Updates on Jeff Carter and Devin Setoguchi – May 31, 2011.

More Jeff Carter trade speculation, and Devin Setoguchi hopes to remain with the Sharks.

THE SPORTING NEWS: Craig Custance reports a simple, but not easy, solution for the Philadelphia Flyers to free up cap space for a quality goalie is to trade center Jeff Carter and his 11-year, $58 million contract. One NHL source believes the Flyers wouldn’t have any problems finding a taker for Carter, but GM Paul Holmgren likes his team’s core and would prefer to keep them together.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I agree it’s possible another club would take on Carter and that enormous contract, but I believe Holmgren wants to keep his core intact, and Carter is part of that core. As noted in another post on this subject on the weekend, Holmgren has several options he could consider if he wants to free up salary, including demotions, LTIR and trading one of his expensive defensemen.

SHARKS.NHL.COM: In a season-ending interview, San Jose Sharks forward Devin Setoguchi, a restricted free agent, expressed the hope of re-signing with the team, though he admitted that prospect could be up to management. He remains hopeful of getting a new deal done.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to GJ Berg. It’s also possible Setoguchi could become trade bait to perhaps bolster their blueline depth, though that’s not a certainty. Setoguchi has displayed the ability to be a 30-goal,m 65-point player, but his numbers have declined since his career-best season two years ago, and his inconsistency could have an impact upon his contract talks with the Sharks.


  1. Setoguchi is a great player, it would be a shame to give up on him. He skates hard, hits and is able to produce. Give the guy a 2-3 year deal

  2. He should be moved. I think he could have better numbers with better minutes, which means he could play a bigger role with another club and improve his personal career.

  3. Yeah SJ has a very weak blueline, and Setoguchi is both their most attractive tradebait, and one guy they could live without. Not that he doesn’t make their team better, but they don’t have too much flexibility in general.

  4. SJ looked old and tired when they played the faster Canucks. I think this teams time has passed them by. Now they have to live with some very long contracts that will weigh down this team for years to come.
    For thier sake they better draft great even though thier pick will be somewhere between 22 to 30 for the next few years.

  5. I agree that San Jose looked tired and beat up – Heatly was a no show and they either need to find someone who compliments his style of play or hang him out there as trade bait. Setoguchi’s stock rose with his playoff performance and I don’t know if the Sharks will be able to afford him. Their first need is a younger D-man. I like Murray – but he looked horrible against the Canucks and did not play to his strength – which is more physical vs. speed. In other words – he looked late to some plays and didn’t clear out the front of the net – looked confused at times. So, the Sharks need someone who is similar to Boyle’s playing style and that is what their focus should be.

    Another thing is, I’m not sure about McClellan being the right coach for him – he lost control of his team for 2 games where penalties cost the Shark’s the win. Also, he kept juggling lines and there was no continuity. His record is similar to Ron Wilson’s – so maybe he can’t get them over the hump – into the finals.

  6. SJ should look for a defense partner for Boyle. Setoguchi is good trade bait and they have lots of top line players. As for Carter….never going to be moved! Stop suggesting it! Philly will find a way to make room without moving there core….Richards, Carter, Pronger, Briere, etc.

  7. W regard to SJ: Murray is a physical Guy and has never fairest well against fast teams. Seto should only be traded if their getting speed scoring or large mobile Dman in return – as already mentioned the Sharks are slow enough and Mitchell / Nichols few of their only other speed guys are small (at least smaller then Seto)

  8. I admit first I’m a Preds fan, but a Nashville & San Jose trade sounds like a good idea to me. Preds have plenty of quality young D men, even at the AHL level. Even if the Preds were to trade away a more key role young guy (franson), they still have plenty of guys ready for a call up. J Blum was a call up from Milwaukee this year late in the season he put on 8pts in 23gp for +8. He followed that up with 2pts in 12gp and a +2 in the playoffs, and more impressive averaged over 18 min per game. With quality players like this at the AHL level the Preds aren’t hurt by trading a quality young D man and the sharks aren’t going to be hurt by loosing Setoguchi, scoring has not been their problem.

    Anyone else see this as a possibility?

  9. if the habs cant get wizneiwski resigned, they should trade his rights for setoguchi. wiz says he wants to play for a contender and the sharks fit the bill. habs/sharks rarely play each other and the habs need a RW so it would be a good fit. setoguchi would come cheaper than wizniewski as well so he could be signed….

  10. Wiz’s rights for Setoguchi? Keep dreaming. There would have to be a draft pick or a damned good prospect added on the Montreal side.

    I like the idea of sending him to Nashville for Franson. That’s win-win in my books, though I don’t think Nashville quite has the prospects to replace Franson (even if they can come close with some more training). I really think Franson is one of the most underrated players on Nashville – sure, Weber’s great, but he also comes with a hefty price tag. Franson’s more affordable and still has a year left at 800k.

  11. Franson for Guchi sounds square to me…..maybe SJ would have to chuck in a forward prospect as well.

  12. Carter isn’t going anywhere
    Setoguchi should get traded, the Sharks could land a quality blueliner for him.
    I think they should deal with the Oilers or Maple Leafs

  13. Not saying any prospects can fully replace Franson, but that’s a piece the Predators could spare. They have roughly 4 guys ready for call up in Milwaukee being Blum, Ellis, Laakso, the new Ekholm. Hadn’t thought about extra compensation for Nashville in this one, maybe even just picks.

  14. Habsolutely & alex, please think about what your gonna say before you say it and waste space on spectors respected wall. Setoguchi for wiz’s rights? Why not gold for copper while their at it? And Alex, what the hell defensemen does edmonton have that are expendable, they’re aching for quality dmen, not another skilled forward.

  15. Setoguchi for wiz’s rights could work, but then it becomes about what else is added to the question. Wiz and a number one and I think you could have the start of a workable trade.
    As for the Oilers, I have complete confidence that Moving Souray on any deal (especially for Setoguchi) would work. I’m just not so sure the Sharks want anything to do with that.

  16. LOL – Seto is RFA. If he is not under contract, how can the sharks trade him? I love the idea of a trade with Nashville tho. helps to fill both teams’ holes

  17. You can trade his rights I believe.

  18. wow wiz has 1 good year and hes worth “gold” ? a couple of you folks should maybe follow cricket then. this trade addresses both teams needs and montreal doesnt have a whole lot of money to play with. keep in mind, they have quite a few spots to fill as well. stop posting nonsense on this great site. i hope for the sake of all of us that you are just american hockey fans who dont really follow hockey. mainly directed at bern16.

  19. Why not gold for copper while their at it? –

    the correct spelling would be “theyre”.

    stay in school kid 😉

  20. non of the players mentioned are good enough for seto.. we’re keeping him.. you can have eager. lol