Updates on Luongo, Subban and Del Zotto.

Entering the opening day of NHL training camps, with the lockout officially history, all eyes are upon the status of Roberto Luongo, P.K. Subban and Michael Del Zotto.

Luongo handling difficult situation with class.

Luongo handling difficult situation with class.

VANCOUVER PROVINCE: Jason Botchford commends Roberto Luongo for the classy way he’s handled the trade speculation and the possibility he could start this season backing up Cory Schneider if the Canucks fail to trade him before January 19. Botchford claims Luongo knows the possibilities covering where he might play next, including Toronto, Philadelphia, Edmonton, Chicago and even Florida, his former team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Speculation suggests Luongo could be dealt within 48 hours of the official end of the lockout. We’ll find out soon enough if that’s the case.

SPORTSNET.CA: Contract talks between the Montreal Canadiens and P.K. Subban’s agent “cooled” yesterday, and are expected to continue on Sunday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed the Canadiens have offered Subban a three-year, $12 million contract, while Subban is reportedly seeking a five-year deal worth the same amount ($4 million) per season.

NORTHJERSEY.COM: Andrew Gross reports defenseman Michael Del Zotto will be missing when the Rangers hit the ice today for the opening day of training camp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers have reportedly offered a two-three year deal worth between $2.3-$2.5 million per season, while Del Zotto is reportedly seeking $3 million per. 


    A great trade partner for the Rangers would be Colorado, Detroit and Ottawa if Sather would want to move out Del Zotto …If not this route than id be looking for a quality veteran D man and someone who has won the cup in the last few seasons to bring in that type of experience into the fold ….maybe a Del Zotto and Gaboryk pacakage deal for a proven Stanley cup winning team memeber.

    My gut tells me Luongo goes to Chicago…Crawford …Bolland …Prospect
    Vancouver needs a quality # 2 Centerman and a legit backup in this deal or it is for not!!!
    Panthers would have to give up Wise and a quality propect and most likley Thgeodore as Vancouver is familira with him in the system from a previous stint!

    LEAFS ……
    Have way too many defenseman right now and the right ones are not playing for the big club they also have a mish mash of undesireable signings McClement ……Aucoin …Mottau…Lombardi ..Connolly …ORR ?????? Who the heck would want these guys???? Where do your futures fit in with this mess ??? Can someone tell me please ????
    This is almost two lines of nothing !!! Arnott is out there sign him as a quality veteran Centerman …who has won the cup for bleep sake …get some winning in the room all ready !!!

    • you know hockey is back when leaf fans start hijacking comment sections again. ok, they were briefly mentioned in the luongo bit (along with a number of other cities) but you’re not even talking about luongo going to TO.

      so much to talk about in hockey and we still have leaf fans beating the dead horse that is “what’s wrong with toronto?” move on or take it to some place appropriate.

    • @backcheacking First, I dont think Bolland would ever end up in Vancouver. Sure its better to play with your nemisis than against but all the canucks hate that guy, especially the Sedins.
      Since when did the leafs acquire Mottau? Or did i miss something today.
      Arnott may have a ring and plenty of experience but he is not what the leafs need for a no. 1 centre. He is way to slow for Lupul and Kessel.
      as for McClement, put him on a line with Komorov and Kulemin and you have a damn good checking 3rd line.
      One of the leafs problems in the last few years has been the coaching of Wilson. His wide open style was fun to watch but he did not have the defensive defense, dedicated backchecking forwards or the goalie to withstand the lack of defensive coverage. Carlyle will make the team more defensive, give him a chance before you write them off. This is a very short season and anything can and will happen. Perhaps leaf haters should concentrate more on the deficiencies of there own team.

      • My apologies, they did sign Mottau, but it is a two-way deal which pretty well means he will end up on the Marlies.

  2. backchecking- EXACTLY the Leafs need a strong center and proven leadership- however I believe Arnott is waiting on Vans trade move as he hopes to go to a strong contender.
    Del Zotto will be signed with the Rangers- the hold up ccording to Post is 4 yrs as opposed to offered 3 yr contract.

  3. backchecking- EXACTLY the Leafs need a strong center and proven leadership- however I believe Arnott is waiting on Vans trade move as he hopes to go to a strong contender.
    Del Zotto will be signed with the Rangers- the hold up according to Post is 4 yrs as opposed to offered 3 yr contract.

    • TSN is reporting Del Zotto has been signed and will be reporting to training camp today (Sunday)

  4. Confirmed Del Zotto deal !

    Restricted free agent Michael Del Zotto agreed to tentative terms on a two-year deal with the New York Rangers and reported to training camp on Sunday.

