and Voracek, and Vinnie will man the second line centre duties.

      After this year, the buy out is about 50% of his salary ($2.8 for 2 years, 2.3 for a year, and then $888000 for the last three years)

      That is if he doesn’t pan out this year, or we can’t trade him.

      We are not stuck with Vinnie, and to be “stuck” with a 20 goal scorer is not the worst thing.

      Did he disappoint? Yes.
      Was more expected? Yes.

      Will he have a better second year in Philly? Yes..I think so.

      Vinnie has been notorious for a bad year under a new coach, through out his nhl career.

      We’ll see where this year goes.

      • There is absolutely no way in hell Lecalvier has a better season then he had last season. 37 points (give or take a few points) is his ceiling from now. Maybe even lower.

        • Agreed, offensively Lecavalier has fallen off a cliff. And good luck to Berube trying to get Lecavalier to become defensively better at this stage of his career.

        • Vinny was just a bad signing, everyone knew it before the ink dried on the contract.

        • And what are you basing that on?

          What you think? Your opinion?

          I am going to be very happy when the day comes that I can rub this post in your face Jes.

          You have jumped on the bandwagon of: Lecavalier sucks.

          You are basing your post on what? A year he bounced around on a new team? That he had trouble fitting in?

          I would bet Lecavalier will get between 50-60 points this year. Put money on it.

          Just who do you cheer for Jes? The Leafs? Habs? Pens?

          Cause you think like their fans.

        • Oh, and something else,

          I would still be happy with Vinnie earning 4.5 and scoring 20 goals again this year.

          Better than alot of players out there.

          Yes, Vinnie didn’t fit into the Flyers, and his signing has hurt the Flyers in trying to improve.

          He wasn’t needed, and Homer couldn’t stop himself. That isn’t Vinnie’s fault. He looked very good at the beginning of the season when the rest of the team was stinking up the joint. He had 13 points in his first 18 games. He then had a minor injury, that knocked him off his pace. He struggled, and then hurt his back. When he came back, he didn’t look ready to return, and looked slow and out of sorts. He then bounced around the lineup, partly because of his play, and partly because there was no room for him on the Flyers.

          Yes, the Flyers tried to move him this summer. New gm, and still no place for him on the team. This has gotten to the point where you would think we had John Scott signed to the an 8 year contact and 64 million.

          Bottom line:he’s a 20 goal scorer making $4.5 per. Have you looked at other $4.5 million players in league..most have stats worse than Lecavaliers.. Sure ..there are your JVR’s and Pacioretty, Voracek, Ladd..and some others..but there are also guys like Erat, Burrows, Cole, Ennis, Flieschmann, and others. He isn’t the only guy with a questionable cap hit that is on the decline. I just think his issues have been blown out of proportion. Considering in just over a year, the Flyers have changed coach and GM, and have a new goalie, farm team and direction. It has been a year in turmoil, and I am not expecting much better next year. In fact, I can see the Flyers missing the playoffs if they get off to another slow start, and their first 2 months are brutal. It was a lot for the fans, let alone a player new to the organization.

          I do expect a better year from Lecavalier, and if not..a buy out will be discussed.
          But I do expect more from him this year. The coach will have training camp,the player will be familiar with his team and the city, he should be healthy. I can see Schenn at top line left wing, and Vinnie getting a chance at second line center.

          We’ll see.

          • Not sure I’d be so quick to lump Burrows into that camp. He had an off year — new coach who wanted him traded from the outset, a ton of random injuries, generally terrible luck, and a statistically improbably low shooting percentage. And it was one blip year, not like the guy has been on the decline for the last 5 years. He still has a large fan base in Vancity and I expect he’ll redeem himself next year.

      • Vinny was just a bad signing, bad money and bad term – everyone knew it before the ink dried on the contract. Only “Holmy” could not see it. He loves to spend Ed Snider’s money.

  5. Well at least we have Jarry for the future

  6. so why are you deleting my comments?

    • No one’s deleted your comments. A couple of them hadn’t been approved yet.

  7. Spec,

    Any thoughts to the Oil trading for him to fill their gaping hole on the second line ? Might be a good fit.
    What would it cost? and do you think Vinny would be willing to come?
    That contract is no good but he does have some leadership qualities and might be a good influence on the younger players while Leon develops in the minors.

    • While I’ll admit anything’s possible I’ll be very surprised if the Oilers dealt for Lecavalier at this stage. If they have interest they’ll likely wait to see how he performs this season.

  8. Vinny is…to be polite…on the decline and a major band-aid boy over the last few years….60pts???…i’d be the most surprised by it…it was a bad signing….if he makes 40pts, it will be good…considering he’ll probably miss around 20 games…turning 34 his better days are behind him…

    but in the real world, stranger things have happened…lol