Updates on Gomez and Turco.

Did Scott Gomez reject a trade to the NY Islanders? Will Marty Turco clear waivers and join the Bruins today?


Gomez rejected trade to Isles?

NBCSPORTS.COM: Joe Yerdon cited a Toronto Sun report which claimed Montreal Canadiens forward Scott Gomez used his limited “no-trade” clause to prevent the Canadiens from trading him to the NY Islanders. The report also claimed there was an outside chance the Habs might be able to move him this summer to a team seeking to use up cap space, but it’s expected they’ll either buy out the remaining two years of his contract, or bury him in the minors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word from the Islanders on this story, but with John Tavares, Frans Nielsen and Marty Reasoner at center, they had little reason to add Gomez, plus there’s no need for the Isles to take on that much salary simply to fill cap space at this point in the season. As for the anticipated increase in the cap for next season, that’s expected to drop in the next CBA, as the league will almost certainly get the PA to agree to decrease their share of revenue from 57 percent down to a likely 50-50 split. Furthermore, there could be an amnesty buyout period at the start of the next CBA, which the Canadiens will use to buyout Gomez without incurring any hit to their cap space.

ESPN BOSTON: Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli believes there’s a 50-50 chance Marty Turco will clear waivers by noon ET today to join the Bruins. Turco was signed by the  Bruins to a one-year, pro-rated contract, but needs to clear waivers first.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One club which could put in a claim on Turco are the Tampa Bay Lightning, who lost goalie Mathieu Garon to injury last night.


  1. I would think if Gauthier COULD move Gomez, he would have to add a valuable asset to make it happen. Gomez + for something mediocre. It’s probably better to bury him in Hamilton or, as Lyle suggested, buy him out.

  2. I think there will be more then a few teams looking to have a buyout period in the next CBA. Question becomes after that happens will the GMs use the new cap space wisely? Not to mention what the flood of players on the market could do to salaries, as in drop them a bit, IMO.

  3. Dreger and Mac are tweeting that if another team (besides BOS) claims Turco off waivers, he is ineligible to play in the NHL this year. So the only motivation another team would have to put in a claim, would be to NOT let Boston have him. Personally, after going 0-5 against Boston this year, I hope the Leafs pick him up just as a “screw you” move lol!

  4. Bryan Burke should pick up Turco.

    Gustavsson and Reimer are too young, too inexperienced, overvalued, overhyped, overpaid etc etc. etc.

    Even a shadow of what Turco used to be is better.

    Do the right thing and get Turco.

  5. “Carter Ashton on my flight to Pittsburgh. Leafs may need a body tonight with Lupul/Armstrong out. Would be first NHL game.”

  6. Roloson was horrible. We need something.

  7. I would not have seen another team picking up Turco as Ciarelli is very well respected in the league as being a good guy to do business with ……and I psoted yesterday saying that Yzerman had to much class to pull a fast one …BUT Yzerman is really in the hunt for the playoffs now and Roloson was terrible last night and garon has played to many games….I could now see Yzerman doing this …however Turco is ineligable to play in the Playoffs for any team !!! So it doesnt make any sense for a lot of teams …Timmy Thomas is the best in teh world and will play the remaining games but a dew and will not really hurt them in the standings……BUT if T.T . gets hurt Boston is in serious trouble and Timmy is not getting any younger ….hope there minor leagues Goalies are good !

    On the Montreal front gGauthier will probably be let go the day after the season ends …..if he isnt there should be a riot …….the next GM will have to figure out if its best to buy out try and trade AGAIN …or see what the new CBA will bring and if they can do it risk free ….in any way you look at it GOMEZ HAS TO GO !
    Maybe a team next year will be at the cap floor and would take a chance on him to help out on pay roll !!

    Iam not sure how Gomez shows his face at the rink ..to his fellow teammates …he is the soul reason that the Habs can not make any major moves and limits them tio bring in salary ….if anything at all he should have waived for his team mates ….I gues that really shows what kind of team mate he really is !!!!

    Kadri has played TERRIBLE the last 2 months with the Marlies …he is struggling bad….Ashton gets the call up and hopefuly heis size speed will be revealed in the next game …..he has pushed into the top 6.

    Leafs may really have to entertain as Ive always said ….making a deal with kadri ( Colborne ) Schenn and Kessel to really change the direction of this team at the same time as dumping BAD salary any way they can

  8. Well, once again I have been proven wrong. Dustin Tokarski will meet the team in DC.

  9. @ Chris…
    I’ll have what you’re having…

  10. Turco can’t play for another NHL team this year except for Boston.

  11. Then why does he need to go thru waivers?

  12. I didn’t say play in Toronto this year.

    I said Toronto should pick Turco up now on waivers, screw over Boston and have Turco under contract and be available for next year. Turco, even in his twighlight years, is better than both Gustavsson and Reimer.

    Unfortunately Bryan Burke doesn’t have the balls to do that because even though he says he’s ” tough” he is everything but “tough”.