    • Gomez told “Go home,” do not report to training camp. That makes two buys outs.

  5. Something has to give with the Oilers??? & The KHL Power play !

    Also I I smell smoke and where ther is smoke there is fire ….with Kovolchuk
    KHL president Alex Medvedev said he’ll be heading to North America in February to talk to the Devils about a contract buyout for Ilya Kovalchuk to bring him back to Russia
    And so it begins ….The KHL Power play …I wrote a post on this two days ago that didnt receive fan fare as usuall ….but its real !! And so the Europen NHL begins …you will start to see less and less Erupoens and Russians coming the the NHL in the future …they will get paid more to stay over seas and the league will get better and eventually eclipse the NHL …the owners did this to themselves …buy not paying the players and taking money away from them and lying that they dont make money ….HEY OWNERS lets see how much you are willing to shell out when half the quality talent stay in the KHL leagues and you will have to compete with the salaries there for quality players ….thats when the truth will come out about the owners !!!!

    Serious trade bait for the Oilers … …they can improve ….tremendously …..and still keep the core of the team with moving these guys!


  6. backchecking, could i have the stuff you’re smoking? No way they’ll never trade Yakupov

    • Not likely that the devils are convinced to buy out kovalchuck. They pursued him hard, after him who do they have to get anyone to come to their games? Plus he’s got what a billion years left…

      Not gonna happen IMHO.

      While the oil could trade yakupov in the future it’s not likely to happen any time soon. Better to let the kid develope some more and hopefully bring In a greater return. Especially because in this shortened season they have a good chance of making the playoffs and maybe even some noise once they get there.

      • CapGeek shows the Kovalchuk buyout to be $51.3 million. Seems ridiculous, until you look at what Euro-soccer teams pay for player transfers. If they see Kovalchuk as a KHL poster boy, they might just spend the money. It would be curious to see if the NHL would consider a KHL team funding a buyout to be a circumvention.

        Medvedev owns GASPROM, so has a few bucks. Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek is a former VP with Lehman Brothers. They might be able to make a separate business deal to transfer the money, make it hard for the NHL to do anhything.

  7. Hey Backchecking, there is zero chance Gillis trades Luongo to Chicago. No way he goes to any contender in the Western Conference. It’s down to Tor and Fla. Who’s willing to give up a top prospect and a high pick to go along with that #2 center the Canucks need.

  8. Hurricanes acquire westgart …added another stanley cup to there room and toughness on the forecheck ….Canes are a contender flat out !!!! WOW! also got Pither from Flyers for Boucher!
    Canes are STACKED !!!!

    Leafs will finish last in the division for sure …only team to not improve anywhere !!!! DEAD LAST ….I have a feeling MLSE asked Burke to tank this year and he said no!!! So if thats is true …Nonis will not get Luongo !!!

    @ Jason

    …if the right deal came about Yakupov would be a tradeable asset for an equal elite defenseman coming back …however I did hear that Oilers declined a major deal for Subban for Yakupov …wait and see I guess!!

    • Can’t see a buyout on Kovalchuck because it will still criple the Devils financially giving them no big name star to bring fans in the gate. That was the whole reason they over paid him to come, it wasn’t just to win a cup it was to also have a super star to sell merchandise and get fans to watch the games.

      Yakupov won’t be moved unless they are getting a “Pronger/ Scott Stevens” type of Dman back IMHO. Subban isn’t that type of dman.

      Leaf’s are in trouble without goaltending no question.

    • i saw he same thing and if you think about it. it wouldnt help edmoton that much. edmonotn nneed like (and im not suggesting this trade) a colborn from phili. a stay at home Dman who will help shultz play his game. again, not suggesting a trade but those who don’t think yakupov would be avaiable ina trade are nuts. edmonton has so much good offensive talent they need help on the backend. throw in a goalie and they would make that deal anyday

  9. @ ICEBEAR

    Not saying Devils buy out Kovolchuk …Iam saying that Puttin is buying him from the Devils !!!!
    reprts are that Medvedev will be sent to negotiate a buyout !!!

  10. @backchecking – If you’re sending Jason some of what you’re smoking send some to me too. Even if you make some valid points you write as if you’re an over confident 12 year old boy. I can’t even read your tripe anymore.

    P.S. spector, It’s the first day after ratification. Where the heck is the Morning round up?

    • Our friend backchecking is just very passionate. lol

    • If you mean the rumor roundup, this is it. This was all there was for notable rumors among the NHL media this morning. Probably because they were all up until the wee small hours last night awaiting the NHL and NHLPA signing off on the MOU.

