Updates on Miller, Vanek and Omark.

The conundrum facing the Sabres with Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek, plus a rumor out of Sweden claiming the Oilers were shopping Linus Omark’s rights.

Will the Sabres move Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller this summer?

Will the Sabres move Thomas Vanek and Ryan Miller this summer?

NBC SPORTS PRO HOCKEY TALK: Joe Yerdon examines the conundrum facing the Buffalo Sabres over goaltender Ryan Miller and winger Thomas Vanek, who are both eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer. It was thought the Sabres would trade Miller this summer but no deal has materialized, which could lead to a crowded crease to start the season.

Yerdon believes the Sabres might want to re-sign Vanek, but he’ll likely head to free agency next summer, meaning he could fetch a big return at the trade deadline. A playoff push by the Sabres this season might convince Vanek to stay, but could also affect the Sabres efforts to move Miller.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a bad summer for the Sabres to shop those two, as the decline in the salary cap means few teams with cap space and the willingness to spend it in the trade market. Had the cap stayed at $70.3 million or increased, one or both would’ve been dealt by now. The only way the Sabres can move move either guy this summer is if they agree to pick up part of their salaries for the upcoming season. Still, if the Sabres are struggling again by the trade deadline, they shouldn’t have much difficulty finding interested trade partners.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cited a report out of Sweden claiming the Edmonton Oilers may finally be ready to trade the rights of winger Linus Omark, who spent last season playing in Switzerland. It’s been subsequently reported the Oilers aren’t close to dealing Omark’s rights.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Oilers could still be shopping Omark’s rights – which might explain his comments which suggested something was happening regarding a return to the NHL –  but haven’t found any takers yet. That could change come September. 


  1. “A playoff push by the Sabres this season.”


    • You never know. Everyone thought two years ago that the Senators would finish near the bottom, and look at what they did

  2. Simple prediction: Vanek will be traded by the deadline and Miller will walk.

    • They will bring in a good return if they are around till the deadline, Vanek especially I think.

  3. My prediction is Vanek is around at the deadline is he lands with one of the following teams (no order)

    – New York Islanders
    – Florida Panthers
    – Phoenix Coyotoes
    – Carolina Hurricanes
    – Nashville Predators

    Condition being that they are in competition for a playoff spot. These are the types of teams that cane use extra high powered offense, who will have (or can easily clear) the physical cap space to obtain Vanek. Yes, they are low budget teams but by the time deadline roles around most of Vanek’s contract will have already been paid out.

    My strongest belief is that he lands with the Coyotes in a deal that contains Keith Yandle going in the other direction as the Coyotoes hope that a top line of Vrabata-Riberio-Vanek can bring them to the promised land.

    • Not that I don’t like Yandle, as a matter of fact I really like him, but I don’t see the Sabres trading Vanek for “another” defenseman. We are so stacked with defensive prospects and current NHL defensemen, I can’t see him being traded for anything less than draft picks and/or forward prospects.

  4. Danger with waiting until trade deadline to trade Vanek is if he is injured then there goes your asset for NOTHING. If you want to keep him then make the deal to sign him now, it only gets more expensive the closer he gets to UFA. If you have decided that you don’t want him then trade him NOW, you may get less than if you wait but you risk getting nothing if he get injured and not playable at trade deadline.

  5. I really don’t see Vanek going anywhere. I know he doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild, but in looking at teams that can afford his contract – they are pretty much set at LW. In looking at teams that could use him, well they have their own salary cap or they are in the midst of a rebuild. I have not problem with the Sabres keeping Vanek and I think their best time to sign will be early in the season. Otherwise I think we could get some good value around the trade deadline. I understand that a lot of things come into play – injuries, whatever but maybe nothing happens and Vanek has a good year.

    Miller on the other hand needs to go. We have a number of youngsters that want to play and want to play for the Sabres. Miller wants to go west – he should have kept his mouth shut and waived his NTC. He could have gone to Calgary or Edmonton. Thing is – he might go to Vancouver, Luongo go to Florida and then Markstrom go to Buffalo. Otherwise I don’t think the fans in Buffalo think we’ll get much for him.

    Hope I’m wrong but if Buffalo is going with a rebuild – lets do it from goalie onward.

  6. Sigh.. the comment section is looking more and more like the one at tsn.ca