  13. Turco has cleared.

  14. Considering Boston just ended any hope of the Leaf’s making the playoffs by knocking out their best player for the rest of the regular season taking Turco to screw them over would have been nice pay back. I swear Boston has a “bounty program” when playing the Leafs just like the Saints. Toronto looks absolutely petrified when they play the B’s. I laugh at the way the Leaf forwards dump the puck in and pretend to try and get around the B’s defense but really don’t have any intention to be first in because they know they are going to get pasted against the glass hard. I always end up with the same thought that Burke needs to do a complete team overhaul after they play Boston.

    Looks like Gardiner may be the odd man out under Carlyle. He is getting exposed way to much especially being paired with Schenn. They definitely could have used Franson’s size, grit and shot last night. Leaf’s don’t have one guy on the point that can get a shot through.

  15. Beer Goggles

    Ive been posting for the past month on how Franson should be on the power play becuase of his mammoth HEAVY shot….. …hes very accurate and always hits the net or post and creates rebounds where as Dion always shoots wide or over the net …not anywhere the shot Franson has….

    .Schenn needs to take the rest of the season off ….everyone was yelling at me on this site that he was way too good to be traded at the deadline along with kadri and some others as well….but they need an overhaul with some KEY players to move forward as you have hit it out of the park ..LEAFS NEED SIZE .they just arent tougfh enough and skill can not win the cup as per the Vancouver Canucks last year …..

    Boston should repeat given good goaltending …..but even at that they have the most complete team BY FAR in the league…..if kept together this team could win for years to come!

    Sincerely a very dissappointed Leafs fan

  16. Is there another team in the league that has a backup goaltender that they would be willing to waive for Tampa to pick up? I know one….. Alex Auld… not saying right now that is he better than Roloson however.

    I can’t believe the dropoff in Roloson’s play from last season to this season… I know he’s an older player.. but he was lights out in the playoffs last season… and he is terrible this year…

  17. Agree Sandy, Auld would be an improvement over what they have now. Stevie Y should put in a call to Murray.

  18. @Beer Goggles I take the bounty program as a bit of sarcasm. But, I did notice that last night, too many times the puck was in the corner and a Leaf did his best to stay away from the boards, just poke at the puck from afar. You not gonna win many battles that way.
    Now Burke has his coach, and it turns out the players he has been collecting are not the type of players his coach needs.

  19. @Chris One thing about Scott Gomez, I don’t see how he’s a bad teammate just because he’s making 7 mil. He was once thought to be worth that much, or at least close to it. No one can blame the guy for getting as much money as possible. Obviously he’s not worth anywhere near that, but I don’t think it makes him a bad teammate. What do you mean he should have waived for his teammates? No trade clause?

    Also, I’m not sure leafs fans should be wishing they claimed Turco, even if he was eligible to play. Last year he played worse than either Leafs goalie has been playing this year. He was awful. I’m curious to see if he can play any better in front of a better defensive team and in the Eastern conference, but I’m not too optimistic.

  20. DICEMAN……….

    You have to be kidding me ….the Canadiens are in FULL rebuild mode and there WORST player who has ! goal in over a year is making over 7 million a year …do you understand how that effects what they are able to do on almost every level of there team I really dont even know how to respond to that ??????

    Iam not saying hes not a good guy ….Iam not saying he shoudnt get what his contract is that he signed ….but what Iam saying is when a team is in full rebuild mode and you are the biggest piece to help your younger teammates in a rebuild because you arent part of that rebuild and you contribute NOTHING …and you have a chance to move on and still get paid your contract ….I am sorry but you are hurting the whole team and the worst part the whole organization ……MOVE ON ……..take your money elsewhere but give the players like Eller, Price, Subban, Des Harnaise, Ryan white some good guys to play with ….if you got rif of 7 million you could bring in 3 – 4 – 5 players from around the league and Or farm team or a major trade for multiple players that will help this team rebuild and grow together GOMEZ SUCKS and is not part of any build and does nothing for this team playing ….so move on and help your frinds and teamamtes succede with the limited time they have in the NHL ….hes selfich to turn down a trade to probably the ONLY TEAM that would have taken him ………hes killing the franchise !!!! SORRY !

  21. So Turco to Toronto makes up for sloppy defensive play? Sounds reasonable.

  22. @Chris Did you even read my comment?? In no way did I ever say he is worth 7 million. My point is that it’s not HIS fault he’s making that much, someone had to agree to it so I don’t see why it falls on him. Of course his performance is a joke, he is a joke. But what trade did he turn down?? I’m actually asking you, because i can’t imagine any other team in the league would take that contract. Has he not been traded because he wouldn’t waive his no movement clause or because there is no trade to be had?

  23. Also on Gomez, people should be more upset about the contract at ownership and management than him. Be mad at Gomez for not performing, not for making 7 mil. If ownership truly wanted to win at any cost, they’d send him to the minors so it didn’t count against the cap, then you’re free to bring in whatever contracts you like.

  24. AGREE !