  11. @ CoolB – Thank you have a nice day !!

    @ Beergoggles ….

    Iam just sending what was tweeted this way so to have a conversation…its been said that Kovolchuk doesnt want to come back to the NHL so Puttin is sending Medvedev in the next couple of weeks to give the Devils the money to buyout Kovolchuk …the Devils are financialy in trouble anyways and could barely make there payments so I can see them taking the money for him and starting over …if Kovolchukcs heart is not with the Devils he wont play at the top of his game and cash it in …I wouldnt want that on my team …Id take the money and start over get him out of here ….Puttin will pay and the devils will take it Id say they should or will !

    • It’s not going to happen, and if I were the devils I wouldn’t take it.

  12. Are yoou kidding me Leafs put no one on waivers yet ….are they working today or what ?????

  13. @ Jason

    \Not saying they should trade Yakupov and never said they should …I was giving the enormous amount of talent they have to trade or could trade to bring in eliet type players and still have an unreal team ..no one is untouchable and if the Oilers feel there is a way to get them over the top they would move him in a substantial deal …he is there best trade bait if another team wants to give up something substantial too !
    Not sure why this is so shocking to everyone …there is alot of interest in Yakupov via trade scenarios for a lot of clubs and if the Oilers see a significant increase of value coming back they would do it …they wouldnt be giving anything up hes never played an NHL game yet ….Keith Yandles name is out there or how about Oliver Ekman Larson …there is a deal with other pieces that could be made thats not a far fetched bonus for both teams !

    • I don’t see the oilers making a deal Yakupov or any other of their top end prospects this season. A half season is the perfect time for them to actually witness this young cores potential. The oil have missed the playoffs far too many times to be thinking stanley cup. They are looking to improve with a possible playoff birth and in the off season they will look towards bringing in the major talents they might need to put them over the top. Moving Yakupov is a huge possibility IMO, just not before this coming off season.

  14. ON NY: why not let them but Kovo frees up 10 million for this summers free agents offer getz and perry 5 million each for 5 years, and they are still ahead of the kovo deal. But that kovo deal includes a no come back to the NHL!!
    ON: Yakopov trade him now, get that D man, but find a Dman not subban, they need a horse who can log 22 to 25 minutes hmmm maybe she weber, phanuf and riley

  15. @backchecking – You have a nice day too.

    @BeerGoggles – I know and I won’t bother him any further.

    Can’t believe how boring it’s been so far today. I expected a flurry of activity by now.

  16. now that Burke is gone is Lowe next how many years do they finish in the bottom three before they dump his ass

  17. @ Icebear here’s the thread !

    •Igor Eronko via twitter: KHL president Alex Medvedev said he’ll be heading to North America in February to talk to the Devils about a contract buyout for Ilya Kovalchuk to bring him back to Russia.

    I would almost say with a certainty this will happen…..when a countrys president is buying a player money isnt the issue especially if he is the new center piece of your league !! This will give the KHL a way to show that quality Hockey players will and can play in the KHL and get paid handsomely!

    • That’s super, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. 15 years – 100 mil. Oh and lamerllio is saying he’s comfortable with the kovalchuck situation. They literately have no one if he’s gone and no reason for the fans to want to come. He’s not going anywhere and that’s a fact.

      • While I don’t see it happening. I also won’t be surprised if something is worked out where the club gets all that money back and more from the KHL. NJ is going to be due for a rebuild soon I think so it could happen as there is no sense in keeping kovalchuk if the team is going to drag for a good 3 or 4 years.

  18. LUONGO / Gillis

    @FarhanLaljiTSN: Gillis “its a very friendly contract” there’s been a lot of interest. “We want very specific types of players” Wont be pressured to move him

    My gut tells me Luongo goes to Chicago !

    • Unless gillis is getting an awesome deal from Chicago not likely. He sure wouldn’t want him to come back and bite them in the ass an that’s exactly what would happen if delt to chicago

  19. @backchecking do you have any links to some of this non sense you’re talking? I think your ADD has taken over…please step away from the computer and take a breather.

    • Can’t vouch for other claims but the Gillis quote about Luongo’s contract was during an interview on team1040 earlier today.

  20. If Lou ends up in Toronto, I’m doubtful it occurs without the help of a 3rd team. Nonis shares Burke’s sentiments about starting the season with Reimer and Scrivens. Perhaps Nonis will sweeten the pot or Gillis will soften his trade demand request for particular assets. Just not convinced at this point in time Lou is on his way to the Leafs without a lot of give and take taking place

  21. If PK will play for 4 million then they should b sending him 8 years at 4 per and count their blessings. I heard he wanted 5.5.